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Thread: Prop Tube lubrication & sealing
27/03/2021 20:41:39

I shan't mention it again if I see him then, he did say it was some years ago, perhaps it was an economy job. I don't think I would put lard in my real narrowboat stern tube, I've got a tin of grease for that!!


26/03/2021 22:25:40

I was chatting to an old chap recently who told me that he used to lubricate & seal his prop tubes by simply drilling a hole in the tube, heating up lard so it went liquid & using a syringe to fill the tube. The lard would then cool & solidify & give a good seal & lubrication. A bit of tape sealed the hole.

There seems a simple logic in that idea, any suggestions?

Thread: Cutting Plasticard Advice
07/02/2021 14:44:07


The green cutting mats from "The Works", the cheapy book &craft shop are very good at £8-00 for 24"x18" or 600x450 if you prefer, the local Hobbycraft wanted £24 for the same size.

Thread: Model No2 for New RC Modeller
07/02/2021 14:32:49

Motors ordered, thanks for your help Neil.


06/02/2021 21:55:53

Thanks very much Neil for that, I'll get ordering & speak to Iain at Component Shop next week.


Neil, I forgot to ask what sort of running time would you expect to get from those batteries. Thanks

Edited By Stephen Garrad on 06/02/2021 22:18:22

06/02/2021 14:16:44

Thanks Neil for taking the trouble with your very comprehensive reply about what I need for the lifeboat. As I have very little experience with RC and even less understanding of it, it is good to hear from someone who has so much experience. The narrowboat I did was fairly straightforward, single prop & rudder, the lifeboat more complicated.

From what I read before & what you have told me it sounds as though you use straightforward tank steering as you do not mention mixers or rudder servo on the shopping list. Is that correct? I think I can see that on a very lightweight, fast boat it would be more difficult to control with tank steering but on a slower, bigger, heavier boat it wouldn't be so difficult. Is that right? If so a 2 channel transmitter with one esc on the left stick & the other on the right?.

Fuses, no problem, I've got holders left over from our real narrowboat.

Battery, I can make up a cardboard dummy or two if I can get the sizes to see what will fit in.

We are planning to use the boat as we do the model narrowboat on the canal behind our house & also at Saul Junction on the Gloucester & Sharpness canal, about a mile away. In the summer there's a group of chaps meet on Friday afternoons to run their models. I will go and speak to them when all this covid bother is over. I presume they are a local club. We're not planning to go on salt water so your second post wont be a problem though it seems to have stirred some interest.

Thanks again for your help Neil, I've a way to go before we are afloat but I'm really enjoying it so far.


04/02/2021 22:14:51

Thanks Richard & Malcolm for your replies and your input. There seems to be so many options that I go round in circles. With the narrowboat I built I was able to visit the local model shop & take their advice for what electronics I needed, they were very helpful & with the advice about motors from here everything worked out very well. Grandson was well pleased. The lifeboat Is a bit more complicated I think & I cant visit the model shop so I'm in the dark about which bits to order online to achieve what we need which will all work well together. It would perhaps be a good idea to have a word with Neil Howard-Pritchard, can you please tell me how to PM him, not something I'm familiar with. You can probably tell I'm not a technical whizz.

Thanks very much,


03/02/2021 12:48:19

Thanks very much for the replies.

To clarify a little, the lifeboat is twin propeller, single rudder 1/12th so 37 inches long. I couldn't get away with a second receiver on my existing transmitter as grandson would never have it that we could only have one boat in the water at a time.

From what I had read I understood that tank steering is using 2 sticks on the transmitter to vary the motors speeds to steer the boat with no rudder input and that it is not easy to do. I thought that a mixer set up varies the speed of the inside motor when rudder is applied.

Is my understanding so far not correct?

Are there any lifeboat specialists that can help me, its the 37ft Rother Alice Upjohn from Tony Green models that I am working on.

Thanks very much


02/02/2021 22:31:09

I made my first posting in December as a new RC modeller needing help with the electrics for the narrowboat model I was building. I had some very useful advice, especially about motors and everything works a treat. I was thinking then about the next project, a 1/ 12th lifeboat kit from Tony Green & happily Father Christmas obliged. I don’t really have any problem (so far) with the modeling but I really have no idea about the RC bit. I’ve had a read around the forum & Dave Milbourn’s electrics notes. I think I’ve learned that I don’t need tank steering so I need a mixer set up. Looking at the motor application table it seems that a pair of the 540LN I was advised for the narrowboat would be right for the lifeboat. Can someone please advise & help me with a shopping list, battery, transmitter, receiver, mixer, escs & motors & servo. Thanks.

Thread: New RC modeller
02/01/2021 21:56:48

Thanks again for all of you for your help. I've had a look at the new motor, there doesn't appear to be any thin wires from the terminals disappearing into the motor. I didn't notice any stuttering from the ESC or twitching servo on the maiden voyage Christmas Day but I'll keep an eye out for it. If there is a problem I'll need to come back for some more specific advice about what I need to get & what to do with it.

Thanks again.


30/12/2020 22:18:21

We had the maiden voyage Christmas day afternoon when grandson visited, was a complete success till son in law fell in the canal at the back of our house. Grandson (9yrs) had a good laugh and carried on.

The new 540LN motor that Dave suggested would be more suitable came Christmas eve & was fitted & was fine. Minor panic when I found the drive shaft was about 5mm shorter than the old motor so needed a bit of tweaking. The old motor was fitted with what I now know is an RF suppressor, the new one isn't, is that a problem, what effect will that have on anything?

Did anyone have any thoughts about the Tony Green lifeboat model as the next project?

Just out of interest, in Colin's picture, what is the bit which appears to be suspended on elastic string but connected to nothing?

Thanks for all your help


20/12/2020 17:44:10

Thanks very much Dave, Colin & Charles for your help & guidance with this. The motor I have came with the model kit & so is what I have fitted but based on your suggestions I have ordered a 540LN, as you say they are not expensive. It will be interesting for me to see the difference in performance of the boat. Grandson & I were planning a maiden voyage on Boxing day but sadly that has now gone by the board.

That's a very neat installation in the picture, much tidier than mine, I can see the fuse, I can do the same. I have all I'll need & a proper crimper on our real narrow boat.

I have been thinking about the next model:**LINK**

a 37ft Oakley Lifeboat which I used to be involved with in Ilfracombe a long time ago. I haven't been in touch with the website yet, do you have any experience of those models, are they static or RC?

Thanks again for your help.


19/12/2020 21:56:09

Thanks very much for the replies, it had me a bit worried but I shan't panic now.

The motor is an MFA/como drills 719RE540/1 but I don't think I know the stall current, what rating fuse should I use? Weeding up seems likely looking at the canal out the back!!

Sorted the ballast this morning, in the bath, it only just went in!!!

Thanks for your help.


18/12/2020 20:43:34

Good evening, my first post on this forum.

I have very nearly finished building a narrowboat model, Amelia Rose (I saw a post recently from someone who has just finished the same model) which I think is about 1 12th scale. I haven't had any problem with the woodwork & modelling part but the radio control part of it is completely new to me.

My local model shop were very helpful & have supplied me with a Reflex Stick PRO 3.1 2.4 ghz controller & a Viper Marine 20amp ESC & a Voltz Ni-Mh battery pack which they described as an entry level set up.

I've got everything in & appears to be running OK, we haven't been in the water yet as I've still got the ballast to sort.

My question is that when I operate the propeller motor the ESC makes a whistling? noise. Nothing when the steering servo is operated. Should it do that? I cant find any reference to the noise in the instruction leaflets. Can anyone shed any light on it for me please?



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