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Thread: Airfix Lifeboats
12/02/2022 10:56:21

Nice subject, do you have a plan ?

Our town lifeboat was an Oakley in the old days.

Airfix and Woolies, Saturday morning chores done, paid enough for a bagged kit which where always by the door in Woolies, just below the large peg board display of made kits.

A few years later I worked in Woolies, a large building with a dance hall above, with a leaky roof and pidgeon poooo everywhere.

The large display of assembled and painted kits was stored in the dance hall. A few years later the grand old building was demolished.

Never found out what happened to the airfix display, which was quite large, probably 16 feet by 4.

If that model had a plan for it I would make one.

Ps lifeboats are not supposed to sink.

Thread: Fairey Huntsman wanted for commemoration
22/01/2022 17:54:13

Yes it's a 31 as it had an aft cabin.


For this application £50, as it's going to a good cause.

Edited By Rich Griff 1 on 22/01/2022 17:54:53

22/01/2022 09:03:36

Quick look on eBay, £2k ?????

Anyways the other 2 I saw are much more than reasonably priced.

The one I have would be much less, particularly for its intend use, and could always be sold on after.

I also have the kit box.

Pm me for email address, much easier for me for pictures etc..

22/01/2022 08:10:16

Hi Lindsey,

I have a huntsman, please pm me.

Will be back this evening. I am north Wales based.


Thread: Starlet 1048
15/12/2021 18:33:08

Vic smeed, so will be a good design.

Might anyone have a picture of this model yacht and dimensions like length, beam, draught/depth of water needed and total height from top of mast to bottom of keel please.

Does it have a deck hatch that is waterproof ?


Thread: Llyn Padarn
30/11/2021 14:18:16

Anyone on here use llyn padarn, llanberis lake ?

If so, where do you sail from and what time do you usually meet up please ?

Thanks, rich

Thread: Lesro575
04/11/2021 09:53:15

Make one from scratch, is there a plan available, even hull outline in sections, don't know the proper name for that but you know what I mean...

03/11/2021 10:44:43

Just to clarify, the lesro 575 has what is called a "bilge keel" design/shape hull ?

03/11/2021 10:19:21

Thanks. Yes one would hope a manufacturer would be kitting it again.


There was a whole completion class based on the model kit I believe ?

Edited By Rich Griff 1 on 03/11/2021 10:20:25

02/11/2021 17:56:17

Thanks ray, I will research that one.

02/11/2021 11:35:30

Thanks had a quick look...

Any recommend a modern alternative, relatively small so light, and more importantly a shallow draft...please ?

02/11/2021 08:45:31

Hi model boaters,

I am still after a lesro 575 as I had one years ago. It would be ideal for me now as it is relatively small with not much draft, ideal for the quarry pit lake locally.

I had contact with a chap but I feel it's cost would be beyond my reach.

What kits are available these days, not tooo big with shallow draft, RC.

What would you guys recommend please ?

Thread: Model Boats - Current Issue
30/09/2021 09:24:08

Wh smith's, ha !


No wonder they are going down hill !


Gay mags gallor but anything model wise, forget it.

Edited By Rich Griff 1 on 30/09/2021 09:24:43

Thread: Blunders and Co-k ups
10/09/2021 08:09:20

This one is fresh, true story.

Chap must have been greasing prop shaft on his yacht. He stowed the grease gun and went out in the yacht for a sail.

Anyways the local life boat requested help from the next station. When they got there the fire had been put out inside the yacht. In the corner was seen the remains of a battery fizzing away. It was sprayed with white powder only to reveal a grease gun welded to the bare battery terminals !

True story and happened a few days ago, no names ( not me ) and no one hurt.

07/09/2021 17:35:26

True story, I saw the wreckage...


Local harbour with a fast current on a good tide...


Gales blowing, yacht seen adrift, broke it's mooring...


How the chap got to the yacht not known...boarded, engine refuses to start, rocket flare found, whoooosh, hits rigging, lands in boat etc...


Next day remains of boat on shore, burnt down to the water line...



R.I.P. no names....not me.

Edited By Rich Griff 1 on 07/09/2021 17:37:13

Thread: The Danger of Weeds
04/09/2021 14:00:14

Wessex hovering over lifeboat with a winch man and rescued person, that would be good !

All to scale of course.

Weed still a problem in closest quarry pit but no weed in the "divers quarry lake" which is a good 10 mins further away....

Will have to ask the divers if they could film the boat going past from under water...

02/09/2021 09:50:26

Or RC aircraft etc...

I used to take an old fishing rod with me and cast over a stuck boat...but the quarry pit lake is a different matter.

Thread: strangers in your workshop
12/08/2021 12:30:04

I had a hedgehog moment a few years ago. I saw this hedgehog waddling down the garden path, under the gate a turn right.

I opened the gate, put my head to ground level and said " and where do you think your going ? " It stopped dead, turned its head towards me.....I though for a split second it was going to talk to me !

It's eyes said it all, it turned its head back and continued to waddle off......

Thread: Toggle switches for RC sets
01/08/2021 21:38:49

Why not try Perkins who are the distributor for radio link...

Thread: Expanding foam
13/07/2021 08:53:14

Thanks again for the replies...

So the foam builders use to "hold window frames" in place is not water proof and acts like a sponge if the skin is broken ?

That would explain a lot !

This double skinned boat, if water gets into the void it's not a bouancy tank but a liability.

Will get getting the captain Tolley stuff and sealing all the edges. I will drill some holes on the inner skin so the seams can be sealed from the inside as well.

That way, no water will get in, but just in case, I will have some drain holes as well.

Next stage will be a better seal/coaming for the "lid" bit. Maybe a further lid for the open access area, with the manufacturers lid over that.

The lake is choppy, this boat will be relatively fast, and as is will take in water, so mods need to be done before it goes on the water.

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