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Thread: show case adhesives
03/01/2008 21:20:00

Hi Neil

 I think I'd be tempted to go with the clear silicone if the solvent cleaner does not work.

If I might suggest using masking tape to define the areas to be glued - gently abrade the area between the tape. Remove the tape before silicone sets - nice clean line.

Have fun

Cheers Kevin

Thread: hstug32.jpg
02/01/2008 21:43:00
Oh WOW!! Lets see some more inspirational pics
Thread: Tupolev G5
26/12/2007 21:07:00

Hi Stuart,

Couple of long shoots for you.

Latest Model boats mag has a pic of G5 Russian Torpedo boat at Mannanan model boat festival, Isle of Man. Built by visiting modeller George Barnes. It looks to be built to a high standard. It may be possible to make contact with through this forum or dare I mention it

I'm sure I've seen this boat before (got some pics somewhere - pre digital days  ) If I remember correctly I think it was on the stand of Scale Warship Association.

Hope the above can get you on track

Regards Kevin

Thread: Why ban IC Engines?
22/12/2007 21:47:00

Hi Paul,

You talk about civil liberties.. I cant go to the pub and have a couple of pints/fags and put the world to rights.

On a more serious note I have to agree with you to a point. Banning them on the grounds of noise pollution (which i believe is the most common reason) is a joke. I have made my garden low maintenance, I dont own a lawn mower, strimmer or blower - but come a warm day I like to relax in the hammock with the gin. No chance - I'm surrounded by petrol heads

The lake I use is in two parts, ideal, the high speed i.c. boats use one part and the more sedate/fragile use the other.

Therein is the problem with many clubs. We have all seen the guy with a few bob flogged a ARTR ballistic missile who thinks its great fun to weave in and around boats that have been a labour of love for perhaps many months/years.

Perhaps we could have 12bore armed Marshall's on the side

Seasons Greeting to all (Hope thats PC)


Thread: Materials
19/12/2007 00:15:00

Hi Peter

Model dockyard post sheets of ply 1200 x 300mm in 1/16 " ie 1mm £7.95 + p & p

Know where yr coming from ... I live in Cornwall 200 mile drive my nearest good model boat shop and

Both are very good for mail order

Hope this helps


Thread: Wiring Batteries
16/12/2007 10:38:00

Thanks Kenny,

Obvoius now...wood for trees!

Regards Kevin 

15/12/2007 22:30:00

Hi Guys,

Got a mental block and need some help.

I have 2 x 6 volt Ni-Mh batteries which I wish to connect to a single motor via ESC, i.e. 12 volt through the motor. At the same time I need to be able to tap of 6 volts for accessories. Can some one please suggest how to wire this up.

Cheers Kevin

Thread: Plating and rivets for a 1:48 Corvette
14/12/2007 22:57:00

Hi Thor

Couple of links for you

This one has some great pics of the preserved vessel

I agree with John try John Lamberet

If there is nothing listed give him a ring, really nice guy. I'm sure he be able to point you in the right direction.

Regards Kevin

Thread: What do I do now?
06/11/2007 22:07:00

Hi Nick,

If you need to use mail order for supplies you could try .

They can supply everything you need including foam. I've always found them helpful and they include on thier site a fibreglass guide, well worth a look.

Regards Kevin

Thread: Blocks and pulleys
27/10/2007 22:41:00

Hi Peter not sure what yr looking for , this sight may help

Think you can go direct to Germany or are agents.


Thread: Scale figures
05/10/2007 23:05:00

Hi Bob

Couple of suggestions

George Turner does a range of figures including 1/16

George Turner

Tamiya do a range of 1/16th scale plastic military figures, these of course would need modification to your requirements


Cap-Marquettes do 1/15th scale figures which might be close enough

Hope you find what your looking for,

Regards Kevin

Thread: Adding figures to model boats.
02/08/2007 22:25:00
Hi Graham,
Possible links below

1. Preiser railway figures
Note you need both the above lines for the address.

2.1/3 way down page listing 1/200 accessories Naval figures set of 100

3. Link for free time hobbies, they have various etch stuff @ 1/200.

Hope the above will be of use,

Regards Kevin
01/08/2007 22:21:00
Hi Colin,

Imperial Galleries web site

You may also find Historex useful - they mainly deal in figures. I'm sure if you rang them they could recomend a book on figure modeling.

Regards Kevin
Thread: Schnellboot
29/07/2007 22:02:00
Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the info. Look forward to seeing some pics of your build.

I'll stick to 1/35 scale though - I like to put figures on my boats and there are no quality 1/24 figures out there, least not that I can find. Perhaps I'm to fussy, I spent several years figure modeling.

Regards Kevin
Thread: Riverman Barge
24/07/2007 22:03:00
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the info

24/07/2007 14:50:00
Hi Glyn,
Any chance you can forward the write up of Caldercraft Riverman.
Thanks for your time.

Regards Kevin
23/07/2007 22:22:00
Hi Dennis,

Just come across your thread on the riverman - thinking of buying one, any comments on the kit.

Cheeres Kevin
Thread: HFM Trident Trimaran Kit
23/07/2007 22:19:00
Hi Rob,

Dont know anything about the boat but
HFM is distributed by

Hope they can sort you out,

Regards Kevin
Thread: Now what?
23/07/2007 22:10:00
Hi Mick,Which end of the piece of string do you want to start? If it floats it can be modeled.
If I might suggest if you've no previous experience I would start with a kit. Below are links to some good companies.
The above will give you a huge choice from simple to complex, fast to slow. Most kits come complete except for motors, batteries and radio control gear. These can be obtained along with advise as to type, size etc from your local model shop.
Failing that there are some specialist shops for mail order. The two listed below I can recomend.
They will also be able to give you advise as to suitability of your intended model.

Then there are the forums - ideal for getting advise/suggestions. There is no such thing as a stupid question, we all started at the beginging.

Hope the above will be of some help. Enjoy your voyage.

Regards Kevin
Thread: Schnellboot
22/07/2007 21:00:00
Hi Gary,
Thanks for those links, I'd not seen the IPMS one before.

Yes I intend to put mine on the water but I wont be starting it until later in the year..I,m about half way through building a 1/16th scale Bristol channel pilot cutter. Which in case you dont know is a sailing boat dimensions approx 1500 (5') long x 1800 (6') high and weighing in about 13.5kgs. One extreme to the other!!

The thread started with the schnellboot, then came the pt boat which I'm impressed with and as you pointed out if Italeri produce an E-boat of the same quality this could be the way to go.
The following link is a bit jumbled but there are some ideas. The second link is from this forum and when u watch the movie I think u might be tempted to go for R/C.

Last but not least either 'Model boats' or 'Marine modeling' is going to do an R/C build in the near future

Hope the above will be of use

Regards Kevin
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