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Thread: 1:40 Scale crew figures
22/01/2009 22:09:11
Hi Richard,
Found some 1:40 scale figures - only problem they are British seaman, possible to convert?
Thread: plans
13/11/2008 21:59:00

Hi Byron,

Cant help with plans but 'Kingston Mouldings' have just released a F/G hull unfortunately the size is 361/2 x 10 1/2".

Robin would certainly have built this with steam in mind.

Suggest you check out his site, there is quite a bit of info on steam on there.

Hope it helps



Thread: servo traval
13/11/2008 21:50:00

Hi Brian

I'm afraid I dont have the answer but one gizmo that might help is the new P96 ServoMorph from

Action R/C Electronics quote " can stretch a standard servo to rotate nearly 180' "

Just a thought



Thread: Schnellboot
10/11/2008 22:38:00

Hi Folks,

 Latest update on Italeri 1/35 scale S-100 Schnellboot (E-boat)

Check out the 'Download'

Last heard release in November

Thread: E boats Camouflage
17/09/2008 21:34:00

Hi Ernie,

Try this link, probably the best E-boat (Schnellboot) site for reference material. Includes section on paint schemes.



Thread: weathering
10/09/2008 23:02:00

Hi Ron,

 Dry brushing is a technique used extensively by military modelers I'm sure Vinnie can give you directions!

 The technique is used is to dip the brush in the paint and then wipe it off ! !  A good indication of weather (!) you have it right is to draw the brush across your finger tip - it should bring out your fingerprint perfectly. You can then apply to the model, do not expect a dramatic change - you can build up gradually to get the perfect result.

A perfect illustration is to brush the edge of a metal surface with aluminium colour  (silver is too bright). Thus representing where the paint has worn from perhaps foot traffic.

Another technique used is washes. To do this you need a drop of black/grey/brown (depending on the effect desired). Add large amounts of thinner until youre looking at tinted thinners. This is then painted liberaly across the surface - the colour collects on the corners / edges leaving a stain.

From experience I would use oil based paints (humbrol). The reason being if you have sealed / varnished the surface and youre not happy with the effect it can be washed off with thinners. I find acrylics dry too quickly.

Dont try and do it all at once - build it up in layers.

Hope this has been some help

Regards Kevin

Thread: Tupolev G5
06/09/2008 17:31:00

Hi Stuart / Chuck,

Came across this article today reference both the G5 & BK1125 as 1/35 kits plus a reference book.

Hope its some help


Thread: Li - Poly batteries
28/08/2008 22:32:00

Hi Mike,

Couple of sites for you that will help improve your knowledge

This is a very good site for info on all battery types.

This takes you direct to safety info on LiPo & LiIon cells

Model Power sell batteries and I'm sure would be happy to advise if you had a project in mind


Thread: Rumours
25/07/2008 22:01:00

Hi Ashley,

Your living in the past mate 

The quality of the Italeri '80' Elco' is something Airfix only dreamed about,

27.5" long hull. Superb moulding. Etched brass fittings. Turned alloy barrels. Reference book. All for around £60. Plus a matching 10 figure set shortly to be released. Show me another boat kit of similar value for money !

The schnellboot will be 39.5" long and I'm sure of the same quality. Price - Italeri are not saying - could well be speculation.



Thread: Adding figures to model boats.
01/07/2008 23:03:00

Hi Andy,

Not sure what the differences are but Airfix do a WWII bofors @ 1/76

At £5 it might be worth seeing if you could modify it.



Thread: propellers???
01/06/2008 22:32:00

Hi Jake,

 Following links to various prop shops!

Or try . They list scale props but I've always found them helpful when ringing them with a problem.

Hope these help



Thread: flowerclass corvette
16/04/2008 22:37:00

Hi Paul,

Couple of links for you which should solve most of your querys.

First is a photo tour of HMCS Sackville the last remaining corvette

Second is a form devoted to corvettes

Last is a source of paints matched to era

Finally did you mean David J Parkins for aftermarket sets

Seen results of some of his sets seem goor quality,

Hope this some help, post some pics when you've made progress. One of those projects I mean to get round to



Thread: Italeri Elco 80' PT Boat 596
13/04/2008 22:22:00

Hi Adrian,

I would suggest a liitle patience. Italeri are releasing figures for the Elco in the near future - listed on the following site Link

They are also listing figures for the forth coming schnellboot. No release date on them though! I belive once they are listed on Hannants site you can place an order, there by getting them as soon as they are released.

I've heard that there has been some figures for PT596 released under the name 'warrior'. Not able to find them myself.

The LCT set you mentioned I have and they seem more like 1/32 scale to me i.e. a triffle large.

Hope this helps

Regards Kevin

Thread: Can anybody tell...
05/04/2008 22:05:00

Hi Guys,

I think its a kit that was made by Deans Marine and is now withdrawn. ry  an email to Deans marine , it might be in the process of being reworked or perhaps sold on to another supplier.



Thread: Tupolev G5
20/03/2008 22:49:00

Hi Stuart,

Found those pics I refered to. I have posted these in my gallery.

In the second pic there is a reference book titled 'Soviet Naval Power. G5 Class MTB by Przemyslaw Budzson.

Might be worth seeing if you can get a copy  perhaps from the libary

Regards Kevin 

Thread: Masts
02/03/2008 22:23:00

Hi Guys,

Got to say some of your methods sound a bit dodgy re H&S. I have in the past seen comments on this forum about the level of common sense being a variable among our readers!

I recently had to make up the masts, spars etc for a 1/16th scale pilot cutter and I dont have a lathe.

Checking as many references as possible the following seemed the best suggestions.

 First dowel available from major outlets will be prone to warping and splitting.

Try and find a piece of well seasoned close grained wood. Mine came from a cupboard built 50 years ago. Cut down to the square measurement of the mast and leave it over long. Find the centre on each end and draw the required diameter with a compass. Clamp to worktop and plane/rasp/sand the corners off, keeping an eye on your end diameters. You now have a tapering eight sided piece of wood. Repeat the process with the newly formed eight corners and you should now be close enough to sand to final shape.

I must admit I didnt think I could do it but was really chuffed with the results. I reckon I made the next one in less time than its taken me to write this. Give it a try.

I apologise if I have put anyone's nose out of joint with my earlier comments but a good few years ago I did something stupid with a piece of wood in a drill and finished up with a large splinter 1/16" from my eye. Fingers mend eyes dont.

Cheers Kevin

Thread: Where can I buy...
07/02/2008 21:33:00

Hi Stephen,

On past experience, Westbourne models will be able to advise on all your requirements. radio, motors etc.



06/02/2008 21:35:00

Hi Stephen,

 Try Westbourne Models, very helpful staff. No connection just a happy customer.



Thread: Italeri PT596 kit
05/02/2008 22:12:00

Hi Ernie,

One of the model boat mags did an article on the conversion a few months back. Cant remeber which one but i will try and find it in the next couple of days and let you know



Thread: 157-5702_IMG.JPG
03/01/2008 21:29:00
Hi Sergio, Checked out your album, very nice and certainly a bit differnt. Never seen anything like this. What are the dimensions of the boat. Regards Kevin
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