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Thread: Returning modeller
27/08/2020 23:06:49

Hi Chris, thank you for having another look.

The only thing I can tell you is that I`ve followed the blog on uploading photos. I can create an album.I choose a file and five browse boxes appear.

I then go to my pictures and load the first one ( all of them are in jpg and the same size ). I first tried loading all five pictures, clicked on upload pictures and then on save changes ( at the bottom of the page ) .When I checked, it said , no album found.

I tried several more times, including loading and saving changes one browse box at a time, to no effect

At one point I can get all five pictures in a column but on clicking , save changes, nothing seems to happen.

What I will do in the morning is follow your second blog and see what happens. I`m sure my mistake is staring me in the face.

Many thanks once again,


27/08/2020 16:56:20

This afternoon I`ve tried every which way to get photos posted. It tells me I have an album with five photos in it at present but they can`t be viewed so unfortunately I`m at a loss, but I`ll try again later.


27/08/2020 12:41:08

High Chris,

The pixel size is as suggested 800x600 and they have appeared alright. Trying again this morning ,but one at a time, I created five albums instead of one with five pictures.

I don`t think there`s anything wrong with the system, it`s me that`s at fault, i`ve just not found the problem yet.



27/08/2020 11:42:06

Hi Tim,

I`m afraid I`m not the greatest at dealing with all this technology but I`ll always have a go

Ray, thank you for your patience. I shall keep going at it until something works.

Somewhere in the process I must be crossing wires. Onwards and upwards.



27/08/2020 11:00:44

I loaded the pictures one at a time and it basically created five albums, strangely, only one of them able to be viewed, the rest saying album not found.

The procedure I`ve followed is the one in the forum written a couple of years ago.


27/08/2020 10:27:27

Morning Ray, thanks for that suggestion. That was actually going to be my next attempt. I did wonder last night whether it might be better to load one picture at a time so I`ll delete what`s there and have another go.


26/08/2020 22:18:58

Is there a time delay before pictures appear? I`ve repeated what I did before and still no luck.


26/08/2020 21:43:36

Thanks for the quick replies.

I filled all five boxes and they had their file number alongside. The pictures were sized 800x600pixels. I`m pretty sure I saved them. It`s probably finger trouble on my part and as Ray says , I think it`s worth another try.


26/08/2020 21:23:37

I`ve done something wrong.

I`ve taken some pictures of my boat and created an album, ( at least I thought I had ) I put five pictures on and uploaded them as suggested.

On clicking on photos under my name alongside my blog, I get the album up but only the first picture. When clicking on that picture it says, album cant be found.

Could some one point out what I`ve done wrong please?

Many thanks ,


Thread: Adhesive
04/08/2020 13:23:39

Thanks again Dave,

I`ll have a look at that link. and the other one you mentioned. Any timber bought will only come from places dealing with modellers needs.



04/08/2020 11:12:49

Gentlemen , thank you for your answers.

I`ve had experience of working with plasticard when building my model railway but hadn`t really thought about using it on a boat till now. I`ts a great material to work with I find,and could probably speed up construction.

When using plasticard, I`ve always used Mek Pak as the adhesive. I didn`t realise Deluxe did a wood glue as I`ve always looked at a the railway side of things. I`ll definitely check their website.

This might sound like a dumb question.

When I built the two boats I have at the moment, using marine ply sheet, I would cut the required shape out of paper, transfer on to the ply and cut it out. I then soaked it in water and clamped it to the hull frame to dry. When released ,it held it`s shape. Does Birch ply work the same way? I ask in case I run out of my current pieces of marine ply and have to mix and match and I haven`t used Birch ply before.

Thanks once again,


03/08/2020 22:10:54

I`m looking at having a go at scratch building a model of the Portsmouth Pilot boat. I`m going to work from plans of the Keith Nelson hull.

At the moment the bulkheads are cut out in 6mm marine ply. I would cover the majority of the hull with some 1/16 marine ply sheet and plank the bottom where the curve is tighter.

A question I have is whether Cascamite glue is still a good glue?, or are there better adhesives around?

Another thing I was considering is making the superstructure from Plasticard. Has anyone else tried that method?

Many thanks,


Thread: boat electrics
24/07/2020 15:43:21

Thanks once again Dave,

Colin and Paul T, thank you for your suggestions. I`ve referred to Dave`s article several times. ( and will do again )

I just wanted to clarify a couple of things as I started to put things together.

Many thanks,


24/07/2020 11:14:51

Further to my query yesterday about the ribbon extension from ESC to receiver and wire colours. The male plug on the extension lead has no polarising moulding,therefor am I learning correctly that it goes in position two the same way as position one ( that is, colours side by side ) in order to continue the signal. As a matter of curiosity, what would happen if it was put the other way round? ( damage or nothing happening? ). Hopefully learning as I go along.

Many thanks,


23/07/2020 22:41:28

Thanks for that Dave,

Many thanks for the diagram, a great help to a novice boat electrician!

Best wishes


23/07/2020 20:53:13

I`m just starting to fit the electrics in the boat and have a couple of questions I wonder if someone may have the answer to.

Firstly, my ESC will be sitting quite close to the motor and I wondered if it might suffer from any interferece from the motor even though the motor will have three suppressors.

Secondly, I need to extend the ribbon lead from the ESC to the receiver. Does it matter that the two leads have differing coloured wires?the lead from the ESC is orange ,red and black and the extension lead is red, white and black. Does it change any signal sent?

If either of these things are a problem then I`ll look at alternative set ups.

Many thanks,


Thread: Returning modeller
09/07/2020 14:58:52

Hi Dave,

Reading your last message matches what I had intended doing.

The nearest model boat club for me is Basingstoke ( about 10 miles ). I also live about 2 miles from the Basingstoke canal, which is where I`ve sailed the tug. I intend to see what is occuring with the boat club during the present situation and will go from there.

I`m pretty certain mistakes will happen and things will end up in the spares box!

I`ve settled on a Vapex 9.6v 5000mah battery and suitable charger from Component shop and a Viper Mtroniks Auto Sport 20 speed controller from Cornwall model boats. How this all matches up, time will tell but I`ve taken the plunge.

Testing will be done as you rightly pointed out long before It`s tried outside.

Fun will be had. I enjoy making the models as much as running them so look forward to when things are completed.


09/07/2020 10:28:28

Hi Dave,

Thankyou , more information to take on board. I have to say, there have been a lot more changes in the model boat world than I realised since I last dabbled , especially on the power and electrical side and I`m grateful for all the help.

Many thanks,


08/07/2020 21:45:53

Hi Malcolm, thank you for your reply.

That`s another bit of information that was new to me.


08/07/2020 11:13:10

Ashley and Dave M, apologies for not replying sooner.

The connectors I was referring to were the ones on the ends of servos and speed controllers etc. I have a Traxxas speed controller on the tug connecting with an Acoms rudder servo and they are a fit. Obviously Futaba make a slightly different connector which aren`t compatible. I n my ignorance I first thought that they were all the same style.

Dave M, I read through your article on Model Boat electrics and I too found it very useful, so many thanks for that.

Thank you gents for your continued help,


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