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Thread: Returning modeller
08/10/2021 19:21:59

Thanks Ray,

I`ve still got my copy of Vic Smeeds book from way back when I first started looking at modelling a boat Another one was by Phillip Connolly.

My first attempt was a kit called Sea Commander if I remember rightly. It ended up a bit of a disaster owing to total lack of experience in working with wood. I remember instructions saying, to get the curve on the hull you could steam the wood. With modern adhesives etc , how things have changed

It did get completed but I never managed to find suitable electrics.

Regards ,Jim

08/10/2021 14:53:25

Further to the question I asked in my last post, as the hull is already covered with glass cloth ( and was rubbed down before the cloth went on ) I take it I can still use a sealer over the cloth without damaging anything. All this is asked as I`ve never used glass cloth before. I haven`t done so yet, but I assume you cloth the deck as well?

Thanks for your help,


07/10/2021 17:23:14

Thankyou gentlemen for your suggestions.

A couple of the pictures of the boat that I have were taken when it was out of the water on props which helps.

My question was about wether to paint the hull first or mark out before painting and you`ve answered that. Any marking would only be done with everything on board. Be interesting to see how it compares to the real thing.

Many thanks


Ray, your use of balsa wood is tempting me to try it in the future.

06/10/2021 15:59:56

I`ve not yet quite reached the point of painting the boat but a thought occured regarding marking the waterline on the hull.

Would it be normal practice to float in the bath before painting to get an idea as to where the line would be, or do you wait till the hull is painted? The other two boats I have were fairly easy to mark but I think this one needs a bit more care taken.

Just a thought,



27/09/2021 19:50:09

Thanks Chris,

They look a decent connector and I noticed they have pos and neg markings on them as well so will give them a go.

Thanks once again,


27/09/2021 18:19:12

While bath testing my Surfury this morning, I unfortunately damaged the connector from the battery ( the clip together type ). I`ve decided to fit XT60 connectors, but, having never used them before, could someone tell me if the wires are soldered into the connector rather than crimping them .

I think they`re soldered but just wanted to make sure before I mess anything else up!

Many thanks,


10/09/2021 16:14:50

Hi Richard,

I`m in Fleet in Hampshire and yes, I literally have just joined the Basingstoke Model Boat Club, but I`ve not been able to get there just yet. When I do, I`ll be asking the yacht sailors some questions and hopefully will able to understand the the way things work.


10/09/2021 10:40:34

Hi Ray, I get your point,

My situation is that I`m starting at the bottom of the learning curve and many things,and terminology, are completely new to me.

I really need to get hold of a book to study things that might make it a bit easier.

I`m pretty sure at the moment,even if I had all the correct bits and pieces in front of me and all the electrics working I`d still struggle to set it all up to start

Not enough experience yet I`m afraid but will push on.

Regards, Jim.

10/09/2021 00:41:45

Thank you for the replies,

A servo tester will be bought and at least I will have a starting point.

Looking on the web, Amazon seem to have the biggest choice so will pick one and see what results I get when testing the rogue servo.



08/09/2021 17:58:27

Hi Ray,

The up and down stick on the left side of the Tx is self centering ,so it may well be that servo has been set to perform the way it does,

As I mentioned earlier, when centered, it runs clockwise continualy and no change with the stick pulled back. Stick forward gives about four rotations anti clockwise and then it just stops.

Still looking for a manual or similar to check things.

You can tell from my questions and explanations how green I am when It comes to sorting this sort of thing out!!smiley

Regards ,


07/09/2021 13:07:07

Thanks Ray , and for the comment on the Pilot boat. Not a lot more detail to put on now and then it`s down to checking where the electrics will fit and gluing the deck down.

Regards, Jim.

07/09/2021 11:18:43

Gentlemen, thankyou all for your replies. Several things for me to look into.

One mistake I made was that the Tamco Tx is 2 chanel and not 4 as I said. In my ignorance, would that make any difference when connected to the 4 chanel receiver?

As suggested, I will searh the web to see if I can find a manual at all. In the meantime I`ll try the things suggested.

All a good learning curve,

Many thanks,


Thread: Lockdown Project
06/09/2021 23:10:01

Hi Don. just had a look at the pictures on your album.

Your certainly making a nice job of your project. Thanks for posting the photos.


Thread: Returning modeller
06/09/2021 23:05:48

I`ve managed to get the electrics on the yacht tested and have had a bit of success.

The on/off swich is working. The servo for the rudder is working but there`s a problem with the servo with the pulley on it.

With power applied the servo rotates continually in one direction. When pushing the stick forward, it rotates the opposite way until it comes to a halt. Re centering the stick makes the pulley rotate continually as before in the previous direction. There`s no way I can get it to rotate in both directions and stop with the stick in the centre.

The Tx is a 4 chanel, 2.4 Ghz and the receiver is 4 chanel, both Tamco.

I`ve put a picture on to show the arrangement hoping someone might spot something I haven`t.

Many thanks ,


Thread: Lockdown Project
29/08/2021 11:49:11

Hi Don , thanks for showing your set up so far.

I`ve looked on the web for K4029 and it seems to cover several versions, unless I`m reading it wrong. I`ll keep looking.

If I can work out where everything went inside the hull, I`m thinking maybe just renew all the timber pieces as some of it is glued ( maybe Araldite ) to the hull and that would risk possible damage.

The five battery pack in your picture I have also but it will need replacing as it`s` in a not so good condition.

At some point I`ll see if I can get one of the sets of sails into the hull to see what`s what.

One thing that is a puzzle is an aluminium tube glued in the hull with a screw screwed into what looks like wax . It wouldn`t take much to strip the thread. No idea what it`s for.

Many thanks once again,


27/08/2021 22:12:46

20210813_203157s.jpg20210813_203151s.jpg20210813_203012s.jpg20210807_145850s.jpgHi Don,

Hopefully I`ve managed to upload some more pictures to show the current stait of the boat. Jim.20210807_145241s.jpg

27/08/2021 15:53:45

Hi Don, many thanks for your reply.

At the moment I`m about 75% of the way through my current boat build but when waiting for glue to dry etc, I have another look at the Marblehead

Unfortunately I have no way of knowing how mine was when new but I`m guessing it was an empty hull and all the timber support brackets were made by the owner. Of course, he may have had a plan to work to but there are some strange looking constructions glued to the hull which might take a bit of shifting.

A bench test will be on the cards at some point for the radio gear, as you say, to find out what works and what doesn`t ( maybe none of it ).

I`ve only managed to look once at the sails as the box they`re in is so heavy I don`t want to risk an appointment with the undertaker.! What I did see looked in reasonable condition but I need to learn all the terminology for the rigging etc, as I`m totally green when it comes to yachts.

I`ve had problems loading pictures on to the laptop lately but I`ll try again tonight and if sucessful I`ll post them on the album.

This project might take while but one I`m looking forward to as it`s totally different for me.



26/08/2021 13:34:59

Hi Don,

I`ve been looking through various headings on the Forum and came across your blog on your Marblehead yacht.

Like you, I have aquired one in a bit of a stait but worth having a go at perhaps as a project through the winter.

My boat came as a complete fibreglass hull with a plywood deck in sections which had started to separate owing to water damage. ( It may have been stored outside ) I was given all the radio gear and two servos and two sets of sails.

I`ve removed all the decking in order to see what was underneath and I will need to take all the existing bits and pieces out so I can start with a relatively clean interior.

At the moment I`m trawling the web to try and find information on settind up sails and the radio gear as it`s totally new to me.

I`m impressed with how your getting on with your project and will be interested to see how it progresses.

There are a couple of pictures of mine on my album ( Surfury )



Thread: Returning modeller
07/08/2021 22:43:09

Hi Ray,

I`ve managed to get into the sail box this afternoon and it looks like there are three sets of sails, the tallest being around 7ft.

I`ve no idea where the chap bought the boat from or what he he paid for it. He only lives round the corner from me so next time I see him I` ll at least ask where it came from and who the manufacturer was.

I must admit it was a bit daunting when I saw the size of the sail box. I`d like to try and make something a bit lighter if possible, as, at the moment they lay flat and assembled in their box. I`ve taken some pictures but at present can`t get them to load on to the laptop properly.

At some point I want to work out how the electrics go together so will probably set everything out on a board and see if I can get some movement. As I said earlier , I know nothing about setting this up but I`ll give it a go.

The Tamco I have is 8AA batteries as well. I see the Planet uses ony four but has room for more.

First though , I need to get on and finish the pilot boat. I`m a little bit slow when it comes to scratch buildingsmiley

Thanks for your reply,



07/08/2021 09:28:15

Thankyou for that Malcolm,

I`ve been looking around on the web and have seen several boats that look similar but I`ll try the MYA. It would be good to find out a bit of history if possible and then learn how to sail it sometime.



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