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Thread: Clearing out sale
24/07/2020 14:41:29

Not the Clos d'Ambonnay Champagne Krug crying

Will the new MTB be part of the clearout?

Edited By Paul T on 24/07/2020 14:48:26

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
24/07/2020 14:30:58


It might look good in silver, as the model is mainly large flat areas you could use aluminium foil, it would be very impressive on the water.


Thread: Clearing out sale
24/07/2020 14:22:45

Hi Dave

So you have finally got around to clearing out that workshop, and not before time but be careful in the darker recesses as some of those older items won't go without a fight.

Let me know if you fancy getting rid of your extensive wine cellar smiley


Thread: boat electrics
24/07/2020 13:58:16


You would do well to take Dave's advice as he is one of the UKs best at model boat electronics, even us 'experts' go to him for advice.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
23/07/2020 19:50:52

Hello Bob

You are ripping along nicely, I liked your comment.

The motors have also lined up with the incline of the propshafts too.......Another stroke of luck again

That is remarkable, its almost as though they were designed to fit so smoothly

When do you plan to sail it?


Thread: End point question
23/07/2020 18:41:09


The designed all up weight was 14.5kg, the chap was a carp fisherman who wanted to dump 10kg at a time in precisely the same location.

The bait boat was designed to carry this weight and was intended to use drone gps technology to consistently drop the load in exactly the same place.

I found that the brushless motors were to noisy so on Dave Ms advice the spec for the motors was changed to a pair of 775s with 4 blade props.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
23/07/2020 18:20:25


I've been looking at the original drawings from MK1 and it might help to install a support section running the full length between the underside of the prop tubes and the inside of the hull, this would help prevent the potential for whipping from any imbalance in the drive train.


Thread: End point question
22/07/2020 19:51:07


I designed a similar bait boat some time ago for a chap who wanted drop 10kg at a time.

bait boat sections.jpg

bait boat rear quarter.jpg

bait boat general view.jpg

I opted for 2 brushless motors each with its own battery.

22/07/2020 18:39:22


What is the estimated all up weight of your boat when it is fully loaded.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
22/07/2020 18:14:15


You are talking about the ruler.

I thought you had a problem with the stern of the boat and that the ruler was to demonstrate an incorrect measurement


22/07/2020 14:52:21


I am a little confused about your missing 3mm, the oblique angle of the photograph and lack of reference hasn't helped me decipher your problem.


Thread: 1/40 scale KD Perkasa
22/07/2020 12:34:21

Hello John

'Flag Locker' I knew that there had to be a correct nautical term to describe the pigeon holes but I just couldn't remember it.

The reason for commenting on this particular piece of the build was the impressive 'crispness' of its construction, every little square is perfectly formed without the rounded internal corners caused by drips after overenthusiastic painting.

It is this level of attention to detail that puts Dave in my top three builders.


21/07/2020 20:59:26

Hello Colin

There are very few model builders that I rate as an expert and Dave is in the top three, but as this isn't a Fairey I had to find something wrong with it or Dave would think that I had gone soft.


21/07/2020 20:09:43

Hi Dave

This is a very nice model and very well built, the detail in the wheelhouse is stunning especially the pigeon holes for the flags.

But is the deck the correct shade of green?smiley (sorry but no rivets to count)


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
21/07/2020 15:44:13


If its looks ok then dont worry about it


19/07/2020 18:00:42

Thats it Bob,

A simple but effective soloution, now our dear friend Kevin can understand how you will overcome the problem, but, when you reach the point some detailed construction photos will help.


19/07/2020 14:59:00

Hello Bob

I don't mean under the waterline, I am referring to where the rudder posts protrude above the deck for animating weapons turrets,

MK1 had a problem with water ingress at this point which is why the rudder access panel on MK2 is being sealed and screwed down. The problem now is that water could find its way into the compartment through these 'animation holes'.

What Kevin doesn't know is that when going in reverse this hull tends to dig in and push water over the transom and up the shallow stern, this used to cause the rudder compartment in MK1 to flood.


19/07/2020 12:36:48


How will you seal the extended rudder posts as they pass through the deck and prevent water from getting in?


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
19/07/2020 10:58:45


You are exactly right about it being nuts and trust a teacher to be the one that points it out.

Z space has entirely the wrong polarity for the storage of electrical equipment.


18/07/2020 20:44:49

Sorry Neil but its Colin's fault for postulating the changes in reality that has taken over your thread. thinking

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