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Thread: Commodores Challenge
18/06/2021 17:38:26


What you don't know is that DM and myself tried to duplicate your four motor set up and DM even asked the electronics expert who helped him design the Action equipment.

The result of all this debate was that such a set up would either fail to work or more likely burst into flames, and yet your system worked, we were completely stumped and DM had a very healthy new respect for your abilities, as we know Daves respect was difficult to attain.


Thread: Todays Boating
18/06/2021 17:29:43


Most float planes that were built after WW1 had steps either in the main hull (Catalina, Sunderland etc) or on the floats, some really odd float planes were produced during WW2 as experimental prototypes, the Zero, ME109, FW190, Spitfire, Typhoon and even the Mosquito all had floats fitted with varying degrees of success.

As you correctly point out these steps were an important part of the design as they enabled the plane to 'break surface contact' and take to the air.


Edited By Paul T on 18/06/2021 17:30:17

Thread: Trumpeter 1:200 Titanic
18/06/2021 17:15:14

It is true that there have been far worse maritime disasters, as far as the Hood is concerned it should never have been sent out against the Bismark, the Hood was a product of WW1 design and suffered from lack of upgrades and refits, especially deck armour.

The sinking of the Titanic came at a pivotal point in history where engineering projects seemed to be breaking records everyday.

The shock of the sinking reverberated throughout the entire world and made the public realise that huge engineering projects could be fallible, the event forced engineers and governments to reevaluate design and safety constraints.

The design failures of the Titanic are still taught to naval architects as a example of human hubris.

So in answer to your question, it wasn't the sinking of the ship itself but what the event meant to mankind's belief in its ability to control the natural world.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
18/06/2021 16:54:41

Captain Bob

You are one of life's real gentlemen and your experiences are an invaluable source of inspiration to both newbies and experienced model builders.

I still cant fathom how you wired up the four huge motors in the VJC that you built, according to the known laws of physics they shouldn't have run, and yet you impressed everyone at the Haydock show when you demonstrated the big four running in perfect harmony.

I still think that you invoked some kind black magic.


17/06/2021 17:14:38

Captain Bob

It is staggering that members of the club haven't commented on the build. I presume that some club members are also members of this forum.

I wonder why they have left you to carry the flag for this event.

I understand that membership will be thinning out but you would expect some level of club support.

Speaking for myself I have really enjoyed watching your build and I even started to research Slipper Launches with a view to building a 3ft one.


Thread: Trumpeter 1:200 Titanic
17/06/2021 17:02:24

Dear All

This subject has created a flurry of PMs asking where I got the models and how much I paid.

After a long search on the interweb I found a company selling them for £270 (inc the lighting kit) a short negotiation by email resulted in buying their last two for £500.

I paid slightly more than £270 for the one from Facebook but it did come with a lot of extras, tools, paints etc.

They are still sat on a shelf in my garage and won't get started until November.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
16/06/2021 17:33:11

Captain Bob

The driver looks great and is the last word in cobbled together, he isn't shoe horned in and is a perfect fit.

The stripes look like a blazer and would grace any posh river event.

I think you have this competition all laced up and you can afford a cheeky tounge out to those who didnt bother to enter for, as usual you are the heart and sole of the club membership.


16/06/2021 17:11:54

I have to admit that I avoid clubs simply because of the self important committees. I don't suffer fools and tend to upset too many apple carts.

Thread: My Time Media
16/06/2021 17:08:37


Sadly there are no such things as cheap shops in our area, remember our conversation about M&S.

To get to a cheap shop means crossing the water and using a passport to get back home.

Paul wink

15/06/2021 16:05:59

New subscription give away link is it worth cancelling my long term subscription and setting up a new deal?

Thread: Swordfish, Jetex & Ashley's Article July 2021 Model Boats
12/06/2021 18:00:13

Another trip down memory lane, as youngsters my friend John and I used Jetex to power some models on the Bridgewater.

John was entranced by these solid fuel motors and had devious little ways to make them burn longer and put out extra power.

Looking back it is obvious that his life and career were formed by playing with these motors.

Thread: Commodores Challenge
12/06/2021 17:48:34

I can appreciate having to limit members to 30 but why limit the number of boats to 12.

You wouldn't think that model boats needed to be socially distanced,

Thread: Hydrofoil PT50 Model Boat
11/06/2021 19:57:41


You got the Caspian Sea Monster to fly, that is the best example of resolving foil problems that I have ever seen.

Thread: Commodores Challenge
11/06/2021 18:03:07

Captain Bob

When is the official first sailing at Etherow?

Now that we are allowed to come out and play it would be nice to make the exhaustive trip and witness the event.


Thread: Hydrofoil PT50 Model Boat
11/06/2021 17:57:47


Not to inflate his ego but Ashley is a recognised expert in hydrofoil dynamics and will be able to sort out your problem in double quick time.


Ash, £50 in a brown envelope to the usual address!

11/06/2021 15:39:47

Hello Seabird.

Happy to help.

There could be a few reasons why your boat wont perform from lack of power to the foils at the wrong angle or a short propshaft / incorrect propeller.

It would help immensely if you could post some photos of your model, or even better would be a video of the boat in action.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
02/06/2021 19:04:36

Its a shame that I will never get to actually fly it but most of the fun is in building

02/06/2021 17:04:12

Captain Bob

You could never be rude or nosey.

At present I am working on a Top Flight Stinson Reliant that I bought off a very nice chap on ebay.



Its a bit of a monster but I love working on these 1930s gullwing designs.


02/06/2021 14:53:41

No progress yet Bob as I won't be starting them until late November.

02/06/2021 14:22:13

Captain Bob

Cast your mind back to when we were building Brutus and discussing ESCs, a big problem back then were the cheap and nasty ones from China that used to blow up, burst into flames or simply not work. They looked just like the J Perkins units and carried the same serial number 5510315.

You might also remember that I had used one in a model with disastrous results.

Ever since I have always used equipment from Action Electronics, they are bullet proof and have never let me down.

Yes they might cost more but what value do you put on the model that has taken weeks to produce.


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