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Thread: Todays Boating
07/08/2020 20:40:31

Noahs Ark?

ARK 2.jpeg

ARK 1.jpeg

07/08/2020 16:13:46

A point of interest.

The Victorians designed something similar but without engines, it was an inshore bombardment platform intended to sit in the river mouths of strategic cities.

The platform would be positioned at high tide and then drop its legs to the sea bed and be jacked above sea level.This created a very stable base for the big mortars to bombard the city / port / ships.

To move it into position it relied upon tugs that fitted into specially designed slots that were built into the platforms hull. Once in position the tugs would retire back to a safer location

It never made it off the drawing board but as far as I know it was the first ever design of a jackleg platform

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
06/08/2020 20:40:50

Sorry Bob but this was the only cover picture that I had any hand in producing


Thread: 4 or 5 motors
06/08/2020 20:36:23


A five foot boat is right up my street and normally I would be pointing you towards a couple of 30cc petrol engines but for deep down grunt I would suggest a pair of 12v DC electric motors (motorbike starter motors etc) or even a pair of powerful outrunner brushless.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
06/08/2020 20:21:57

Captain Bob

Sadly the photo that accompanied my article wasn't my choice.

On mk1 I never intended to use bulwarks as I was trying to create a sleek uncluttered shape.

Seeing the bulwarks on mk2 has made my reconsider but I would continue them down the curve of the hull and feather them out to follow the transom.


06/08/2020 14:18:02


Thread: Airbrushing - glossy fininsh?
06/08/2020 13:52:52


A lot of modern spray paints can provide a lovely gloss finish with just a couple of coats but, to me they lack the depth of shine that comes from multiple coats.

The final treatment on my hand varnished wooden speedboat was achieved by lightly using a rubbing compound called 'Solvol autosol' and then a clear silicon floor polish.


Thread: 4 or 5 motors
06/08/2020 13:44:57


We still don't know the size / shape / displacement of your hull.

Starting a design with 3 MFA motors is like 'putting the cart before the horse' and leaves you open to lots of problems further down the line.

I strongly suggest that you decide upon the type and size of model that you want to build, reading back through this thread you mention wishing to pull up trees, that will require a substantial hull and motors with far more power than the MFAs can supply.


Thread: Airbrushing - glossy fininsh?
06/08/2020 13:27:14

Hello George

Getting a deep gloss with any paint system requires lots of coats and wet/dry 2500g rubbing down between each coat.

In the opinion of the coach painter who taught me to paint and spray it takes a minimum of 20 coats of 'gloss' before you get an acceptable depth of shine.

After applying the requisite number of gloss coats the paint should be left to harden for at least 2 weeks before using any cutting or polishing compounds.

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
06/08/2020 13:16:41

I use doorways as a guide to scale, if you assume that a typical doorway or vertical hatch is 2m high then you also have the scale height of a typical person.

After that everything else is related to this 2m scale height.

Bob move your HO scale man back to the central superstructure and see if he looks right against the windows / doors and roof height.

Thread: Polish hull or apply name first?
05/08/2020 20:44:12

All I could add to Ashleys expert assessments is to take some photos of the suspect areas of paintwork.

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
05/08/2020 20:41:26

Captain Bob

You could use a compressed air system to launch the missiles.


01/08/2020 14:00:11

The Chinese ESCs look exactly like the Perkins units.

31/07/2020 20:10:01


The ESCs were crap and wouldn't take any amps without getting hot or blowing up, lots of people fell into the same trap.

The batteries were 12v SLA

31/07/2020 19:20:50

Hi Bob

It wasn't a wire, it was the Chinese speed controllers that overheated and caught fire, it was a common fault with these speed controllers.


31/07/2020 18:16:43

Yes Bob it was a twin.

It was my first Perkasa with an expensive pair of motors and two 50a speed controllers from China.

So if I'm not Mr Grimnasty then one of your forum friends is going to be very upset.


31/07/2020 15:04:52


Our good friend and electronic genius Dave M has been building these things for years and Action Electronics equipment has saved many expensive models from a fiery Viking ending.

I learnt my lesson many years ago when I fitted cheap ESCs into a boat only to see them burst into flames after running for 5 minutes, I didn't manage to save the model.

Ever since then I have always used Action equipment and Dave even built me a one off superheavy duty ESC / mixer.

The Action equipment has never let me down and I consider it money very well spent.

By the way since when did I qualify for being Mr Grimnasty? anybody else could get upset by this.

31/07/2020 10:24:25


None of us know how you managed to wire the 4 motors in the VGC without blowing it up.

Regarding your current problem with the on/off switches, common sense tells me that the switches have been bypassed and that looking at the wiring diagram might resolve the problem but when it comes to your intriguing layouts the laws of physics don't apply.


30/07/2020 20:57:30

Are the batteries charged? wink

Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
30/07/2020 19:59:13

And a nice competition to win some Humbrol products

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