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Thread: Precautions during this hot spell
13/08/2020 15:50:20

With many workshops being like ovens we should all be careful with pressurised containers and storage of nitro fuel.

Pressurised containers don't like excessive heat and tend to go bang when they overheat, those nice rattle cans from Halfords have the potential to be a very effective hand grenade look at this example of when a small can explodes in a car link

How many of you have got paint, WD 40 or laquer cans in your workarea and would your workshop / house survive?


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
13/08/2020 15:22:18


I think Tim is referring to a type of garden building with thick walls that can be used as an all seasons office or studio as opposed to a leaky, draughty shed.

Not surprised that you cant work on mk2, your attic workshop must be like an oven.


11/08/2020 16:38:26

Captain Bob

I can just see you taking on a Phalanx (firing 4500 rounds per minute) with your old BSA and its multi shot magazine.....the trouble is that you always come out on top so you would probably win.

Does Brutus mk2 have to live upstairs during the sailing season?

If your staircase is straight you could make a rope controlled funicular type platform to slide up and down the stairs.

To reduce weight of mk2 you could keep the inner components on a removable tray, then the only connection to worry about is sliding the UV joints onto the splines.


11/08/2020 13:31:07

This is what happens when little boats make an unexpected vist to a warship link

11/08/2020 13:07:52


Even I wouldn't try to mount a 2000kg guided missile on a four man rubber dinghy, a small missile of 700kg would present significant problems not least of which would be the lack of room for crew and launching frame.


10/08/2020 20:56:05

Captain Bob

Have a look at this version of a 2050 warship link

Thread: 4 or 5 motors
10/08/2020 20:49:26


As a group we are happy to help, even if we are sometimes grumpy, please come back when you have firmed up your plans and we will carry on from there.

All the best


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
10/08/2020 20:44:07

Hi Neil

Very impressive and far better results than my 3D printer could manage.


Thread: Airbrushing - glossy fininsh?
10/08/2020 20:41:40

Hello George

Looking at your photos the finish on the blue seems to be lovely, I can't really comment on the white as I can't see it properly (by bouncing light off it) but if its as good as the blue then you have no worries.


Thread: Pond Yacht
10/08/2020 13:39:34

Hello Ray

I might just buy a roll of Dacron and run up a couple of sets and a spinnaker.

Hi Ashley

To make my own will cost about £15 a set and £10 for the spinnaker. You can pick up decent 2nd hand sails for anywhere from £10 to £25 each but I don't know what a made to measure would cost.

09/08/2020 18:34:31

Hi Ash

I am really looking forward to sailing this one.


Thread: 4 or 5 motors
09/08/2020 18:31:46


I admire your enthusiasm but you have gone back to designing your model around the motors and making huge assumptions about how these motors will perform in a heavy 5ft hull.

In this forum you have access to some of the best model builders in the world, some of who have been trying to advise you about the best and most practical way to build your boat

The MFAs will struggle to achieve the performance that you desire and 65mm props are far to big for the 800 as all they will do is significantly increase the amp draw without adding any speed.

If you are intent on using the 800s then I would suggest that you reduce the size of the boat to 4ft and the prop diameter to 50 > 55mm.

This isn't a criticism, it is simply an assessment of the situation and whilst I am happy to help you with this project you will find that, if you ignore or question the advice then these experts will melt away.

09/08/2020 15:35:34


Three 800s with 65mm props pushing a 5ft boat might draw more amps than you think, I would be looking at an Action Electronics P98 but I would certainly take advice from Dave M.


09/08/2020 15:04:23

Hi Dave

As you are the nearest thing to a god where motors are concerned I bow to your superior knowledge.


Thread: Pond Yacht
09/08/2020 15:01:50

Hello Bob

I presume that it was built as a free sailer because as Malcolm pointed out the radio gear back then was huge and very expensive.

However the previous owner fitted a 3 channel system including a 'get me home motor' for when the boat is in the middle of the lake and wind dies.

Hello Malcolm

There is no outward evidence of automatic sailing gear but it does have a nice large rudder, I think you are correct about it being a nice looking boat for pleasurable sailing.

Hi Gareth

As soon as the sun decides to stop its impersonation of a flame thrower I will get the boat out of the car and take lots of photos and measurements and would be very grateful for any of your insights.


Thread: 4 or 5 motors
09/08/2020 14:49:53


Let the hooligan have his way, if you want to see the prop wash from three chunky propellers then go ahead and make it happen.

Life is to short to miss these opportunities.

In your position with a five foot boat I would be looking at 3 Outrunners but this is where my knowledge lets me down as I know next to nothing about using brushless motors in boats so I stand to be corrected by those with knowledge but as a guess I would start at 3 x Turnigy2836 Brushless Outrunner 1000kv.


Thread: Pond Yacht
08/08/2020 20:18:02

Hi Colin

I am very happy with it.

It was built in the 1950s by a member of Arsenal Local Model Yacht Club in Birkenhead it stands almost 6ft from keel to mast head, I have never heard of the Arsenal Local Model Yacht Club.


08/08/2020 19:47:25

vintage yacht 2.jpgGuess what I have bought.

vintage yacht 1.jpg

Yes its a traction engine.

But seriously I would like to identify this model so does anyone know anything about this particular type of model.


Thread: Airbrushing - glossy fininsh?
07/08/2020 21:01:30

Hello George

Now I understand your predicament and why you are airbrushing acrylic paint.

My coach painter tutor once told me that the best conditions for spray painting were on a desert island, as this location had perfect humidity with no insects but you had to spray just before dusk as this is when the breeze was still.

Having sprayed paint in many different locations, levels of humidity, insects and temperature I can fully appreciate your problems.

Can you post some photos of your current paint job and identify your concerns, now that we know your location and obvious pitfalls surrounding painting we will be able to offer far more sensible advice.

All the best


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
07/08/2020 20:44:12


A truly futuristic feature would be a 'pop up' deck gun, quite easy to engineer and very impressive when the model is sailing.


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