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Thread: Todays Boating
18/08/2020 20:44:25

A garden vac might be an ideal tool

18/08/2020 17:05:16

Hi Ashley

Now that you have time on your hands you could build a weed cutter, something like big landing craft with hedgecutter attachment slung underneath.


Thread: Best Servos
18/08/2020 16:12:39

Thanks Malcolm

Still not had chance to look at the yacht but I've taken the plunge and bought a couple of Hitec HS785HB servos (at £15 each it would have been rude not to) reading the blurb they will give me 8 fully controllable rotations at 12 kg/cm torque.


17/08/2020 14:42:44

Thanks for the replies and advice.

I am asking for two reasons, the first is for a winch / sail servo for my big pond yacht (that I've not looked at yet) the second reason is for dependable slim servos for larger model aircraft.


Thread: Outside the box thinking - 1970's Sea Commander
17/08/2020 14:37:18

There is nothing like the sound of a big twin model aircraft doing a flyby, my engine of choice are old school Super Tiger 3000 as they are dependable and, with the right exhaust, sound super.

There is also nothing like the buttock clenching fear when you fly a big twin, if one of those motors die then you have massive Catherine Wheel on your hands closely followed by a big hole in the ground.

I'm always widely off topic.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
17/08/2020 14:28:54

Would it help move the boat around the lake side if you fitted 'quick fit' wheels to the sled?

17/08/2020 11:27:34

Captain Bob

Given that mk2 is getting increasingly heavy will you be able to launch and recover it safely?


Thread: Best Servos
16/08/2020 19:57:18

Dear All

I am looking for advice on the best (most reliable) servos.

Primarily slim 9g, but also heavy duty sail winch units.


Thread: Which paint??
16/08/2020 12:42:23

As with most model builders I will use any paint that I have in the shed, safe in the knowledge that I know what I am doing, but this doest help Steve who has already started the process and used a specific type of paint.

We all know mixing different types of paint can cause the havoc of crinkling so we should be advising Steve that he matches the paint type before encouraging him to raid his shed for the three quarter empty paint tins.

Thread: Outside the box thinking - 1970's Sea Commander
16/08/2020 12:33:10

Hi Andy

The only way that I can see is to remove the superstructure, adapt the deck and put on a new superstructure.

Good luck


Thread: Pond Yacht
15/08/2020 16:03:51

Hi Ash

The outer hull is perfectly smooth and the light brown colour seems to be the gel coat.

Yes this is great news from the restoration point of view especially as the brown colour is growing on me, originally I was going to go for a white hull with varnished decking but this toffee/caramel shade is appealing.


Thread: Todays Boating
15/08/2020 15:56:34

An excellent example of a contradiction in terms: ...... A politician telling the truth.

15/08/2020 15:41:38


Its not just the press that deals in fake or misleading news as we can all recall going to war over weapons of mass distruction.


Thread: Opening up.
15/08/2020 15:35:36

How do you make a load of grumpy older men obey social distancing rules without using barbed wire, watch towers and guard dogs.

Can you imagine the problems involved with the deployment of the tea urn and biscuit tin.

No one has thought of the communication problems associated with being 2m apart, there will be a constant noise of "pardon, what's that you say, say again, speak up and deaf as a post" clubs will have to invest in walkie talkies and charging points for hearing aids.


Thread: Pond Yacht
15/08/2020 15:22:56

I have been busy on other things and only just managed to look inside the yacht and to my surprise the hull is fibreglass.

Given its age I had been expecting a bread and butter construction.

Sorry but no photos, my camera phone had an accident.

Thread: Which paint??
15/08/2020 15:09:55

Hello Steve

What kind / make of primer have you used (cellulose, acrylic or oil based)


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
13/08/2020 22:39:46


Re I`ve put the aerosol cans in a bucket with 12mm water....OK? No it wasn't ok

I said 'don't move them until morning when its cooler' for a reason as the cans needed to cool slowly.

The simple action of moving the hot cans could have increased the internal pressure causing an explosion.

On the other hand a rapid drop in temperature by putting them in cold water could have resulted in the can collapsing and then exploding.

Thread: Precautions during this hot spell
13/08/2020 17:09:57

A few members have workshops upstairs in attics or dormer bedrooms and just like a felt roofed shed these areas absorb heat and quickly become ovens.

Slight damage to a spray can will reduce its ability to contain pressurised contents by 30%, how many dented pressurised containers are in your workshops?

In my work life I have been called in as a professional witness to a fatal incident where a can of air freshener exploded and took out the front room of a house. It blew the window and front door a clear 20m across the front garden.

Sadly the occupant was in the room at the time.

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
13/08/2020 16:54:55

Safe storage is anywhere cool and in the shade, a box in the garden on a north facing wall, somewhere the sun doesn't reach.

Don't move them out of your workshop until it is cooler (early morning) as moving a hot spray can might increase the internal pressure to an explosive point.

13/08/2020 15:53:14


Have you got any pressurised containers in your workshop....cans of spray paint or WD 40?

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