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Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
19/08/2021 15:37:06

Hi Neil

As always I am in awe of your building skills, your boats are stunning and I hope that, during the event the public appreciate how much work goes into building models of this quality and put notes into that bucket.


Thread: Lubricant
19/08/2021 15:29:36


Isn't it odd that two engineers would make different assumptions about the same subject.

Even though closed gearboxes are quite rare in model building, I still went completely the other way to you and assumed that it was a closed unit rather than an open set of gears, it never occurred to me that we might be discussing an open set,

I hope that no one has applied my recommendations to an open gearbox as this will be the quickest way to share lubricant to every surface within a 2m radius.



18/08/2021 10:51:28

In small gearbox situations I use Lanolin oil, the rotation of the gears keeps the oil moving inside the case and everything remains lubricated.

Any light oil will do the job but check that it doesn't react with nylon.

To avoid over pressuring the case don't fill more than 15% of the gearbox internal capacity

Edited By Paul T on 18/08/2021 10:52:05

Thread: strangers in your workshop
11/08/2021 17:25:44

Hi Neil

I have a couple in my garden wobbling around like over stiffed toilet brushes, they are perfect pets as I don't have to do anything for them.

A couple of nights ago the local tom cat got into the garden and disturbed my pets, have you ever heard a couple of hedgehogs screaming?

I was awoken by this loud noise akin to high pressure steam venting through a safety valve, the wail of a dozen Banshees is nothing in comparison to what a couple of hedgehogs can produce. Worse than rutting Badgers.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
09/08/2021 14:50:14

Hi Bob

Glad you have sorted it out.


Thread: Todays Boating
09/08/2021 11:58:11

Richards analogy is a perfect example of what happens, this can be seen on some smaller float planes.

08/08/2021 18:48:03


After all these years of perfect paint work and now the secret is out.

You will be telling everyone how to build their own battery stacks next.


Thread: Craftsman Built Fairey
07/08/2021 19:51:58

Beth thanks you for your interest and thinks it would be easier if you contact her directly by email, the address is


07/08/2021 16:46:36

Dear All

A friend of mine is selling a boat that her late father built LINK I have seen the model in real life and can confirm how well it has been constructed.

It has been built from high grade 3mm ply and hardwoods, the engine bearers for I.C. have been installed but the model can easily be converted to electric.

A prop tube has also been fitted.

In my opinion the model is worth at least £230 and I would have bought it myself but I simply don't have any more storage space.

It is an excellent build and will make a beautiful model when finished so please don't embarrass me yourself by making low offers.

If anyone is interested please contact Beth through ebay, but please be aware that the purchase will involve collecting the model from Mold.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
07/08/2021 12:56:34

Hello Captain Bob

I stopped using my multi channel 2.4 aircraft transmitters with my boats and bought a simple 2ch combo unit link far easier to use at the lakeside and cheap enough to replace if I drop it in the water.


06/08/2021 18:11:20

Hi Bob

I don't know how I managed to mess up my posting but yes the T6EXAP was developed for aircraft on the restricted 35MHz frequency but I believe that a few were set to the 40MHz frequency (as shown by Tim)

The empty socket is indeed for the crystal, but now you have the added problem of having to find the crystal for the transmitter and receiver.

I have looked in all my boxes of bits but don't have any suitable crystals as I would have gladly sent you a set.


06/08/2021 14:20:10




Edited By Paul T on 06/08/2021 14:28:57

05/08/2021 15:27:44

Hello Captain Bob

Are these the same battery packs that you were using when you built the Ellie and Great Eastern?

If they are then it is likely that one or more of the individual cells have scummed to old age and failed.

For peace of mind and your safety it would be prudent to buy a new stick of batteries.


Thread: Great Eastern
01/08/2021 13:41:49

Just for Bob link

30/07/2021 15:53:20


Thank you for reminding me about one of life's little pleasures.

Little has changed as far as apprentices are concerned, being sent for a bucket of steam or a box of sparks for the grinder.

Over 25 years ago I helped the tradition when a young apprentice was sent to my office, the poor kid was terrified as he walked through the site office complex and explained to my secretary why he had to see the project director.

We were having a meeting so when he entered the office he was confronted by twenty odd members of the site senior staff.

He was trembling when he mumbled about being sent for a long stand, everyone in the room tried not to smile as I asked him to wait outside with the secretary.

After an hour the meeting finished and the apprentice had to suffer even more as the staff went past him saying 'still here' and getting a hug from the huge ground works manager.

I called the lad in and explained how the 'long stand' joke worked and told him to go back to the team that sent him on this mission and tell them that I was very grateful for being reminded about the long stand and had given the unfortunate apprentice a £50 bonus for being so helpful.

The lad, Billy, went out of the office with the cash in his hand and a huge smile on his face.

Happy memories.


30/07/2021 11:50:41


Brunel had 2 massive winches positioned on the opposite bank to drag the ship down into the water.


26/07/2021 14:35:13

Dear All

GE suffered a massive steam explosion which was caused by a valve being left shut by accident after a pressure test of the system.

This explosion killed five men.


Thread: Todays Boating
20/07/2021 13:57:06


I have often thought of building an ROV for cistern inspections but still haven't got around to it.


This photo is from LINK Tech Monkey Business


Edited By Paul T on 20/07/2021 13:59:31

20/07/2021 12:06:30

Hi Chris

The pumps are quite efficient and a single unit can move 1.3 litres p/second, if the outlet nozzle is restricted down to 15mm you can achieve a very good thrust, This type of propulsion is used in some bait boats

I used them for tight steering as the vectored nozzles were far more effective than traditional props and bow thrusters.

However the combined forward thrust of the combined props and pumps was very impressive and was capable of towing my friends 9 ton canal boat.


20/07/2021 10:48:56


I used these pumps in a tug, they were great for vectored steering and for additional thrust but they couldn't compete with thrust compared with the main motors.

thor equipment 2.jpg

thor equipment 3.jpg

thruster motors (small).jpg

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