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Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
01/07/2020 13:26:54

We were tool mad in those days

Yes but we bought with care and looked after them, far different from the throw away attitude today

Thread: K40 Laser
01/07/2020 13:02:51

Hi Bob

Yes I did, as I needed to fund something else but part of the changed circumstances was also having to make room for the bigger planes.

Besides it would have been rude not to take up Sariks offer as a 15% discount is a sizeable chunk off the retail price.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
01/07/2020 12:54:18

Back to an age when tools were an investment and lasted a life time.

For example to buy this one today would cost £67 but it is a beautifully made piece of equipment.

How many forum members under 40 can tell us what it is?


Thread: K40 Laser
01/07/2020 12:42:36

Recieved an email from Sarik Hobbies offering 15% discount on short kits so the Barclaycard took a battering and I ordered an 80in Mosquito.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
01/07/2020 12:29:08


Here is another chance for a master class as you could explain to Kevin what that strange looking wooden tool is for.

Is that a pencil that you have in it?

I doubt that 1 in 50 people young people could even guess at what it is.


Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
01/07/2020 12:03:30

Poor Lindsey will get bombarded with valuation questions.

So I will get in first.....I have a mint, in its origonal box, Corgi 238 mid green MK X Jag (1965)

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
30/06/2020 16:32:42

Sorry Bob but my experience with brushless is only good for aircraft and drones, but the ones that you fitted in MK1 could have used just a little more power to move the extra weight that I added.


30/06/2020 16:03:07

Hello Bob

The brushless motors that were fitted to MK1 should be fine in MK2 for slow to moderate speed but to get the best response from MK2 I would encourage you to upgrade the motors to a more powerful pair.

You don't have to use the extra power at Etherow but you might visit a more enlightened lake where you can open the taps and let MK2 fly.


30/06/2020 15:23:49

Good Afternoon Captain Bob

That 3mm ply will certainly stiffen the hull yes


30/06/2020 10:29:45

The biggest design problem was keeping the weight down on the main hull so the batteries had to go in the torpedos along with the motors and air compressors, all the kit would be on a slide out tray extracted via the stern of the tube.

The construction of the torpedos was quite simple as I used 75mm dia rigid plastic pipe with threaded dome shaped ends.

The main mechanical problem was the stress load on the wing root hinge and keeping the torpedos parallel so I was experimenting with using copper tube as the chassis.

ghost balsa 1.jpg

29/06/2020 18:18:24

Hi Ashley

Yes that's the one, I spent some time playing around with this design and even produced a prototype model

3rd angle 2.jpg

ghost final ga.jpg

ghost proto 1 (small).jpg

Thread: Keel clamps
29/06/2020 14:54:59


I might have misunderstood what you planned to use the clamp for, I presumed that your model was complete and that you were carrying out maintenance.

However for a build of a traditional sailing vessel a keel clamp is necessary but I wouldn't bother with the expense of buying one as I would simply make my own using two lengths of 75mm x 15mm (one fixed to the building board and the other loose) and bolting them together to form a long clamp.

Something like this one from Mantua LINK but without the fancy flanges


If you post some photos of your build I will be able to help out a little more.


Edited By Paul T on 29/06/2020 15:00:08

29/06/2020 14:10:44


Something like a workmate would be ideal for clamping a keel but I would advise against doing this as when working on your boat you will be putting excessive lateral stress on the keel.

The keel could break under these loads and ruin your boat.

A better method is to use an old quilt or eiderdown, fold the quilt into a rectangle and use it as a soft support for the bottom of the entire hull.

But in my experience a custom made frame is the best way of fully supporting your boat whilst working on it.

I hope this helps with your problem


Edited By Paul T on 29/06/2020 14:15:08

Thread: Covid update
28/06/2020 13:36:21

A very old joke

An old man was riding his bike along the A1 when his chain broke, he couldn’t repair it and was miles from anywhere, so he started pushing his bike on his long trip to civilisation.

It starts raining hard and the poor old man struggles against the wind and rain, then a Ferrari pulls up and a concerned young man asks if he can help, when he realises that the bike isn’t repairable and won’t fit in his car he offers to tow the old man to the next town.

The young man promises to drive slowly but tells the old man to ring his bell if the tow becomes too fast.

Everything is fine for the first couple of miles as the tow proceeds at a comfortable 20mph then a Lamborghini overtakes the old man and makes a rude gesture to the driver of the Ferrari.

The Lamborghini takes off like a rocket with the Ferrari in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile a couple of miles down the road a Police car sits quietly in a layby when the Lamborghini flashes past, as the Police car starts the Ferrari roars past.

“Did you see that Sarge” says one of the officers “they must be doing 120” the Sergeant replies “Yes but what got me was the old guy on the bike ringing his bell and trying to pass the pair of them”

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
28/06/2020 11:17:46

Hi Ray

Yes it would hover and if the jets were turned to face each other it would disappear up its own a--e.

Hello Captain Bob

Lots of memories are coming back about the first build, like why I designed the stern with an extended keel rather than keeping the bottom of the hull flat.

brutus stern view.jpg

A few posts ago you mentioned sponsons which started a train of thought as it struck another memory.

Buried in amongst the original designs was a theoretical drawing for sponsons.

brutus sponson.jpg

The sponsons were intended to be lowered under the hull for high speed travel, the sponsons contained motors and worked in the same way as torpedos, the idea being that less surface area contact would result in higher speeds.


27/06/2020 21:01:49

Hello Tim

Thank you for your comment

I agree that this system would be fairly ineffective on full sized ships but we are talking about a four foot model where the effects of high powered water jets are totally different.

I have to disagree with one of your points as a submerged jet of water still has the same velocity as it would have above the surface.

A simple experiment to demonstrate this is to put a hose pipe into a paddling pool, the incoming water will make the water in the pool move and eventually the pool water will rotate in the direction of the incoming jet of water, increasing the force of incoming flow will make the pool water rotate faster.

Some years ago I built a model tug to demonstrate how directional water jets could be used with traditional propeller drive to increase both towing power and manoeuvrability.

Four bilge pumps sending water through four fully rotating chain driven outlets.

The model was agile enough to turn on a sixpence and powerful enough to tow a 60ft narrow boat

thruster motors 4 (small).jpg

thor mighty 6.jpg

chain 3.jpg

chain 1.jpg

Thread: Covid update
27/06/2020 17:53:03

Hi Colin

Nice picture, I bet it looked amazing when it was shiny and new with all of its leather pieces intact.


My bum looks big in everything.


I never thought blue would suit me, I bought a clever hair cutting machine from Amazon so now I can cut my own hair, (what hair I have left). I got fed up of shaving so my beard is coming on nicely, given another 6 months and I will look like Uncle Albert


27/06/2020 15:09:52

Not trusting the governments early ending to the lock down I get ready for my first trip to the shops in 14 weeks.


How is everyone getting on with our enforced isolation?

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
27/06/2020 11:55:57

The notion of using bow thrusters instead of rudders to turn a model isn't such a far fetched idea.

Obviously traditional prop driven units wouldn't have the power but they can be replaced with high pressure water jets.

Water jets in the bow and stern that were linked with tank steering could make for a very manoeuvrable boat,

Whilst I can't see any advantage employing this system on a long slim hull I can certainly see a definite bonus when used in a tug.


26/06/2020 19:50:24

Hello Bob

Yes I still have Brutus 1 but I prefer the rudder steering system for tighter turning on the smaller local ponds.


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