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Thread: Tempted by a big Fairey
15/11/2020 14:41:11

Hello George

The throwing of persiflage has been going on for years.

The Right Honourable Mr Milbourn and I have a long (very long) relationship regarding Fairies that is loosely based upon what we call the 'angle of dangle' ie the angle at which the propshaft is fitted.

I take every opportunity to have a dig at Daves staunch support of the design and the heading of Tempted by a Big Fairey was too good to miss.


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
14/11/2020 15:26:27

In my experience teachers always said Could Do or Must Do Better

14/11/2020 14:31:01


I wish that I had your level of 'blunder and wits' as that deck is superb.


Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
14/11/2020 14:24:10

Captain Bob

Oh dear, that is unfortunate and very debilitating whilst you suffer but hopefully it will run its course (bad pun) and you will be back to your old self.

Is this a result of your cooking whilst Joyce is in dry dock?


Thread: Tempted by a big Fairey
14/11/2020 14:18:54

Hi Dave

There are still miles of innuendo left on this subject :

For example if you live next to water we have Faireys at the bottom of the garden.


13/11/2020 16:17:50

When I first saw the title of this thread I thought DM was selling another model. smiley

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
13/11/2020 14:26:15

Captain Bob

You are using two separate channels to control your motors and having trouble with forward / reverse on one motor.

Presuming that the boats wiring is correct and you haven't crossed polarity anywhere the problem could be with the transmitter or receiver.

Is it possible that one of the normal / reverse switches on your transmitter is incorrectly set (presuming that your transmitter has this facility)

Failing this have you dropped or damaged the transmitter or receiver.

Lastly have you bench tested the transmitter / receiver recently.

Is Joyce fully recovered?


12/11/2020 16:05:45

Captain Bob

As you are using twin stick for motor control have you checked the settings on your transmitter?


11/11/2020 11:16:38

Good Morning Captain Bob

Nice to see the boat in its natural environment and it looks very impressive against the black and silver water, Lady Joyce is a very skilled photographer.

Regarding your motor problem, how many battery packs are you using?

it might help if you took some photos of your setup


04/11/2020 11:51:32

Captain Bob

I would love to cut out some vinyl for you but my machine is back with the manufacturer after it decided to rip everything. It looks as though the depth of cut function is knackered and as throwing it against a wall didn't fix it so the supplier can sort it out.

Sorry old friend but if are stuck then can get them from Amazon link


03/11/2020 17:45:12

Captain Bob

Its a big boat to sail on your own especially lifting it in and out of the water, is Ducky going to help? Obviously in our current situation you will both have to be kitted out in full bio-hazard suits.

Looking forward to seeing the photos of you and Ducky in the bright orange suits.


Thread: Huntress 23 Long Cabin Version
27/10/2020 17:46:54

A stern drive is the best power train for these boats, the engines are flat and level and driving a prop that is at the best angle.

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
26/10/2020 15:47:18


Have you not heard of Dark Matter or Dark Fluid, this is the lightest explanation that I could find. link

But it is boring, my own discovery of Dark Liquid can be found in any decent pub where the landlord looks after his products.


26/10/2020 13:36:40

I'm now thinking of using Dark Liquid to power my models, those of you who keep up with technology will know that this is the latest scientific 'hot material' and could have infinite possibilities.

Personally I discovered the magical properties of Dark Liquid many years ago when I visited Dublin.

Thread: Fairey Swordsman 33
26/10/2020 11:48:07

What a very clean and tidy workshop, I bet you even have a shiny kettle and fresh milk.wink

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
26/10/2020 11:43:51

Captain Bob

Make sure they are fresh nettles and thrash yourself twice for being so silly.

Now are your tactical ducks the type that fly and float?


Thread: research info
26/10/2020 11:31:12

Hi Clive

To do further research just Google KRI Salawaku and follow the 'breadcrumbs' for example this site has a few close up views of contemporary deck equipment link

The website has information on both KRI Badau and KRI Salawaku (navy numbers 642 & 643) just scroll down the page for some detailed images of the missile cases and deck gun



Edited By Paul T on 26/10/2020 11:40:09

Thread: FREE Bespoke Model of WWII HMS Diamond
26/10/2020 11:24:06


You are right about there being collectors for old RC equipment and, as you say, your MacGregor is in very good condition (it would suit someone with a vintage pond yacht)


Thread: MOD police launch
26/10/2020 11:18:00

I will stick with lumpy old brushed motors and petrol engines.

Some might call it old fashioned.

Jane would have called it stubborn.

Thread: BRUTUS MK 11
26/10/2020 11:13:38

Captain Bob

How did you know about the American experiment with tactical drone ducks?

Is Joyce any better and why did you let her stand on a plastic box?


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