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Thread: Precedent perkasa plan
02/02/2022 12:01:02

Hello William

It looks like the members haven't got a set of instructions, have you tried ebay or searching the interweb for a set?

Sometimes people post images of plans/instructions on the interweb so it might be worth searching through google images.

Sorry we can't be of any further help.


Thread: Trumpeter 1:200 Titanic
06/01/2022 14:05:38

Hi Richard

Bob sent me a short message this morning and I am waiting to hear more.


06/01/2022 11:09:24

I was very lucky to have survived covid the jabs certainly prevented a far worse outcome.

The docs tell me that full recovery could take some time so serious model building will be on hold for a while, the current job is a 1:5 scale Swordfish so the workshop is full of frames and ribs.


05/01/2022 12:03:06

Thanks Larry

It has knocked the stuffing out of me, thankfully I am fully jabbed so I avoided the worst but it was a two weeks that I don't want to repeat.

Still as weak as a kitten and very tired.


Thread: Seasons greetings
27/12/2021 13:54:52

Belated greetings from Cheshire

Thread: Trumpeter 1:200 Titanic
27/12/2021 13:52:50

Alas covid has visited me and thrown all planned building out of the window sad

Thread: Portsmouth Dockyard October 2021
07/10/2021 11:30:58

Hello Colin,

Thank you for sharing your day out with us.


Thread: Twin Brushless Set Up
19/09/2021 13:32:23

Hi Scott

Yes it worked very well and Ashley has summarised it better than I could.


Thread: Aeronaut pilot boat
19/09/2021 13:28:45

Is the ABS that you are using UV stable or will it become brittle in strong sunlight?

Thread: Blunders and Co-k ups
10/09/2021 14:51:44

Captain Bob

You are so right, these LiPos scare the life out of me, my problem is that they are necessary for drones and rc planes so I have learnt to live with them, some of the large drone batteries are like house bricks.

All of my LiPos are stored in a old (small) safe as it is both fire and explosion proof.


Thread: Commodores Challenge
10/09/2021 14:40:05

Hi Tim

Have you incorporated geo-stationary software like the drones have, the tails articulation is amazing.


Thread: 9 11
10/09/2021 14:36:11

Hi Colin

To explain, I didn't want to appear insensitive by posting my comments on the 11th, I wanted to mark the occasion as it was both a terrible event and a pivotal point in history.


10/09/2021 12:48:03

Its 20 years since that terrible attack on the twin towers, how many others remember exactly what they were doing when you heard the news. I was on a regeneration site, Henry Street in Liverpool about to survey the old Bridewell on Campbell St.

Thread: Blunders and Co-k ups
08/09/2021 11:56:04

Bobs tale of molten lead reminded me of a site back in the late 70s when I was a junior site engineer, It was an office block with a central atrium and a first floor balcony.

The balcony was insitu concrete and because the client didn't want to see holding down bolts the posts / handrails for the balustrade were to be cast in later using a new product called epoxy.

My gaffer didn't want to spend money on this expensive product so over a weekend he decided to cast the posts in using molten lead.

What he didn't take into account was that the client had released the ground floor offices to various little companies and they were busy sorting out their new workspace, walking unprotected underneath the gaffer whilst he was pouring the lead.

No he didn't inflict any injuries but the client threw him off the job.


No I didn't set out to short the battery but it was a very sobering experience and goes to show how easy it is to get into trouble.

06/09/2021 11:30:39

Dear All

Having exchanged a few blunders and co-k ups with Neil I thought the subject would make an entertaining thread so I will start the ball rolling with this mornings explosion.

I accidently short circuited a LiPo battery, I've never shorted a LiPo before and this short only lasted for 2 seconds but within 5 seconds the battery became very hot.

It was thrown out of the window onto the lawn where it was left to cool or blow, luckily it was only a small 11volt unit but its £20 that I won't see again.

The experience has been a sobering wake up about how dangerous these things can be

I found this on youtube LINK,


Thread: Old sailing vessel, need help identifying type, rig, scale etc.
04/09/2021 16:28:43

With the three masts it could be a clipper

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
27/08/2021 13:09:50

Hi Neil

We could start a new thread to cover injuries and stupidity, have you ever had arc eye?


27/08/2021 00:29:55

Hi Neil

Drilling your leg...welcome to the very exclusive club of drilling co-k ups, with a cobalt bit in a pillar drill I once succeeded in drilling through my finger and then had to extract said digit from the the bit before it hit the chuck.

Happy days thumbs down


Thread: Dual prop question
23/08/2021 17:21:56


The Lancaster was the same as all four props rotated in the same direction.

As for model aircraft I only fit contra rotating props on small electrics.


Edited By Paul T on 23/08/2021 17:22:47

23/08/2021 12:21:07

Hello Neil

I used to fit contra rotating props to my twin engined boats which, whilst correct, were expensive and ultimately a waste of money.

As Uncle Ashley points out a slight trim adjustment on the rudder control solves the problem of 'propwalk'

However if you wish to avoid the corrosive comments of the numerous rivet counters then you should either fit contra rotating props or ask them for the correct sequence of rotations on a triple engined boat.


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