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Thread: HMS Prince of Wales to visit Liverpool
23/02/2020 11:48:22

Hi Neil

Sorry to say that I don't know but I presume it will be something to do with a rising tide or whenever the pubs open


19/02/2020 18:32:32

Hi Ray

Helicopters should be wheels off or they might be on bricks by the 1st of March


19/02/2020 13:16:16

HMS Prince of Wales due in Liverpool on 28th Feb for a week long visit..

The local pubs have been put on standby and everything not bolted down has been removed from the ship before  the public going onboard on the 29th.


Edited By Paul T on 19/02/2020 13:20:17

Thread: 3D Printer
13/01/2020 14:54:52

Hello Captain Bob

It could be a nice little earner until people start asking for non-scale obscure items then it becomes a nightmare as they would need drawing which increases the cost beyond what people will be willing to pay.

My present nice little earner is doing commercial building surveys with my pet drones.

All the best


11/01/2020 20:20:55

Hello Colin

When all is said and done its just another tool and simply a better way to achieve the desired goal.

Hi Ray

All of my drones are heavy lift units and were registered with the CAA on the day the law came into being, this law has been a boon to me as acquired an extra five machines for next to nothing from people who didn't like the idea of being registered. The smallest in my collection has a 6.8kg load capability and a 1m span so being unregistered would also mean being uninsured, neither of which has any appeal.


11/01/2020 18:17:55

I use it to print blades for test flying my drones, just in case I have a senior moment as they are a lot cheaper to replace than the carbon fibre units.

Colin you wanted a steam winch link

Or maybe a model of HMS Victory link

Just for Ashley link

There are hundreds of sites devoted to 3D printer files and once downloaded these files can be easily manipulated to change its finished size.

As Gary said there are many different types and sizes of machine but I did my research and found the Alta the best for my needs.

Bob has raised a very pertinent point about plastic kits that I can't answer, does it remove the skill from model building or is it just a useful means to an end.

Ray, Yes it is home manufacturing that is specifically tuned to your needs.


10/01/2020 20:35:10

Hi Ashley

Very high resolution with a printing tolerance of +/- 0.5mm, printing is slow at this resolution something like a four blade 50mm dia prop for a tug could take 4 hours to produce. A quick rub with wet/dry to smooth the leading edges and its ready for paint.

The nearest like for like material would be nylon.

It a Silhouette Alta that cost just over £300, small printing bed but perfect for my needs



Edited By Paul T on 10/01/2020 20:37:08

10/01/2020 19:37:41

I treated myself to a 3D printer and it is the most amazing tool that I have ever used.

Ten years ago I struggled to find decent quality deck accessories for a fire boat and now I can produce as many as I like by simply pressing a button, I don't even have to draw the parts as there are hundreds of 3D printer files freely available on the Internet.

It is truly a really versatile piece of equipment and would be a boon to any model builder.

Thread: Christmas Present
10/01/2020 19:17:38


How did the changes in radio technology affect your life during your service in the merchant navy. Did the advancements help or hinder your professional life ?


Sometimes I missed the simplicity of the board but just imagine what I could have done with CAD technology back in the late 70s, it would have been total science fiction.


I am seriously thinking of buying a Rover P5, a nice affordable classic with plenty of power.

Edited By Paul T on 10/01/2020 19:24:41

10/01/2020 18:20:10

Hello Dave

Yes you are correct about a wider question, the phones are a representation of the growth of technology during my working life.

But instead of comparing a Rolls with a Toyota try substituting the vintage phone with a drawing board and the modern phone with a CAD system.

I read Bobs posting and started thinking about my early days in front of a drawing board and then wondered about how the advance of technology had changed my working life.

Good or bad.........I really can't decide


ps. 1960 Bentley S2 4 door

10/01/2020 12:43:10

A philosophical question:

Is modern better than vintage?

vintage phone.jpgmobile phone.jpg

Think before answering


Thread: Well done Ashley!
30/12/2019 16:18:54

Hi Ashley

The London is a super model.

Isn't it amazing what can be done with MDF and chewing gum.smiley


Thread: Fairey Huntsman
14/09/2019 14:56:53

As in all things 'you get what you pay for'crying

Thread: Paddle Steamer Jeanie Deans
13/09/2019 11:41:04

Hello Ray

If you google Sir Walter Scott you will find out all about Jeanie Deans.


10/09/2019 12:23:50

Hello Captain

Was it really all those years ago, it was a lovely model and certainly one of your best.


Thread: todays boating
08/09/2019 15:05:59

Sadly the Bushy park Boaters do not have a website


What a conundrum.

You need to be on the lookout for is someone with technical knowledge who has a bit of spare time on his hands.

Now if we only had access to a recently retired and technically minded model boater.


Thread: Ship helicopters.
08/09/2019 14:59:38


Try a belt drive taken from the main rotor shaft, at 1/96 a high quality silicone band would do the job and given the nature of its location should be maintenance free.

You might need to add some guide pulleys to ensure the belt doesn't foul anything (lego technic springs to mind)

An alternative would be to manufacture a drive shaft made from lego technic which could also be driven from the main rotor shaft.

If you want to spend lots of money then look at how the RC Helicopter chaps overcome the problem.


Thread: The Editors right to edit
03/09/2019 11:38:09

Hello Brian

The same used to apply to building sites although I usually only had to raise my voice for the protagonists to back down.

Dear All

I see that the posting in question has been taken down which leads me to assume that common sense has prevailed and the toys have been put back into the playpen.

I fervently hope that the situation has been resolved with dignity and that those concerned have realised the wider implications that such spats have on the hobby as a whole and the magazine in particular.

Unfortunately we now live in an age of instant, and many times knee jerk reactions to situations that shouldn't have arisen in the first place, as tweets from a certain President are a prime example.

As the matter is hopefully closed Colin, as website editor may and fully understandably, wish to remove or close this thread which, thankfully is his right.


31/08/2019 17:12:39

Hello Ray

I don't want to perpetuate the problem for either person by putting a link on here, I just hope that those who have read the post in question will refrain from making personal comments here and try to look at the bigger picture of how this kind of social media exposure having a detrimental effect on both the magazine and our own forum.


31/08/2019 14:39:17

Dear All

I am a member of many model boat forums and today a very disconcerting posting appeared on one of them.

This posting was from Glynn Guest who we all know as a dedicated model boat designer and stalwart of our hobby.

The subject surrounding his posting has very obviously aroused deep emotions in Glynn and I have to admit to feeling sympathy for him.

As you would expect the posting has received some emotive replies most of which are deleterious to MBMs current editor. There is obviously an issue between these two people but I don't think that social media is the place to air these grievances as the only thing that will ultimately loose out is the magazine itself.

As a very long term subscriber I have seen editors come and go, all have different styles, some of which I liked and some I didn't but as with any specialist publication I was happy to except the good with the bad knowing that my favourite subject would be covered soon, the one steadfast thing is that I have always supported and accepted is the Editors right to edit the magazine as he sees fit.

If subscribers don't like the current editorial style then they should exercise their right to complain by writing to the publisher or cancelling their subscription rather than conducting what could easily be seen as a witch hunt on social media.


Edited By Paul T on 31/08/2019 14:40:59

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