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Thread: Spot the missing workshop
22/06/2018 18:46:55


Dave does look rough after a couple of bottles of JD


22/06/2018 18:06:31


That image only shows one corner of Daves vast underground complex, a warren of caves and vaults that are solely dedicated to JD.


22/06/2018 16:38:05


I do like the pond in the cave.


Thread: PT109 Conversion
22/06/2018 16:36:24

Hi Matthieu

I applaud your wish to put three motors and all of the ancillary equipment into such a small model, speaking for myself I would just use one motor on the center shaft.


Thread: Spot the missing workshop
22/06/2018 16:20:42


I have a sneaky preview of the interior.

Image result for classic pub interiors

Paul beer

Thread: From Kit to RC - New guy here
18/06/2018 18:01:28

Hello Matthieu

As a general rule it is always best to follow the designers specification (even that chap that designed the Huntsman)


Thread: todays boating
18/06/2018 17:50:34


Does magic smoke and Action electronics make DM a wizard? devil


Thread: From Kit to RC - New guy here
18/06/2018 16:18:56


You could opt for a classic cruiser that is easy to build and a joy to sail LINK


Thread: Binding Orange to Spektrum
15/06/2018 19:42:49


The new kit that I bought is wonderful as it does everything it is supposed to do without any fuss (or standing in a bucket) it is literally plug and play.

Its just as simple as the old 27meg but without the interference and is a real joy to use.


15/06/2018 19:21:40


I had no end of trouble trying to bind orange to Spektrum, standing on one leg, in a bucket, at the bottom of the garden, on a day with a B in it, switched off everything that uses 2.4 and sacrificed a hamster to the great electronics god.

All no good.

I came to the conclusion that orange is just to awkward to use so I did some fine tuning with my sledge hammer.

So I keep my multi channel systems for helicopters and bought a super 2 channel 2.4 from Steve Webb for the boats.


Thread: Info
14/06/2018 17:49:24


Tetraethyl lead was added to petrol to help reduce engine knocking, boost octane and help reduce wear to the valve seats


Edited By Paul T on 14/06/2018 17:51:39

14/06/2018 15:48:58


It is a 4 stroke engine and runs on straight petrol I'm not sure if its ok with modern unleaded petrol and I'm still trying to find out its ideal octane (but I strongly suspect that it will be fine)

Still trying to bottom the oil / sump questions


13/06/2018 18:03:11

For my first throw of the dice.

It looks like a 30cc unit with lots of bits missing but this is only to be expected as Steve is converting it to electronic ignition.

Steve needs to know what type and how much oil to put in the sump.


Thread: Sarnia
13/06/2018 17:53:25


I can totally agree that some people have a wildly inflated idea as to what their model is worth and are either viewing the model through very rose coloured glasses, are delusional or hoping to con an insurance company. These types are easily spotted and soon deflated with a more realistic valuation.

As you say one of the best valuation exercises comes from ebay where a boats true value is usually found.

Occasionally a really superb model comes along and it is a joy to help the owner out.


Thread: Info
13/06/2018 16:47:54

Posting these photos for Steve

steve 1.jpg

steve 2.jpg

steve 3.jpg

I'm not the only old petrol head on this forum so come on and help identify this engine.


Thread: Sarnia
13/06/2018 16:04:52

Hello Colin

I must disagree with your comments as an insurance valuation is different to an estimate for sale.

I agree that amateur built model boats rarely realise a resale value that equals the original material costs (never mind the hours of labour that are put into a build) but for an insurance valuation you can attach a monetary value that includes the kit or material cost plus an estimate of the labour element required to re-construct the model.

These insurance valuations are usually complied by someone with wide and demonstrable experience within this particular field.

This doesn't mean that insurance companies have to accept the valuation as accurate and might require a separate policy for individual models which will probably attach high premium payments to cover their risk.


13/06/2018 14:00:43

Hello Dai

Photos will be needed before any valuations can be made.


Thread: Info
13/06/2018 13:58:54


PM sent

12/06/2018 16:11:56

Hello Steve

I'm an old petrol head and might be able to help, can you post some pictures of your engine and try to include any manufacturers information that might be cast or printed on the engine.


Thread: Brutus
11/06/2018 16:03:58


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