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Thread: RMS TITANIC 1912
03/01/2017 21:05:05

Archive films of the three Olympic Class liners on the William Murdoch site, including the only known footage of the Titanic.


02/01/2017 19:01:29

The TV programme was worth watching for the graphical process/software used (by stone soup vfx) to show those old b&w photographs not only restored and coloured, but made into small film clips. The Drawing Office clip, the ships launching and the collision hole in the Olympic were all superbly done. Unfortunately one photograph shows steam/smoke from the rear funnel which is well documented as being a dummy.

29/12/2016 09:21:55

Colin makes a good point about the Titanic being 'overdone' to say the least, however a good account of her sister ship Olympic is covered in Mark Chirnside's book.

The book was updated in 2015 to include some of the latest research. The Olympic had a quite a few mishaps of her own - the Hawke incident, the sinking of U103, the Fort St. George & Nantucket Lightship collisions and the 1933 voyage of Ivan Poderjay who was suspected of murdering his wife and disposing of the body through a porthole. There is a lot more in the book which a proving to be an interesting read.

Not a book for anyone looking for model building details (plans etc.), although there are some good photographs.

rms olympic.jpg

Edited By Tony Hadley on 29/12/2016 09:22:21

Thread: Veron marlin cabin criuser
20/12/2016 21:47:18


I am pleased you have managed to contact Colin and locate a set of plans.

Looking on the internet, some really 'good' models have been built to this plan, the design is typical 1950s attractive styling.

I wish you every success with building the model..

Seasons Greetings,


20/12/2016 08:17:14

Had a look around to see what I could find on this one. A few years ago, Veron plans were still being sold by Colin Smith, Phil's son. I couldn't find any up-to-date information though.

A model aircraft plans site have listings of Veron aircraft plans. It may be worth contacting them for Colin's contact details.


I came across this review of the Veron Marlin in November 1953 Model Maker magazine which may be of interest.

veron marlin.jpg

Thread: Help identifying a model yacht for restoration
12/12/2016 10:41:47

At the size of your model, it could possibly be an AC 10 (1:10 scale Americas Cup) yacht. Popular in the USA, Australia, France and Italy.




Thread: RMS TITANIC 1912
04/12/2016 09:21:35

Construction of a life-size replica (of the Titanic), has commenced in China.



Thread: All clubs in the South Wales Area
22/11/2016 14:30:06

Not too long ago Swansea Maritime Museum held the International Swansea Marine Model Festival. A DVD was released (in 2004) covering the second of these festivals and the museum's curator at the end of the DVD indicated there was to be a third festival, whether this happened, I don't know.

The event looked well attended and publicised, so no reason why you shouldn't gain support for an event in Wales.


I don't think the problem is just in Wales, as a recent thread covering the subject "Long Term Future of Shows" was featured on Martin Davis's Model Boat Mayhem site.


Thread: A very tired pond yacht
21/11/2016 12:19:06

Regarding the choice of material for the replacement Braine Quadrant, personally I would choose brass, but others would disagree, it's purely personal choice.

Replacement quadrants are still commercially available from Sails etc. in their vintage fittings range. Click on the drawing for the dimensions.



Edited By Tony Hadley on 21/11/2016 12:23:14

21/11/2016 08:07:32


The steering on your yacht is 'Braine' and attached is a sketch of how this would be rigged.

Cotton Sails can still be obtained from Nylet.


boat modelling book.jpeg

Good Luck with the restoration,


Thread: Mamod marine engine
12/11/2016 21:46:27

Always liked the 1970s PS Prunella (MM1233) for small steam plants. The Meccano steam plant was based on a Mamod ME1 but with a steam dome added.

prunella (1).jpg

prunella (3).jpg

My own small steam plant is a gas fired Wilesco D48 which gives ample power to a Graupner Glasgow paddle tug at just over one metre long.

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
12/11/2016 19:59:24

A little more information about the designs in the previous posts.

Tuna, plan MM505 (no longer available). The sketch from the plans handbook is shown above. A strange looking model which could have given good performance.

tuna (2).jpeg

Sea Kitten, from Model Maker Manual

sea kitten.jpeg

Sea Cat, a catamaran from Model Maker Manual

sea cat.jpeg

Marina, a lovely vintage yacht which would be a good size to handle, from Model Maker Manual


Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
07/11/2016 14:19:37


Must agree with Ian, the green looks an excellent colour choice.

Meant to mention in the other thread about Amos's giant Destroyer, never seen the model, the last time I spoke to him he was only planning the model, then I heard a rumour that he had moved to Spain.


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
06/11/2016 22:33:30

Bob, thank you for the comments about the thread, I just keep "chipping away" at those designs by Vic and adding anything which may be of interest.

Not sure I will get to any shows for the foreseeable future, weekends are difficult although I would like to get to the London show in January, but really not too hopeful. Must say the magazine's show reports are good for those of us who can't pay a visit, the IPMS at Telford certainly has to be amongst the best.

Ian, those small yachts in the book are really good designs which would look superb on the water, "Marina" would build into a manageable size replica vintage yacht of good lines. In the centre of the book are the plans for another of those Peter Holland designs "Sonic Sippi", an i.c. powered paddle boat, Dave Milbourn was correct in his earlier posting that Peter was a genius. With modern r/c and electric drive this would be an eye-catcher at the lake.

After seeing those small yachts, couldn't help but think that Vic's yacht designs just seem to have really lovely lines, and I've posted a couple of photographs of one of his 36R designs, which I think (but not sure) is "Gosling" MM1164.

from hamlyn book (restored).jpg

model boats (june 1973) - michele.jpg

Peter Holland's Sonic Sippi

hydroplanes (5) .jpeg

05/11/2016 20:02:42

I must agree Pete's River Queen is a stunning model and it must be a delight to see 'in steam' when he takes it to the lake. River Queen isn't one which is on the future build list, for the reason you mention above, living to 300 years in order to build the models on the this (future build) list. Unfortunately my current workshop facilities (kitchen table) wouldn't be suitable for a steam powered clinker build.

One which is on 'the radar' is Lorelei above, in our last email, I like your comment describing the design as a strange bird. As in the earlier post, my thoughts would be towards a 2/3 size easy balsa model, approx. 22" long. I intend to order the plan from mhs next week, probably have it reduced at a drawing office copy shop.

Tuna is another strange craft and I had to have a look at the Model Maker magazine of February 1958 when the model was featured. It was designed around one of the few commercially available GRP hulls of the time, with a wooden hull option shown on the plan. Tuna disappeared from the plans listing between 1972 and 1977. The wooden hull looks a good shape and would certainly look very impressive at speed.

Some further designs have been added to the list of late and I must send you the latest update. Wraith was a Marblehead yacht which was featured in Model Maker magazine, June 1960 yet never made the plans listing and three designs appear in the 1957 Model Maker Manual, which I think are Vic's and without a name have added to the awaiting proof section. Marina a 22.5" vintage style yacht, Sea Cat a 30" catamaran and Sea Kitten a 20" two shelf ply hull yacht.

Must add a note of thanks to Colin Bishop who located a copy of this book for me.

A further design of yacht/cat is featured in Childrens Britannica Volume 17 (1970's), but I haven't found a copy yet.

tuna (1).jpeg.

1957 book (1).jpeg

04/11/2016 15:01:21

River Queen - after reading John Elliot's article in the winter 2016 Model Boats magazine, I was wondering if the Models By Design "River Queen" is the one based on Vic's design. Does anyone know? Vic's "River Queen" can be scratch built to myhobbystore plan V102 and a GRP hull was once available from Kingston Mouldings. There are slight differences in the hull length and beam.



Forum member Ian Gardner has a superb steam powered "River Queen" on his website, built by Pete Smith of the Exeter and District MBC.

river queen (3).jpg


The item in the Model Boats Winter Special is worth reading, if only for the information on the ultrasonic mist generator.

river queen (1).jpeg

river queen (2).jpeg

25/10/2016 08:32:17

Length 34" (863mm) x 7.5" (190mm). My thoughts go towards a 2/3 size version at 22.5" (572mm). The plan (MM267) is in the Xlist plans range.



"Sinister 1950's sci-fi" - anyone remember the space designs by W.P.(Peter) Holland which were published in Model Maker? Some of his futuristic space designs were designed to travel on the water. Flopalong, a Martian canal boat (still available), Plutonium Plate, a surface airscrew craft, Coot, an oared craft and Hydroflash which had an outboard drive.

Perhaps the style of Lorelei was in line with the futuristic thinking of the 1950s.

23/10/2016 20:33:19

Earlier in this thread (12), a photograph of David Goodhand's Lorelei from the July 2016 edition of Model Boats. was posted.

I came across these photographs from the original January 1953 edition of Model Maker, which must be Vic's original version of Lorelei.

lorelei (4).jpg

lorelei (5).jpg

lorelei (6).jpg

Thread: New Royal Yacht
12/10/2016 14:43:45


Noticed that you still have a cylinder. Over 20 years ago, we considered moving the cylinder and water tanks into the loft to give more space in the bathroom. The cylinder (& heating) was from a conventional cast iron boiler. Instead we opted for one of the first generation "combi" boilers mounted on the kitchen wall, which seemed to solve a lot of problems. Fourteen years later the boiler needed to be replaced with a second generation "combi" (condensing type). This latest boiler was installed in 2009 by a contractor whereas the first was DIY (which is no longer allowed). The new boiler is also serviced regular.

I was thinking the other night, has this been a cost effective upgrade, the original cast iron boiler, which supplied the cylinder and central heating would probably still be working, albeit in an inefficient manner regarding fuel usage, but I have been faced with two boiler changes, so any savings in gas must be set against every 12 to 15 years having to upgrade the boiler and pay servicing costs. It would appear when the decision is made to upgrade, there is no going back.

Nowadays I do the same as DM - 'get a man in' and just sign the cheque.

11/10/2016 12:15:07

Noticed this in the Daily Telegraph. Looks like a replacement Royal Yacht "Britannia" could be built.


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