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Thread: Brenda - A renaissance
22/05/2017 12:04:27

I took a look at the plan, which is one in my archive (but not the magazine item) and I must congratulate you on a superb build. It's nice to see a 'good' scratch built model in this day of RTR and ARTR. The future magazine item should make for good reading.

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
21/05/2017 08:31:27

There is currently a build of Hydro-Bat on the Cox engine forum. The airscrew design Hydro-Bat was presented as a free plan in the July/August edition of the American magazine Grid Leaks.


Thread: A step in the right direction!
12/05/2017 13:15:36

Stockport Council have put measures in place to police these high speed models -



Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
09/05/2017 21:09:22

Couldn't resist buying this 1964 book. Perhaps not in the best of condition but a good variety of designs from yesteryear. The ones of interest to model boat builders are a 24" yacht, a couple of catamarans, a hovercraft, a cabin cruiser and H.M.S. Lightning, a destroyer which with further detailing, would be a typical Glynn Guest design today.

working models (1).jpeg

working models (2).jpeg

Edited By Tony Hadley on 09/05/2017 21:10:30

Thread: Motorised plastic duck
05/05/2017 21:29:55

The model shop disappeared some years ago and the shop has seen a change of use more than once. I knew the owner, he directed the shop more towards model car racing. He was more of a businessman than a dedicated modeller, his previous business before the shop was a petrol station and car repair garage.

Other than the Bury Club, as Malcolm suggests, the Heywood Club is not too far away. Another thought is the Bolton (North West Scale Club) at Horwich.



Thread: build logs for h m s mars by caldercraft
04/05/2017 08:31:29

If you haven' t found the build log on MSW, the most detailed build of Caldercraft/Jokita HMS Mars can be found in the Model Boats Winter 2007 Kit Special. Written by (the late) Keith Julier, who was one of the top builders (and writers) regarding this type of model.

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
18/04/2017 20:36:47

Very impressive Bob. Quite a large model which looks very impressive on the water and looks to be in keeping with a scale speed. I am sure you will sort the prop shaft issue, although it does add a sound effect which many would buy an electronic box to re-create.


Thread: A class yacht - Serica II
14/04/2017 11:32:09


A very interesting build of this 'A' boat to a first class standard of workmanship. Hope the return to work doesn't cause any problems.

I came across a further photograph of the original Serica in the October 1957 Model Maker magazine. The yacht was racing at Fleetwood and finished in a very respectable third position. The scan isn't the best, it's not one of mine, came to me pre-scanned.

serica (2).jpg

Thread: Lady Betty
14/04/2017 10:21:06

The original magazine articles on 'Lady Betty' appeared in the magazine The Model Mechanic, August 1950 and September/October 1950. The build by Shipwright continued with the early editions of Model Maker i.e. December 1950, January 1951 and February 1951. There may be something in these magazines which could help with your research.

The Model Maker magazines are available as free downloads


Thread: PT-305
30/03/2017 21:57:45

The Video Film in this link is worth watching!


Thread: RMS TITANIC 1912
16/03/2017 21:55:26

Earlier in this thread, the Minicraft 1:350 scale plastic model (of the Titanic) was mentioned. I came across this superb build of the kit from the U.S.A. - 13.5 years in building.


Thread: Three props
12/03/2017 08:19:33

In the latest edition of Model Boats magazine (April 2017) Dave Wooley is building an OSA 2 Fast Missile launch which has a three propeller set-up. The article's photographs show the three motor and prop installation. This model also has three rudders.

Thread: Aerokits 46 RAF Crash Tender
07/03/2017 08:42:48

Nice model Harry, which brings back memories. My model gave good performance and was powered by an OS60 glow motor. It wasn't as well detailed as yours. Glow powered boats always took a 'hammering'.

When the councils started to frown on i.c power, I did attempt an electric conversion, but at the time there was no brushless and lipo. I was never happy with the performance and sold the model at auction.

I like the 1/24th scale mini version by Deans Marine and in their sales info. is a brief history (link below).

Aerokits 46 Crash Tender.

Aerokits 46 Crash Tender


Keep us posted


Thread: Starlet Yacht
15/01/2017 19:01:20


I have the booklet 'Simple Model Yachts' in archive. I could scan and email the pages on the Starlet build, total 19 pages. If this is of any value, please send your email in a personal message.

Much of the building, i.e. method of construction etc. would still be relevant, but the finishing materials, adhesives and r/c fit-out wouldn't be relevant today. The sails are still listed in the Nylet range.


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
15/01/2017 09:54:13

Bustler, from the Model Boats Construction Special magazine 2011.

bustler (5).jpeg

bustler (6).jpeg

14/01/2017 20:04:17

Looking back through this thread, Bustler (MM363) doesn't make an appearance. In Model maker magazine 1956, it was the most popular plan sold. A super little design which appeared in the February 1955 Model maker and Model Boats Construction Special 2011. Bread and butter construction, with no internal carving, now added to the future build list.

The photographs are from the 1955 article. The tug appears on the magazine's front cover (bottom left).

bustler (1).jpg

bustler (2).jpg

bustler (3).jpg

bustler (4).jpg



Edited By Tony Hadley on 14/01/2017 20:06:21

Thread: Radio Control
06/01/2017 12:40:42

There is an article under the Features tab - Hints, Tips and Technical tab which may be of help.


Another item by regular forum contributor, Dave Milbourn may also be of interest.


Thread: RMS TITANIC 1912
03/01/2017 21:05:05

Archive films of the three Olympic Class liners on the William Murdoch site, including the only known footage of the Titanic.


02/01/2017 19:01:29

The TV programme was worth watching for the graphical process/software used (by stone soup vfx) to show those old b&w photographs not only restored and coloured, but made into small film clips. The Drawing Office clip, the ships launching and the collision hole in the Olympic were all superbly done. Unfortunately one photograph shows steam/smoke from the rear funnel which is well documented as being a dummy.

29/12/2016 09:21:55

Colin makes a good point about the Titanic being 'overdone' to say the least, however a good account of her sister ship Olympic is covered in Mark Chirnside's book.

The book was updated in 2015 to include some of the latest research. The Olympic had a quite a few mishaps of her own - the Hawke incident, the sinking of U103, the Fort St. George & Nantucket Lightship collisions and the 1933 voyage of Ivan Poderjay who was suspected of murdering his wife and disposing of the body through a porthole. There is a lot more in the book which a proving to be an interesting read.

Not a book for anyone looking for model building details (plans etc.), although there are some good photographs.

rms olympic.jpg

Edited By Tony Hadley on 29/12/2016 09:22:21

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