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Thread: HMS Queen Elizabeth
18/08/2017 10:19:05


Returning back to the small scale HMS Queen Elizabeth, I had a look in the digital archive at you article and it was in the February 2014 issue. Always good to see your Telford reports, I sometimes like a change and build a plastic (static) kit. In our NW region the IPMS are in Bolton and have a show in the winter months, although I doubt ships/boats will be well represented. Had Airfix launched a model it would have solved some of the problems in building an r/c version, just up-scale the kit.

Must say I changed the subscription to print+digital to allow access to past magazines (for reading such as this), how many times have I wished I had kept that issue! and it still works out cheaper than the WHS/Newsagents price.

17/08/2017 08:46:44

Good photographs Colin.


A 1:350 scale, commissioned model was produced by plastic kit manufacturer Airfix back in 2014 -


I read this item from 2014 and apparently it was released as a kit, but caused some upset as there were no aircraft -


The latest news says the company aren't in a rush to produce a model which will appear in the shops -


There was also a 1:200 scale model of the carrier back in 2008 -


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
31/07/2017 14:46:37

Whilst researching Vic's Lifeboat designs, I've come found some old pictures from past magazines.

Liverpool Class Lifeboat (MM374) at 3/4" to 1ft scale, from Model Maker May 1955. A couple of photographs of a superb model appeared in the National Radio Control Scale Championship item in the January 1982 Model Boats. The plan was later at 1" to 1ft scale (MM1448).

mm may 1955.jpg

liverpool class (1).jpeg

liverpool class (2).jpeg

and a further photograph from February 1982

liverpool class (3).jpeg

Plymouth R.N.L.B. Barnett and Stromness (MM418) was featured in the April 1956 Model Maker magazine. The scale was again 3/4" to 1ft. I haven't located any photographs of a model built to this plan to date.

mm april 1956.jpg

Thread: Simple start.
21/07/2017 21:41:47

Hi Brian, after reading your post, I had to go and watch the DVD of this programme in which Panache is featured. It was quite a good clip of the yacht, Vic and Bob. After watching the DVD, the part which I thought was outstanding was the ending featuring Alex McFadyen's unbelievable HMS Vanguard. It was worth watching just to see this model again. The DVD is still available from Spruce Studios.

DVD link - **LINK**

HMS Vanguard model - **LINK**

Panache is also featured on #6 of the Vic Smeed thread.

21/07/2017 18:06:37

The accompanying book from Model Magic, 1980s TV series included a photograph of Bob Symes-Schutzmann and Vic with a Panache.

model magic (page from).jpeg

Thread: Duke of Lancaster
12/07/2017 14:09:01

This is an interesting article about the arcade game machines which were found inside the vessel.


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
04/07/2017 09:24:54

John, I can't answer your question about the underwater design of the model's hull as against the full sized vessel, as you say without yard drawings this would be difficult. Reading the September 1955 issue of Model Maker, Vic mentions in the text that this model was to be a 'desk top' build so I would guess some kind of model makers licence has been applied. At the size of the model, my thoughts of a desktop build would be optimistic, but who knows!

Colin Bishop sent me four photographs of a Pathfinder on display at an exhibition a few years ago, I posted two of the photographs in page 8 of this thread. The other two are now posted below, should they be of any help. The original magazine item was in four parts which ran from September to December 1955 in Model Maker. I would guess that these four magazine articles formed the instruction manual which was available some time ago. Tom Gorman had a build of this model featured in the July 2007 edition of Model Boats magazine. Tom's model was built plank-on-frame as against the plan which is mainly for a bread and butter hull.

pathfinder me exhibition (1).jpg

pathfinder me exhibition (4).jpg

September 1955 magazine heading


model boats - july 2007 (1).jpeg

03/07/2017 15:18:34

Ian, whilst discussing children and model boats, I can once remember having a telephone conversation with Vic's wife Margaret about Vic's modelling activities. She told me about the time when Vic stored all his model making bits on a building board under a chair in the living room, anyway Margaret had just sat down when one of the children crawled over (wearing a nappy at the time). Their daughter then handed to Margaret a double sided open razor blade of the type in use at the time (1950s) - Oops!

John, thanks for posting your Guardsman, it's good to see the photographs back, I guess you must have been modifying your photo albums. When building mine, I thought the rudder looked on the small size and enlarged it slightly.

Guardsman is a superb model to build as Ian has described. I thoroughly enjoyed building mine, it must have been the model which has given the most pleasure of any I have ever built. A thread was created about the build of mine on this site so I won't dwell on the build and bore anyone, Larry Whetton also built one which was powered by a 400 motor whereas mine by a 385LN, which was recommended by DM. Sadly Larry isn't with us anymore. Here is an on the water photograph of his -

larry whetton guardsman.jpg

Mine -

guardsman (105) - copy.jpg

MM1330 plans (and a plastic hull) -


A larger 30" version from Scale Hobbies in Skelmersdale, Searcher -


and a link to the build thread -



Thread: RMS TITANIC 1912
02/07/2017 22:11:30

From BBC News Scotland, a Glaswegian is now planning to take paying passengers down to the Titanic.


Each one of the fifty-four fare paying passengers is paying $105,129

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
02/07/2017 21:55:14

Must agree with Ian in saying "well done Bob", on making a good photograph.

Ian, a "mine of information", I think Mrs H. would add an extra word and say a "mine of useless information". Guess I like researching information from the archives and to further add to this I came across another Smeed/Pollard joint item. A Trinity House Pilot Cutter, Pilot II from June 1960 Model Maker and re-printed in the Model Boats Plan Features Special of 2012.

Pilot II would make into a super little model at only 24" (600mm). Again the written works were done by Arthur O Pollard, Jr. with the plan by Vic. MM645 plan number.


plan features special.jpg

pilot ii.jpg

01/07/2017 20:25:20
Posted by Bob Abell on 28/06/2017 14:23:10:

Hi Tony.......Hope you don`t mind me adding a contrived picture of Vic Smeed`s Silver Mist of differing scales?


Bob, I only wish I could find a colour photograph of a 21" Silver Mist which with some of your photo magic would show the 'as design' size against yours and Ian's enlarged versions.

Bluebird, what a superb model your Cervia is. After seeing your photograph, I did some further research and found the original magazine item. It was published over two parts, December 1959 and January 1960 with a free plan in the December 1959 issue. The written work was by Arthur O Pollard, Jr. who wrote many items about Thames ships for the early magazines. His item also features many photographs of the full sized tug. The full sized tug is of course still in existence and would be worth a visit for anyone near or going to Ramsgate.


I also came across an enlarged model which was featured in two of Vic's books, Model Ships and Scale Model Ships from the 1980s. The model is steam powered and one of the photographs shows the steam plant. The text regarding the steam installation mentions the use of asbestos string which can be seen in the photograph, today a knitted glass wool would be used. I didn't like the use of the chocolate block electrical connections, much prefer to see solder and heat shrink or mechanical crimp for a more professional looking installation. (this has been discussed many times and it was only an observation regarding this model).

Plans and a hull are available - MM567 - **LINK**

cervia (1).jpg

cervia (2).jpg

cervia (4).jpg

cervia (3).jpg

Edited By Tony Hadley on 01/07/2017 20:27:07

22/06/2017 20:48:29

Hi Bob,

Timeless models, I think that's a good description, not only of Vic's models, but also many others. Others which I like are the novel designs of W.P. Holland, I also wish I had room for a graceful vane 'A' class yacht. My future build list keeps growing but .....


22/06/2017 09:42:30

Yet more models built to Vic's designs. These three were all built by forum member Ian Gardner. Ian and I became friends some years ago through discussing Vic's designs. I emailed Ian the other night and his lack of appearance on this forum have been due to his music commitments.

Mistral MM348 with the accompanying magazine article in November 1954 Model Maker. The model has been enlarged from the 18" design size to 25" giving an approximate scale of 1:16. Hull is lite-ply covered in tissue and dope. Powered by a Graupner Eco 500.

ian gardners mistral (1).jpg

ian gardners mistral (2).jpg

Silver Mist MM524 the accompanying magazine articles were in the September, October, November and December 1958 Model Maker. The original design was for a 21" model, Ian's model is an enlarged 36" version at 1:16 scale. The hull is 6mm birch ply frames with obeche bow and stern blocks, the planking is also obeche. The superstructure is ply faced with sapele to represent mahogany. The decks are parana pine with black card caulking. Bob Abell has also built a large Silver Mist and a detailed build log can be easily found on the forum.

ian gardners silver mist (3).jpg

ian gardners silver mist (4).jpg

The third and final offering to this post is Ian's Veleta MM575. Built again at a larger 1:24 scale giving a model of 36" long as against the design size of 24". Hull is balsa and lite-ply covered with a nylon stocking, finished with Poly-C used for skinning aircraft. The deck is basswood with black card caulking. Waterways and kingplanks are mahogany.

ian gardners veleta (2).jpg

ian gardners veleta (6).jpg

This is only a selection from Ian's website and more information about the builds (and other models) can be found in the link.


Thread: Help with RC installation
11/06/2017 14:24:45

Some additional information about the layout re: the Robbe Antje II in this thread from Model Boat Mayhem, may be of value.


Thread: 1970's shell tanker
10/06/2017 20:40:18


Not sure if you have located anyone to carry out this restoration project. If not, it may be worth contacting someone such as JSB Model restorations whose advertisement is on the right. I can't give a personal recommendation having never used their services, just noticed their advertisment. They have a section 'Restoring Ships'.



Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
10/06/2017 20:32:23

Firstly, in the previous post the E-Boat model is definitely not one built to Vic’s MM667 design. The torpedo tubes and cabins are different. I won’t ask Colin to delete as it’s still a good model and worth showing. On some forums I would have been ‘ripped to shreds’ for making an error such as this, but it shows what a good bunch the members of this site are.


Earlier in the thread I mentioned my next build from Vic’s designs was to be Lorena.

The design Lorena (MM526) was taken out of the plans service in the late 1960s, last appearing in the 1968 plans handbook. Originally designed as a 42” model for i.c. power with the possibility to build by different construction methods i.e. round bilge planked, hard chine and bread and butter. Model Maker magazine published the article to accompany the plans in October 1958. Lorena was based on the larger and earlier design Lorraine which was featured in April 1958. My thanks go to to forum member Dave Milbourn for locating and providing a set of the plans for the build.

Lorena was one of series of five designs by Vic which used girl’s/women’s names beginning with Lor. The others are Lorelei (MM267) Jan 1953, Lorette (MM370) April 1955, Lorosa (MM506) March 1958 and Lorraine (MM512) April 1958. All these others are still available from the Traplet plans service

Attached are a couple of photographs of the progress with the hull. The build is a half-sized round bilge 21” balsa planked version to suit ‘kitchen table’ building. The finish of the hull’s planking (after filler) is light glass cloth and Eze-cote. The next stage is to fit the propeller and propeller shaft which are on order. The rudder shown on the plan is not a commercially available shape and size and will need to be fabricated, as was done with my previous Smeed design, Guardsman.

Future thoughts, probably for the autumn/winter building season, go towards a suitable motor, fitting the already made decks, a stand, the superstructure, fittings and a colour scheme. The speed doesn’t need to be to that of a fast electric, it’s a cabin cruiser! I did think of making the switch to brushless, but a spare MFA RE385 in the spares box might be worth a try. Any help/advice would be welcome. The i.c. motor in the original 42” is within an enclosed area with open vents to allow the engine to breath, these vents need only to be dummies for electric power. For the paint colours, 1950s retro colours would look good, perhaps a shade or two deeper than DM used on Twinkler earlier in the thread.

Time really moves on at an alarming rate and since selling all my other models except two, (Guardsman and Southampton RTR tug) I’m now thinking about the next build, which will be back to paddle power, Vic’s design again, Royal Falcon (MM381).

lorena (21).jpg

lorena (22).jpg


Thread: Steam Launch: Wood - Displacement - Top load
08/06/2017 14:58:06

There is a build of an open steam launch on the rcgroups site. Based on the Puffin Muffin design which is on the list suggested by Dave Milbourn.


If the original magazine article on the 56" Puffin Muffin would be of any help, send your email in a message and I will scan.


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
05/06/2017 15:03:10

Came across these images from the Doncaster Show. The photographs were on the facebook group, R/C Ships, Boats and Submarines. The photographs were taken by David King who has kindly given permission for them to be posted. David has posted many other show photographs in the group.

Models on display which I think are from Vic's plans (can't be 100% sure without speaking to the builders).

1)Frank Rayner Canal Boat from July 1956 Model Maker, plan number MM432 (no longer available).

vic smeed frank rayner (1).jpg

vic smeed frank rayner (2).jpg

and from the magazine article

vic smeed frank rayner (3).jpg

2) Vosper RTTL presented as a free plan in December 1958 Model Maker, plan number MM530.

vic smeed rttl (1).jpg

magazine front cover

vic smeed rttl (2).jpg

3) S-Boat/E-Boat presented as a free plan in December 1961 Model Maker, plan number MM667

vic smeed s-boat (1).jpg

magazine cover

vic smeed s-boat (2).jpg

04/06/2017 14:13:03

Managed to find another of Vic's designs - Sandfly, a land/sand yacht. Presented as a free plan in January 1981 Model Maker magazine, very easy construction from mainly balsa with plastic bag material as the sail.

sandfly (1).jpeg

sandfly (2).jpeg

For anyone interested in Vic's designs, Model Boat Mayhem forum are having a Vic Smeed and Glynn Guest theme for their annual event next year, 27 & 28th May 2018. To be held at Wicksteed Park. Unfortunately too far for me to travel.



Thread: what submarine kit is this???
03/06/2017 20:18:27

It may be worth asking The Association of Model Submariners -


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