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Thread: Huntsman
26/03/2008 21:42:00


The one I was always told --- nowt that a man on a dashing horse would notice!!,  at 100 yards.

nowt = nothing in lanky dialect.


Thread: Model yacht masts
21/03/2008 13:33:00

Hi Eddie,

Sorry you didn't have any luck with Housemartin, however the link worked fine when I tested it again.

Another excellent Supplier of model yacht bits is PJ Sails -- 01202 744101 Peter still offers a 36" restricted class hull -- the Bambino, and one of the new Jif 65 class hulls. These are in addition to all his other goodies.

Good luck, Tony.

Thread: Turb 22.jpg
17/03/2008 18:26:00


Is this the turbine which was covered in July 2007 Model Boats? If so it looks like you have found or built it a good boat.

The last reference I can find to a commercially available turbine was in an old item, describing the Bassett Lowke 'Steamlinia'. The turbine available was a 'Davis' model.

Regards Tony.

Thread: Model yacht masts
17/03/2008 18:12:00


I have always obtained my yachting 'bits' from Housemartin sails -- 0151 609 1339

Regards Tony.

Thread: Leander class frigate
18/02/2008 19:40:00

Hi Andy,

On Ebay, an 8ft long HMS Leander model is for sale, should this be of interest.


Thread: Liquid lead meets fibreglass
08/02/2008 11:04:00

to add further to Pauls and Neils comments, please be aware that the lead shot from fishing shops is a lead substitute. This is to protect wild life (swans etc) from lead poisoning, as such it is lighter and  therefore more will be required, this can be a problem if space is at a premium.

Other sources of original lead shot are Diving shops, and Hobbies in Norfolk.

I have used it as ballast and have mixed it with paint, which avoids the problems of using gel etc.


Thread: February Model Boats
04/02/2008 22:54:00

Hi Vinnie, Couldn't help but admire the Dutch Yacht (The Green Dragon) on the front cover, of this months magazine. I remember a similar craft appearing on the front cover a magazine in October 1982. The magazine description is:- A free sailing Dutch Botter photographed at at the Dutch International for 575 yachts and radio scale models. I wouldn't like to choose between them as the are both very impressive models and deserving of the front cover photograph.


Thanks Tony Hadley.

Thread: Veron Kits
03/02/2008 09:43:00


Veron's designer Phil Smith is still selling the Veron range of aircraft and boat plans, that were originally marketed as kits. In this forum I have a posting about the Police Launch, which I have recently bought the plans for from Phil.

Phil Smith, can be contacted at:-  32, Verwood Crescent, Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset. BH6 4JE.

Good Luck with this project,


Thread: Jenny
20/01/2008 22:48:00

Hi Bob,

The model is called 'Jenny' -- 25" (635mm) long. Came as a free plan in Model Boats magazine November 1988. It was a double sided plan, the other side was 'Streamlinette' a simple launch. Both plans depicted the 1920's era and were designed by Mr Douglas Mc Ghee. I have just received permission to upload the photographs from the original item into the gallery.

The boat has been a delight to build, costs involved have been minimal. The hull is balsa planking covered in one leg of a ladies nylon tight. The masts, booms etc., are now ready to be fitted. The sails have been made by Housemartin and finally the radio can be fitted. The boat has been bath tested only. She is a fair weather craft only, and to quote Mr Mc Ghee's original item, "A straw boater hat and striped trousers will be needed".

Thanks for asking about the model.

Tony Hadley.

Thread: Veron Police Launch
07/01/2008 10:38:00
Hi Again Ron, Forgot to ask, are there any decals included in the kit? I am unable to locate where the 'POLICE' text, (if any) would have been located. Thanks again Tony
05/01/2008 19:56:00

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the information. You are a lucky modeller to still have a kit intact. I sent to Phil Smith, Verons designer and purchased a plan, and cutting templates sheet, to allow the model to be scratchbuilt. Unfortunately the plan doesn't show the colour scheme. Some fittings will also need making.  Reade Models still manufacture the horns, however they are closed until mid January.

In June 1977 Model Boats magazine the kit was advertised at £8.81. What is interesting in that same magazine is Sanwa were advertising a two channel radio control combo unit for £54.95. A basic two channel in Model Boats mag of today is approx £40.

What plans have you for your kit? will we see photographs of it on the water soon?

Thanks again Tony

30/12/2007 17:37:00


Happy New Year to yourself and all at this forum. Thanks for the comments, and help received.

Thanks again Tony

30/12/2007 14:24:00

Thanks Paul,

I had a look at this site which is very interesting. Two police supervision launches are shown which are on the lines of 'MM417 Telecta' (plans still available from myhobbystore). They are John Harriot (1947-1963) and Patrick Colquhoun (1963-2003). A single engine trainer is shown, which is on the same lines as the Veron craft, with more updated livery and fluorescent lettering.

I have managed to locate the colour scheme, and found the horns still to be available! It would still be nice to see a photo of an original model, so my search will continue.

I went to the local model shop (now becoming harder to find), bought the first pieces of balsa, located graphite paper to transfer the shapes from the plan and made a start.  I am not the fastest of builders, other chores seem to take priority. The size and construction methods, of this launch, fit the bill. i.e. kitchen table build, no fibreglass and 1970's retro.

Thanks again Tony

26/12/2007 19:38:00

Hi all,

I am unsure as to whether I should have placed this question in the 'Building Kits' section of this forum. This model once available as a kit, can now be built from a plan.

Has anyone any photographs of the finished boat? These would be useful for colour scheme, fittings. detailing etc.

I recall seeing a photograph of one, at an exhibition, in 'Model Boats' magazine some months ago, however I haven't kept this issue, which I now regret. I only have the old advertisment photographs (B&W only) from the 1970's magazines.

Thanks Tony.

Thread: Great Eastern
21/12/2007 18:31:00


This sounds good, keep us all informed.


21/12/2007 08:15:00

Hi Bob,

Marcle offer a card model, which looks good.


Thread: Adding figures to model boats.
08/12/2007 12:12:00

Hi Robin,

The Footy yacht is available from George Turner models (


Thread: Servo Travel
29/11/2007 17:18:00

Thanks again Dave,

Following your answers, and researching further, this looks the set for the job. Although not cheap the fuctions are superb. I will be staying with the crystal sets and not using the 2.4 ghz yet.

So a little 'retail therapy' is due.


28/11/2007 19:03:00
Thanks Dave.
27/11/2007 18:52:00


Can anyone advise or recommend an R/C set which will give adjustable travel on the servo (or winch). I currently have 3 sets, all 27meg, 2 channel, which have fixed travel. I am looking to purchase a new set, 40meg, 2 or 3 channel with the added feature of adjustable travel length for the servo arm. It will control a lever arm servo on a yacht.

Thanks Tony Hadley.

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