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Thread: Plans
27/07/2008 17:48:00

Hi Robert,

Hobbies of Norfolk, offer an 'Anglers Baiter' -- the 'Kingfisher', as either a plan or a kit. Plan ref P270 or kit ref K270. They also offer a radio and power pack ref K270RC. The complete package requires all 3 items.

 There is a detailed description in their magazine, but a breif description says - everything designed for the angler.

Hobbies of Norfolk tel 01508 549330 or and search on kingfisher.

Hope this helps, Tony

Thread: Patrol launch
25/07/2008 20:58:00


Nice to see the Bury Club have got water back in their lake. It was drained earlier this year after struggling for the last few years with the dreaded Blue Algae. This water was once called the 'Lido' and swimming was allowed!!  Don't think that it would meet the standard today.

Have this Club any more events booked this year? Perhaps somebody could inform us in the 'Events' posting on this forum.

Thread: Tug Forceful
24/07/2008 07:53:00


The forum which specialises in model paddle ships (paddleducks) has all the items, from the 1980 items stored electronically in their 'downloads' section. You may need to join paddleducks to download and print them.

Hope this helps, Tony

Thread: Miniature springs
13/07/2008 17:24:00


Would the 'modelmakers assorted springs' from W.Hobby, Knights Hill Square, London, be of any use.

If so it is their part No 12035 priced at £3.65. Page 102 in their catalogue, or


Thread: Mini-mumm yacht
05/07/2008 19:48:00

Hi Brian,

Sorry for not seeing this thread before. Would this French build item on this yacht be of any value?


Thread: Vic Smeed design?
31/05/2008 19:55:00

Hi Bill,

It is nice to hear that there are still some of us out there, who enjoy building the older type designs, Vic Smeed etc. The current building project of mine is Phil Smiths (of Veron fame) Police Launch. Being built using traditional balsa and ply building. Modern adhesives, paint, electric drive, 40mhz radio etc, are being used.

How have you built yours? Nice to see you are using the ic motor, however you are lucky to find a lake which still allows this form of power.

Those 2 designs don't appear to match the photograph which Francis is trying to model. Hence the thoughts turn to the missing one which we are unable to obtain a photograph of -- MM 526 Lorena.

Thanks, Tony

30/05/2008 18:35:00

Hi again Francis,

Good luck to you in what you choose, from the rainy city (Manchester) on our side of the pond, to you of sunnier climate.


29/05/2008 21:45:00

Hi again Francis,

Appendix IV is in the back of the Vic Smeed book. X list plans are a company who sell plans which are no longer listed by Model Boats i.e. older designs. I managed to find their website today, and they do not offer the plan you are looking for, however you can find them at

I am therefore now struggling to identify the craft on page 36. My only thought is that it could be the second one which Paul suggested -- Lorena (plan MM526), which I have been unable to find a picture or photograph of, or where it could be bought from. As previously mentioned Lorraine, although similar, is not the same model. I really wouldn't know where to look further unless somebody in the Model Boats company has kept older information.



28/05/2008 21:44:00

Hi Francis,

I had a look at this,In old plans books and Lorraine doesn't appear to be the identical craft. Reading Appendix 1V on page 127, the other craft, which Paul has suggested,(Lorena) appears to have been the correct plan,(as per the description). I can't find any reference to this plan still being available, to check this. A company called X list plans may be able to help, however the last time I tried, their website was down.

MM 526 is the plan number. I will try their website again shortly. 

Regards, Tony.

Thread: Help identifying porthole/window frame part (first post)
23/05/2008 21:35:00

Hi Mike,

Certainly would not wish to for any 'micky taking'. Some years ago a colleague moulded 'Stingray' in fibreglass. He regularly sailed this dynamic diving in lakes in the NW of England ( the illuminated craft sailed just under the surface) Much as I tried I couldn't persuade him to mould me a hull. Contact was lost over the years.

p.s. the theme tune to 'Fireball XL5' is superb.

Good luck, Tony

Thread: Model Boats Index
12/05/2008 17:06:00


This months magazine (June 2008) has a free plan 'Higgins Hellcat' stand off scale 610mm long. This plan is similar to an ELCO PT boat and is by Glynn Guest. Glynn says he has learnt lessons from his previous designs, so this may be a good one to build.

Good Luck Tony

Thread: Advice Needed
05/05/2008 15:10:00

Hi James,

PBM (Patrick Blunt Models) no longer exist. They offered a few kits, I remember building one in the mid 80's. The most popular model kit they manufactured was an Edwardian Paddle Steamer. This was a lovely kit, 33" long, which in common with a lot of smaller paddlers, suffered stability problems. Nevertheless they still bring a good price when the appear on ebay.

Do you plan to build your kit?


Thread: Veron Police Launch
30/04/2008 07:05:00

Hi Kevin,

Nice model, well done. Hope mine turns out as good.

What prop have you used? I put another posting for the searchlight, however I have since located one. Reade models  still sell the horns.


Thread: Multi motor
27/04/2008 10:01:00

Hi again Walter,

The British Military powerboat trust have an excellent site --  well worth a look.

Re: - installation of the props I would recommend reading Glynn Guests item in the Model Boats special of Winter 2007. The item describes shaft lubrication and setting the thrust. This must be the best description yet of these important, but so often overlooked, parts of the models construction.

Happy model building Tony

25/04/2008 21:57:00


When using contra rotating props, do make sure the left handed prop is securely fixed, with either a small pin or a locknut. The direction of rotation will tend to unscrew the prop, so secure fixing is essential.

I have a 32" Dark Class MTB and this type of craft can soon drain batteries.

Good Luck Tony

Thread: Veron Police Launch
23/04/2008 18:53:00

Hi All

I am looking for a searchlight for the 'Veron Police Launch'. The size on the plan is 15 mm dia lens x 25 mm high x 20 mm long. Non working preffered. I am also on the lookout for the cabin top lifebelt 55mm outside dia x 30 mm inside diameter and 12 mm thick.

Does anyone know of suppliers or one off manufacturers? (who don't charge the earth). I have already obtained the original horns from Reade models.

Thanks Tony Hadley.

Thread: Jenny
06/04/2008 12:38:00

Hi again Grant,

I will look out for December 1990 Model Boats AKELA. Looks interesting for the future. (I am a 'kitchen table', balsa type builder).

Thanks for supplying your email, it will be a pleasure to be in touch more. I will forward my email when PC and ISP woes are sorted. I am currently using a loaned laptop on dial up. Hope to get sorted soon.

The sails for 'Jenny' have been made by Housemartin and look superb, so I am really looking forward to getting this craft on the water. My other yacht is an IOM, which came in need of TLC. This has now been done and a winch fitted. I really struggled due to lack of space hence reality 'kicks in', and as stated above 'kitchen table' models in future.

I will look forward to seeing your yachts on the water.

Happy building Tony.

05/04/2008 19:40:00

Hi again Grant,

Thanks for this, for this summer I plan to stick with what I've already done, however next winter I will certainly consider these modifications.

I do like the circular hatch on your model, this is more in keeping with model yachts of the 1920's era. Again this could be a future modification.

What are your plans for completion? Have you made the sails yet?

The above deck lever arm on mine is made from round brass tube, not the square tube on the plan. Done this way to minimise hole size through the cabin. Radio now fitted, just needs rigging. Sorry I can't send photo's, I am currently having PC woes.

Happy model making, Tony. 

03/04/2008 21:15:00

Thanks Grant,

Due on the water shortly, considering our weather!! I will be posting the photographs.

Yes I am using the external lever arm, due to the limited space, I can't think of an alternative. Will look forward to any alternative sugestions.

Happy modelmaking, Tony. 

Thread: Paddle steamer
26/03/2008 21:46:00


Have you tried the forum for paddlesteamers? --


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