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Thread: competitions
19/10/2008 13:16:00

I think a photographic competition would be a better option. Might get me out more! Results could be printed in the magazine.


Thread: RTTL RAF
17/10/2008 07:15:00


Currently there is a ready built Model Slipway RTTL for sale on ebay.

A kit of 2749 was sold by Veron in the 1970's. Sometimes they appear on ebay, or this excellent model can now be scratch built, plans are available from Phil Smith (formerly Veron's designer).


Thread: Victory VOSPER wanted
17/10/2008 07:12:00


There is currently one for sale on ebay. Model looks to be in good condition.


Thread: amphicar
15/10/2008 19:06:00

A seller (shop) on ebay called 'Georges Attic Gifts' occaisionally has an article for sale. Not currently in the shop, but worth checking from time to time.


Thread: Ecranoplan, different boat or what.
11/10/2008 20:24:00


Discovery Home and Leisure ran a series called 'Model Mania', featuring Kevin Duala and Mike Mayhew (of Waverley Models). One of the introductions short clips is a model Ecranoplan. Coloured yellow and moving very quickly across the screen. Looked an excellent model. I can't remember if this was featured in the series. I have got some episodes recorded, and it doesn't appear on these (other than the intro clip).

It can be done. Good Luck, Tony. 

Thread: Handrails
08/10/2008 22:15:00

Thanks Ashley,

I can fully agree that they may need to be removed. Sometimes they are best left off altogether, and are more suitable for static display cased models as against R/C craft. Radio craft really need to look good sailing through the water. Tony

Thread: Medway Queen
08/10/2008 18:50:00

The contract has now been signed to build the hull. Due completion late 2009/early 2010.

Further details from their website as previous post --


Thread: Handrails
08/10/2008 18:41:00

Hi All,

I own a Glynn Guest design 'P,S.Phantom' U.S. Confederate blockade runner paddle steamer. This is a really nice model, but some of the handrails are damaged. I didn't build the model,but bought this one second hand. Some of the brass wire handrails are bent and damaged.

Does anyone know of any 'magic method' of straightening and tidying these. I can't tell whether they are soldered or superglued to the upright stanctions. Or is the only option to replace them.

I am sure this is a common problem with R/C craft and any help would be appreciated.


Thread: Why ban IC Engines?
07/10/2008 22:55:00


I noted your comments about petrol strimmers. A few weeks ago i was sailing a yacht on the 'Lido' in  Bury when one of the councils gardeners was strimming the grass verges. The noise was far in excess of what my multi racer (no longer with me) ever made, and for a longer period. The noise it made was 'disturbing the peace' to say the least. IC were banned some years ago, due to the vicinity of a hospital (closed down 2001).

Bury did have another lake which allowed IC called 'Townsfield Park' which was also known as 'Pyramid park'. This was ideal as you could drive up to the waters edge. However this area became nogo area. The vandals moved in and wrecked the bronze statue and fountain. The whole area is now a building site, and I must say full marks to the local council for putting the land to good use. It was called 'Pyramid Park' as when the park was built, after the railway sheds were demolished, three large grassed pyramids were built along with the lake. These, along with the lake were superb,when new but again fell into disrepair. These and the lake can still be seen on Google Earth.


Thread: Robbe B25 Fishcutter.
07/10/2008 13:51:00


I have kept all the plans, building instructions etc. The hull was a moulded hull in the kit, which is now out of production. Should you wish a copy please either send an PM or email to


Thread: WWII oil tankers
20/09/2008 19:34:00


I came across this static kit from Model Shipways in the USA.


Thread: Spray Strips
19/09/2008 21:42:00

Thanks Paul,

I was enquiring at this stage, as a white water line crosses the strip. It would therefore be a neater job to fit the strips before painting. To have built the model, found performance in need of improvement and then retro fit the strips would obviously mark the hulls finish.

Further thoughts are that I am not building an exhibition standard model, more a sport/fun launch.


19/09/2008 18:59:00

Advice sought,

My current build project is a scratch built replica of the Veron 'Police Launch'. This is a hard chine hull design. I have built the hull and have planked this with vertical balsa sheets (as Glynn Guests 'Higgins Hellcat') instead of ply skins. As the hull is now nearing completion, I noticed the lack of spray strips from this hull's design.

How critical are these strips? should I fit them even though they are not shown on the plans, and if so what size material for a 26" long hull?

A photograph of the original model can be seen in this months MB, Focus on scale item, page 34, photo 5. It looks from this photograph that this original model boat was not fitted with these strips.

Thanks, Tony.

Thread: what paint to use
18/09/2008 21:10:00


Revell's Aqua colour range of paints are excellent. As an added bonus they don't smell the house out, upsetting the boss, when used.


Thread: Bury Show
08/09/2008 19:29:00

Hello Bob,

I had to disappear early, the other female insisted it was my turn to cook dinner.

I think part of the problem is my need of practice with her. The IOM does what is requested, but this is a new venture. Far more delicate and fussy.

Did see you setting up your paddlers, but had to dash. They look very impressive on the photographs. Perhaps I will see them in the not to distant future.

Nice to see this superb lake filling up and being used again.

Best Regards, Tony.

08/09/2008 19:11:00

This was my vintage yacht 'Jenny' sailing at the Bury Show.

I wish I could say she was easy to handle. Definitely female.

Thread: Medway Queen
05/09/2008 21:14:00

The Heritage Lottery Fund have instructed the Chairman of the Medway Queen Preservation Society  to offer David Abels the contract to build the new hull for this paddle steamer. David Abels is owner of the Albion Dry Dock in Bristol.

This is the first hull to be built in an English shipyard, which will be traditionally riveted construction, for  50 years.

Things are now starting to happen with this restoration project and further details can be found at their website.

Regards, Tony.

Thread: Joshua Slocum's Spray
02/08/2008 07:57:00

Hi Zdenek

Just an enquiry as to find out whether or not you started building this model? If so please let me know as I am considering this as my next model. It would also be an entry into scale sail.

Best Regards, Tony.

Thread: Veron marlin cabin criuser
01/08/2008 22:22:00

Hi George,

Hope you manage to get the information required, either from Phil Smith, or from Dave's unused kit. I am sure you will find these Veron designs are a pleasure to build.

As per my previous posting, I am building the 'Police Launch'. The parts (which are cut from the templates) all fit together without any problems. The stringers are made from three sections, jointed together, these all fit like jigsaw peices.

When these designs were drawn in the 1960's and 70's Phil Smith didn't have any computer cad drawing programmes, a 'rotring' pen was state of the art

I hope to soon start an album in the gallery, when progress has progressed further.

Tony Hadley.

28/07/2008 19:22:00


Appologies for not answering this posting before. Have you wrote to Phil Smith, who was Veron's designer? Phil still sells plans for the Veron models. Some of his plans have a photocopy of the cutting templates for the parts, which are very useful, when scratchbuilding what were originally kit models.

Phil can be contacted at 32 Verwood Crescent, Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset. BH6 4JE.

Currently I am building the Veron Police Launch, this plan came with the templates. I also have Phils plan of the Veron RTTL (filed away for the future) however this came with no templates.

Hope this helps, Tony.

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