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Thread: Subscriber Content
26/07/2009 13:27:20
For magazine subsribers only:-
Would a database of historic archive magazines/magazine items from the past be an idea? Some kind of index would be required.
The older items (eg 1960's and 1970's) could be submitted by subsription members into a pre designed template.
When the database has been built, items could be offered as sale items to non subsription members (cd or printed). Remaining accessible to subsribers.
I do realise that changes are taking place in model making, and the magazine items of the future will change (eg more RTR and ARTR as against traditional construction). Many older model builders are pleased to access the original item,  when building a craft from years gone by. The only hope of obtaining an item is to purchase an old magazine on ebay.
Just an idea.
ps - I have re started my subscription after attemping to buy the magazine from W.H.Smith. To buy from the shop, you must first pay Town Centre car park charges, upon arrival at the shop, when you manage to see the magazine, someone will be stood in the way studying every used car price and be very unwilling to move!
Just hope the postal dispute doesn't interfere with subsription deliveries.
Thread: Soldering suppressors to the motor
16/07/2009 21:32:26
A common problem, as it is difficult to heat the motor casing.
I use a simple cable tie, or alternative binding, as a mechanical fixing method. Some use a jubilee clip.
Hope this helps,

Edited By Tony Hadley on 16/07/2009 21:32:47

Thread: A sad end for a fine old lady.
15/07/2009 15:59:01
This article re: PS Ryde was in the Express - Sunday 12/07/09
Thread: Isle Of Man Steamship - 'Manxman'
13/07/2009 19:23:43
Anyone know what is happening to this vessel?
Thread: Building from plans
24/05/2009 11:15:04
What type of craft would you like to build?  Yachts, cabin cruisers, MTB's, paddle steamers, warships, cargo vessels, to name a few.
Static display or r/c?
If r/c craft look out for the older (1960/70's) Vic Smeed books. The r/c installation is dated but the build techniques for plans/wood will never change. 
09/05/2009 19:55:29

Is this model being built from the photograph, or do you work to a plan?

Very impressed with your models.


Edited By Tony Hadley on 09/05/2009 19:55:53

Thread: Vosper air sea rescue
04/05/2009 14:39:31
Vic Smeed's RTTL is available from this site, plan MM 530, 34" long model.
Phil Smith still offers the plan for scratchbuilding the original Veron kit RTTL 2749. 28" long model.
Phil can be contacted at 32 Verwood Crescent, Southbourne, Bournemouth. BH6 4JE.

Hope this helps,

Thread: Duke of Lancaster
30/04/2009 19:03:29
Hi Bob,

Nice photographs, thanks for the information. I was interested after visiting some years ago.

30/04/2009 18:37:18
Hi all,

Does  anyone know what is happening to the good looking 'Duke of Lancaster', last seen rotting away at Llanerch-y-Mor on the North Wales coast.

Thread: Ashleys Rubber Powered Boats
27/04/2009 19:10:02
Came across this on the original Bowman Launches. 

The rubber powered craft are found in section 06 (Archives). At the foot of the section these craft are the 'Tiger', 'Panther', 'Aeroboat' and 'Greyhound'.

Thread: Jeanie Deans at War
26/04/2009 14:00:42

Lovely model, will we see her at Bury Metro's open day on June 7th?


Thread: Rubber power
20/02/2009 21:01:40
Hi All,
In the other post 'Ashleys Rubber Boats' the Bowman range of rubber powered boats from the 1920's and 1930's was touched upon.
If anyone is interested I have found this information:-
look under section 06 Archives at the end is the rubber powered 'Aeroboat 1', 
'Aeroboat 11' and 'Greyhound Junior'.
Also extremely interesting is the clockwork powered 'Tiger' and 'Panther', in the 
frame above. Ashley - would you like another project?

Thread: Ashleys Rubber Powered Boats
13/02/2009 22:09:38
 Whilst looking at the MB magazine of July 2007, I couldn't help but admire your rubber powered boats, in the two page item.
 Your modern craft, performed surprisingly well, but as a lover of older craft I couldn't help but admire the photograph of the historic Bowman model. 
 Have you continued with development of these craft? and did you consider fitting single channel r/c to give rudder control?

A superb item and project.
Well Done.


Thread: North West Club Receives Bad Press.
09/02/2009 22:58:59
I was handed a copy of the 'Bury Times' which has an item about model boats which none of us wish to hear.
A member of the public has wrote the following complaint to this newspaper about the Bury Club. Note: this club caters for scale, yachts and a fast electric section.

Disgusted by Model Boaters.
I am writing to express my family's disgust at the yobbish behavior of the model boat racers at Clarence Park on Sunday, January 25th.
 While strolling round the Lido with our grandson, we witnessed yet again the boats being used to chase the ducks and swans around the water.
 The poor birds were clearly in distress, as these idiots charged their boats at them trying to deliberately hit the poor creatures. 
 Last July we saw exactly the same behavior and reported our concerns to the Council's Park Manager who appears to have done nothing to stop this cruelty.
 These wicked boaters should not be allowed to distress and torture these poor birds, and I hope the Council act decisively to stop this cruelty as soon as possible.

Thread: hull strengthening membrane?
23/12/2008 14:20:00

Hi David,

I used Revell aqua colour paints and Ecos varnish. Ecos is a domestic environmental water based varnish, and I have had no problems. I always use Ecos for all household diy painting as it doesn't smell and upset SWMBO. Any domestic varnish and paints could be used, but I do find the water based/acrylic do keep the colour better. i.e the white does not yellow.This purely my personal preference, others will probably disagree.

The problem I have had is controlling this yacht, on the water. She has a mind of her own!

I am now building a Veron 'Police Launch' using the same method for covering the hull. i.e. balsa covered with tights. After covering I applied a couple of coats of varnish, finally trimming the tights off at deck level when the last coat was dry. The hull can be finished to your prefered choice.

Regards, Tony
23/12/2008 08:21:00

Hi David,

The hull on my 1920's replica vintage yacht was balsa planks covered with one leg from a pair of ladies tights. All as the method which Tom has suggested. I didn't use any epoxy, just paint and varnish. Use fine denier tights as they wont take as much filler/paint/varnish to cover the weave.

Also flat areas can be covered in a very similar material, called knitted nylon (I obtained mine from a dance suppliers). Fine denier material is best.

Regards, Tony

Thread: competitions
23/10/2008 18:06:00


That was why I suggested a photographic competition. Sections could be for full sized craft, junior members + others. If it was kept to the online section, more readers might consider subscribing.

It is ok to have ideas but when it comes to 'put your hands in your pockets' things don't seem to happen. Whereas I think the majority of us have camera. 

Just a thought, Tony.

Thread: handrails
22/10/2008 19:39:00


Display Models trade under the name of - James Lane (Display Models), 30,Broadway, Blyth, Northumberland. NE24 2PP.

Specialists in stanchions and other fittings, so this could be who you are 'looking out' for. Advertisment is on page 80 of November Model Boats magazine. 3 x 1st class stamps for list.

Hope this helps, Tony.

Thread: clipper model help
21/10/2008 23:00:00

The plans for Ariel are still available from Myhobbystore -- MM746

Hope this helps, Tony.

Thread: Wanted
21/10/2008 08:02:00


One lying in my shed. Condition not too good, but it does work. Aerial is damaged and would need replacing. Could be cleaned up.

No charge, just cover the p&p.If this is of any use, please send a PM.


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