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Thread: Fascinating old wrecks
12/05/2010 21:22:01
Hello Bob
I stumbled acrross this information after reading Martin Easdown's book 'Lancashire's Seaside Piers' (also featuring the piers of the Mersey, Cumbria and the IOM), whilst researcing the Iron pier from Douglas IOM, (which was sold to Rhos-on-sea) I came across the item on the 'Rhosneigr', hence the post.
It is quite probable that the remains of the 'Rhosneigr' have either eroded/corroded away or been collected for scrap.
If the post is of no value, would a moderator please remove.
Bob - will you be attendeing the Bury Club's bring and buy sale this sunday?
11/05/2010 19:14:31
At low water, the drive arms from the paddles of the 'Rhosneigr' can be seen at Rhos-on-sea, North Wales .

Edited By Tony Hadley on 11/05/2010 19:15:32

Thread: Phantom
03/04/2010 20:53:07
Plan MAGM 2033 from the shop above (
If you build this one keep the superstructure light. Work to Glynn's instructions and use card and balsa. White metal fittings and top weight must be avoided as the craft can be unstable.
I bought one second hand and had no end of trouble as the builder had used heavy weight materials. Craft disposed of.
Thread: bait boat !!
22/03/2010 14:00:01
Thread: Website Photo Competition Spring 2010 Q&A
14/03/2010 11:49:49
Does the model have to be the entrants own building work or is from a photographic point of view?
Thread: Thiefs in trusted places
12/03/2010 13:56:46
This happened to my wife recently. She bought items from a reputable company in Norwich, which were never delivered. The company sent them by Royal Mails 'Track and Trace' which shows them as not delivered and returned to the supplier. The supplier has never received them back.
Fortunately she paid by credit card and the credit card company are now investigating. 
26/12/2009 14:59:53
Should that be Modelboatmayhem?
Thread: Which wood?
03/12/2009 23:09:55
Couldn't help but notice your comment  'always use a close grain timber and never use pine'.
Why avoid pine? -- the reason why I ask is, I considered building the Maltese "Luzzu", which came as free plan in January 2009 MMI. The original model featured in the magazine item advises the use of pine (piranah, recovered from old furniture), for the ribs and planking.
Thread: Burnout
20/11/2009 18:42:57
Must agree with Neil, build one boat at once. Divide the project into 'blocks of building' e.g. hull, deck, cabins, masts, fittings, install r/c, install motor & power, painting, to name a few. You must create your own 'blocks of building'.
After each 'block' has been sucessfully completed,  you must take a break, be selfish and reward yourself.
Do not hesitate to take a break and go and treat yourself to an RTR. As per a previous posting I have a Hobby Engine 'Southampton' (there are others) and they are great fun and stress busters, always ready for sailing whilst work progresses slowly on the main project.
Like Ian I have also suffered. Only by sectioning the work in to manageable pieces will you start to make progress.
Thread: work gets in the way
07/11/2009 20:35:55
When things like this happen and time gets tight, today Model Boating can still be enjoyed by buying a good RTR.
I have a Hobby Engine 'Southampton' tug, but their are others. They are great fun, and can be sailed whenever a window of opportunity appears. A model maker will always have something ready to go, whilst the 'work of art' is under construction.
Thread: Website Editorial
26/09/2009 19:55:13
Looking forward to the RAF Seaplane feature in this publication.
Thread: The Weather
01/09/2009 22:35:55
Must agree Barmouth is normally a superb resort.
Have you watched Julia Bradbury's  'Railway Walks'  where she walks up the estuary towards Barmouth? The views are stunning and for anyone who likes this resort and the areas non too distant history, this programme is well worth watching. When it was filmed the weather wasn't like that in your photograph.
Then you ask youself the question as to which is the most attractive, the scenery or Julia?
Thread: Complete Novice needs advice
31/08/2009 10:32:57
The Model Slipway Wyeforce which Colin refers was the subject of an in depth review item in Model Boats magazine of December 1996. The review was written by Paul Freshney.

Edited By Tony Hadley on 31/08/2009 10:33:34

Thread: Formula One
30/08/2009 09:12:17
Forget F1, start following MotoGP, Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner, Jorgi Lorenzo etc.
Moon Landings, why can't anyone explain why that lander taking off from the moons surface could have been part of a Gerry Andersons Fireball XL5 puppet show!
Thread: I don`t like.....?
28/08/2009 09:01:29
In defence of kits, the model maker, who is scratch building, must take in to account either making a costly journey to the nearest model shop, or paying p&p for any material required. The local model shops have all disappeared. This can make kits good value for money.
Its a matter of personal choice.
27/08/2009 23:34:19
Must agree that the soft balsa is difficult. Look for the medium or hard and its fine.
Cover the finished hull in one leg of a fine denier ladies tights, paint over with water based clear varnish, when dry, sand off at deck level, to remove the excess. The weave can then be filled with paint and varnish. Flat surfaces can be covered with knitted nylon (from dance suppliers). Finish in the same way.
I think Colin recently answered a post on balsa finishing and recommended the old tissue and dope method. Please correct me if I am wrong.Gummed strip can also be used.
Whatever method is adopted, it makes very interesting model making. Vic Smeed/ Phil Smiths designs do make interesting, if not highly detailed models, and the sense of nostalgia is ever-present. The majority of these type of models not only 'look the part' in the water,they are good stable craft. Finally they never hurt the bank balance too hard.
Bob, will the giant speedboat be on display at the end of season show at the Bury Club?
27/08/2009 18:57:53
Must say that building traditional balsa type models, eg Vic Smeed type craft, I never get fed up of.
Modern glass fibre etc, I never really find much interest in, and soon put them in the shed unfinished.
Hence today I have just ordered (from Myhobby store) this coming winters build project, plan MM524 Silver Mist by Vic. Lots of balsa to cut etc.
Cheer up Bob and Neil, your models are superb.
Thread: Subscriber Content
25/08/2009 19:08:50
The magazine's dating back to 2007 are exellent, presented in electronic format. These are a super research tool. Who knows whether or not, this may be the way magazines, and newspapers, are presented in future years.
Must say that I will still continue to buy the magazine, in printed paper. The thought of spending 'supper time' in front of a pc does not appeal.
Just my thoughts and comments,
Thread: Bring back IC engines
23/08/2009 17:27:35
My first IC boat was a 46" Aerokits 'Crash Tender' fitted with an OS 10 glow motor using an under deck silencer. Electric conversion to this craft some years later was not very successful.
The second of my IC boats was a multi racer, fitted with an OPS 21 glow racing engine, using an over deck tuned pipe. This boat was 'wrote off' in a racing crash.
Although I enjoyed the IC engines at the time, I really am glad I made the change to electric and sail.
Modern electric craft can meet all the demands, of anyone wishing to race, or enjoy the hobby, on inland lakes. Future development with electric will further strengthen this point. Offshore craft will continue to need IC for the forseeable future.
Thread: Warship boot topping???
13/08/2009 21:22:32
Please find a photograph of my replica Veron 'Police Launch'. I took Colins advice and bought the Model Technics Trimline,  this product is used on this craft. It gives a superb finish.

Edited By Tony Hadley on 13/08/2009 21:32:11

Edited By Tony Hadley on 13/08/2009 21:33:04

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