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Thread: Plans for 'Tyne' Class Lifeboat.
08/12/2010 14:00:19
Message sent.
Thread: steam plant drawings
02/12/2010 09:03:15
Have you checked in the Model Engineering section of the plans.? MM749 is a 3/4 bore x 5/8 stroke double acting slide valve marine engine. Obviously a range of boilers in the same model engineering section.
Thread: E.D. Boomerang.
28/11/2010 23:17:47
Whilst reading the Dec 2010 issue if Model Boats, the Colectors Corner Mini talks about an E.D.Boomerang fitted in a Aerokits launch. The unit is discussed in the copy shown from Model Maker of 1954.
Does anyone know what one of these is? I was only two years old then!
Just interested
Thread: Jenny
22/11/2010 14:15:32
Hi Pap Joe,
If you have any difficulty obtaining a copy, from the source which Colin suggests, please send me a pm and I will send you my old copy.
Colin is quite right, the magazine item (which I have since obtained) was dated July 1989, although the date on the plan is Nov 1988.
Please note: the model is a very fussy sailer and only suitable in calm/fair weather.
Thread: Titanic TV Programme
29/09/2010 21:18:59
Thought the computer modelling and graphics to be good.
Thread: Police Launch Interior query
17/09/2010 13:59:32
I hope this model in the NMM will help. I understand the Veron Kit was based on this model.
Thread: Sealing balsa
19/07/2010 17:51:13
One method I have used with success is to obtain a pair of fine denier ladies tights. Cut off one leg, cut off the foot and push the hull through. Paint or varnish one coat and allow to dry. sand off at deck level. The hull can then be finished with paint and varnish until the weave disappears. Lightly sand and finish as with any other wood.
The only drawback with this method is when the model has a deep keep. In this case it is best to fix an obeche keel externally, after the hull has been finished, as above.
Thread: Puffing Muffin
19/07/2010 07:48:12
Build it quickly Colin!
That would be a first

Edited By Tony Hadley on 19/07/2010 07:49:00

18/07/2010 22:34:20
Scans Received - Thank You again Colin.
Regarding age and time flying I found this interesting little poem from Chester Cathedral.
Times Paces
When as a child I laughed and wept,
Time crept.
When as a youth I waxed more bold,
Time strolled.
When I became a full-grown man,
Time RAN.
When older still I daily grew,
Time FLEW.
Soon I shall find, in passing on,
Time gone.
O Christ! wilt Thou have saved me then?
(I hope they don't mind me copying their poem - if so please delete)
18/07/2010 20:11:55
Thank you, it would be pleasure to receive a scan of this. Do I need to pay anything to yourself or MHS?
The item is newer than I thought.
Your BWRS is better than mine. I suffered one of those 'fits of madness' last year and cleared out magazine's, books etc and regretted it ever since.
18/07/2010 15:21:53
I have plan MM1405 Puffing Muffin by David Deadman in my collection. Was this ever a plan feature in Model Boats magazine. If so could anyone advise me the year, issue number or month of publication.
Thread: IOM Ship - 'King Orry'
08/07/2010 17:02:23
Anyone remember this one? Went to visit her in 1976 aground at Glasson Dock. Sadly I didn't take my camera then but now photgraphs are available via the internet.
Can anyone expand on what happened to her? I believe she was broke up in the South East but not sure.
Full sizeFull size
" href="" rel=lightbox>Ship Picture King Orry
Thread: Lead Ballast
12/06/2010 20:19:12
Lead shot mixed with primer paint does the job easily and safely.
Watch which lead shot you get, the shot sold at fishing shops is no longer lead. It is a safe metal mix to prevent poisoning wildlife (swans etc), it is not as heavy. If you need real lead shot look elswhere, I bought mine from a divers supply shop.
Thread: Plans for 'Tyne' Class Lifeboat.
24/05/2010 12:20:02
Plans for 'Tyne' class lifeboat 'RNLB Ruby and Arthur Reed II' stationed at Cromer, complete with build item from MB magazine.
Like Andy's previous post the cost is zilch, nowt, nil or nothing. Just make a donation to the RNLI or your local Hospice.
Thread: Model Boats Commemorative Issue
21/05/2010 15:56:26
Obtained my copy from WHS this morning.
I remember making the J.Weeks designed  vane gear on pages 14 & 15. The vane gear was fitted to Marblehead yacht and performed exceptionally well. Where ever did I find the energy to run after a free sailing yacht sailing on a large lake, and where did I find room to store a Marblehead?
Anyone else remember building or owning anything from this issue?
An excellent special issue.
Thread: large r/c yacht
19/05/2010 18:52:07
Hi Roger
Have you considered building New Zealander Bryn Heveldt's 750mm yacht 'Racing Sparrow'? A book (Build Your Own Radio Controlled Yacht) was published, in 2006, complete with plans, full build instructions etc. This is an extremely well detailed  book to build an attractive modern up to date sport yacht. Although the yacht plan is 750mm long some builders have scaled up to 1m, should this be required.
ISBN 9-781844-860432 A Conway Maritime book.
Just a thought

Edited By Tony Hadley on 19/05/2010 19:02:48

Thread: Fascinating old wrecks
17/05/2010 19:02:09
Hello Bob
pm sent.
13/05/2010 09:45:21
Hello Bob
Likewise .... hope to meet you.
12/05/2010 21:22:01
Hello Bob
I stumbled acrross this information after reading Martin Easdown's book 'Lancashire's Seaside Piers' (also featuring the piers of the Mersey, Cumbria and the IOM), whilst researcing the Iron pier from Douglas IOM, (which was sold to Rhos-on-sea) I came across the item on the 'Rhosneigr', hence the post.
It is quite probable that the remains of the 'Rhosneigr' have either eroded/corroded away or been collected for scrap.
If the post is of no value, would a moderator please remove.
Bob - will you be attendeing the Bury Club's bring and buy sale this sunday?
11/05/2010 19:14:31
At low water, the drive arms from the paddles of the 'Rhosneigr' can be seen at Rhos-on-sea, North Wales .

Edited By Tony Hadley on 11/05/2010 19:15:32

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