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Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
09/12/2012 19:27:01

Managed to finish the bow laminations, cut the stern laminations, file the hull to suit the prop tube and file the prop shaft to give a key for the glue. Araldite will be used to glue the prop tube in the hull. Prop shaft assembly is one of the Caldercraft fine line range which is ideal for the job. I ordered a shorter prop shaft than the one shown on the plan, as the coupling shown is much shorter than the standard Huco. It will mean cutting away the bulkhead and keel.

guardsman 5.jpg

guardsman 6.jpg

guardsman 7.jpg

Bob suggested earlier using card plating to cover the hull which is a superb idea as the hull will not require the same level of finish. This was discussed in Larrys Project. Larry is building the styrene hulled version of this model.

Just thinking recently that wood, F/G, styrene and all other hull building might soon be a thing of the past, we might soon be able to order a download of a hull (and fittings), which can then be printed on a 3D printer.

Thread: Larry`s project
06/12/2012 08:17:24

I am also watching this with interest.

Bob has suggested a similar finish for my balsa wood version. This seems like an excellent idea as most of know the problems and time required to get a obtain a good finish on this type of timber.

Didn't Glynn Guest finish the hull of his PS Phantom blockade runner in a similar manner?


04/12/2012 08:13:35


Perhaps I am building my Guardsman wrong - PS - should it have paddles?


Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
03/12/2012 14:49:55

Bow laminations now in progress following receipt of the balsa.

guardsman (4).jpg

Thread: Project Glasgow
02/12/2012 07:55:17

Hello Bob,

Mine was a refurbishment from a former club member, who no longer participates in the hobby. This was my first attempt at a refurb.

It's surprising how much work was involved in the refurb as parts had to be carefully dismantled hoping not to split wood etc. Straightening the mast in situ was difficult, has to direct a jet of steam from Mrs H's domestic steam cleaner and keep slowly bending straight.

Your Glasgow is going to be electric powered, which I think is a good move, the steam plant causes quite a bit of damage and I am considering an interchangeable cassette type of power unit, one with electric and one with the steam plant. It wouldn't be a lake side exchange though. Perhaps after after Guardsman.

Watching yours progress with interest (and future thoughts for improving mine). Thanks for the positive feedback on my model.


01/12/2012 19:04:15

Well worth the effort Bob, with both the paddle boxes and stern grid - looks superb and puts mine in the shade.


Thread: Jenny
01/12/2012 11:40:52


Fishermans weights (the modern type) are made from a lead substitute , which is not as heavy. A fisherman friend tell me he has to put 5 of the new weights on his line whereas the original lead would be ok with 3 weights. This substitute is made to prevent lead poisoning to swans etc.

Try to source original lead as weight is critical in this small yacht. I bought mine from a divers supply outlet, but there are other sources, perhaps other forum members can help.

The yacht is a fussy sailer suitable only for calm to fair winds. Nevertheless when on the water the model is extremely attractive and a source of enjoyment.


Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
01/12/2012 11:31:20

Hello Bob,

Nothing much to report - went to the local model shop in Whitefield, shop had no 1/2 balsa in stock, guess I could have built it up out of twice the amount of 1/4 laminations but I went home and ordered on the internet. Delivered yesterday morning, so hoping to get started again over the weekend.

Thanks for asking,


Thread: Project Glasgow
25/11/2012 19:26:17

Bob, those paddle boxes look very impressive. I have thought about removing the 'stick-ons' off mine and cutting them out, but somehow there always seem something else more urgent.

I think the original kit supplied pattern resembles the Manchester Ship Canal paddle tug Reliant.


Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
25/11/2012 11:12:28


You are quite right with balsa (and other materials) being costly. It would have been far more cost effective for me to have bought the styrene hull from myhobbystore. The hidden costs like petrol, bus fares, parking or postage (for mail order/online purchasing) have to be factored in. However, I decided to build this one as Vic's item in the 1982 magazine.

As Bob says earlier, a quainte boat of yesteryear, full of olde worlde charme.


Thread: Continental Paddlers on TV
25/11/2012 07:58:23

Michael Portillo travels on the Austrian Paddler 'Kaiser Franz Josef 1' in the Hangary to Austria Episode and the Rhine Paddler 'Goethe' in the Berlin to Rhine Episode.


Thread: Duke of Lancaster
24/11/2012 21:47:59

The ship is still there rotting away, although her decks were cleaned this year according to the website below. Managed to take this photo from the train window whilst on the North Wales Coast steam train excursion.

north wales coast 16.jpg

website - **LINK**

Edited By Tony Hadley on 24/11/2012 21:48:18

Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
24/11/2012 21:38:07

Thank you for the positive feedback. Bob, must say your Glasgow build is excellent.

Managed to glue the first row of bread and butter laminations at the bow and stern. Also fitted bulkheads 1 & 5. I will deviate from Vic's instructions here as he says to fit the rest of the bulkheads, whereas I think it would be best to complete the laminations first. The bulkheads would be a bit fragile glued in place until I am ready for the planking.

guardsman (3).jpg

I will be taking a short break from this model for a short while whilst I go shopping for more balsa and a prop shaft which needs fitting before the stern laminations.

In his text Vic says the Guardsman is a Composite Hull. Can anyone clarify this. My understanding of a composite hull is shown in the sketch and would be used for Oil Tankers etc.guardsman hull (2).jpg

guardsman hull (1).jpg


21/11/2012 23:58:15

Bottom planks now glued in place. Sanded level with the keel to give a good straight base for the bulkheads. Glue used was white Evo Stik Resin W. In a recent thread (What Glue) on this site, an Aliphatic glue was recommended and I intend to try this next.

guardsman (2).jpg

21/11/2012 23:43:31

Decided to build a wooden hulled version of Vic Smeed's attractive Customs and Excise Launch, Guardsman (MM1330). At 22.5" x 6" the model seems an ideal size for my next project.

The first stage is to trace and cut the ply centre keel from 1/8" ply, the hull bottom planks from 1/2" balsa and the bulkheads from 1/8" balsa.

guardsman (1).jpg

Thread: Project Glasgow
15/11/2012 08:21:32

.glasgow steam 7.jpg


Here is mine, I think the top is flat. I will go to the shed later and check.

Thread: Interesting Vessels entering the Mersey
19/08/2012 17:20:37



19/08/2012 17:05:49

Mersey Ferry Snowdon at Latchford locks on the Manchester Ship Canal. Approaching Liverpool from Salford Quays on a Manchester to Liverpool cruise. mersey ferry 1.jpg

Thread: Shell Oil Tanker - identify or plans
14/08/2012 14:03:09

There is currently a plan (of the STS Dilysia) for sale on ebay.


Thread: Project Glasgow
10/08/2012 06:58:50

Hello Bob,

The ballasts blue colour seems to have been hightlighted in the photograph, which was taken outside. In lesser light conditions the colour is more of a grey, hence my thoughts that it is some kind of a cement/mortar mix.

It certainly looks strange stuff to me too!


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