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Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
29/07/2019 11:31:49

Vickers Vedette, came as a free plan in the Dec 1975 Model Boats.

Ray and HMS Cossack mass build team, thought the last paragraph may be of interest.

vedette (1).jpeg

vedette (2).jpeg

vedette (3).jpeg

vedette (4).jpeg

vedette (5).jpeg

Thread: Clyde Paddler
26/07/2019 19:03:42

Before selling my Glasgow paddle tug, I was considering changing it to an independent paddle drive, with a system similar to the one shown by John W.E. earlier in this thread. My thoughts were to control the motor drive with a mixer, such as the Action Electronics P94 from Component Shop.

The system is better described in the Hints, Tips and Technical section. Scroll down to the heading Motor Mixers.


If in any doubt with this, you could contact forum member Dave Milbourn (who wrote the article).

Thread: Miranda steam launch
26/07/2019 11:17:56


The August 1983 edition of Model Boats magazine, with part two of Miranda, is currently for sale on ebay.


Thread: Clyde Paddler
17/07/2019 10:27:09

Hi again John,

I found the relevant item about the paddle shaft in the book Lancashire Coast Pleasure Steamers (above).

As previous post, the vessel in concern is the Queen of the North built in 1985 by Lairds of Birkenhead and the text under one of the photographs reads -

"The Main Shaft of the Queen of the North was divided, and was connected by a sliding coupling. The paddle wheels could therefore be operated independently when required. Queen of the North also had two boilers places side by side and a noticeable feature was the twin steam pipes that are clearly visible in this photograph. The vessel was considered to be 'over engined' and it was difficult to maintain a speed of 19 knots over a long distance. Presumably, her lightness towards the bow cause some 'lifting' when driven hard'.


17/07/2019 08:45:14

Hi John,

I also noticed the Greyhound's paddle drive, i.e. one paddle revolving whilst the other is stationery/slowly reversing. I did read somewhere that her rival, the Laird built Queen of the North had independent paddle drive. Just wish I could remember where, will research and let you know. I also was under the impression that the paddle shaft couldn't be split.

Queen on the North, which isn't shown in the film wasn't a good looking vessel and not quite as fast as Greyhound, but she had her positive points and was very popular with the Central Pier customers. Research shows at the time, the passengers from the North Pier who sailed on Greyhound (and others) were from a higher social standing than the passengers on the Queen of the North (Bickerstaff and others) from the Central Pier (Riff Raff). There was a huge social divide at the time. Queen of the North was used a minesweeper in WW1 and was lost. The crews who manned her during the war were surprised by how powerful she was.


16/07/2019 18:43:10

John, that is a very impressive paddler. I think your perseverance with the installation has given a superb end result.

Going back to the Blackpool paddlers, this BFI clip shows them in 1903. I think the first is the small paddler Belle, Greyhound is the next. The turbine steamer Deerhound is also featured. The clips of Greyhound are the same as appears on the DVD above and it has been re-worked.


Thread: Longest build?
16/07/2019 18:30:41

This is my longest build, a Hydrafibre Dark Class FPB. Bought back in the mid 1980s, managed to fix a temporary deck to get a trial run, but then progress stopped again. Dave M provided details to replace the 540 motors with brushless but it's still at a standstill.

dark class (6).jpg

Thread: Clyde Paddler
15/07/2019 11:08:49


Sorry to hear of the performance issues with your model. Can't say I had any problems with mine. After the electric conversion, the performance was ok with the throttle open about 3/4. Sadly model is no longer with me but selling seemed the right thing to do at the time.

Found this old postcard of Greyhound.

blackpool - greyhound.jpg


15/07/2019 09:54:23


A very interesting subject, Greyhound was a truly superb paddler and is featured in the book Andrew Gladwell's book Lancashire Coast Pleasure Steamers. Interesting to read about the rivalry between her from the North Pier and her rival, the Queen of the North from the Central Pier.


You probably have seen the clips, but there are a couple good film clips of her on the DVD, Paddle Steamer Memories.


Greyhound finished her life in Turkey as Buyukada sailing on the Bosphorus and was broken up in 1934.


Regarding the power, there is the question of will you be using gearing between the motor driveshaft and paddleshaft and what voltage batteries you plan to use.

Both Bob Abell and I have both a built a Graupner Glasgow at just over 1 metre long. We both used MFA 919D motors, Bob used a 50:1 reduction at 12v whereas I used an 11:1 at 6v. Bob used a chain drive (I am not sure of the ratio) whereas I used 3:1 gearing. The plastic chain system used by Bob, should be much quieter. The builds and information is in the links below.



Wishing you every success with the build and watching with interest.


Edited By Tony Hadley on 15/07/2019 09:55:00

Thread: Hello - New Here.....
11/07/2019 21:03:59

Hi Captain H,

I made a couple of visits to Coniston to photograph the Gondola and what a lovely steamer she is, A superb model was built of her in the 1980s and this was featured in the October 1984 Model Boats magazine. I can't remember the builder.

Wishing you every success with the building projects, Vic's 'Moonglow' should be a good project and if you manage any photographs when the model is finished or on the water, it would be good to see them.


11/07/2019 09:35:58

Captain H,

The magazine item for Sirocco was featured in the June 1962 edition of Model Maker magazine, attached below. Like so many of these old items, there really isn't much information, I think the authors of articles in the modern magazine have to provide much information. The plan is still available from Sarik as MM704.

Some years ago, I paid a couple of visits to the Windermere Steamboat Museum, which were a good experience. Only last night I was reading an old Model Boats magazine from December 1979. The article of interest was Basil Harley's 'Mabel' design which is a stand-off-scale model based loosely on the Branksome in the museum.


Thread: Trawling the depths of my grey matter. Past builds.
29/06/2019 20:03:24

Got my copy today, a nice little model Ray - well done.


Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
29/06/2019 20:01:30

The magazine article which accompanied the plan was published in the January 1958 edition of Model Maker. I've attached the text but had to avoid the small page size plan which was also published (whilst the plan is still on sale, I don't think I could show it when someone is trying to earn a living!).

The scans aren't the best, they were sent to me.

hms cossack (1).jpg

hms cossack (2).jpg

hms cossack (3).jpg

hms cossack (5).jpg

hms cossack (6).jpg

Thread: What boat is this?
13/06/2019 22:16:16

The 45ft Admirals Barge was featured in the August, September and October 1952 editions of Model Maker. A photograph is on the front cover of the August edition.

Plans are still available from Sarik - **LINK**

If you are interested in reading the magazine articles, I could email them to you (send your email in a message).

admirals barge (1).jpg

admirals barge (2).jpg

Thread: Todays Boating
20/05/2019 14:22:15

The large cabin cruiser placed central on the table looks good.


Thread: New Projects for 2019 ??
10/03/2019 22:19:36

First project for 2019 is to put the finishing touches to Vic Smeed's cabin cruiser design 'Lorena'. This is half size balsa 'kitchen table' build which needs about two or three months more work. The model had successful bath test and now needs the cabin finishing, mast, deck/cabin fittings and a stand.

lorena (35).jpg

Thread: HMS Belfast
08/12/2018 20:39:19

If anyone builds plastic kits, Airfix are planning to re-introduce their 1:600 scale HMS Belfast kit. This release has been delayed a couple of times but is now planned for February 2019. They are re-releasing a number of kits from yesteryear.

There are other manufacturers offering HMS Belfast but I understand the Airfix one is quite an accurate kit.


Thread: Mamod marine engine
08/12/2018 20:03:17


I've sent you a message


Last month in Model Boats magazine, Richard Simpson's 'Boiler Room' discussed boiler testing for larger (over 3bar litre) boilers. Next month, January 2019 his regular magazine feature is covering small boilers under 3bar litre and small gas tanks. The item is good, as it is to the latest orange book rules.

Where a club doesn't have a boiler inspector it would be interesting to know if any of the commercial boiler manufacturers could issue the necessary documentation, whether a large or small boiler.

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
14/11/2018 14:29:53

Continuing with the build of Lorena (MM526) from #18 of this thread. The model is being built as a half size 21" mainly balsa round bilge model.

lorena (31).jpg

Still lots to do, roof, cabin sides, windscreen, further work on the cabins, mast, painting, fittings etc. The model did have a good bath test and had no stability issues but some lead ballast will be required. The radio gear and electrics have all been removed for the painting etc.

The stand is only a temporary building stand. I always use a cardboard box stand for building and make the correct stand at the end. The building stand will get covered with paint, glue etc.

The build has been plagued with niggling errors, the latest one - I sized and ordered the propeller from the drawing. However, when the hull was built, a size larger propeller could have been easily fitted. As these are quite expensive to buy it will be case of try it first and see what happens.

Still hoping to get her on the lake in 2019


Thread: Ryde Paddle Steamer
14/11/2018 14:05:55

That's interesting Colin, I had a look at their website and nowhere does it say what the planned future use is for the vessel, only what you say in your post - "to restore her to a seaworthy condition". What plans they have for her future could be anyone's guess, static exhibit, museum ship, private hire, conversion to a restaurant or other use.

I can remember reading some years ago, before the new hull was built, that the lottery grant required a riveted hull in order to receive funding. The MCA had a problem with this for public/passenger use. I thought these problems would have been overcome by now.

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