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Thread: The Forth road bridge
23/12/2015 18:52:48

The bridge has now re-opened to traffic, excluding HGV's.


Thread: Vic Smeed plans Magga Dan
18/12/2015 16:55:21

A good joint effort Colin.

What a superb vessel Magga Dan is too, I couldn't help but be most impressed with this one.

Found this short British Movietone clip of her leaviing London with the Queen paying a visit. There are other youtube clips on her.


Also found this from an old publication.

magga dan (from dumpy book).jpeg

Thread: Zumwalt class destroyer
18/12/2015 09:31:03

Dragon Models offer a plastic kit of a Zumwalt. Could be worth building for information and up-scaling for your planned next build.


Thread: Tiddler by Vic Smeed
17/12/2015 08:37:29

Must agree with Paul's comments - "Looking very good".

Thread: Model Boats magazine June 1980
14/12/2015 22:08:21

If the June 1980 magazine is a must, there is currently one for sale on ebay.


Thread: Steam Turbines for models
12/12/2015 20:34:27

A lovely looking boat Deflinne, I am sure you must get a lot of good comments at the lake.

Here is an old photograph of the Bassett Lowke 'Streamlinia' model which the Davis steam turbine was originally installed. These models were approx. one metre long, so the steam turbine must have been a powerful installation. Apologies for the poor photograph, it's the best I could find. The Basset Lowke 'Streamlinia' was featured in Model Boats magazine March 2015 in the Flotsam and Jetsam item.

streamlinia (1).jpeg

Thread: Smoke generator
12/12/2015 19:53:22

This little paddle steamer has a novel smoke effect system. I haven't tested it yet, but these are the instructions I received from the models previous owner and I'm looking forward to giving it a try in the spring.

It can't really be called a true smoke generator but more of a smoke effect or smoke producing system. The base of the funnel is fitted with a metal gauze and the funnel is lined with rolled sheet metal. Incense sticks cut in half are lit with a match and lowered into the funnel. The effect can be very effective and will attract some club members and send others running, depending upon the type (and smell) of incense stick used.

Very cost effective, but as previous not a true smoke generator.


firefly (17).jpg

firefly (18).jpg

Thread: The Forth road bridge
11/12/2015 19:06:43


Here is a link to the replacement road bridge, the Queensferry crossing. It looks to be a similar type to the one being built in our region at Runcorn across the Mersey, to help ease the traffic across the existing Runcorn bridge.

Years ago, I can remember having to cross the Forth bridge when working in Scotland, it was closed on a number of occasions not due to engineering problems then, but weather related fog issues. I take a diversion further along and use the Kincardine bridge, which is the diversion the traffic is currently using.



Thread: Steam Turbines for models
11/12/2015 14:04:28


Nice to see an original "Davis" steam turbine still in existence and in pristine condition too.

Thread: Vic Smeed plans Magga Dan
10/12/2015 19:50:38

Couple of photographs of Vic's model, the first photograph is from his 1966 book, Power Model Boats and the second photograph is from his 1988 book, Scale Model Ships.

magga dan (b).jpeg

magga dan (a).jpeg

Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
06/12/2015 12:43:43

After a couple of good sailing outings with the model, decided to spend some time (dark night time) continuing with detailing this model, along with building other models.

The boat hooks were made by soldering after reading Dave Wooley's item in the Model Boats Winter Special - soldering/making model boat fittings. There are three boathooks two on the cabin roof and one on the foredeck.

Grey coal scuttles were made on the deck. The rear grating was made from thin ply and covers the rudder linkage, I did consider painting the squares but finally decided on the tedious drilling and filing all those squares.

guardsman 66.jpg

guardsman 67.jpg

guardsman 69.jpg

guardsman 68.jpg

guardsman 70.jpg

guardsman 71.jpg

Thread: What Floats YOUR Boat?
05/12/2015 20:03:35

Hi, here are my likes (and dislikes) about the hobby.

Very much enjoy building all parts of the model, whether it is fitting out the electrics, making the hull, making the fittings or painting, I just like to get on with it and enjoy the task. OK my models won't win the gold medal at the ME, but that isn't the objective.

I like to research the designs of yesteryear, Aerokits, Veron, Vic Smeed & others.

As for sailing the models, I prefer to go on my own, not really a keen club member nowadays. Years ago, I used to really enjoy going to the club and sailing, whereas nowadays I tend to sail when the club aren't at the lake.

I would like to find time to go to exhibitions, but a work commitment at weekends makes this difficult, therefore the exhibition reports in the magazine are very much of interest.

OK with computers, haven't got around to 3D printing, not sure it could ever replace making my own fittings. Learning CAD, the last time I was working in a drawing office, Rotring pens were the norm..

Thread: Tiddler by Vic Smeed
26/11/2015 19:34:32

Forgot to post these accompanying drawings -

prop thrust (1) .jpeg

prop thrust (2) .jpeg

26/11/2015 19:30:51

In the 2011 Model Boats Construction Special, Glynn Guest wrote an excellent item (Drive Lines) part of the item covered adjusting the thrust. An extract from part of text (Drive Line Adjustment) which Glynn wrote -

"Pushing on the propeller presses the thrust washer at its end onto the lower bearing, pulling on the propeller (i.e. as when moving astern) pull the couplings thrust washer onto the upper bearing. I will suggest that you aim for the smallest amount of 'play' possible by adjusting the coupling and/or the propeller positions on the shaft. Less than a millimetre would be best."

Thread: Windermere Jetty Museum
26/11/2015 18:57:19

Interesting question, Dave. Seem to remember scale boats were sailed on the pond in the museum grounds but i.c. craft were sailed on Windermere. Quite a few of the scale events were featured in Model Boats magazine.

Wonder if the vintage yacht will be part of the new display.

steam boat museum (1).jpeg

26/11/2015 14:34:04

Came across this news the other day - the Windermere Jetty museum is due to re-open in 2017. The main contractor was appointed Nov 2015.


Thread: Tiddler by Vic Smeed
14/11/2015 21:29:15

Welcome back Phil, nice to see you back. Funny how "life" gets in the way of model building.

The hull is looking good and looking forward to seeing further progress with the model (obviously as time permits).


Thread: Plans for Wide-A-Wake Steam launch?
13/11/2015 16:18:36

Like Ian, I had a look at the stunning workmanship, in the link provided, for the build of Wide a Wake. If I was the builder I would hate to see all the beautiful woodwork and varnishing be slowly ruined by the steam plant installation. Over time, the heat and oil would take its toll of such a beautiful model. My thoughts would be to either install a dummy steam plant (electric powered), or if steam is a must, use Ian's suggestion of River Queen, but use the GRP hull from Kingston Mouldings.


11/11/2015 08:18:19

Haven't located the plans, but the magazine article was in the March and April 1972 Model Boats magazine. Both magazines are currently on sale by the Magazine Exchange.



Thread: Dimarcha
10/11/2015 23:42:18

Dimarcha was originally presented as free plan and article in the December 1965 Model Maker magazine. I've just had a look at ebay and the magazine exchange, but no copies of the magazine are currently available.

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