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Here is a list of all the postings Tony Hadley has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Krispie 36R
08/02/2016 16:31:08


There is currently an old Model Boats magazine for sale on ebay with the plan for Krispie still inside (it was originally presented as free plan with this issue).


I have some, but not all, of the original magazine items as the build continued over further issues. Unfortunately they are on a hard drive which can't be accessed until later.

Thread: Twinkler build
06/02/2016 19:34:28

Twinkler is featured in this thread


On thread page 7, Dave Milbourn's model appears and a photograph of two other builds of the model appear on thread page 8


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
02/02/2016 09:33:31

Looking at the models which Vic designed for TV programmes, other than Wind Rider and Sea Rider, a later design was Oil Rig support vessel Ulsterman. Came as a free plan in the back of the book which accompanied the 1985 Ulster and Channel 4 TV series Model Magic. The plan for this small easy build model is over a few pages..

model magic - 1985.jpeg

ulsterman (1).jpg

ulsterman (2).jpg

01/02/2016 22:51:56

Sorry for the poor description in the previous post Larry. Lorena was only ever sold as a plan in the plans service, but the accompanying magazine item was featured in the October 1958 Model Maker.

Looking at the two plans Wind Rider and Sea Rider, they were neat little designs, but time-expired I think.

01/02/2016 21:28:09


Your archive is a real treasure trove. Who knows what next - will be posting 'Lorena', the missing one from the series of five ladies names beginning with 'Lor'. Lorelei, Lorette, Lorosa and Lorraine were the other four. I can remember Colin saying in a post some time ago this one went astray before 1975.

If anyone has the plan for this in archive, please give me first refusal to buy or loan this plan. The magazine item was from October 1958 Model Maker magazine and the plan number was MM526.

Thread: Cover Info.
31/01/2016 09:16:30

The 1976 Special.

model boats extra.jpeg

Thread: Wants to buy Graupner Paddle wheels
29/01/2016 14:36:33


The paddle wheels for the Glasgow are difficult to find nowadays. Why not try asking on Paddleducks, which is a website and forum specialising in model paddle steamers?


If you have difficulty locating a set and are skilful at engineering, the plans for the feathering paddle wheels (and gearbox) for the paddle tug Cheftain are available in the shop above. MM1244 is the number. They will need re-engineering to a different size/scale to suit your model. The Glasgow is 1:40 scale whereas the Cheiftain tug (MM1168) is 1:32 scale.


Thread: model trawler wanted
29/01/2016 14:12:15

Malcolm makes a good point by suggesting a bring-and-buy sale. Another early season one is at the Mutual Model Boat Club, Heywood, Rochdale Greater Manchester, to be held on the 20th March this year. Without knowing your location it is difficult to make suggestions.


Thread: Cheddar proteus and boiler operating manual
29/01/2016 14:03:07

Try contacting Clevedon Steam. The owner was previously involved with Cheddar Steam (as is shown on his website).


Thread: Spray rails needed for Amatic Riva Aquarama?
23/01/2016 19:52:03


Thought you might find this of interest, in the Build Features section of this website. The item by Steve Day (currently the top item), Taming A Pirana has an interesting note on the effectiveness of spray rails when fitted to this model. The paragraph of interest is titled - Several years later -


Thread: New members to our hobby
20/01/2016 09:03:49

What a lovely model Colin - most impressive. As for SS Hobo, this is one which would build into a really interesting little model at 24" long. I would really like to build this one, just too many others on the go at present.

Going back to the subject, projects for younger builders, Vic Smeed presented three models for this purpose. In the 1975 BBC TV series, Model World. Sea Rider and Wind Rider were built by two young builders and for the 1985 Channel 4/Ulster TV series Model Magic, Ulsterman was presented. Wind Rider was a yacht, Sea Rider was a Leander class frigate and Ulsterman an oil rig support vessel. All were very easy balsa build, with plans and build instructions in the books which accompanied the programmes. They were all free running although Ulsterman could be fitted with a steering servo, possibly modern miniature radio could be fitted.

Whether they would appeal to modern youth, I very much doubt it. My only thoughts on making something which could appeal to youngsters is by using the very successful Lego building system. This system has produced some very interesting model boat designs which a search on the internet shows.

from hamlyn book-sea rider.jpeg

from hamlyn book-wind rider.jpeg

ulsterman (1).jpg

ulsterman (2).jpg

16/01/2016 18:34:07


Here is my suggestion for a plan. Away from Dave's high speed (& expensive) stuff, a model makers plan of Daniel Adamson, the Manchester Ship canal steam tug-tender currently undergoing a re-build at Cammell Laird, after a lottery grant.

If possible the plan (or a model) could be released at the same time as the vessel goes back into service.


15/01/2016 18:19:48

Colin, must say that your comment about the hobby being biased towards the north in years gone is quite different to what I always thought. Perhaps it was the magazine, with offices based in the south, reported more on southern events, than northern events. Also more articles were presented for publication came from the south.

Another thought springs to mind factors - living accommodation, we are seeing a change from affordable houses for the 25 to 34 age group, they (generation rent) are moving into rented flats rather than a house with a garden and a shed. Some builders (one writes for model boats) do manage with this type of building facilities, but they are older and already interested in the hobby.

Can't help but think we (as model boaters) are doing ok. The worst sufferers seem to be model cars,the magazine Model Cars seems to have disappeared., although there are probably magazine about the rtr and remaining racing side of their hobby as against the building.

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
14/01/2016 12:47:33

Good article in the February 2016 magazine about a build (by Stephen Day) of Vic's Pirana design - and I thought my models took a long time to build!

pirana (1).jpeg

Thread: New members to our hobby
13/01/2016 08:01:11


Just found a copy of Model Shipwright from 2004. Whilst looking for an item (by Jim Pottinger) on the paddle steamer "Shanklin", couldn't help but notice your article on the French four masted Barque "Jacqueline".

Sorry to see Model Shipwright disappear.

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
03/01/2016 14:35:18

What a good photograph and a good find too, Colin. Was the photograph published in the newspaper? These old photographs are a good snapshot of the past, polo-neck jumpers were always nice and warm.

In the magazine item, your Bardic Ferry is a colour photograph, circa 1973 is another good photograph. Must guess this is personal photograph as against a B&W for the newspaper.

Sadly MV Arran (MM415), is no longer available as a plan, but it's always worth keeping an eye open for this and the other no-longer listed plans at Bring and Buy sales, on ebay etc.

Thread: Complete Newbie
02/01/2016 09:10:19


Why not start with a kit? There are quite a few static display kits for beginners and Cornwall Model Boats have section for static display model ship kits. The request for a beginners static fishing boat does narrow the search down but there are kits to be found.

I hate making recommendations (in case things don't turn out right), but looking at Hobbies in their Model Boats static display wooden ship models, there are a couple of beginners fishing boats. The first is by Mantua, the Amalfi and the second is by Occre, the Palamos.



Research on building is of course important and this item on the Build Features section of this site is worth reading. It is the build of a static display beginners kit, HM cutter Sherbourne,


Thread: Futuristic Hydroplane
01/01/2016 12:46:26

Colin, your mention of an internal paddle wheel meant the old designs of yesteryear had to be looked at again - the Holland paddle-drive. Must modernise the thinking!

Believe this drive system produces a really stunning rooster-tail.

hydroplanes (4).jpeg

hydroplanes (5) .jpeg

30/12/2015 11:22:54

After uploading the pictures, I also thought "Scooter" looked good and must agree with you Ashley. The canopy could present problems to mould. Whether Paul requires a airscrew or a propeller could influence the looks, where the motor is located on the top of the rudder/aerofoil could be modified to a futuristic wing should a water prop be the design brief.

Fireball XL5 - that brings back memories, Steve Zodiac and his crew and a lovely theme tune by Barry Gray.

29/12/2015 21:26:10

Came across these old hydroplane designs in a plans handbook from yesteryear. Could any of these designs be worth updating?

hydroplanes (1).jpeg

hydroplanes (2).jpeg

hydroplanes (3).jpeg

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