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Thread: Brenda - A renaissance
10/04/2016 20:35:54

A superb build Colin. The model should look good on the water and at it's best in the twilight with the lighting scheme which you described earlier.


Thread: Stingray sub
03/04/2016 19:44:58


Some years ago in the 1990s, a member of the Bury (North Manchester) club moulded a good sized Stingray model. He used to run it just under the surface for a good distance at what a submariner would call periscope depth and it looked absolutely stunning running underwater with lights on.

Ashley makes some very good points in his post. If you do build a Matchbox one, why not see it as 'quick on to the water' model, then research and build a 'proper' one.

Good luck with the project.

03/04/2016 08:10:25

Would it be possible to scale-up these plans.


Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
30/03/2016 09:53:05

A photograph of Vic Smeed with his Silver Mist from the 1966 edition of the book Power Model Boats.

1966 book.jpeg

28/03/2016 10:17:19


For having the plans enlarged, Hobs Reprographic, at the top end of Deansgate, Manchester opposite the Great Northern.

For the other parts of the magazine item, try Larry (the Long Build) who could have them.

Edited By Tony Hadley on 28/03/2016 10:31:38

27/03/2016 21:52:41

What a lovely design to choose Bob,

The original magazine item was over four months, back in 1958. The September, October, November and December Model Maker magazines with a colour illustration on the front cover of the September edition.

A photograph of Vic's original from the 1966 edition of Vic's book, Power Model Boats.

silver mist.jpg

Thread: Vintage Gentleman's Cruiser
27/03/2016 19:42:23


Ian's 'Silver Mist' is 36" long. I think he still has the model.

27/03/2016 19:37:29

Simla, also looks similar to the newer S.T. Cervia, preserved in Ramgate.


Again a (Vic Smeed) plan is available.


Thread: Profile plan
24/03/2016 15:30:46


In one of your previous threads re: the five mast sailing ship, your post mentions it was drawn with pen, rule and french curves. Is it the same method with this drawing or is a CAD program now being used? If traditional pen and ink, what do you use for colouring? If CAD, what system are you using? How about a thread showing the progress of the drawings?

In the newspapers the other day was an item about the colouring books now being sold in every newsagents, supermarket etc, placing a strain on the colouring pen manufacturers. Apparently people are enjoying getting away from computers and digital equipment.


The name Boaty McBoaty is ridiculous, why ever did they put it out for the public to decide. What if the Queen was to launch the ship. It was debated on the Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 show earlier in the week.

Edited By Tony Hadley on 24/03/2016 15:31:34

Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
16/03/2016 22:06:28


Where have we seen those fender machines before? every girl in the school yard had one! I think the girls are also suffering a loss of practical skills, knitting, sewing, etc as the boys are also missing out in woodwork, metalwork etc They all seem to be good with their ipads and mobile phones though.


Thanks for the good feedback and as previous this is a lovely little model to build and sail. It is also a good manageable size for transport and lowering into the water. I am also looking forward to sailing models in the coming months. This year I have more models available for sailing than in the past. The one which is giving cause for concern is the Glasgow paddle tug, which is getting water inside and I think will need some "mudguards" fitting inside the paddle boxes. When we last spoke, you had bought a couple of new models which should be ready for the spring time opening of your club's water - is this still a possibility or has the music playing been too busy?

I did find a problem with the positioning of the navigation lights on the model. After studying the position of the lights in the photograph of the full sized vessel, they are located above the cabin windows, whereas on the plan they are shown on the roof. As I had already fixed them on the roof, as the plan, it would do more damage to remove them and re-locate. Consideration was given to an LED lighting scheme but as it is never used on the models I have with lights, it was discounted. My sailing time is in the summer months during the daytime.

15/03/2016 08:55:03

Photo 1) further detailing - steam pipe + whistle, the whistle is 3mm dowel, the navigation lights are from ply and dowel. The galley chimney vents are cut into card and wrapped around the dowel and the masthead light was bought, an old Lesro fitting.

Photo 2) the side fenders are being made in a knitting mill, thanks to the information earlier in this thread. The ones on the plan are oversized compared to the ones on the photograph of the real vessel. They are small and the dowel centres of the fenders are 6mm. The top one still needs crochet stitching to be added at the top.

Photos 3 & 4) are just a couple of display shots

Can anyone advise as to where I could have a flag made? Blue Ensign with Yellow Crown, 32mm x 20mm - Thanks

Detailing still to do - crew, winch, twin bollard stern light cowl vents and add the side + bow fenders when knitting is finished.

guardsman (78).jpg

guardsman (79).jpg

guardsman (80).jpg

guardsman (73).jpg


Edited By Tony Hadley on 15/03/2016 08:55:32

Thread: Vintage 1920 10 Rater pond yacht
26/02/2016 13:59:00


The Vintage Model Yacht Group may be able to help.


Listed below are two suppliers of fittings for vintage yachts, there are probably more.

Sailsetc offer some vintage yacht fittings -


Nylet have been involved with model yachts since 1932 and may be able to help -


Hope you manage to locate the missing parts and succesfully return the yacht back to the water.

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
22/02/2016 16:32:52

Earlier in this thread, I asked for information about Lorena, which stopped being listed in the plans service from the late 1960s or early 1970s. Thanks to regular forum contributor Dave Milbourn, the information has been provided.

Lorena was designed to be built using either either bread and butter, round bilge planked, hard chine or a GRP moulding taken and this is the same with Lorena's larger sister, Lorraine. The 54" Lorraine is still available in the plans service.

The styling of Lorena is dated by modern standards, but it just oozes nostalgia. A 21" half sized version has been added to the to-do list.

Thanks again Dave.

lorena (2).jpg

21/02/2016 19:12:46

Found these three clips of Moonglow (MM800) on youtube. The third clip mentions Antares, but reading the text identifies it to be Moonglow.




moonglow (3).jpg

moonglow (4) - original item.jpg

Thread: Floating not Diving my Revell V11 U-Boat - Help!
21/02/2016 18:41:58

A thread on this site, which may be of value - converting a Revell 1/72 Gato class to surface only r/c running.


Thread: Krispie 36R
11/02/2016 16:31:40


I am really pleased the magazine arrived in good condition. Making a suggestion or recommendation is always difficult - in case things go wrong.

Whether to sail vane or radio is mainly dependant upon the lake or water the model is to sailed on. For vane, all around access is required and preferably a mate on the opposite bank. In the forum's Sailing Section there is a thread covering vane sailing. Kim (Kimosubby Shipyards) and Gareth Jones have posted a detailed explanation.


09/02/2016 14:11:02


I had another look at the listing and it was advertised with the plans inside.

For modelling in card, before this Vic Smeed design, many models were designed by G H Deason, who wrote a few books on the subject. Cardboard Engineering is one which springs to mind. One of his designs is still in the store above, the paddle steamer Cumbria (MM468). Many of the waterproofing and finishing materials have improved since then and Glynn Guest, who designs many of the up-to-date plans still uses card. Glynn's use of card tends to be more for the strips and bumpers along the hull as against the full hull construction, nevertheless the use of card in the water proves what an excellent material it is when waterproofed correctly.

08/02/2016 21:35:48

Meant to mention earlier - part 2 was the January 1977 magazine, part 3 was in February 1977, part 4 was in March 1977, none in April, Part 5 was in March 1977 and the conclusion was in June 1977.

The June 1977 concluding article is below.

krispie jun 77 (1).jpg

krispie jun 77 (2).jpg

08/02/2016 21:23:31

Part 4 is missing, part 5 is below.

krispie may 77 (1).jpg

krispie may 77 (2).jpg

08/02/2016 21:18:09


Part 1 of the magazine items will be in the magazine which you have bought. Part two is missing from my collection, part three is below.

krispie feb 77 (1).jpg

krispie feb 77 (2).jpg

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