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Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
23/06/2016 17:46:19


You are quite right, I was only seeing 50% of the issue.

Thank you for the link, which explains everything. Reading the text makes for interesting reading, when the author talks about boat esc's being a car controller with the word 'car' scratched out. We really are the poor relations in the r/c models hobby, our esc's are from the car builders and our r/c is mainly from aircraft. Obviously there are certain products made specially for boats.

I think my way forward is to disable the BEC and buy a AAA battery pack. I also plan to replace the main drive motor with a new 7.2v pack. Ah well - I've had a few wins of late on Thunderball and the money goes into the model making account (ssshhhh..... don't tell 'the boss' Also on the shopping list is a propshaft and propeller for the new model, and if I hope to find some "good" 1:32 scale figures for this model.

I previously bought a set of Airfix figures and planned to modify them with milliput, but this idea has now been discounted. My thoughts are that a model can be ruined with the addition of a poorly made + painted crew and if weathering isn't done correctly.

23/06/2016 11:52:52

Well spotted Dave, the 7.2v pack was borrowed from the RTR Southampton Tug, the pack had a faulty cell (or more) and was substituted fro a 6v pack (which was what I had in the bits-n-bobs box). As the 7.2v pack fits into the available space, this was what I was planning to buy new, or even go up to 8.4v, maybe one or two cells on top of the main pack.

Can't see the benefit of fitting a AAA pack to disable the BEC and power the receiver. Power would be needed to drive the motor whereas powering the receiver would only give rudder movement - or am I missing something?


23/06/2016 10:07:56
Posted by Ian Gardner on 22/06/2016 19:13:53
It'll be good to see some shots of her on the water

Must agree, I'm looking forward to getting her on the water and taking the camera. Just like to finish fixing the rope fenders. Will post the photographs and email you a set for your website.

There is a problem with the model, which Dave M. and Malcolm have previously discussed in another thread. The ESC has an operating voltage of 6 to 12v, whereas my current battery pack is 6v. The pack is already at the 'bottom end', hence after a short while on the water, all goes dead. The controller will have a low voltage cut-off probably around 5v leaving me with a short run time. Need to order a 7.2v or 8.4v battery pack from Component Shop to rectify this.

Made a start of the new half size (long lost) Smeed design 'Lorena' recently, back to cutting wood - as you say - enjoy "your boat, your hobby".


Thread: GIACOMO construction details Model Boats April 2003
22/06/2016 11:19:51


There is currently a copy of the magazine, c/w plan, for sale on ebay


Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
22/06/2016 09:44:49

Things have been busy at home with the family's business and since retirement, I'm beginning to think I had more model making time when employed! Nevertheless, some time has been spent with continuing the detailing of this model which is now long overdue completion. Just the rope fenders to finish fitting on to the bulwarks and the anchor remaining.

Photo 1 - stern light and lettering, the letter M gave me a 'hard time' and I had to send for my daughter to apply the letter after three failures. My close-up eyesight isn't that brilliant and a strong magnifier was need for the 2mm 'LONDON' lettering.

Photo 2 - cowl vents are extended Reade models (small vent).

Photo 3 - scratch built hand winch, the winding handles can be seen on the bulwarks. Gears are from an old servo.

Photo 4 - no politics intended, just like the background after seeing the late Larry Whetton's photographs on page 4 of this thread. One question comes to light with my photograph vs Larry's - what is the best direction to photograph a model (or full sized) boat, from left to right or right to left?

guardsman (81).jpg

guardsman (82).jpg

guardsman (85).jpg

guardsman (87).jpg

Thread: Planet RC
13/06/2016 14:52:16

To buy a Hitec at £63 is real good price. Remember buying my Hitec Optic 6 many years ago at twice that price. Like yourself Dave, I am sold on the Hitec brand. In the time I have had this set, other sets have come and gone, the models have since been given a name and placed as one of the named models on the 'model naming' function on the Hitec set.

Over the years, my set has changed from a 40mhz module to a 2.4ghz and now benefits from the installation of the latest firmware, by Hitec now allowing us to plug into their system (with a HPP22 box). Despite it's age, it is still a far superior set to many others available today. I really like the EPA on all channels and the Minima Rx. Haven't figured out the on board mixers yet, but haven't gone into it in too much depth as they are really an aircraft/heli function.

Hitec's new Flash systems look good but perhaps a little to "much", both in price and features for us model boaters, they are really for aircraft flyers. Received a good review in RCME not too long ago.

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
10/06/2016 10:55:23


With your comment "young budding modeller" I think I will have to cast my vote for the Glynn Guest version. After all, I'm one of the younger members of this hobby - soon to sing the famous Beatles song - "When I'm Sixty Four"..


10/06/2016 09:44:32

A couple of photographs of Vic's Moonmist design from the 2010 Model Boats Commemorative Special 1950-2010 (WH Smith).

The first is Vic's original and the second is Glynn Guest's updated version which is the subject of one of the articles in the magazine, Moonmist Revisited. A snippet from the item - Cheap, easy to build, performs well and it's all your own work. What more could a boat modeller ask?

moonmist (4).jpg

moonmist (5).jpg

Thread: Brian King RIP
07/06/2016 21:37:19

Doesn't seem too long ago, we were reading about the auctioning of his models. Like many others I can only look at photographs of his stunning workmanship.

RIP Brian

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
03/06/2016 20:49:59


I also like to follow the progress of this model with great interest. It is interesting to watch how you are overcoming problems with building a double sized model. I am sure there will be many issues to be overcome as the build progresses, but isn't that part of the hobby.

As Ian says - keep up the good work,


Thread: Plywood supplies
13/05/2016 10:10:02


The modelmakers in the area, along with almost every other in the UK, have changed from buying from the "little shop around the corner" to buying on the internet. The model shops are now few and far between.

For sailing waters, the Heywood club, I think have restrictions on their lake sailing times. The best nearby water is the Bury club, who have 24/7 access to their lake. The lake is now shared with fishermen, but this hasn't caused any problems. Both clubs meet on Sunday mornings, but as previous at the Bury lake, the times are to suit yourself.

The Bury club lake is BL9 6NG - Clarence Park Lido, off Walmersley Rd,. Bury. Further details are in the link to club's website (directions are in the "about us" tab). The lake has good all around access with a couple of artificial islands in the centre, so boat retrieval is usually ok in event of any problems.


Here is a link to the Heywood club's website which details the time allocations.



12/05/2016 21:03:41


It might be worth a phone call to the Hobby & Model Centre, Bolton. The shop is just outside Bolton, on the road to Wigan, although of late the business seems to be centred around r/c cars, plastics and display models. I managed to buy some materials not too long ago.


If Skelmersdale is a possibility, Scale Hobbies usually bring a good selection of ply to the autumn and spring Heywood Bring-and-Buy sales.



Edited By Tony Hadley on 12/05/2016 21:09:48

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
09/05/2016 12:54:12

Lorelei, Vic's first model boat design, published in the January 1953 edition of Model Maker magazine. David Goodhand's model is featured in this months (June 2016) Model Boats magazine. The article is an interesting read on vintage radio control and electrics. The plan, MM267, is still available.


Edited By Colin Bishop, Website Editor on 09/05/2016 14:36:36

Thread: Thames river police launch
27/04/2016 14:18:43

Matt, the attached was featured in Model Boats magazine a few years ago. The rear of the launch has been extended with a false box, which the builder has probably used to house the rudder servo, I don't think it looks out of place. An alternative would be to fit seating as the NMM model (posted in the earlier link) and disguise the servo under the seats, which was what I had planned for on mine.

The original was obviously a free running model and there isn't much room under the rear section of the deck.

Police Launch

21/04/2016 09:20:29


Had a look in the shed and found the propeller shaft which had been removed from my Police Launch. I've overlaid in on the plan. The length of mine was a 7" outer tube, which is shorter than the original plan, or the 8" suggested on the instructions provided with your kit. The reason for the shorter shaft was to allow for the length of the huco coupling and ECO 600 motor. This installation still retained the correct tube length under the hull.

Looking at the original plan, the shaft length is approx 7.75" long which appears to be a unit manufactured for the 1 cc E.D. BEE Diesel, which would have been the power unit many years ago. This appears to be a close-coupled unit, without having seen one I can only guess no flexible joint was part of this early installation.

The propeller in the photograph isn't the correct one ( It's obviously too big just happened to be one I had in the spares box), screwed on for this illustration. It may be worth laying out your chosen coupling, motor and propeller before choosing and ordering the shaft.

police launch prop unit.jpg

20/04/2016 14:34:55


Had a look around and found some photographs of the Veron Police Launch. The last one shows the roof detail including the air horns. The lifebelt had to shaped from obeche as nowhere could one be found to the same size as the one shown on the plan.

Motor was a Graupner ECO 600, but the model never saw the lake. Today, a brushless set-up would be better.

Somehow I regret not repairing the model and having some lakeside pleasure.

Veron Police Launch

Veron Police Launch

Veron Police Launch

19/04/2016 09:55:20

Matt, here is some information on the original -

The photograph shows the full sized Police Launch at Waterloo in 1940.

Phil Smith (Veron's designer) based the model on a 1:12 scale model held in the NMM. The link shows the model.


police launch @ waterloo 1940.jpg

I built one some years ago, which I was never happy with. The model suffered heavy damage whilst stored in the shed during a cold winter and I scrapped it. Will have a look for some photographs to post.

Does your model have the roof mounted air horns supplied? The original ones as supplied in the 1950s/60s//70s Veron kit are still available and are in Reade Models range of fittings.

Thread: What boat is this?
17/04/2016 21:11:49

Looks to be built to plan MM512, Lorraine, with a few minor modifications.


Edited By Tony Hadley on 17/04/2016 21:13:44

Thread: Coal firing...
17/04/2016 18:26:26

Found this coal-fired open launch from San Diego on youtube.


Having spent many years working with industrial coal, why not? just do the research and work to the correct standards.

Thread: Novice Modeller
15/04/2016 21:33:34


If the magazine item (with construction notes for a ply hull) and plans for this old design would be of value with your project, please send a message.



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