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Thread: Lorraine
15/07/2016 14:26:36


Found the plan still listed and available in the 'Shop' tab on the toolbar.

Nice large model this one at 54", do you plan to build at this size or scale down? what about a power installation?



Thread: Veron
15/07/2016 14:22:03

Very Nice Tim. When you get the model back on the water, please post the photograph(s).

I also like the models of yesteryear and found John Parker's item interesting.


15/07/2016 09:41:18


When you mean too big, do you mean the photograph is physically too large in the post? File size should be ok as you have uploaded the pictures to your album. When uploading in to a post, click on the camera icon (insert image from album) and choose the correct photograph for the post, all as previously described by Colin. A large photograph will appear in the post, click on the photograph to highlight it, then click on the previous icon (image) and insert the correct size in the 'width block'. You can also adjust the height, but normally the 'lock ratio' icon keeps the ratio correct. Click in the post to accept and 'post'. From personal experience the best sizes to enter in the width box are 300, 400 or 450.

Hope this helps

If any further difficulties please send a message and I will upload your images to one of my albums and post.


Edited By Tony Hadley on 15/07/2016 09:55:26

Thread: Mayhem down
14/07/2016 14:45:34

Sorry Dave, I realise you have said "Enough!" but as a footnote, the Mayhem group on facebook is a very good group (obviously my own thoughts)

Thread: Turrets
14/07/2016 09:20:52

If you have a drawing of the turrets, they could be custom 3D printed. This company advertise in Model Boats magazine's Web Guide.


Thread: Misnomer unacceptable
13/07/2016 14:47:42

I came across an error in the magazine - History, Flotsam and Jetsam, Veron Kits. Page 48, the top photograph reads - BELOW: Very few parts make up the Viceroy Kit. Should read - ABOVE: Very few parts make up the Viceroy Kit. As the photograph is above the text.

Am I going to get 'wound-up' and give up the forum and stop reading the magazine - certainly not! Life is too short. Magazine is excellent bedtime reading, couldn't bear the thought of looking at a computer screen or phone after 21:30.

Surely if the Editor considers an error to be a problem, he/she will place an Errata (column) in the next publication. 

The Veron item is certainly worth reading to those who have interest in the models of the past.


Edited By Tony Hadley on 13/07/2016 14:51:50

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
13/07/2016 14:36:50

Those magazines are a nice find.

As previous - good luck with the build. Note your earlier post regarding the Bullet motor, if I was building a fast model, I would choose a new brushless installation, but that is my own personal opinion.

Vic and Philip Connolly were good friends as can be seen from the cover of a plans handbook and a book from the 1970s. I understand Philip emigrated to Australia.

plans handbook (2).jpeg

1970 radio control model boats.jpeg

12/07/2016 08:10:17

Hello Robert,

Plans for both are available, Flatso, is a Philip Connolly design - MM795


Sniper MkII is by Dave Wooley and Vic Smeed as previously discussed - MM1224


Good luck with the building

11/07/2016 14:51:28


I had a look in an old plans handbook and came across these Vic Smeed designs for fast electric, are any of them the design you are looking for? Sniper (MM1224) and Moccasin (MM1062) are still available in the myhobbystore shop, whereas Snapper (MM1000) isn't (I may have a copy in archive in archive, should it be required). Sniper was featured the December 1972 Model Boats magazine (developed further with Dave Wooley), Moccasin was featured in the April 1964 Model Maker magazine and Snapper was featured in the the May (as a free plan) & June 1968 Model Boats magazine.

If these aren't the design you are looking for, please advise and I will research further.



snapper 1.jpeg

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
09/07/2016 20:14:09


I'm very impressed with your +20% Tiddler. A forum member (Phillip Hale was building an enlarged version, unfortunately he hasn't updated us for a while.

Model aircraft flyers already have a Vic Smeed Memorial Day at Modelair/Old Warden as part of their Festival of Flight on 24-25 September.


I'm still enjoying watching the progress Bob.

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
08/07/2016 14:45:05

Photographs of a model of Pathfinder were posted earlier (page 8 of the thread). Recently whilst reading the January 1961 edition of Model Maker magazine, a photograph of another was spotted. This one would have been a real 'gem' with it's diesel power plant.

Relevant extracts from the text -

"The Pathfinder moving nippily along is from MODEL MAKER plans. Incredibly this nicely built model is fitted with a Taplin Twin driving two 1.5 inch three-blade props through a 3:1 reduction gearbox. The trim of the boat was corrected by including 12 ounces of lead ballast to counterbalance the offset motor. Radio is fitted and realistic scale performance is achieved with the engine running at low speed. The main modification to the model for this engine, was to increase the width of the engine room hatch, which made it necessary to remove the two Carley floats."


Thread: OSnMarine motors
03/07/2016 19:28:21


As the OS is now unobtainable, why not install a pair of matching glow engines of a different manufacture? Had a look around and the ones which seem competitive on price are the Far Eastern imports, ASP 0.46 marine glow from Just engines. Worldwide P&P.


Thread: The First Radio-Controlled Boat
02/07/2016 19:54:03

Found this interesting -

From reading the text, back in 1898 Tesla developed the r/c boat and patented the idea, no one took up the idea until his patent had expired. The boat was demonstrated at the Electrical exhibition in Madison Square Garden.



Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
30/06/2016 21:48:41

Took the model for a sail today, she sailed without any problems or glitches and below are four photographs from the session. The weather was surprisingly cold for the time of year, for the last day in June the temperature felt more what would be expected in September or October.

Earlier in the build I was concerned about the size of the rudder being too small, but this proved not to be the case. The motor suggestion (by Dave M) of a 385LN was an excellent choice providing more than enough power. Full speed couldn't be shown on the photographs without experienced help to either control the model or take the photographs.

I will conclude this build with a note of THANKS to all the forum members who have contributed to the thread. The model has been a delight to build and has brought many hours of pleasure. To quote the last paragraph from the magazine article's original text - "Altogether, this is an attractive, almost jaunty, little model which should be both fun to build and a pleasure to operate, as well as being just that little bit different from most other small ship types".

guardsman (105) - copy.jpg

guardsman (98).jpg

guardsman (97).jpg

guardsman (93).jpg

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
29/06/2016 15:52:15

I must agree with Ian's comments - It's excellent.


Thread: Brenda - A renaissance
23/06/2016 18:21:50


Must be perfectly honest, seeing the windlass earlier in this thread was the description needed for the manual windlass recently made and fitted to my model Guardsman. The description of the top shaft being for hand use was the description needed to clarify mine. Yours has two gears for emergency hand use and an electric motor for normal use, whereas mine is single gear hand wind only.

Could I ask, what would my hand windlass normally be used for, chain, wire rope or rope? obviously attached to the anchor. I'm not of a nautical background, just enjoy building models of them.

Apologies for hi-jacking your thread and I'm going to 'steal' your anchor pattern to make mine.

Your windlass is excellent.


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
23/06/2016 18:06:33


There was thread about the build of Scudder on this site some time ago. Must take an educated guess that the model was designed as a free running model as r/c was large and wasn't really affordable back then (Scudder was featured in the January 1954 Model Maker magazine).

Hope the thread is of interest and do you have any photographs of your model to post?



Thread: Guardsman by Vic Smeed
23/06/2016 17:46:19


You are quite right, I was only seeing 50% of the issue.

Thank you for the link, which explains everything. Reading the text makes for interesting reading, when the author talks about boat esc's being a car controller with the word 'car' scratched out. We really are the poor relations in the r/c models hobby, our esc's are from the car builders and our r/c is mainly from aircraft. Obviously there are certain products made specially for boats.

I think my way forward is to disable the BEC and buy a AAA battery pack. I also plan to replace the main drive motor with a new 7.2v pack. Ah well - I've had a few wins of late on Thunderball and the money goes into the model making account (ssshhhh..... don't tell 'the boss' Also on the shopping list is a propshaft and propeller for the new model, and if I hope to find some "good" 1:32 scale figures for this model.

I previously bought a set of Airfix figures and planned to modify them with milliput, but this idea has now been discounted. My thoughts are that a model can be ruined with the addition of a poorly made + painted crew and if weathering isn't done correctly.

23/06/2016 11:52:52

Well spotted Dave, the 7.2v pack was borrowed from the RTR Southampton Tug, the pack had a faulty cell (or more) and was substituted fro a 6v pack (which was what I had in the bits-n-bobs box). As the 7.2v pack fits into the available space, this was what I was planning to buy new, or even go up to 8.4v, maybe one or two cells on top of the main pack.

Can't see the benefit of fitting a AAA pack to disable the BEC and power the receiver. Power would be needed to drive the motor whereas powering the receiver would only give rudder movement - or am I missing something?


23/06/2016 10:07:56
Posted by Ian Gardner on 22/06/2016 19:13:53
It'll be good to see some shots of her on the water

Must agree, I'm looking forward to getting her on the water and taking the camera. Just like to finish fixing the rope fenders. Will post the photographs and email you a set for your website.

There is a problem with the model, which Dave M. and Malcolm have previously discussed in another thread. The ESC has an operating voltage of 6 to 12v, whereas my current battery pack is 6v. The pack is already at the 'bottom end', hence after a short while on the water, all goes dead. The controller will have a low voltage cut-off probably around 5v leaving me with a short run time. Need to order a 7.2v or 8.4v battery pack from Component Shop to rectify this.

Made a start of the new half size (long lost) Smeed design 'Lorena' recently, back to cutting wood - as you say - enjoy "your boat, your hobby".


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