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Thread: RMS TITANIC 1912
25/09/2016 11:35:10

In the 1960s, R. Carpenter wrote a series, Historic Liners. The December 1965 issue featured this plan of the Olympic. I think it was, as built as the lifeboat numbers and layout were identical to the Titanic. Miniature plan could be easily modified to Titanic or Britannic.

Plastic kit manufacturer Minicraft are working on a new tooling for a 1:350 model of the Olympic. Rumoured to be ready for sale December 2016. Would be nice to see this alongside their already in production 1:350 Titanic - R/C conversions for someone?

olympic (1).jpg

olympic (2).jpg

22/09/2016 21:00:02

The Maritime Museum in Liverpool have the shipbuilders model of the Olympic Class, currently displayed as Titanic. Reading the book RMS Titanic, A Model Makers Manual, the model was a hybrid of the three Olympic class ships and didn't undergo the best of restorations in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Peter Davies Gardner's book mainly covers the building of his 18ft !:48 scale model which is on display in Orlando, Florida.

Must try to get another visit to Liverpool this winter and take some better photographs.

titanic - liverpool maritime museum.jpg

titanic book.jpeg

20/09/2016 21:29:02

A seven foot Titanic would be a very impressive model Larry. Wish you good luck with the project.

One of the members of the Bury Club built a large Titanic in the 1990s which I think was around five foot. He made it into the Daily Mail when the model crashed into the concrete bank on the maiden voyage. For some reason the model was plagued with problems and he sold it.

titanic - lido 1998.jpg

18/09/2016 19:04:04

It is still uncertain as to whether the centre propeller was a three or four bladed. Documents were altered and Olympic spent some time with a three blade centre prop. No photographs exist of the Titanic's props and the photograph above is probably Olympic. Apparently the only way we will ever know the facts are when the prop is exposed by an undersea robot.


17/09/2016 19:13:18

After watching the first programme in the series about the Cutty Sark, I cancelled the series record thinking "just another mediocre programme". Following Paul's post earlier in the thread, just had to watch the programme on iplayer and what a superb programme it was. Regretted cancelling the series.

Bob, (I guess you know) Wallace Hartley was born in nearby Colne, and the town has a memorial to him and the nearby garden also has a model of the Titanic. The town also has a pub named after him. Worth a visit, but the last time I went was last winter and the garden was in need of a little tlc, may not be case now as the gardeners may have tidied things up in the summer.



Noted you interest in cable laying ships, only recently noticed in the March 1964 edition of Model Maker magazine an item about a model of the cable layer Mercury. Built at Cammell Laird in 1962, perhaps too new for your research, but if you would like a copy of the item, I could scan and email it. Plans are still available MM782 in the shop.

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Thread: Thames river police launch
15/09/2016 08:37:21


No problems with balsa for the sides and bottom, just lay the balsa with the grain vertical. 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm would be fine. A solid balsa block is needed at the bow. To avoid the use of ply for the deck, 1.5mm balsa would be fine.

Attached are a few photographs of mine, which show the balsa was covered with one leg from a lady's nylon tight (fine denier) and the weave was filled with varnish + paint. Balsa is fine providing you are willing to spend the time finishing the wood. I've also attached a couple of old B & W photocopies from a magazine which show further the balsa laid vertical on the sides.

Good Luck with the build.

police launch 6.jpg

police launch 8.jpg

police launch 9.jpg

police launch 16.jpg

balsa sides (1).jpeg

balsa sides (2).jpeg

Thread: Victor Models "Ruby B"
07/09/2016 15:01:38

No personal experience of the kit, but found this build of the model on the American site RCGroups. Nice looking scale-sail kit.


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
07/09/2016 14:49:32

Here is the magazine item from December 1964 to complement Dave's generous offer. To see the images enlarged click on the image, hover over and the plus sign will appear, click on this.

remora mm(1).jpg

remora mm(2).jpg

remora mm(3).jpg

Thread: Help with old Pond Yacht
07/09/2016 08:51:39

A limited range of fittings for vintage yachts are available from Sails etc.


Model Boats magazine sell a plan with details of making the fittings. I think this (MM1105) is the plan but not 100% sure, unfortunately I lent someone my copy some time ago and never returned. The vintage model yacht group have the plan listed MM1105 as fittings for a 36R yacht. It might be worth checking with someone at myhobbystore before parting with "hard earned cash".


Thread: Newbie being a bit ambitious....
06/09/2016 21:43:58

For building period ships, might it be worthwhile buying one of the books by Keith Julier to supplement the instructions. Keith wrote many items on model period ships. One of his books (The Period Ship Handbook Vol 3) has a feature on HMS Bounty but it is the Amati kit.




Found this in the Build Features section of this site covering the build of a period ship - HMS Sherbourne -


1:12 scale dolls houses are lovely models to build, here are a couple of photographs of the last one I built, the Artesania Latina "Linda".

dolls house (7).jpg

dolls house (3).jpg

dolls house (12).jpg

Thread: Help with old Pond Yacht
06/09/2016 14:30:39

Looking further into the Nylet site (which Mattias) mentions above, they make sails in cotton for vintage yachts and also offer a restoration service. The material most model yacht sails from the past were made from was Union Silk, this hasn't been available for many years. An excellent item on painting and finishing is in the Members Contributions section of this site, written by Paul -


The rules for the 36R class state the model should fit in a box 37" x 9" wide x 11" deep -


The Vintage Model Yacht Group may provide further help -


Your model is fitted with a Braine Quadrant which was an early type of steering mechanism

boat modelling book.jpeg

Good luck with the restoration and keep us posted.

Thread: Jet or Propellor driven
01/09/2016 07:24:46

Earlier in the thread Charles Oates made reference to the Taplin Baker hydrojet unit and whilst rummaging the archives yesterday I came across this 1962 item from Model Maker which makes interesting reading.

Spurtster MM695 was later designed (by Vic Smeed) specifically for the hydrojet.


hydrojet (2).jpg

hydrojet (3).jpg

Thread: Vic Smeed's Silver Mist
22/08/2016 20:49:44


The penultimate paragraph in the December issue makes for interesting reading. Way back in 1958, a double sized model was considered at 42" x 11.5", displacing 18lb and suggestion was made of producing plans at this size.

I will leave you to get back to enjoying the building.

22/08/2016 14:49:40

Yesterday, I forgot to upload the item from December 1958 Model Maker.

silver mist (5).jpg

silver mist (6).jpg

Edited By Tony Hadley on 22/08/2016 14:58:51

22/08/2016 09:29:27

One model under construction another undergoing major upgrade. I'm building a half sized 21" balsa version of Vic's design 'Lorena' after receiving a set of the plans from Dave Milbourn. Also undertaking a major upgrade to a Dark Class FPB, new brushless installation (information on motors again from DM), new superstructure (after a shed break-in) and rectifying a prop shaft error. The prop shafts are exposed type which I had fitted the thrust washer against the 'A' frame, after reading Glynn Guests item in a Model Boats special, should have fitted collars where the shafts exit the hull - all good fun.

Just worry about the state of the water to sail them in nowadays, I can't always get there when the club are on-site so I have to make sure I sail down-wind in event of any mishaps. The filth and rubbish also get blown/washed in this direction and after the last outing when I got the model home, copious amounts of household cleaner and the hose pipe were required to clean the model. When the club are there they sail at the top end and have a rescue boat. Nowadays the lake is shared with fishermen and numerous residents who feed the wild life.

Thanks for asking.

lorena (2).jpg

Edited By Tony Hadley on 22/08/2016 09:30:58

21/08/2016 19:39:52


I thought the 450 wide setting for the pages would have been large enough with the use of clicking on the image and then using the magnifier. I could contact Colin and ask him to delete the images and re-post them at a larger size or email them to you.

Must agree about Vic being a prolific designer and builder, but lets remember in years gone by this was a growing hobby, people were keen to use their skills. When a model was seen at a lake, on the track or in the air with r/c, it was seen as something special. Nowadays a model is seen as special if it doesn't have r/c. Thinking back to the days before the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties most models (excluding statics) came RTR - Bowman, Star yachts and Basset Lowke (for the ones who could afford them) and others, whereas nowadays the RTR models are making a strong return, the only difference is where they are made in the world. I went to the clubs yacht day last week and not a built boat to be seen.

21/08/2016 16:11:52

The railings are looking good Bob,

Earlier in the thread you posted part 1 of the original Model Maker item, parts 2 & 3 were discussed with Ian but never made public. Whilst looking in archive last week, I also came across the two articles from October and November 1958. Thought I would post them as a comparison between your enlarged model and Vic's original 21" (533mm) model.

silver mist (1).jpg

silver mist (2).jpg

silver mist (3).jpg

silver mist (4).jpg

Thread: Streamlinia Models
08/08/2016 10:26:09

This topic collects a few comments about the Streamlinia design.


What a good article on the Streamlinia replica. The use of depron was interesting.

As in the item, the model was featured in John Parker's Flotsam and Jetsam, March 2015. Prior to this Basil Harley wrote an item in Model Boats, May 1983. Found this alternative cabin design in F J Camm's book Model Boat Building (poor quality images from a reprint bought of ebay). The Davis steam turbine was discussed in a model boats forum thread.

Despite the lovely build by Ron Rees, I am not sure about the crewman on the model. The model is a replica of a model, which never had a figure on it.

streamlinia (1).jpeg

streamlinia (2).jpeg

Steam turbine thread, showing the Davis steam turbine




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Thread: Model Boats Plans Listings
26/07/2016 14:57:09


Hope this thread is still active.

Just been looking at the plans listing for the HDML recently discussed in a thread. When the plans listing, MM1356, is viewed, there is a plan and hull available. The small advertising plan which appears (both hull and plan) isn't the HDML, but a tug. The photograph which appears with the hull is correct.



Thread: Mayhem down
19/07/2016 14:58:15

Thanks Dave,

I can't go 'head over heels' about facebook, other than thinking it's ok.

In addition to mayhem, there are also a couple of other model boat groups which I've joined, RC Ships, Boats and Submarines and Classic Wooden Model Boats. I did a recent post on RC S B S and posts now have to be approved before they are uploaded (they have obviously had problems with junk). The groups don't have the same level of activity as Mayhem's forum, but it's far easier to add photographs and the discussion is more about the hobby. Mayhem member U33 (Richard) is admin on RC S B S. Model Boats magazine usually send the latest information on the next magazine (which is what Colin posts a link to).


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