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Thread: Veron Vosper Patrol boat
11/01/2021 09:17:33

Is this the correct model which you are researching? Found this photograph of the Veron Patrol boat in Vic Smeed's book, Model Ships.

veron patrol  boat.jpg

Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
07/01/2021 14:19:59

Your 'A' boat looks super Gareth, if only I had the space. Seem to remember these were kept in the club houses many years ago.

My builds during lockdown have been a selection of plastic kits. I was struggling to get to the lake before 'lockdown' and have enjoyed building these kits. Glasses, strong magnifiers, tweezers and the dreaded carpet monster are part of the course with these kits.

Firstly, I completed the 1992 Revell kit 'Nina' one of Christopher Columbus' ships. She must have looked superb with the lateen rig, this wasn't always used.

Second is my old Revell 'Benledi'. A Scottish cargo liner from the 1960s. A couple of pieces were missing and have been scratch built from sprue. Kit is still in progress.

Lastly, I am unsure whether to build the Revell 1956 kit HMS Bounty which is still on sale, or the 1992 kit of the Pinta.

Nina -

nina (39e).jpg

nina (36e).jpg

Benledi -

benledi (22).jpg

benledi (23).jpg

HMS Bounty -

bounty box art.jpg

Pinta -

pinta box art.jpg

Edited By Tony Hadley on 07/01/2021 14:26:37

Thread: Boat size for SC40 glow engine
26/11/2020 12:59:14


The magazine item on Remora is posted in the thread 'Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs' -


A build of one was recently discussed on the Model Boat Mayhem forum -


Looks a superb design, hope you get sorted with the size.


Thread: Starlet 1048
06/11/2020 13:11:40


I've sent you the build item from Vic's book, Simple Model Yachts.

If you have a look at the thread, Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs, there is a posting on #20 about Starlet.


Wishing you every success with the build,


Thread: Lady Jan steam tug
20/07/2020 19:08:54


Steam boiler testing is a problem unless you join a club who has an MPBA boiler tester. It would be a case of asking around the local clubs and probably having to join.

The Kirklees Club have a steam day when boilers can be tested, providing the necessary information is provided in advance. This event is usually in April, but was cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions. There are two members of this forum who could provide further help, Richard Simpson and Stan Reffin and it could worth sending them a message. Stan has the forum name Gambier Bay. Richard doesn't always respond quickly, as he works away at sea. On their club site, the information is in the 'Downloads' tab on the toolbar. I realise this is a long wait and with my steam paddle tug, I fitted a temporary electric drive installation in order to have some on-the-water time.


Whether one of the commercial boiler makers e.g. Clevedon Steam or Ribble would offer this service, I just don't know.


Thread: Wanted - Veron Dolphin
15/07/2020 09:04:18

I managed to find this Dolphin being re-built. Might be worth trying to contact the builder for further information, through the Wicksteed Park Model Boat Club. The Dolphin was 24" long.



Thread: Question for anyone who's built Vic Smeeds Guardsman
04/07/2020 09:08:14

Thanks Dave for the link, that model (Guardsman) is still with me.

Charles, looking back at the plan and my build the prop shaft and the angle were as the plan. The difference with mine was the length of the coupling as against the plan. This obviously influenced the positioning of the motor. Mine was a plan size model.

As previous, I still have the model and it's in good condition, stored in the shed, awaiting a small modification to the electrics. Component Shop sells a smaller car type fuse holder and toggle switch. I've recently received these, as the current larger type fuse holder is a squeeze to fit in.

My only comments about the design are firstly, the positioning of the navigation lights. The full sized vessel, Enterprise, which the model is based on, the navigation lights were located on the side of the cabin above the door. Vic's plan shows them mounted on the top of the cabin. With my build it was too late to change them after they had been fitted. In Model Boats magazine, September 2004, is a large steam powered version of Guardsman and the builder has worked to the full sized vessel's positioning of these lights. I've attached a couple of photographs.

The second comment, is the rudder linkage, the way it's shown on the plan would never work. It needed to be modified by cutting away the balsa blocks under the deck. To coin the saying - "It was like wallpapering the hall, through the letter box". Shouldn't be problem for your size of model and type of construction.

I wish you every success with what is a super little model and it's always a pleasure to take this one to the lake.

guardsman (10).jpg

guardsman item (6).jpeg

Thread: Duplex 575
03/06/2020 13:07:41

There was a good photograph of a 575 on the cover of Vic Smeed's 1979 book Model Ships. I like the Model Boats decal (or sticker) on this yacht.

Never had a 575, but really enjoyed my two 590 class models. The first, back in 1991 was the basic 590 and the second, which I had in 1996 was the 590s. They were a pleasure to sail. Wonder what ever happened to them.

vic smeed book (1).jpg

590 - 1991 (2).jpeg590s - 1996 (2).jpeg


Thread: Midwest fantail steam launch
30/05/2020 08:06:20


Just had a look at the Midwest Fantail and it was 19" long. Vic Smeed's River Princess is a 24" long open steam launch. The plan gives construction details for a clinker built hull using thin plywood (or other). The plan was presented as a free plan in the April 1989 edition of Model Boats magazine and never made commercially available. The model is a smaller, modified version of the 35" River Queen which is available from Sarik.

If this design would be of interest, message your email and I will send the magazine article and plans. Admittedly there is more work involved than the Fantail, but a lovely little model could be achieved.


Thread: August 1989 issue with free plans Santa Ana stern wheeler
03/02/2020 22:31:05

Came across these two photographs.

santa ana (1).jpg

santa ana from exhib.jpg

Thread: Vane Steering for Model Yachts
23/12/2019 21:01:25

Hi Dave,

I can remember starting a thread on vane sailing some time ago in the Sailing Models section of the site. Attached below is a link. Under the thread 'Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs' #23 there is a plan for the 25" MM class models Waterbaby and Sea Urchin. The plans show details of making a vane for smaller yachts.

In the Vane Sailing thread the moving carriage vane gear is mentioned, these are a superb piece of engineering, but only suitable for larger yachts e.g. "A" class due to their weight.




Thread: January 2020 issue: Test Bench Revell PT Boat
23/12/2019 16:43:06

Hi Ray,

I also like to give some model building time to plastics. I don't have a stash (for loft insulation), but like to buy to build with a couple of exceptions. The cargo liner Benledi is in storage, an old Revell kit, which dates from when Revell had a manufacturing plant in Great Britain. Not sure whether I will build or not, the old saying "when in doubt, do nowt" seems to apply.

My current plastics build is Revell's 1:90 'Nina' from the 1990s when Revell were in Illinois USA.

Pleased the new editor, Martyn has found space in the magazine for these (plastic) models.

benledi (1).jpg

Thread: Vosper rttl
13/12/2019 19:44:27


I've just posted the original December 1958 magazine item on the Vic Smeed Vosper RTTL. It is in the thread 'Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs'. There really isn't a great lot of information about building the model, as was the case with many of these older designs.

Good luck with the build,


Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
13/12/2019 19:40:32

Vosper RTTL, plan number MM530 (still available from Sarik). Came as free plan with the Bumper Christmas edition of Model Maker magazine. Ripmax advertised fittings for the model on the magazine's back cover.

vosper rttl (1).jpg

vosper rttl (2).jpg

vosper rttl (3).jpg

vosper rttl (4).jpg

13/12/2019 19:32:52

Hello Roy,

Apologies for the late reply, things have been hectic, which is no good for me as a youngster.

Dabchick was one of Vic's designs MM1024 and is still available from Sarik. At 24" it's a neat little design. It was interesting to read your post and I liked the mention of Bustler. This is one design I've always fancied having a go at this one. Never having built a bread and butter hull, the design offers a good beginners model to this type of construction.

Dabchick -


The original magazine article for Dabchick from August 1963 -


Thread: Philip Connolly
13/12/2019 09:07:01

Sorry to hear of the passing of another great modeller from the 'golden days' of the hobby. Phillip did some excellent designs and written work.

R.I.P. Philip

1970 radio control model boats.jpeg

Thread: Vic Smeed's Model Boat Designs
11/11/2019 10:26:06

Whilst looking on Modelboatmayhem's facebook group site, I noticed these two models built from Vic's designs on display at the International Model Boat Festival at Warwick 2019. Photographs by kind permission of Martin Davis.

Cervia MM567

cervia (4).jpg

Pirana MM620

pirana (5).jpg

More photographs from the show are on the Modelboatmayhem site -



Edited By Tony Hadley on 11/11/2019 10:27:28

18/10/2019 09:38:06

The Glynn Guest revision from the WH Smith Special Edition -

moonmist r (1).jpg

moonmist r (2).jpg

moonmist r (3).jpg

moonmist r (4).jpg

moonmist r (5).jpg

moonmist r (6).jpg

moonmist r (7).jpg

moonmist r (8).jpg

18/10/2019 09:32:06

Moonmist, from originally from September 1960 and updated by Glynn Guest for the Commemorative issue Model Boats magazine.

Plan MM610 is not currently available from Sarik.

The original 1960 magazine item -

moonmist (1).jpg

moonmist (2).jpg

17/10/2019 22:20:35

Hi Captain Haddock,

I've just had a read of the Moonmist Revisited item in the Model Boats magazine commemorative edition. The Glynn Guest revised Moonmist used a Mabuchi RE 385 motor powered by a 6 cell sub-C Ni-cad pack. The equivalent would be a 7.2v Nimh AA or Sub-C pack. Glynn's comments are - "In this case a top speed was about 2.7 ft/sec (0.8 m/s). Not exactly racing along but it produced a nice bow wave and looked just right for this sort of model".


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