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Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
01/09/2020 21:14:51

Two 'turrets' produced this evening for the genoa sheet winches. These will be mostly embedded into the cockpit combing......when I work out how to produce the combing!


01/09/2020 09:03:49

20200901_075124.jpgNext section of building will probably be the aft cockpit area. I feel there's a lot that needs to be 'going on' simultaneously here. Have not thought out the sequence yet. Bought some 18mm wood dowel which will be shaped I hope and then integrated into the cockpit sides as sheet winch supports. As the photo of the 1:1 yacht shows, the supports are long 'towers' which go all the way down to the cockpit seating. These will then be 'absorbed' into the shaped cockpit combings and will almost disappear! A lot of work just to hide something. I could have pehaps just made a couple of 'rounded bumps' in the combings so we'll see how it goes when I rattled the greysa bit more.

Interested -as always- in any pertinent comments from 'the learned'.

Lovely Wx here in Stavanger today so I'll have to get out for a walk and get exposed to some sunshine. The rain -and building Wx- will come soon enough.


28/08/2020 06:49:06

Eyebolts for the main and mizzen mast now added. Guide tubes for the genoa sheets epoxied in place and cockpit decking fitted with clear silicon to permit 'surgical removal' if necessary. Servo-hatch in cockpit centre will need to be sealed in some way to allow easy removal + access to the rudder servo.  Maybe silicon and plumber's tape?  20200826_174334.jpg20200828_073607.jpg20200825_114317.jpgTrial fitting of genoa sheet  blocks on capping rail.

Edited By gecon on 28/08/2020 07:03:29

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
25/08/2020 13:54:26

Very interesting info about lifeboats Neil. I enjoy studying the detail on your models. Most impressed that you make all the accessories from scratch too! I have watched a few nice videos on youtube featuring various lifeboats. Maybe some of them made by yourself? I suspect that the nearest I'll get to a lifeboat is the Colin Archer that I have down in the cellar store. I don't have space in the flat - or cellar- for any more 'shipping' projectssmiley

Regards, George

Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
25/08/2020 07:06:51

Hi Chris, I'm not yet sure if it's 'clever' but it's getting complicated -I'm sure of that.

I must admit that my lack of experience is the reason for the complexity of this project. Had I worked out the cost and complexity vs user-enjoyment equation prior to starting I would have simplified the build. I would however not 'learned my lesson'. I have no regrets though, my grey cells have been put into action and I am more pleased with the results as each hurdle is crossed.

The Fisher 34 to me is a sort of 'labour of love'. So I hope there will not be a 'divorce' before she's launched! Neither from the Fisher nor the Admiralty!

I have sailed the Comtesse yacht a few times during the summer and my experiences with that indicate to me that some form of sail control is more or less essential. The wind often changes in strength and direction over the lake and I would say that it's deffinately desireable to have - at least the largest sail on board- controlable.

A free 'working jib' and mizzen sail -if fitted- would be OK tethered by round elastic but it think but a large mainsail needs to have a winch on it to give some user participation! You will need a good motor and a large rudder if you're going to be able to overcome the the power in the sails if the wind picks up.

Regards, George

24/08/2020 08:21:34

20200824_090212.jpgThe 'test elastic' has now been replaced by 1mm dacron and steel springs on all 3 servos. Adjusted for direction and travel. Next is to attatch the sheets and make guide tubes to lead them out of the wheelhouse and aft cockpit.


23/08/2020 08:12:09

Good morning Ray, -and of course, anybody elsesmiley

I too shall be watching with interest! Certainly for a model of this type there is probably only a small performance advantage in utilising a scale-ish genoa. Had I not owned a 1:1 version years ago, I would not have bothered with the genoa hassel. Had I thought about the cost early enough I would deffinateley have reconsidered! Using a small foresail and refering to it as a "working jib" would suffice. Wouldn't even need a servo on it!

The foresail on Ralph Stockton's F46 was a 'working jib' and he even had electric roller reefing on it! Ralph was an engineer. I'm just a glutton for punishment. I am going to try to make a manual roller reefed genoa so that all sail area can be reefed /stowed to allow for motoring with the sails still visible -but reefed- on the boat.

Some standing rigging will probably have to go onto the aft edge of the wheelhouse roof. I have a plan for this -which is too boring for members to reamodel fisher 46 fish5feb08_004.jpgd about- so I'll post a photo when it's 2-3 months or so?

Posting a pic of Ralph's F46.

Regards, George

Edited By gecon on 23/08/2020 08:15:04

22/08/2020 17:03:34

20200822_173947.jpgRemoved all the 'test' superstructure and started on the sail control runs for the genoa. The radio control gear is new to me and I have spent a few hours trawling through the huge instruction book to allocate two genoa servos to sliders on the transmitter. As usual, I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm doing it anyway.

Rudder tube has been sealed (I hope) and the rudder connected to the servo and it even turns the same way as the Tx rudder stick!

20200822_173848.jpgI hate to brag, but I've actually exceeded myself today....almost impressed even! Probably just beginners luck.


Edited By gecon on 22/08/2020 17:04:37

22/08/2020 08:31:12

20200820_095937.jpgTesting out some ideas for the wheelhouse and cabin top. Will have to make facilities for removeable top sections for access the the hull. Cabin and wheelhouse sides will be glued to the deck for watertightness but the 'roof' sections will have to be removeable. Sheet for the main boom is to be routed through the aft edge of the wheelhose roof and some of the standing rigging is to be anchored to the roof too so the whole wheelhouse roof cannot be made removeable -starting to thinkidea aloud now, sorry.

Thought of using small magnets and/or velcro or small hatch fasteners. Haven't yet found out what will be best. Probably a combination og methods.

Is there any particular 'favourved securing method' among the learned?


Edited By gecon on 22/08/2020 08:37:23

Edited By gecon on 22/08/2020 08:38:03

20/08/2020 18:36:45

20200820_165936.jpg20200820_170145.jpgProgress report:

Mounted the rudder yesterday, though I have not yet sealed the hole around the rudder tube. Do that with epoxy resin I think. It has to be carefully poured in around the outside of the top section of the rudder tube which needs to be sealed off below -where it exits at the top of the rudder.

Also had a go at setting up my first ever sailwinch control run. Decided to try a spring tensioned 'endless loop' on the winch drum Though it's not really 'endless'; the ends are fastened to the two anchor-holes in the grooves on the drum. After a bit of tensioning of the spring and servo travel adjustment it seemed to be OK. Will be fitting a brass guide tube to lead the sheet up through the deck and wheelhouse to the end of the main boom....I think.

Never done any of this before but I think I have the theory right so I'll just have to try it out and see. The main boom sheet is the easy one, next is the two servos for genoa control. Will try to add photos soon.


Edited By gecon on 20/08/2020 18:48:10

Edited By gecon on 20/08/2020 18:48:44

Thread: Best Servos
19/08/2020 08:47:15

Hi Paul, I ended up with Graupner and Krick servos, rather expensive here in Norway. I chose them for the 6 turns of rotaion giving a sheet length of just over 40cm -which I needed for the Fisher genoa control.

Considered the785HB but it is listed here as 3.5 turns not 8. Maybe they mean 3.5 each way? =7? (but there is no central stop for a winch so I'm not so sure that they give 8 turns -unless modified maybe?



Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
17/08/2020 07:09:10

Tried the PVA solution (ah, sorry!) but I can't make that resemble the bolts used to secure portholes. I see though that respectable 'rivets' can be made with PVA blobs.

I'll get back to the drawing board and work on my pinheads I think. Or maybe just fill the holes around the porthole flange with paint and hope nobody notices.

Here is a photo of the pinhead jobs -the many of pins loosened when I cut the legs off and I could not cut them off close enough to the underside of the flange. I'll maybe try again and cut before glueing. Pity I didn't do just one for a test. Now I have 6 ports to do the rehab' on. Off to raid the Admiralty sewing-20200811_232028.jpgsupplies dept.


16/08/2020 15:46:57

Hi Ray,

Many thanks, I was considering blobs of 5 min Araldite but PVA will be much easier -and cheaper. Can you mix gold or brass acrylic paint with the PVA do you think?

Regards, George.

16/08/2020 08:41:00

Weekend activities:

Doing quite a bit a 'head-scratching' in the scratch build dept. recently. Previously painted brass portholes don't seem to want to have humbrol enamel sticking to them. Must admit that I didn't think to sand/degrease them before paintingblush. Anyway didn't really like the look of the Humbrol aluminium (56?) paint. It seemed a shame in the first place to paint over that lovley brass but the 1:1 Fisher did not have brass ports. Maybe the 1:12 will?

Need also to make simulated bolt heads for the porthole surrond. Used pinheads but not sure if they'll survive the scrutiny of the 'paintshop inspection' team either. May now have to use heads of brass planking pins or just blobs of brass/gold paint?

Varnishing of mahogany bits is coming along OK but one of the rubbing strakes came away from the hull at the aft end (with some layers of paint attached). Zap-A-Gap put it all back (including paint!) but under some bending stress, so we'll see how that fairs in time.

Might need a break soon to avoid being tempted to make quick-fix solutions.

A bit foggy here this morning but if it lifts by noon one of the grandchildren (24 years old!) is going to film the Comtesse from his Mavic drone.


Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
15/08/2020 08:25:56

They look beautiful compared to the chopped up bits of ply in the hull of my Fisher. All glued onto the keel by today maybe? Looking forward to the next -and subsequent- photos.



Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
13/08/2020 16:23:07

Rubbing strakes added today. Quite tricky -for me at least- to bend them to suit the hull curves. Photos not in album yet.


12/08/2020 18:35:05

Side cladding added today.


11/08/2020 23:00:30

Last bit of masking tape removed today and boot top stripes added. They weren't very sticky so hope the tape will stay on the hull....allways the optimist!20200811_233706.jpg


10/08/2020 23:03:28

20200809_205520.jpgShips wheel received an allmost-round brass ring and the whole lot dunked in Owatrol D2 varnish and drip-dried.

20200810_193120.jpgHull topsides now silky-gloss after a lot of effort plus helpfull suggestions from a forum member who uses a hull as a shaving morror.

Some mahogany and varnish will appear eventually in the form of capping rail, bulwark cladding and rubbing strake.


Thread: Airbrushing - glossy fininsh?
10/08/2020 22:54:14

Hi Paul,

The white is in fact much smoother that the blue which is enamel and went on with a mohair roller! I considered airbrushing the blue but I've had enough for now. I can tackle that later if I receive any complaints. I'm pleased with the results so far, considering that I'm doing things about which I know 'nowt'.

Hope to do some detail work on the 'varnishy bits' soon but I won't post any photos. I don't want to make you crycryingsmiley


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