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Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
01/01/2021 16:01:45

Not everything allways goes to plan!sad.

Painted white gloss on some coach roof sections and other bits today while the Admiralty was doing her nails! Managed to use the wrong gloss paint so will have to start again in two days. We usually pack away the Xmas tree and decor' today 01.01. but have not started yet. It'll be done during this weekend while waiting for the 'wrong gloss' to dry thoroughly.

Happy New Year to all.


Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
30/12/2020 06:04:05

You're making great progress Ray. An inspiration to us all. As for rudders.. Could you get away with fitting 2 additional fixed ones ? Maybe very slightly smaller than the operational one? If you don't tell us, we won't notice and the trout won't mind I'm sure. Irrespective, a lovely little ship.


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
29/12/2020 14:35:57

This sounds like the 'voice of experience' to me Colin yes

29/12/2020 09:01:21

This is a great forum, no matter what the problem, there's always a wise suggestion forthcomming. That may work Colin but first.......

I'll have to find a couple of lampshades for the top of the masts and smear duck fat on the Admiralty binoculars. A pressure-sensitive-release parachute may not go amiss in case the whole lot gets tipped over the balcony railings. I could drop the anchor too -and Araldite it to the table top.

As a distraction I could shine a cocpit work-light onto a new pair of diamond earings strategically place on the cockpit seat. Cost a bob-or-two but cheaper than building a new Fisher -by far!

Looking forward to the New Year already Colin. Thanks for the inspiration!


28/12/2020 18:07:31

20201226_144009.jpgGood to get the problem of the 'hidden plans' sorted. Hope some arrive in Canada in the new year.

Managed to squeeze in just a little bit of component preparation between the Xmas chores of eating and drinking. The wheelhouse and coach roof hand rails supports have been glued in place. The actual rails have not been glued on yet. Need a coat or two of gloss on the coach roof first.

Nav light boxes are made and varnished but I'm considering trying to have working P/S&S navlights -so will have to drill some holes for lights and wiring. Not sure if I want the agro but, working lights might -just might- impress the Admiralty sufficiently to allow an occasional appearance onto a sideboard or shelf etc.



Thread: Todays Boating
24/12/2020 06:03:50

Blackburn Buccaneers were my favourite a/c as a lad. They would be lined up on deck of the carriers when they visited Hong Kong harbour. You will have 'absorbed' the world supplies of 1/100 buccaneers by the next year then?

Nice detail work Noel -and as others say, the icing on the cake!


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
24/12/2020 05:41:33

Hi Samule,

Just for info'..... I bought the Fisher 25 plan from Sarik last year -just to have a look at the plan and construction. This does not have a scale shape hull. It is drawn as a 'hard chine' hull and not 'round bilge'. It' s a nice little semi-scale model but only about 60 cm long.

I hope your Fisher plans get to you this time. Christmas is of course not the best time to order small things in the post


23/12/2020 15:33:20

You could ask SARIK if they can sell it to you in PDF form. I don't think they have original paper copies anyway, so they will have to print the plans from digital archives. Maybe they can send them in PDF instead of printing them, but of course you will have to pay for them first!

Otherwise you can ask them to fold the plans (3 large sheets) and send them in A4 or A3 size envelope/s. If you wait until after the Christmas rush the postal system should manage to deliver to you.

Send them an e-mail and ask.


23/12/2020 14:43:38

Hi Samule,

I bought the original plans over 20 years ago. They were getting a bit tatty so last year I wanted to 'freshen them ut a bit' so I ordered a copy from a local copying service. They made a mistake and copied the plans in 75% scale. So I ended up with a Fisher plan that was 34" long instead of 46". I used to own a Fisher 34 so decided to use the new 75% plans to build a 1/12th scale Fisher 34 (34 feet is 34 inches at 1/12th scale).

I looked at the SARIK plan service on this site and found that if you write in their search column MM1359 the original plans for the Fisher 46 are there! £23 (+ postage I expect).

The hull shape is almost the same for all versions of Fisher motorsailers. The wheelhouse and coachroof is NOT excactly the same for all Fishers. The Fisher 46 has an aft cabin, but the 34 has an aft cockpit. There are many videos on Youtube showing details of the Fishers so it is easy to get info on the layout and equipment.



Edited By gecon on 23/12/2020 14:44:06

21/12/2020 07:20:54

Hi Ray, Chris, .....details hmmm. Don¨t look too closely though. The boat's in Norway, the map shows the French coast and the cup holder looks like an outside loo for two good friends. The map will have to stay, but the cup holder will be re-scaled soon -although, I could say that it's for my two 8cm dia. Land Rover mugs or for two thermos flasks.

I'll leave well alone for a while and get on with white paint on the cabin tops.


Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
21/12/2020 06:11:04

Well Ray, I think you'll be pretty buisy keeping that J-P straight and level ! -unless you have a giro or two in your R/C system?


Thread: MV Oldenburg 1/48th scale
20/12/2020 21:34:26

A really lovely little ship Ray. You'll surely be able to have it on some prominent tabletop when it's finished. For a few days at least?smiley


Thread: Yachting Monthly Eventide
18/12/2020 06:47:32

Hi Ray.....Nice 'yard cradle'! Everyone seemed to notice that first! Nice sails too! Boat's not bad either!smiley.

Sails looked at first to have been starched with built-in 'camber' (can't remember if that's the right word so early in the morning) but see from your text that they've been rolled up for a while.

For what it's worth, the sail sailcloth that I have, came from CMB. Armati -"sail cloth for modern yachts". I think it's nylon -not sure- but deffinately synthetic. Bought also some dark blue cloth from CMB, that's from CAP Maquettes and is 100% cotton. It'll be a few more months before the sewing maskin needs to be plugged in.

Is your Jet Provost / aircraft arsenal pictured in some other forum? I'm impressed by the number of different projects you have goingsmiley


Edited By gecon on 18/12/2020 07:28:35

Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
17/12/2020 15:06:46

I've had plenty of time for building / assembling these last two days. New photos of wheelhouse detail progress. The chap at the helm is the watchman's son
20201217_143049.jpg20201217_143306.jpg ie wrong scale for the boat. He is standing on a 'footstool' (there's probably a nautical name for this but don't know it) so he can see over the bow. We actually had a footstool on the full size we could see over the bow!.

It'll soon be time to get back to the white paint and I won't send a photo of that until the parts are in situ'....promiss.


17/12/2020 07:41:48

20201216_224654.jpg20201216_143943.jpgBeen painting a lot of white recenting and getting slightly 'snow-blind' so decided to have a go at the wheelhouse interior for a change of colour.

This is my first attempt at making 'dolls-house funiture' so some of the upholstry needs re-doing. The material is left-over microfibre curtaining... it's a bit thick at the corners where folded over -a bit like the builder actually.

I'll re-do it later if it's too obvious when the wheelhouse is complete. I will probably not be able to live with for long but want to play with the small details a bit first. There'll be a radar, VHF, GPS and more so that may distract the eye from the poor upholstry work.


Edited By gecon on 17/12/2020 07:46:28

Thread: Propeller shaft lubrication
16/12/2020 07:20:52

Ref: operating temps.

I would think that for slow speed scale and /or auxiliary sailing yachts temperature-range of the grease used would not be much of an issue.

Note that fishing reel grease is probably not designed for high temperatures so may not work well under high temp/high load conditions.

I'm off to the local 'juice of the vine' shop today to get in some lubrication suitable for different temperatures 6 -18 degrees approx, depending on the amount of cavitation (bubbles?) in the lubricant. I find that medium viscosity Bristol Cream glides gently down the feed tube and works well as a primer for other lubes.

The important thing is to keep all components sufficiently oiled during the festive season. All the while not standing too close to the edge of the pond -in case you slip on your own oil!

Sorry, I'm going now,


Thread: Modelboats Dec/Jan
16/12/2020 06:45:15

Happy belated birthday Dave! Sorry you did not get my card. I may have sprayed on too much antibac and it dissolved in the post. Please don't 'cancel us' smiley


Thread: Propeller shaft lubrication
14/12/2020 09:04:48

For some strange reason I did not think to google 'model boat propshafts' or 'm.b.propshaft lubrication' before posting my question. There are dozens of references to the subject including discussions from this forum 6 years ago! A drawing from Bob Abel too!

There is lots of discussion to be found everywhere. I think the main thing to consider for my type of maritime activity is the fact that the only boat I have in use is low speed, has low power / no-power requirement. The other three boats I have planned are in the same catagory.

If no water comes up the shaft I need no lube other than perhaps a dab of light grease at the inside thrust collar.

The two Colin Archer kits in the cellar have a very short brass tube and brass/steel (?) propshaft which looks like it was produced at least 20 years ago. These shafts are fitted horizontally in the yacht, so I think I'll 'stuff-em'.

Thanks again to all, I'll get on with the build now and stop ranting20200709_192113.jpg.


Edited By gecon on 14/12/2020 09:06:48

14/12/2020 04:48:31

Hi Tim,

Most of the accessories for my 'scratch' Fisher 34 have come in the post from CMB. The lubrication fittings too I think -but I did order a few small parts directly from Graupner a short while before they closed shop.

I don't think the aerosol spray (also Graupner I think) can be sent by post -only courier....and not to Norway!

I'll test with a wattmeter as Ashley suggests, but that will be in a few months when everything is connected up.

I must admit that I have not offered much thought to the 'tube-lube process' until recently, but I will in future. For a small, brushed el-motor, the wrong propshaft lube can of course act more as a glue than a lubricant.


13/12/2020 10:47:17

20200824_090219.jpgNow there's variation on the theme!

Many thanks gents for your inputs, very much appreciated. I would not have thought much about the subject had it not been for the greaser/tube support that came with the Comtesse drive train accessory pack. When I saw that, I thought that I'd better prepare to install one in all future projects.

On reflection I suspect that my requiremants are more for stern tube 'sealing' rather than 'oiling'. The motorised yacht's in my 'marina' will be mainly driven by the breeze and only motored for short periods.

The grease that I have bought in looks like thickish vaselin and the german text suggests that it 'hampers water ingress'. part nr. ro5557.

The 3 tube support/greasers all came from Graupner last year, part 2997.6.

I'll try applying gentle syringe pressure while running the motor slowly and see if the grease runs into the sterntube a bit. I have greased the propshafts prior to assembly. Shafts are 4mm and the tubes are 6mm so there's not much space for anything else in there!




Edited By gecon on 13/12/2020 10:47:54

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