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Thread: old metallic paint
19/05/2020 07:12:02

It may just be wishfull thinking but, today the silver paint seems to be slightly less tacky. I'll wait a few more days before doing anything at all. It's not a chrome paint but a very shiny silver, with a few fingureprints on it -after holding the pulpits while glueing in place! Not noticeable at 1 metres distance.

Getting on with the rest of the details this week and pretending not to notice the pulpits. After all, it's only stand-off scale, "all-white-boat" (AWB). Uncompareable with most of the beautiful creations seen elsewhere on the forum.


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18/05/2020 22:36:47

Oh, oh, sounds like I'm in trouble here. I'll have to start thinking...for once. It's painted on brass so I could scrape it all off again. It'll be a mess though. the pulpits are now epoxied onto the deck. Think, think, think, hmm...tired now, going to bed -2335 in Norway. Start up again in the morning.

Cheers, George

18/05/2020 13:27:31

I have used some old Ca. 20 yrs! Testors Model Master chrome silver Paint. It does not seem to be driying 100% . Very slightly tacky to the touch. Used it to get a polished steel look on the stacions and pulpits.

Can I paint over it with clear enamel do you think? I seem to remember that Humbrol metallics don't 'like' being painted over. This is not Humbrol and not metal flake but it is very shiny! -and tacky!

Any (polite) suggestions ?


Thread: sailwinch mounting
18/05/2020 11:40:31

The tree winches mounted foreward in my Fisher (see album) are mounted in both positions. Two on their side and one upright. This was purely to acheive the required runs (length and direction) for the continuous loops.

I agree that the best mounting is upright in order to facilitate access to screws etc. I feel though that there may be a slight advantage in having the servo on it's side -putting the drum in the vertical plane - which may just help to keep the lines on the drum should something 'slacken' a bit under winching. A spring tensioner getting overstretched etc etc.

Some winches have enclosed drums to prevent the sheet from coming of the drum.


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Thread: Comtesse Sailing Yacht by Krick Ro-Marin.
15/05/2020 15:42:53

Another piece of worthless info: the sail number has been 'doctored' from 88 to 38. The reasoning for this is not worth knowing about so I'll stop at that.20200515_091943.jpg

15/05/2020 06:44:20

Sorry, there are two sails but I did not mean to say it twice!


14/05/2020 19:50:19

Made up the sails today. Not much shape in them but they came with the kit so they'll be given a chance. I've never made sails before so when I do my homework and make sails for the Fisher I may be able to make better ones for the Comtesse. For the time being I'm content just to make a 'sailing vessel' which stays afloat, sails and looks the part.


14/05/2020 19:50:18

Made up the sails today. Not much shape in them but they came with the kit so they'll be given a chance. I've never made sails before so when I do my homework and make sails for the Fisher I may be able to make better ones for the Comtesse. For the time being I'm content just to make a 'sailing vessel' which stays afloat, sails and looks the part.


14/05/2020 08:41:38

I would think that the Blenheim would be great on brushless motors. The 600 brushed were a little low on power. I added flaps to my Blenheim and this helped landings, but some kind of protection is needed so they don't get torn off at touch-down!

Yes the Colin Archer is going to take time. See you have one i 'album'. The instructions are pretty scanty, but no problem for a hardened scratch-builder like me? or? At least mine is the '414' with ABS hull. Wife would not be able to take the pressure of another wooden hull in the kitchen! She would probably re-introduce keel-hauling.



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Thread: Todays Boating
14/05/2020 08:15:14

Morning Ashley, sorry but couldn't keep my mouth shut….was so tempted the other day to suggest making glue by boiling fish bones down to a sticky mess and when cooled down adding alcohol to make great glue with antibacterial properties! On the same theme as your suggestion to make a U/J like the one I had in my Sea Queen in about1968! In fact I see that I have one of those in the Colin Archer kit I have lined up. Starting on that when the Comtesse is ready for launch.

Watch out for that length of garden wire and brass block. It might route your radio signals to some wayward place where there's no receiver!



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Thread: Comtesse Sailing Yacht by Krick Ro-Marin.
14/05/2020 07:57:30

Pullpits and bathing ladder base coated last evening. Used Humbrol matt grey no.64. Don't know if it is still called colour '64' as this tin is from my 'collection' of matt Humbrols used on Balsacraft Spifire, Hurricane and Bristol Blenheim models ca. 1998-ish! For some strange reason I kept all the small tins of Humbrol and Revell enamel even though I gave away allmost everthing else connected with model making.

Topcoating today with brilliant silver to try to make it look like polished steel. Hope for the best.


Thread: Help with keel weight
12/05/2020 22:59:16

Sorry for the late reply...been away all afternoon/evening hanging up curtain poles and curtains, helping a grandchild (26 years old lady!) move into a new flat..

The kit did not come with much in the way of 'adornments'. I bought the accessory packs for the Comtesse. ie. The motor drive set, the wing keel set (which reduces the amount of required internal ballast) and the fittings set.

Also made a seagull or two for the decks of the two yachts (so far) in build. Ref. 'albums'


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12/05/2020 15:45:30

Looks really great Richard! Lovely contrast between the mahogany and pine, spruce, obeche or?

I can back up Ray about keel ballast. In the Comtesse I filled the keel with the Krick supplied tiny iron shot and covered/sealed the top with a thick layer (1cm) of P38 filler. Krick iron shot is so small that it 'flows' like thick soup.

I put small amount of resin in the bottom of the keel first so I could drill for a wing keel without all the iron shot 'flowing out' of the boltholes in the bottom of the keel!


Thread: Comtesse Sailing Yacht by Krick Ro-Marin.
12/05/2020 15:16:47

Propper propshaft-to-motor U/J arrived today from Cornwall MB after 12 days in the post. Photo in album shows an almost-smiling helmsman with the U/J on the cockpit bench. Hope tests will show an improvemnet over the original machined brass 'joiner' supplied in the kit.


10/05/2020 22:27:13

This weekend has been devoted to soldering -or rather, trying to solder- the fore and aft pulpits and folding bathing ladder. I'm not good at soldering so tomorrow when I grind down /smooth out the rough joints I expect a number of them will break. Perhaps I should have read up a bit on soldering before starting. I though I'd get better as I worked at it but I don't feel that the quality of work improved at all. Posted a few photos of the results in 'album'.

The instructions on the soldering section were 'alright' but not 'very good' . I get the impression -as in other sections- that these instructions have been adapted from the old Comtesse and in some areas the text does not quite match the drawings, photos or kit contents. There were also a few small brass splitpins missing in the kit's 'splitpin bag'. This made soldering the bathing platform rungs more difficult than it should have been. These splitpins are made of very thin brass so not sure how to find a replacement…maybe copper wire? Anyway, soldered without them. Nobody will actually be standing on the rungs! so they should hold.


Thread: Thames Sailing Barge Stuff
09/05/2020 06:37:28
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 04/05/2020 21:13:55:

Hi All,

Some progress today with the main and fore hatch frameworks, ready for the deck now 😀

My lovely wife has mentioned decorating 😯 I knew it was to good to last !! Where is the paint 😈

Regards Ray


I see that I'm deffinately not on par with my clamps collection. Will have to fix that before starting on the Colin Archer project. Your barge is looking great.

I note that will have to log off more often when not using the PC. Last week, about the same date, 5th May, my wife mentioned the 'D'-word ...decorating! Not paint though --curtains. So the bad news now is that there's 21 meters of 'sailcloth' on order from Laura Ashley in Wales. 7m for the bedroom and 14 for the sittingroom. The good news is that it will take about 6-8 weeks to get here.

Going off line for a while and moving to the drydock and slipway to focus on yacht production.



Thread: Comtesse Sailing Yacht
08/05/2020 15:16:16

Just thought I should mention -in fairness to Krick, that they have today informed that a replacement shaft-to-motor coupling will be sent to Norway. It took some time -and two e-mails- to get a reply, but this may be due to the dreaded corona-pox. All services seem to be on low-speed these days.

Wish a good weekend to all -or at least to any poor soul who looks in here!


Thread: Comtesse Sailing Yacht by Krick Ro-Marin.
08/05/2020 14:52:46

Info' about the bent shaft coupling in the kit.

Finally heard today from Krick in Germany, they are sending a replacement brass coupling to the modelshop in Norway (50 miles away) which supplied the Comtesse kit. They agree that the coupling must have been machined out of true. I've asked them to send directly to my home address so I'll just wait and see where it gets sent.

I'll then have a choice of couplings when the U/J arrives from CMB.


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
08/05/2020 14:43:24

The deck and bulwark capping has been given a third -and last- coat of varnish today. A few dust particles here and there but not noticeable unless viewed in strong refelecting light. Finish has been aproved by the Admiralty but only because she is tired of seeing the F34 on top of the hob. Luckily it's induction so she can't switch on and fry the keel.

6 hours on the hob and then 4 days hardening time (Fisher -not admiralty) before she does a half-roll (again , Fisher not Admiralty) ready for glassing the nether regions (still Fisher).

Has to be on the hob with vent on 'half-ahead' for air polution reduction. Still too cold outside for open air paintwork.


07/05/2020 19:57:28

Hi Ray,

The Fisher is miles too heavy displacement to be content with a self-tacker. Also I want it to look more to scale. I'm thinking more about being able to move it in the breeze occasionally, in a scale and sedate manner - rather than avid sailing!smiley If you look at the photos of the real thing (in my album) you will see that it probably sails as well as a......TSB !


Edited By George Edward Connery on 07/05/2020 19:59:47

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