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Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
12/08/2022 07:02:02

Billing Boats:

Although the instructions for the Colin Archer build are the scantiest I have ever seen for a kit, I must add that at least Billing boats respond to requests for help.

In spite of the fact that my particular kit was produced about 15 years ago, they sent me a new, replacement propshaft PDQ -and free. They responded immediately to my request for info about a tiny wooden part (a static block) which I couldn't find on the plans. They are sending me a new set of transfers. The original ones are yellow around the edges (instead of clear) and self-distruct when in contact with water!

I understand that the new owners are working on modernising building methods of much of the fleet -and hopefully their concept of "building instructions".


11/08/2022 20:50:13

I reckon that will do!20220811_121534.jpg20220811_121633.jpg20220811_121639.jpg20220811_121643.jpg20220811_121941.jpg

11/08/2022 20:26:10

Thanks Neil, I was a bit disheartened yesterday evening when I noticed the foresail winch system was a bit lacking, but very pleased on the lake when all worked very well. Posting photos as they crop up and will try to get a video on YT eventually and then I have to tidy up the 'ship-yard' store room.

Info to all....

Waiting for some 1mm x 12mm bolts to arrive to tidy up the dead-eyes. Also a few other tweeks to do to reduce the work at water's edge. After that I'll be producing a small trin set in the store room!

When I was out with the Colin Archer today a chap with a dog strolled up and said he subscribed to Modell Boats Magazine! and has stacks of model boats. Building a Clyde Puffer just now. I told him to post on the forum, so maybe he'll turn up here sometime.

We agreed to meet sometimes at the lake to sail. After 3 years I finally met a local modelboater!


11/08/2022 17:30:00

20220811_120514.jpg20220811_121534.jpg20220811_112159.jpg20220811_091118.jpgI see I made a blunder -again in the previous post. I meant to write-- " the inner staysail worked well as a self-tacking sail". The brass rod foreward of the pinrail lead the clew of the sail nicely around the mast.

Posting photos of the retractable bowsprit which allows the CA to fit into the car! a couple of sailing shots too.

Took some video too will post it on Y-T if I can remember how I did it with the Fisherlaugh



11/08/2022 15:10:06

Many thanks gents,

Back from the maiden voyage. The Colin Archer sailed amazingly well, despite the unsatisfactory headsail control. The inne staysail She displaces 11.4 kg which is about 2kg heavier than it should be. Post more detail later. Posting a few photos asap. Took many, need time to sort through them. Admiralty ordering a barbeque so suddenly a bit buisy this afternoon.


11/08/2022 07:30:37

20220811_073122.jpg20220811_073955.jpgPrior to last night's 'candle-light-supper photos', I did a few function tests -specifically on the foresail winch arrangement. I have of course tested it previously, but not with the foresails rigged and hoisted.

As feared, the lack of constant tension on both sheets P&S, caused some problems when operating the winch. Because there is not a slight constant tension on both lines the sheet on the leeward side has slop in it as the winch starts to wind in. This causes the sheet not to wind onto the drum smoothly. This in turn causes it to jam inside the winch drum. I did include sprung pulleys below deck to try to compensate for this but it has not been 100% effective.

Luckily though, I'm not planning to 'race around the buoys' with the Colin Archer, so I hope It'll not cause too much agro. Building a scale interior does of course hinder the installation of a propper closed loop winch sytem as on the Fisher.

Adding a few more photos here to show the Admiralty-produced fenders, The dinghy on deck, and the brass rod to guide the inner staysail clew foreward of the mast and pinrail.

Looks like the weather is going to be very warm today, so hope there are not too many people wanting to swim in my test-lake!



Thread: 61' Barnett class lifeboat
11/08/2022 07:10:14

I'm amazed by what you dare to embark upon Neil! That's a real HD project. You're a brave manyes


11/08/2022 07:10:14

I'm amazed by what you dare to embark upon Neil! That's a real HD project. You're a brave manyes


Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
10/08/2022 23:04:40


10/08/2022 22:49:29

20220810_230315.jpgThe Colin Archer is ready for a sail trial. Took lots of night photos this evening just in case she sinks on the maiden voyagesad

As with the Fisher, I have installed genuine IKEA Xmas LEDs . The light looks brighter in the photos than it actually is. Will post a stack of photos during the next few days. If I can get some video footage during sail trials, I'll try to post that on You Tube. After that there will be relative peace on this thread.yes




Edited By gecon on 10/08/2022 22:57:36

05/08/2022 09:16:51

Some delay due to painting garage doors (wide ones!) for the entrance to our common parking hall under the flats.

The inner foresail is being 'ringed onto the forestay. Fun work compared to dead-eye fumbling.


The top end of the shrouds are wrapped around the main mast at the gallows for the mainsail fork.


Threaded the dead-eyes after much fumbling and losing bits on the carpet below the dining table! The result is not very good, but I have now sourced some 1mm brass bolts and washers for delivery next week which should tidy things up a bit. The bolts will replace the rather untidy brass rod which is threaded through the lugs on the dead-eye straps. The silvery nav-light cable will be painted brown or black and fastened inboard of the aft shroud.


Thread: Sea Queen 46" Cruiser
31/07/2022 10:52:11

Well, she is a sort of 'broads cruiser' and not a 'Huntsman', so a sedate glide around the pound is in order I think.

And she floats nicely to her marks, something which I always seem to struggle with. But then I've only built 3 boats !


Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
31/07/2022 07:24:13

Disappearing dead-eye.

Pushed out 16 dead-eyes ages ago and stained them so they would be ready when I needed them. When I took them out of the closed plastic box yesterday morning, there was one missing. Looked all over the place, to no avail.

Made a new one from scrap ply.


When I started assembling them last evening (for light entertainment)....there was one missingangry. Looked 'all over the place' again then went to bed a little bit 'bothered'.

Started looking again this morning and found it on a glass table immediately below the smoked glass table I was working on. It's just visible in the centre of the photo below.


I'll get them fitted to the boat ASAP -so I know where to find them!

This was the Sunday useless-info post.




Edited By gecon on 31/07/2022 07:47:53

Thread: Returning modeller
31/07/2022 07:03:26

Good morning Rayhot

you could suspend a fridge/minibar from the roof beams...if they could take even more weight. Or excavate one below the deck and motorize it to self-raise to bar height. You would be "sailing over the bar" when it wasn't in use. beercocktail.

Sorry for intruding James, going away...

Edited By gecon on 31/07/2022 07:05:00

Thread: 61' Barnett class lifeboat
30/07/2022 17:28:25

This really is a huge piece 'maritime woodwork' Neil. It's going to look magnificent! -and huge laugh


Thread: Sea Queen 46" Cruiser
30/07/2022 17:17:52

Herry P was a little lad. The sea Q is a big girl.

Nice woodwork too, not that we would expect otherwise.


Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
28/07/2022 19:58:27

Thanks Neil, I am pleased with the result so far. Luckily there's not too much to do now before she's ready for the local lake.

As I mentioned to Ray, I will not be starting another boat project after this one. The 'shipyard' will be tidied up and a small train layout will take it's place. This will be less likely to to inspire the Admiralty to look for 'a prefered gentleman' -as you called himwink.....or invite me to walk-the-plank!


27/07/2022 19:25:17

20220727_152353.jpgFitted a 'Simrad' boatspeed indicator -as on the present full size Colin Archer.

View from the helm. I think I need a GoPro cube to capture the view when sailing.



Edited By gecon on 27/07/2022 19:29:10

27/07/2022 19:20:45

Done a few small jobs today. Attached the topsail (hand sewing) to the 'spire'. Hoisted the 'spire' up the main mast.

Attached the inner forestay with brass bottlescrew. Used 3mm cord as shown on the plan. Considered a wire stay but it did not look right.

Photos in wrong order again!





26/07/2022 21:02:07

Thanks Ray, can't fix glaucoma, but it can be slowed down and maybe stopped -by eyedrops or even an op. Mine is still getting very slowly worse. Bigger boats are deffinately OUT. Don't really want to make any more actually. I get so absorbed in planning and building that at times I do't think about anything else than the next construction stage.

The Colin Archer is my last project. It's over to small trains for relaxation!

My son-in-law actually invited me to see TG Maverick sometime soon. Should be interesting -and noisey!


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