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Thread: pushrods
08/03/2021 04:00:43

Hi Ray,

Not had the Covid jab yet. Supplies seem to be restricted but health minister says that April and May will see inceased availability. Luckily Norway has a low Covid spread rate -especially where I live in the south west. Staying 'in the trenches' until about mid-summer i suspect. Standing alone by a lake will be no problem on 'launch day'!


07/03/2021 06:59:37

Hi Ray,

didn't notice your reply above until this morning! I can remember the Elmic Conquest -and the Veron Deacon adverts in RCM&E and Radio Modeller.

Maybe it was a Conquest I had in my Mini Super. There were other escapement versions but I don't remember what they were called.

I seem to remember that 'my' escapement had some sort of arrangment for a 'blip' of up elevator...which I think is why my Mini Super stalled on climb-out after my father hand-launched it!

Is the Mini Super to be 'politically correct' and fitted with electric power?


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
05/03/2021 12:10:57

PS..not just Post Skript also 'Party Shop' !

Found opaque (but not clear) straws at a local 20210305_124228.jpgparty supplies shop. The red and green straws were removed PDQ!


Thread: Dave Milbourn RIP
05/03/2021 12:05:33

Very sad to read of Dave's passing away. You didn't have to be long on this forum to notice that Dave was a wealth of knowledge. I have often refered to his tech-tips on both electrics and finnishing techniques.

Condolences to his family and friends.


Thread: Chez-When - 34" Sailing Cruiser
04/03/2021 17:23:52

Well Ray, you know I like to 'rant' on, but I suspect Colin would ban me from the forum if I responded fully to your suggestion. 14000 flying hours with 12500 of them on heavy helicopters over the North sea has produced several 'scary incidents'. A couple of them still give an 'action-replay' in my sleep!

I think it's best I stick with the gentle art of sailmaking -which is challenging but not very scaryvampsurprise

Cheers, George

Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
04/03/2021 13:53:49

Sorry folks, but I still have not found clear -or white- milkshake straws/tubing for the shroud rollers! These are just for test -maybe forever if they work well! Don't like hiding the nice shiny steel bottlescrews though.


Thread: Chez-When - 34" Sailing Cruiser
04/03/2021 13:47:37

Ahhh Ray, my first R/C aircraft, the KK Mini Super. Used RCS single channel R/C. I seem to remember that it had some kind of sequential throttle control too. Painted in Humbrol bright orange. OS Pet 09 glow in the front, rather underpowered. Only lasted 2 flights! This info was not on my CV when applying for flying jobsembarrassed


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
04/03/2021 06:25:24

Most impressive they way you make all the details yourself Neil. Though you haven't much choice I suppose. Don't recon the 'right' instrument panels, hatches and fittings are available commercially anyway.


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
02/03/2021 18:43:36

Yes indeed Chris, I don't usually live that dangerously, easing off now to a broad reach -which is about all a Fisher owner can manage -live a bit longer that way too!20210302_101801.jpg

Today's 'evening offering'...genoa loosely rolled on - and fully out, just to test. Attatching the sail winches and sheets sometime tomorrow. 20210302_101941.jpg

Edited By gecon on 02/03/2021 18:46:29

02/03/2021 06:34:37

The 'art' of sailmaking was started on sunday and the Admiralty and her sewing machine was is action sewing the dark blue cloth tube which will eventually cover the aluminium tubes of the roller forestay. Unfortunately I forgot to take å photo of the process!

Photo shows sailcloth laid out for measurement and cutting.20210228_173229.jpg

25/02/2021 06:53:41

Thanks gents for the kind words. I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised with overall impression of the Fisher. I hope the last finishing touches will make it a good SOS (stand-off-scale) yacht.

There's been a couple of days delay due to Admiralty ordering a colour change to the sittingroom bulkheads, but I'm still planning for 1st April launch and -I hope- flotation's displacement is becoming rather significant" (yacht, not Admiralty).


Thread: Chez-When - 34" Sailing Cruiser
22/02/2021 07:09:21

You are world famous for your removeable keels Ray! Well, almost.

I expect the keel-design and construction was sorted while you were cutting the bulkheads -or even earlier?

Will Chez-When be white-and-teak or mahogany maybe?


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
20/02/2021 23:03:10

Don't know why some of the text above became 'bold'. It was not intended. It'll probably sail without the sails due to all the wire! Adding an extra photo of the wirey yacht.


20/02/2021 21:54:20

The Fisher is now fully rigged. Mast rake to be set after the roller furling genoa is made and attached. Triatic stay to be routed aft of the radar dome which will be fitted to the mizzen within a week. A few other photos posted in album. George20210220_141152.jpg

Edited By gecon on 20/02/2021 21:56:10

Thread: M.V. Sea Nass
19/02/2021 05:52:47

Hull is looking very impressive Dave. Not as curvy as the subject on the wall though.

Can't help much with rudders but as you already know they will need to be big-ish to turn that hull. I bought a standard Robbe rudder for the Fisher and enlarged it...but it's not much bigger than scale size.

I'd consider a bow thruster if I were you. Plenty to choose from and easy to install -if you do it SOON.  Two speed controllers will of course help to turn the beastie.


Edited By gecon on 19/02/2021 05:54:24

Thread: Chez-When - 34" Sailing Cruiser
19/02/2021 05:21:22

This will be another beautiful yacht Ray. Looks nice and spacious, though the cockpit may 'intrude' a bit. Are you going to build the original 'contraption' for sail control -or use a large closed-drum sailwinch?

A large hard chine hull is deffinately attractive compared to hundreds of 'planky-de-planks'.

Do I detect space for a stern tube?

Looking forward to the progress photos.


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
18/02/2021 09:06:15

Made a bloomer with the the main boom dimension. Thus emphasizing that 'size isn't everything/one can have too much of a good thing'

Surgery without an anesthetic has already been performed and the boom now clears the lower shrouds!


Thread: pushrods
16/02/2021 06:57:54

That's the way we made them on our KK Mini Super and KK Super 60' the 60's! Very light and worked at treat--in the lower speed ranges!


Thread: Fisher 34 motorsailer
14/02/2021 17:15:59

Mk IV version of roller furling headstay assembled today. Still som nuts and bolts to tidy up but just had to get some photos done so I could look at them. Surprising the number of faults/discrepensies you notice by studying a photo contra looking at the work 'live'.

Post just the overall photo here. 'Sideways' detail photos are in album if anyone wants a look.

Next work will be testing out genoa attatchment methods.20210214_175558.jpg


Edited By gecon on 14/02/2021 17:19:10

14/02/2021 08:25:01

20210213_071132.jpgCame out of the closet -so to speak- on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately one or two incedences have hampered progress a bit but managed to fit the triatic stay and thread a few sheet blocks here and there.

New idea for roller furling headstay construction will be attempted today. Mothering Sunday in Norway combined with Valentines and "Shrove Tuesday" which is actually celebrated today on a Sunday will all cause delays in production.

Seagulls-view photos of triatic stay with mizzen spreader/tiebars and a general aft quarter view will hopefully appear below - above!



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