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Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
12/09/2021 16:26:32

20210912_164649.jpg20210912_164711.jpg20210912_163245.jpgAfter much deliberation we concluded -for the second time this year- not to replace the flooring in the flat. The approaching subdued, autumn light will help to hide the scrapes and dings for at least 6 months!

So.... threw some more oak planks into the aft section. Companionway steps placed against the engine cover to which it will be glued after staining. The soldering iron is now up from the cellar so there will probably be some R/C installation during the week.

The workbench to port was cut .5mm too short so I had to hold it in place for the photo! 




Edited By gecon on 12/09/2021 16:37:17

05/09/2021 22:03:43

20210905_223535.jpgMade a blunder today. Bad news and good news...Proudly showed swmbo the 'medium oak' cabin sole. That's the bad news.

The good news for the Forum is that I then had to order 75sq metres of oak flooring for the the flat and that will keep me away for a while. Luckily for me, there's carpet in the bedrooms, so it could have been even worse.

This will be a so-called "long build". Hope my knees and back hold out.

Bye bye, George


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
01/09/2021 08:04:33

"William Street" looks superb Neil. Watch out for that white shelf in the background though. It looks like it's ready to dump it's load onto the STBD deck.


Thread: Cygnus GM33
31/08/2021 15:09:06

Very nice indeed. Sharp and clean. What's the OAL? I first thought it was on deck of a lager vessel and that there was a porthole in the background. Of course, it not take me all week (only 6 days!) to see where she was 'slipped'.


Thread: Model Railways
31/08/2021 13:56:47

Oh-Oh; I'm being inspired by these posts! Used to have digitalised Hornby and Fleischmann HO sets. Later downsized to Fleisch' N-scale. Think I might have space for a small Z-gauge Christmas theme layout. Have to go for Marklin Mini-Club I suppose. A bit pricey, but don't have the space for anything else. Have to try to get SWMBO in the Xmas spirit soon. Can start by buying in the Bristol Cream maybe laugh Babbling again.....


Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
31/08/2021 13:04:40

20210831_115145.jpg20210831_115253.jpgI was going to write about "well hung" and all that, but decided to keep things squeeky clean instead. The mugshot of The Man has been hung on the bulkhead the berth curtains have been hung too and some photos scattered about more or less as on the full size CA. The main cabin sole will be laid in due course. Still no R/C gear installed, but it will happen sometime. As usual, the deck is just laid in place to show the general appearance when it's all done. Photo of the real interior included.20210831_114903.jpg


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
30/08/2021 08:33:50

I've never studied these tiny geared motors before. Most impressive. I'm not surprised though, Everything you construct is impressive Neil. Of course, that's not to suggest that others don't produce small wonders too, in their own sphere.


Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
28/08/2021 14:59:04

This is the guy who's been causing all the 'trouble' recently. Colin Archer's parents emmigrated from Scotland to Norway in ca1825. He was the 12th of 13 children, which is probably why he and some of his brothers later emigrated to Queensland, Australia! Anyway back in Norway in 1860 he started studying boat design and construction. His mugshot - as on the fullsize- is going to hang on the saloon forward bulkhead. I've been buisy with the scanner and printer to reduce the size of photos/drawings and framing them with gloss black polystyrene strip. Frames shown are not trimmed off yet. The oval frame is made from car wiper-blade rubber. George20210828_152137.jpg

25/08/2021 17:49:11

While I'm wingeing about glueing on straight peices of plastic, Niel is making his own stanchions! Not to mention the wizardry 'steaming' Richard is producing. Impressive work gents.

I'll zip upsecret from now on. ..or at least until I start some other fiddly job.laugh


Edited By gecon on 25/08/2021 17:52:37

25/08/2021 08:08:27

Been a bit hampered recently helping (one of the nine!) adult grandchildren sort out family problems.....but managed never-the-less to start the tarting up work on the lockers and door frames.

The existing Colin Archer in Oslo has (unfortunately) ornate black striping around the locker and door frames. My stripes are made of matt black painted 1.5mm polystyrene strip. A very fiddly job.

I did not know that this strip even existed until I received a tip-off by our great religious leader and bishop Mr. Colin Cannon. This was in connection with making faux-aluminium window frames for the Fisher wheelhouse. Thanks again to the Top Gun.


Thread: sail eyelets brass or copper
20/08/2021 14:07:53

I think CMB have eyelets but they might only be in nickel/ brass.


Edited By gecon on 20/08/2021 14:10:54

Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
20/08/2021 07:25:22

Well Richard, there is of course a forward cabin in the full size one, with 2 more sea berths and a galley! Hmm... I'm not going to go there due to fear of loosing my marbles. Would have to make too many removeable deck sections. Although I have thought about a working forward hatch which would reveal companionway steps and some green panelling below. Will I ever get to launch day I wonder?

On reflection, considering that I have two kits, I should have planned for one static model with full interior and one working R/C model. Too late. When I started all this, I had not thought at all about trying to make interior fittings.

I notice that I've started babbling again.....sorry

Thanks to both Richard and Neil and others for kind comments, and to all who 'look in' to the build postings.

Hope you all get good weather for the various weekend sailing events.


19/08/2021 19:00:59

20210819_152527.jpgWell, the second attempt to send me a compass was successful. Took only 8 days in the post, which is the shortest UK-Norway time since I started ordering from CMB in 2019.

Fitted the compass in it's 'pigeonhole'. The porthole surround which I made two weeks ago is a bit on the large side I think, so something might well 'happen' to that before launch. The whole compass thing was just an afterthought which ended up being a main event 20210819_152504.jpgwhich -as Ray gently hints- will hardly ever be seen!

Post a photo of the original too. oh, oh, I have to take a photo of the PC screen first. Can't turn it the right way here, sorry.



Edited By gecon on 19/08/2021 19:07:46

Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
19/08/2021 07:25:56

I'm facinated by your in-house production of detail parts Neil. Beautiful work, and a joy to behold.


Thread: Colin Archer 1:15 scale
17/08/2021 14:38:58

20210817_152846.jpgHatching-out (sorry) more ideas. Through-deck access to R/C gear. 20210817_152910.jpg

16/08/2021 22:08:17

I don't think the 'rivet counters' would accept that Ray. I'd be getting hate-mail for sure.angry The plastic hull is bad enough. A see-through deck would get me excluded, BUT I plan to open the deck below the skylight and I'll hinge the companionway hatch. Though there still won't be much view of the interior.

I do have another Colin archer kit in the cellar store. If I ever start building it, I definately will not try another interior. It's driving me nuts.face 14


16/08/2021 18:15:57

20210812_202035.jpg20210816_122424.jpgMore interior details added. Some (non-working) hinges applied to lockers and doors. Brass rails on locker tops. Richard's tip about Doll's house furniture produced not just hinges...I could not resist the brass parafin storm lamps. Bought 3! One of them will probably be modified a bit and suspended from a cross beam.

Made an attempt at the companionway steps. It looks like it's dangerously placed in mid air, but that's where the companionway opening will be when the deck is in place...I hope.

Still waitng for compass and some other bits from CMB. Hope they don't get lost in the post again.20210816_122412.jpg


14/08/2021 09:27:14

20210811_172853.jpgBrass knobs appearing here and there. Paintwork looks a bit tatty-weathered in the close-ups I'm afraid. However the boat was built in 1893! Had to make a hole in a bulkhead to get at the screws for the hinge on the heads door! I'll hang a photo over the plug.

It'll all look good enough when I'm finished.


13/08/2021 16:19:50

Thanks Tim,

I'm not aware of ever having ticked this box. Below the 'bookmark' icon I have now removed the highlighted text. maybe that will fix it?

Time will tell!


13/08/2021 10:48:32

Hi Ray, looks like a smart way to do it! I have in fact seen a large flush-deck yacht on Youtube with a similar system. This seemed very smooth in operation. I think I googled "model yacht genoa operation" or something of that nature.

Main advantage is, you only need ONE servo to to do it! Disadvantage is, that you cannot let out the sail clew to fly loose for sailing downwind. The clew follows, and is allways the same distance from the track. With two separately controlled servos, you can let them both out for downwing sailing.

However, to use the track system on the Fisher, would not look very 'scale' as it would entail routing the track quite far forward to get around the mast, then across the top of coachroof (which needs to be removeable to get at the swithches/fuses).

The track would also have to be routed outboard and well aft of the mainmast shrouds too....ugly.

My system looks reasonably scale I think -and it even snags slighlty (as in real life!). Although the tracks and sheet blocks are rather larger-than-life in size.

You will remember in our discussions on this -ages ago- I mentioned that my grey cell was under considerable duresscrying 2 trying to work out a suitable system laugh.

Thanks though, for the info. The photo shows that for the right type of model, it's not that difficult to achieve some sort of positive genoa control.

Cheers, George.

PS. Can anyone tell me what I've done recently to start receiving 'allerts' when someone posts on my thread/s?

I don't mind, but I'm not aware of what buttons I've pshed to make this happen. Or is this just a new Forum-feature?

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