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Thread: boat size
02/11/2021 14:33:58

Thanks a lot guys what I am considering is The Endurance by Occre is 750mm long so when putting rigging through tackle etc holes in blocks may be bigger and easier to thread plus there is a video on YouTube on how to build il step by step which for someone like me is a massive help has this will be only my second build and trying to understand how you do these things is a battle on its own any more advice is really important and much appreciated

Thanks Paul

31/10/2021 12:41:49

Hi all can i have some general advice please i am struggling with the boat i am building due to sight problems its a small boat and parts are small to see and handle if i buy a large model next time will parts be larger to handle so easy to see but will it be more complex has it will be only my second build

Thanks Paul

Thread: Second planking
04/06/2021 16:05:55

Hi All

going to start second planking soon can anyone advise me on a glue that will hold the planks in position without pinning and allow me some time to manoeuvre into right position

Thanks Paul

Thread: wood breaking
09/10/2020 12:25:28

Hi all have not built a wooden boat before i bought a model from caldercraft

called hm sherebourne now i have to bend some 0.8 3 ply wood round the outside of the deck called bulwarks i soaked the wood in hot water for 3 hours started to ease it round a jar to get the shape and the outside ply split it as not broken in two but if i carry on it will can someone give me any advice other than buy a new section from the supplier which may break again how do i bend tis without it breaking

Tanks Paul

Thread: Keel clamps
29/06/2020 19:12:53

Thanks Paul that sounds a great idea something to do this week


29/06/2020 11:48:15

Good manners to start but to answer your question as you get older you may find yourself forgetting things

29/06/2020 11:20:43

Hi all need some advice would anyone recommend a keel clamp to hold the model steady when working on it and if so any recommendations

Thanks Paul

Thread: Rigging thread
28/04/2020 12:47:25

Hi All need some advice please

the rigging thread I have is two ply how do you stop it unravelling when passing through pullies etc ?

Thanks Paul

Thread: keel clamp
18/10/2019 16:00:08


would you model builders recommend buying a keel clamp?

Thread: Double planking
16/10/2019 15:37:09

Hi All

quick question when attaching first planks on a double planked hull, do you drill the planks to stop them from the chance of splitting or is it safe to pin and glue then remove the pins when dry

Thanks Paul

Thread: Second Model HMS Sherbourne?
18/09/2019 16:34:51

Hi All

i am planning my next model and I’m looking at Caldercraft model HM Sherbourne the blurb says it’s good for first or second build.Has anyone got any experience of this model or thoughts about Caldercraft ie ease of use,quality,instructions etc

Thanks Paul

Thread: Supper glue
06/09/2019 18:18:26

Hi all has anyone got any tips on how to apply supper glue to small pieces so you don’t get stuck to it and make a mess all over the model

Thanks Paul

Thread: Drills
11/08/2019 13:25:28

Thanks any recommendations for drill ie: manual or dremiel as the one I have needs two hands.

11/08/2019 12:30:16

Hi All I have to drill holes in my model any recommendations for the type of drill as the one I have is to big ? i have to drill 1mm,4mm,and 6mm holes in decking and vacuumed formed hull and the instructions say the hull is easy to damage

Thank Paul

Thread: Glue
06/08/2019 14:02:37

Hi All novice here again ! I have to glue decking to a vacuum formed hull have tried glue sold to me set time is to quick no time to manoeuvre the pice into the position i want can anyone recommend a glue that would do this for me

Thanks Paul

Thread: Wood strips
31/07/2019 13:26:44

Hi All

Thanks to all that have answered my questions in the past .Next question how do you cut thin wood strips when covering say a hatch cover lengthways with the grain? On the model i am trying to build which is Billings model Dana the hatch covers are 40mm at one end 30mm at the other. Do you cover the laser cut peace with the strips let it dry turn over when dry and cut from the rear . Will the wood tear following the grain? do you varnish let dry then cut from rear? any help would be most helpful

Thanks Paul

Thread: mahogany sheet
31/07/2019 10:00:35

Hi all

Can any one tell me were I can buy Mahogany sheet that is real thin ie 0.5 mm or thinner in the Surrey area please

Thanks paul

Thread: planking
20/07/2019 17:26:23

Hi All thanks for the tips it’s a beginners kit by Billings fishing boat Dana instructions are poor as a beginners boat it would have been nice if they had tried to teach you how to make the model

Thanks Paul

19/07/2019 16:50:25

Hi All

Thanks for all the advice about bending wood steam it is the! Now for the next problem deck planking ? do you start in the centre or the side seen videos of both. How do you shape the edge planks to fit the side ? by the time I have finished this boat you will be sick to death of me

Thanks for your help Paul

Thread: Bending Wood
18/07/2019 11:59:06

Hi All

Brand new to this and mean new. Have bought may first boat hit my first of many problems, its a Billings kit as this was for beginners need to bend a peace of wood strip to fit on the foreship I take it this is the front. Wood strip is 1.8 x 4 mm how do you bend wood and keep it bent to the shape you want without it snapping? First of many questions im sure hope someone can help

Many thanks Paul

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