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Thread: Mahealani - 75' motor yacht 1/24 scale
16/07/2020 17:16:02
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 16/07/2020 16:57:29: there another model boat forum? 😀😀😀

Regards Ray

Not as far as I'm concerned secret


To be honest, I think doing the interesting stuff first is a mistake and it's one I always make. It's just that I get bored doing planks.

Important stuff that I forgot to mention earlier.

Twin motors (385's as per recommendation), twin rudders, 9.6v NiMH (again as recommended) and a Viper Marine 15 ESC.

On that other site kulou I saw an interesting video of a similar craft all fancied up with party lights so I've invested a whole £1.79 on a string of coloured LEDs to drape along the boat. 

Gaudy or what?

Edited By Andrew Fallows on 16/07/2020 17:37:22

16/07/2020 15:48:20

BTW in case anyone's wondering, Mahealani is a Hawaiian word which translates as heavenly moonlight or heavenly mist depending upon who you listen to. In my case it was a pleasant young lady in Lahaina, Maui a few years ago.

16/07/2020 15:44:28

I've managed to get bored with all my other creations so whilst wondering what I could do next I found a set of plans on the internet and thought... Hmmmm... like you do.


I wanted something no larger than 1 metre in length (because I'd struggle to get anything bigger in the car) and this one came in at 1250mm or thereabouts so it had to be scaled down slightly. Not a problem and construction began in earnest. My preferred medium is plastic (shock horror) so all the various bits were scanned into a cutter and the parts made. I tend to use laminated 20 thou styrene which is strong but surprisingly light and easy to work with.

I've already had a lot of help and advice from various people on another site (which shall remain nameless) but for reasons of actually daring to have an opinion about something, I was summarily banned. If anyone here was a contributor to my thread over there then I'd like to thank them for all their assistance.

Anyway, the build so far:


The superstructure (which is removable at this stage) is almost complete, the motors, radio gear and battery are in the garage waiting for me to decide where to place them. I intend to sort of plank the hull using long 4x2mm balsa 'planks' with a coat of epoxy on the inside for both strength and waterproofing.

More bits:


The rear cabin bar/lounge area. This will eventually be populated with G scale figures and properly stocked and illuminated.


The rear sun deck area. This area will have a 'canvas' canopy draped over it eventually and maybe a table.


The pilot house. All but finished with real wood cladding on the walls. Chintzy.


The other boat. Not sure what to call this really. Is it a lifeboat? Is it just a get you to and from boat? Whatever, the basic shell is one my great uncle built about 50 years ago. All I've done is pimp it up a little with a rudder and a tarp.

That's it for now. There's lots more bits and pieces to do, not least of which is clad the hull and sand off those very rough deck planks but that's for another day.

Thanks for reading


Thread: 24" Lockdown Lunacy
21/05/2020 11:31:30

It's not the best picture in the world, it's a screenshot from a you tube video (hence the blurriness).

I'm not sure what you would call it but it is an actual thing and I've actually seen the actual thing. Not floating, obviously because it's not a working boat any more but yes, it is based on an actual prototype.

Charles (Oates) would probably know what it is, it's fairly close to where he lives.


21/05/2020 10:50:01

I'm not really sure where to put this but seeing as it was built entirely from bits lying around in my garage it can go in scratch build.




Yes it's a bit mucky and it needs another coat of paint but any guesses as to what it is?

Thread: Servo question - a long shot
14/02/2020 11:13:03

I've recently acquired a set of servos for a project I'm working on and I'm after some information.

They're old Futaba FP=S18 and 18L (see photo)

I need to know the angle of travel. I've trawled the internet for specs but this model would appear to be somewhat stone age and therefore no information is available. What I have gleaned from various places though is that it could be either 45 or 60 degrees but is this total or either direction? It makes a great difference to my plans.

Just wondering if anyone has any of these and happens to know the answer off hand.


Thanks in advance.


Edited By Andrew Fallows on 14/02/2020 11:13:41

Thread: Railway Ferry
14/01/2020 12:11:54

I've finally got the hull more or less finished, even built myself a little stand to but the boat on.

I need a slight re-think on the gearbox though. I think I overdid it a bit with the fibreglass resin I used to seal the inside and it doesn't sit right any more.

Problems problems crook

Lots more to do on it but it's still getting there... slowly.


29/12/2019 15:20:58

So after a month of apparent inaction, a progress report.

A slight miscalculation on my part regarding the dimensions of the motor/gearbox assembly has meant that I've had to increase the draught of the ship, resulting in it looking a bit 'fat' under the waterline.

Oh well. It can't be helped and it's too late to do anything about it now and anyway, as I said, it's below the waterline so I can't see it.


The steering assembly's been a bit of a mare too. For simplicity and convenience I've decided to operate both rudders from one servo. This means that I have to cross the cables or rods(haven't decided which yet) in order for the rudders to operate in synch. To top it all, I have less than 10mm of space to play with due to the positioning of the rudders and the train deck (where the pegs are).


It's getting there. Slowly.

28/11/2019 09:45:41

0 gauge would make this model 7'6" long. That's a bit too big.

27/11/2019 22:48:28

So HMS Block of Flats is now officially on a back burner. I have a more exciting project to work on.

Someone mentioned a N gauge railway ferry? Well here it is (so far)

Closely based on this:


This is what I have so far:



It's been fun designing all the various parts, cutting them from 20 thou styrene then assembling them. This is about a weeks work using nothing more than a few photos and this plan.


When finished, the boat will be loaded with 6 DB/CIWL carriages depicting the fictitious vessel Fehmarn operating the Germany-Denmark crossing out of Travemunde on the Baltic coast.

Thread: Motor & prop recommendations
09/11/2019 19:38:33

As the title suggests, I'm looking for recommendations for a motor/prop/battery combination for a new project I'm working on.

The boat will be 1/144 scale, a nominal 600mm long, 150mm beam and weigh in at around 2.5-3kg. Ideally I would like to operate at a scale speed of 15 - 20kts.

Can anyone advise please?

Thread: Railway Ferry
05/11/2019 22:24:02
Posted by Ray Wood 2 on 05/11/2019 15:14:10:

...Who will be first with a ferry for N gauge stock ?

Truth be told, N gauge was my first choice as it is my preference with railways and I have lots of N gauge stock to mess about with but I went with HO because I figured N would either be too small to be taken seriously or too big and I would be tempet to make it overcomplicated. Also, for some inexplicable reason N scale bits and pieces are ridiculously expensive.

Example: The four carriages on board cost me £20 off Ebay. The equivalent in N would probably have cost in the region of £100.Figures:A decent set of 4 or 5 painted figures ranges between a fiver and £20 depending on 'quality' or subject matter.

It seems to be a sellers market for such things.

That said, I may do an N gauge one next. I was looking for a new project anyway. Good call.

04/11/2019 22:41:45

So a while ago I had this daft idea of building a train ferry. Logical because I like trains and I like boats....

My original idea was something like this:island-conveyor.jpg

and this is what I have several months down the line.



It's purely freelance and I've no idea if it's even viable as a boat but I've enjoyed building it so far.


BTW. It's just under a metre in length and it's 1/87 scale(ish) so that I could take full advantage of HO scale model railway accessories - cheap off Ebay. It seems no-one in UK is really interested in HO.

Edited By Andrew Fallows on 04/11/2019 22:44:21

Thread: exhibition in Spain
09/09/2019 00:39:46

It was nice to meet up with you today.Shame I can't make it to the rescheduled regatta, I'll be slumming it in LA that weekend but best of luck with it anyway.

Some very nice boats on show there and what a stunning venue for a 'floatabout' that park is.

Could you do me a favour and let the Irish chap I was talking to know that the plastic sheet cutter I was referring to is the Silhouette Portrait, probably about €130 from Amazon. Well worth it too.

Thanks again for a very pleasant sunday morning.

09/09/2019 00:39:34

It was nice to meet up with you today.Shame I can't make it to the rescheduled regatta, I'll be slumming it in LA that weekend but best of luck with it anyway.

Some very nice boats on show there and what a stunning venue for a 'floatabout' that park is.

Could you do me a favour and let the Irish chap I was talking to know that the plastic sheet cutter I was referring to is the Silhouette Portrait, probably about €130 from Amazon. Well worth it too.

Thanks again for a very pleasant sunday morning.

07/09/2019 14:50:00

If it's not raining I'll pop down for a look.

06/09/2019 17:31:57

When exactly in September?

Just curious because I'm in Torrevieja for the first half of the month.

Thread: Clyde Paddler
22/08/2019 00:01:56

Thanks for the suggestion Ray but I've sourced some model railway 2 rail stanchions that will do the job perfectly well and they weren't too expensive either. I should've known really, I've used them before on bridge building.

I've decided that PS Covenanter will be a 'sitting on a shelf looking pretty' kind of model. I'm not going to even attempt to sail her because quite frankly, I don't trust my construction method to be watertight and I'd hate for all this work to just.... sink.

So. Pictures of the almost completed paddler.




15/08/2019 12:56:06

Slowly but surely it's getting there..

I'm now trying to decide the best way to make railings that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg.



Thread: mahogany sheet
01/08/2019 20:23:30

Ebay. A good source for most things including mahogany veneer. Admittedly 0.6mm but...

Ebay link

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