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Thread: 2021 Builds during lockdowns
08/05/2021 14:29:06

As I alluded to back in January, this is my almost finished RN Roberts class monitor in 1/144 scale - roughly the same scale as the N gauge train in front of it. All scratch built from various bits and pieces I had lying about in the garage.


20210415_3.jpgIt's currently sitting in the garage having some very tiny brass handrails fitted.

06/01/2021 02:19:22

As a relative (re)newcomer to the world of model boats, I don't have much to say other than this will be my latest project:


RN Roberts Class Monitor in 1/144 scale. Should be fun.

In the meantime, if we're delving into other hobbies, this is what I've been working on for the past 3 years or so. A semi ficticious village on the Moray Firth in Scotland in N gauge:






Thread: Another lockdown, another boat...
13/11/2020 14:56:09

Many years ago, early 80's I think, I built one of these from a plan in a magazine. I fitted it with a real steam engine - quite adventurous for me at the time and quite successful it was too, despite having no real control over it apart from a suggestion that it might go left or right when I wanted it to. Right up until the day it accidentally caught fire and sank on our local canal.

Coming up to date, I found a copy of the plan on the internet a few weeks ago and though.. why not? So I did.

This one has full control, twin motors, twin gearboxes and a nifty little (expensive) mixer controller.






Edited By Andy F on 13/11/2020 14:56:50

Thread: Action P94 dual esc/mixer
01/11/2020 18:36:37

Hi all.

I'm trying to get hold of one of these but everywhere seems to be out of stock or unavailable.

Does anyone here know where there's a secret stash or failing that, a viable alternative?

Thanks in advance.


Thread: Mahealani - 75' motor yacht 1/24 scale
28/10/2020 00:32:25

About a week ago I decided to tackle the coat of paint that was needed on the hull. I ended up with a beautifully smooth glossy white finish that was practically perfect in every way. I was really pleased with myself and thought - I'll finish that off nicely with a coat of protective lacquer, like you do.


Some sort of reaction between the paint and the lacquer and everything bubbled off. Not happy, I had to strip it all back and start again. That's all done now and this time I'll be using yacht varnish on it. Well it is a yacht, innit? What could possibly go wrong? (I have sandpaper and new paint on standby)

This is how she looks now, complete with party lights party




12/10/2020 17:32:12

We have a larger vehicle (an SUV at that), a Jaguar E Pace but taking that one would rather defeat the object of the trip - ie an open top roadster in the Mediterranean sunshine smile d

Plan B still looks favourite to me.

11/10/2020 19:20:56

The other day, messing about in the garage, I decided that the dark wood (plastic) deck didn't quite look right so I replaced it with a more convincing scribed wooden one. I also noticed that I'd missed 6 portholes so I rectified that too. Whilst I had the bit between my teeth I decided to tackle a few other niggles like the electrics and the lights which are now controlled by the radio.

While I was doing all these various things, I remembered that I'd stolen the motors from this boat to put in Pecola, another of my project boats. I'm currently awaiting delivery of two replacements before I can go any further.

So this is what she looks like now. Just short of a new coat of paint on the hull, a new roof for the rear cabin and some fancy lettering.




I currently have a fleet of 9 boats/ships in my garage but nowhere to sail them. I have 6 very large reservoirs within walking distance of my home but North West Water don't seem to like the idea of people having fun so that's outsad The only alternative I can see is the rather fast flowing river at the bottom of the village but the idea of the current bothers me a bit. Maybe I'll just keep them on a shelf to look at.

As I mentioned earlier, it was always my intention to take this boat to Spain so that I could sail it on the Park of Nations lake in Torrevieja when I'm there but it's too big to take across in the car so...

Plan B

Someone at work suggested I make a case/box for it and courier it to my Spanish address. This seems like a good idea to me. I may look into this.

Thread: Outside the box thinking - 1970's Sea Commander
03/10/2020 17:30:20

So. A bit more done and several disasters with paint. I know now that certain paints cannot be laquered and certain laquers cannot be painted. Three separate rubdowns to bare wood taught me this. Still, the gorgeous blue is now done and I can look forward to doing the waterline and beneath. That should be funcrook

Pics so far.




The gorgeous Ellie and her sun loungers


... and the interior lights


Roughly 40 years in the making and not there yet. Is this a record?

26/09/2020 13:28:16

Thanks for the kind offer Harry but I'm way past that stage now, I decided to let my imagination loose and see what I came up with.

This is Pecola* as she stands at the moment. I tried the 600 motors but they (and the wiring) were getting way too hot for my liking so I replaced them with a pair of 385's and everything's good now.


As you can see, the boat has a fully detailed 3 cabin interior with working lights (so that all that work can actually be seen)...


...and the skeleton of a small jolly boat at the stern. That's what I'm currently working on.


I still have lots to do on her but so far I think she's looking good. Eventually the hull will be painted a nice rich gloss blue with a white waterline and red oxide below that. I also intend to put a large white swimming penguin logo on the bow.

The build/renovation has been a bit of a PIA because I originally built this boat nearly 40 years ago when I was young and stupid so consequently nothing is really where it should be. The motors for example have had to be mounted at an angle relative to the width of the boat because the prop shafts were mounted wrong in the first place and I didn't want to start messing about with them because they work fine. It looks OK now, just don't look too closely insidecrook

* Pecola:

Pecola is a Japanese kids TV programme about a small animated penguin with a square head. I've named my boat Pecola as an homage to my works supervisor. He walks around like a demented penguin most of the time and he's a real PIA too so it kinda fits.

Thanks for looking.

Thread: Mahealani - 75' motor yacht 1/24 scale
17/08/2020 16:53:39

So. Latest progress pictures.



As usual, superstructure & fittings placed for photographic effect. There is still a lot of filling/finish fitting to do on the hull itself but it's getting there.

Thread: Outside the box thinking - 1970's Sea Commander
17/08/2020 16:43:49

So given the facts that:

a) I'm not flying a plane and

b) I don't want to go brushless,

I've decided to stick with the original suggestion of 2x Speed 600's. It's only 40 quid so what the hell.

Also, I'm taken with Charles' suggestion of going back to what it was (more or less) with a few cosmetic alterations.

Does anyone have a copy of plans for the Sea Commander superstructure they could let me have or borrow?

16/08/2020 22:54:59

A couple of questions arising from Ray's answer.

What's the difference between Graupner Speed 600 and Mtroniks 600 apart from 7 quid each? Do they operate equally well in either direction (the boat has opposite handed props, which I like)?


Why specifically Nicads?

I honestly have no clue whatsoever about electrical stuff, I'm here to be guided.

Thanks for the help so far yes

16/08/2020 20:24:18

Whatever motors it had are lost to the mists of time but I seem to recall that they were nothing special, maybe 2 - 21/2 " long and run off a single 6v SLA battery and a single old school rheostat speed controller. It didn't go very fast but it was designed as a cruiser so that didn't matter too much.

Ideally I'd like a bit more woomph if possible but for some reason I'm scared of brushless.

16/08/2020 15:23:09

I quite like the looks of the Swordsman.

What kind of motor/battery combo would I be looking at bearing in mind the boat as it is weighs in at a shade under 2.5 kg?

16/08/2020 11:07:17

About 40ish years ago I built a Sea Commander kit, which was good and I had many hours of fun with it but then I discovered things with wheels and things with boobs (both of which my dad told me were not good for me and would cause me grief. He was right, as usual). The boat lay unloved for many years and underwent several unsuccessful 'restorations' in many guises over those years, the latest of which is this one (below).I never really liked this version so I'm looking to do something different with it.


Has anyone got any ideas as to what can be built onto an almost standard Sea Commander hull without too much butchery? Ideally I'd like to keep the twin motor/twin rudder arrangement that one of the previous restorations left me with. I think it looks quite good.

Thread: New name.
10/08/2020 22:26:12

Sorted. Thanks.

10/08/2020 09:27:29

So how did you fix it? I have the same (obvious) issue.

Thread: Mahealani - 75' motor yacht 1/24 scale
09/08/2020 16:50:41

So the hull is finally planked, sanded down and partially P38'd. It finally looks a bit more like a boat.


Loads more to do yet but I've also sorted out the propshaft binding issue I was having.

I've discovered a slight hiccup in my plan though....

It won't fit in the car face 5


Serves me right for buying something so practical I suppose..crook

Edited By Andrew Fallows on 09/08/2020 16:52:01

06/08/2020 22:42:35

So with all the superstructure removed, hull planking began in earnest today.


One side is almost complete and I've done about 2" of the other side. This much has taken all day..... it's going to be a long job.

My plan is once it's all planked then I will sand it all smooth-ish then cover & dope(?) it. Once I'm happy with that I'll skim it with Isopon and resin the inside.

Any thoughts on this plan of action? I'm open to suggestions.

04/08/2020 11:37:52

So I've finally made a start on planking the hull and what a tedious job it is too - put a few pieces on, wait for the glue to dry then repeat ad infinitum....


So in the meantime I've been playing with more interesting stuff such as...

replacing the wholly unsatisfactory wooden deck with a more aesthetically pleasing plastic one.


Stocking the bar...


Building a tent...


and figuring out where best to put the gorgeous Ellie.


All these bits are currently still removeable so that when I eventually finish building the hull I will still have easy access to the interior for waterproofing and ballast etc.

I do have one slight problem though. I set the aluminium plate (1st photo) to mount the motors on at the wrong angle and consequently the motors/propshafts are binding. Not good but easily fixable.

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