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Thread: Malcolm Frary RIP
01/01/2022 22:57:12

A Gentleman of the highest order he will be missed by All th eorganisers of the Blackpool show let alone the club members

My Sinceere condolances to his Family

Thread: Blackpool show October 2021 16/17
17/05/2021 15:34:08

The Show is Going ahead if there are any clubs,individuals,traders who want to attend then please contact Iain at Component shop who can book you in and arrange a deal on the Hotel

Dave and Iain

Thread: Moonbeam - a novice's attempt
04/05/2021 08:43:37

Nice work so far One little observation and it is not a critism I see you have a continuous loop on the winch but there seems to be no provision for attatchement for the sheets to go to the sails.......Now on all my Yachts on this type of system what i have done is to simply create an overhand loop in the sail winch loop to attatch to


Thread: Rigging
02/04/2021 22:05:24

look at Nylet sails website buy some rigging bolt and but some 50lb fishing wire trace make sure you get crimps with it dead easy to crimp crimp on wire loop though the eye of the rigging bolt back though the crimp all the way through and then form a small loop and put the tag back into the crimp then squeeze down the crimp with a pair of pliers....on the mast side buy some s hooks and crimp the same....I have sailed 1mtrs A class Marbelhead yachts and never had a wire snap on me.....all your running lines winches,,,,,,buy some Dacron from same supplier


Thread: Dave Milbourn RIP
05/03/2021 12:20:09

OMG just seen this...what a character Dave was full of life what a sad sad loss RIP


Thread: Jackie White RIP (Model Slipway)
13/02/2021 21:32:13

As A show organiser it was allways a sheer pleasure to deal with Jackie a very very sad day for us all and i wish my sincere condolances to Lawrie and the Family may she rest in peace


Thread: Switches and speed controllers
24/01/2021 12:30:19

Personally i would use a switch main reason for this is simple the more you put in and pull out a fuse you will not only weaken the contacts but they will also widen so to speak and cause power failure simply in mind not worth the hassle of not fitting a switch


Thread: Advice regarding repairing a crack on a wooden hull
06/01/2021 20:48:47

if the Crack is not inside the hull I am pretty sure it is simply cracked paint and thats the back of a sharp chisel along it and then use a scalpel to see how far the crack !!!!!! goes into the I said i am pretty certian it is simply a build up of paint and thats all....worth a try BEFORE you go mad with sanding


Thread: Destroyer!
02/01/2021 09:57:18

simple enough to do this go to Halfords and buy some Figerglass resin and hardener mix some up in a pot of some sorts then simply pour into the hull keeping the stern up in the air swill the resin around the hull and this will seal it up.....obivously Make sure the hull is perfectly dry or you are wasting your time....Dont simply just mix the whole tin of the resin up in one go !!!!!!! it will also do where you put the wood glue on the bottom of the hull .


Thread: Paul Freshney R.I.P
27/12/2020 16:52:10

Just seen this on Fb That Paul Freshney a past Editor of Model Boats Magazines who took over from John Cundell has sadly Past away.

My personal condolences to all the staff of the Magazine and also his family .He was a fine Modeler of fine scale model boats


Thread: Sarik Styrene Hulls
20/12/2020 15:56:31

Ive had a look at those hulls at show yes they seem thin BUT tbh if you add bulkhead with lite ply inside them i cna see a problem at all


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
29/10/2020 09:22:45

Well that looks rather good there Neil

Thread: new lifeboat modellers forum
17/10/2020 21:43:27

been on it joined dammed good start long may it last


Thread: Blackpool show
10/09/2020 22:49:52

Just seen on another forum that Iain of Component shop has had to CANCEL this years show at the Norbreak Castle Hotel in October puerly because traders were pulling out and also the volunters who help at the show well done for trying


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
22/08/2020 19:14:54

Those look really awsome how do i contact him is he on here or is he on any other forum



Edited By Fred wooley on 22/08/2020 19:15:46

22/08/2020 18:14:51

Reading your posts Neil -Howard Pritchard Who is this Dave Stavros Jones Character does he have his own business spraying models boats and does he have a website with any pics of his wok


22/08/2020 17:46:11

Wow that looks good you going to be very busy sanding that to be painted loads of Aerosols going to be needed to do it so it looks right


Thread: Ship Repair
20/08/2020 12:41:08

Go to a Diy shop and buy some dowel,as Roger has said you wont buy them BUT you can MAKE them so easily.....get the length you require and put one end in a drill and clamp drill to bench and use some coarse sand paper and taper it down carefully,use some wood stain to colour


Thread: TYNE Class Lifeboat build
08/07/2020 22:24:26

Looking very good there Neil not long and it will be ready to spray...want to build a Mersey afterwads for me


Thread: Prop shaft
01/12/2019 21:54:39
Posted by Dave Milbourn on 21/11/2019 20:54:10:


This was my last bike...Twist-grip 3-speed Sturmey Archer gears, contoured Brookes saddle et al. It disappeared while I was away at University in the very early 70s.

raleigh trent fr 1957 catal.jpg

I'm also well-lubricated, although not with 3-in-1. More Old #7 Sour Mash. We live and learn.


Godfathers I used to own one of them darned good for getting up them Welsh hills Mr Milbs but the dynamo wasnt much good at producing that stuff you call WELSH LECCY M8


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