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Thread: Airbrush comp
27/12/2009 20:22:45
I guess I didn't win then, Oh well, where is that old 3 hair paint brush I will have to use (again)----hows that for a sob story, so they might feel sorry for me and send me one anyway
Well I can dream can't I
27/12/2009 17:47:18
PLease keep us up to date with pics etc (will the crew stay on board as you build the superstructure around her)
Also some pictures of the wheel house of your fishing boat would be very useful to show us folk what you have in there (I'm building one my self so some details would be great)
Keep up the good work.
Thread: Old model engines
04/09/2009 14:54:46
I would stick them on e-bay, there are collectors out there that would be interested.
Thread: propshaft bearings
21/08/2009 16:12:36
Rather than a "D" bit I would ream the hole, nice fit then, as Ian has said turning up a couple of bearings would be the way to go, at least you know they will fit the tube.
Thread: North Wales Model Boat Rally
04/08/2009 23:31:23
Well as the event gets closer the plans are well underway, that is to say we have a load of ideas, well just a couple really,  Springers, straight running and club 500's on the small lagoon, everything else that floats on the large lagoon and the OMRA lot on the main lake (well they do need a lot of space). We will accomadate all styles of models and will have several courses laid out for your fun, and of course we have the BBQ and night sail on the Saturday----so start fitting lights (for the boats--we'll light the BBQ)
And if you run out of bits---well, there will be a few traders there who should be able to help.
We will also have a bring and buy table, so search out all that stuff you no longer need and bring it along (try and keep it boat-ish) sell to fellow boaters and buy more stuff you can take back...............
The will be mains available during the day for battery charging (mark your batteries and chargers !!!) So you will be able to spend the whole 2 days sailing.
More details when we have made them up..........
Oh and don't forget, free camping next to the lake
27/07/2009 23:45:33
I would just like to say a big thank you to the Colwyn bay club for the invite (via Stavros)
to allow me the chance to exhibit some of my boats and to demo straight running, steam powered of course !!!!!!!. I hope all folk enjoyed seeing what a high speed steam boat can do. Best of show for me had to be Bobs "Great Eastern" which looked and perforned just like the real thing (not that I remember of course I'm-not that old-----)and I now know the secrect how it does----ssssshhhhhhhh.
Well done to Ray et al for a great day--heres to next year year
Sorry no pics as I seem to have run out of time talking, drinking tea ( I do like my tea) and playing boats.
Thread: North Wales Model Boat Rally
24/07/2009 21:11:16
It seems no sooner than I get one bit of info its out of date.
We have just been told by the Park warden the the alert of the algae has now be reducecded from RED to Amber, all boating is being allowed (canoes, sailing, etc) but more to point the models are allowed.    So the event is really back on (ignore press from now on !!!)
As it is and Amber altert, it is felt that all model boaters should wear gloves when putting  models in and out of the water (just to be on the safe side)  We will be suppling these, so don't panic. Its hoped by the event the lake will be clear any way.
All the traders have been informed, so spread the word.
All boates catered for (inc IC, OMRA etc)
So Start packing
22/07/2009 22:18:06
Sorry to do this, but I have just been asked to post the following, as it was felt that due to undue publicity regarding the algae it would put people off,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Thread: Soldering suppressors to the motor
17/07/2009 22:55:36
The other way which also works for soldering onto tags on batteries (as you don't want to keep to much heat going into a battery) is the method I use. Take a piece of steel about 1/4 inch square and at least 6in long (although any steel stick would do)
Heat to bright cherry red with a blow torch (hold metal with pliers !!!) you now have a very hot soldering tip (hotter than any iron can get to) and use this to solder to the motor casing. You will find you only have to touch it, as it is very hot, the casing doesn't really have time to work as a heat sink.
Thread: North Wales Model Boat Rally
10/07/2009 19:05:52
Just to say I have beem a bit quiet on this for a while as there was a small problem with algae on the lake, and we were worried we might have to cancel. Good news after meeting with the Park Warden today all is well and the event is all go go go.
We will be doing a night sail on the small lagoon on the Saturday night, either during the BBQ, after the BBQ or even with the BBQ, so fit lights !!!!.
There will be 230 v for battery charging during the day (plus of course the various traders who will be more than happy to sell you more)
Of course if you plan to arrive on the Friday, you can night sail then as well.
I wil be posting an idea of the event details later (which of course are very "loose")
Thread: Gas Cartridge suppliers
10/07/2009 18:57:05
Hi Declan, like Richard I have also replied on the Mayhem site. One thought I have had, apart from the "regulator" which we think you just mean a gas valve, the other thing that you might have seen in some model steam boats is a gas attenuator, which is basicaly a very small gas regulator used with some commercial steam plants.
Hope this helps ===a bit a least.
Thread: North Wales Model Boat Rally
03/07/2009 23:01:35
Can you warm up the lake for me then 
Thread: ME Exhibition 2009?
03/07/2009 21:17:04
Yes I heard it was small (sadly I did not attend) but there is a new chap sorting it this year (forgive me I have left his details on my desk at work) and of course it has moved back to Sandown which I hope will attract a few more exhibitors and traders.
I will post contact details Monday for those who wish to exhibit (with permission) / enter
Thread: 1975 European Championships { Movie Film}
03/07/2009 21:11:07
No sadly, after 1975 it went into a decline, and straight running finaly stopped being part of it over 10 years ago. The hydroplane chaps still go abroad to compete, (as part of NAVIGA) but I think that's all (not sure about the scale boys and girls)
Thread: ME Exhibition 2009?
03/07/2009 20:48:24
I have had my invite for my club to exhibit, so I will be there.
Further details for the show can be had here:
Obvious really
Thread: 1975 European Championships { Movie Film}
03/07/2009 20:24:01
Just seen this post (sorry) I was there as a young (well young-ish) straight runner (not me the boats) Re the film have you tried contacting Peter Hill, he was looking after the MPBA archives, he may know where the film / copies might be.
Thread: competition
21/11/2008 21:25:00
Quick question, drawings full size or can we scale.
Thread: competitions
31/10/2008 08:33:00
Thats uncanny Ashley, i was thinking along the sames, only painting it in RNLI colours
30/10/2008 09:39:00
OK I better go sharpen my crayons then
29/10/2008 21:25:00
Is it time for me to dust off the box brownie then
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