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Thread: Waverider
08/07/2020 19:24:37

Lovely boat, the Waverider. I built one in the 70s, it had a Decaperm in it but can't remember now how it went (or where it went). I bought a started kit on eBay last year, but the seller simply tipped it all into a box with no protection, so basically all I have is the plan, enough of the frames to start again, and an interesting collection of old wood. It still has the price written on the box, 69/-.

I will use it to build another, hopefully within the next 12 months.

30/06/2020 21:49:48

Hi Richard, I used Bing translate, free and no limit (except my trying to type in German!). Not much to show with my build, just a hull and all the mess around it! I'll try to remember to take a pic or two tomorrow, between building the Diva and two others in a small space.

30/06/2020 21:43:16

Hi Richard, I used Bing translate, free and no limit (except my trying to type in German!). Not much to show with my build, just a hull and all the mess around it! I'll try to remember to take a pic or two tomorrow, between building the Diva and two others in a small space.

30/06/2020 19:31:01

I am also building one of these, first model boat for quite a few years, but I have quite a bit of transferable experience from model aircraft, which I built and flew for about 50 years. My wife gave me the kit for Christmas after I had admired a completed Diva in our local model shop (Howes).

I also suffered from the English translation for the kit appearing to be for a different model, in the end, I spent an evening typing the German text into a translation site and now have a set of English instructions which more or less make sense! If anyone wants a copy, I'll give them a quick proof read to make sure they make sense and send them on.

My Diva is at the stage of hull more or less completed, next stage is to varnish the mahogany sides to avoid getting any sticky fingerprints on them (managed to avoid it so far!). It's certainly a different construction to the models I used to build, and the instructions do need to be followed as most of the parts are exactly the right size, very little room to bodge any mistakes!

Thread: Diesel fuel
20/06/2020 17:32:23

I used to mix my own diesel fuel back in the 70s, from memory it was roughly equal parts paraffin, ether and oil. I never got into the various additives and it didn't take long to discover that ready-made fuel cost very little more than the ingredients did.

I suspect it's not so easy to walk into a chemist's and ask for a pint of ether these days, either.

Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
05/06/2020 18:07:17

Ah, thank you! I don't feel too clever now though - I had looked at that page but failed to scroll down far enough! Looks like I'm currently good for the magazine until the end of February, which I think is a month more than it was originally, so appears that they're only taking one cancelled edition (June 2020) into account at the moment. Hopefully, that's all there'll be.

05/06/2020 17:35:44

Where are you finding the info about your subscription? I can't find my details anywhere, and I have put in my subscription number etc.

Thread: model boats issue august2016 required
04/06/2020 12:24:38

Hi Jeff, Could you PM me your email address so I can send the scanned images over to you.

I've done the scanning, but and about to go out for the afternoon (to the model boating pond, believe it or not!).

03/06/2020 14:56:25

I'll scan it later this afternoon.

02/06/2020 19:25:58

I'll hold fire for the evening, but the magazine is at hand if needed. I'll scan and send to you via the forum if still needed.

01/06/2020 19:58:57

I've got the magazine in the loft, I can scan whatever article it is you need if you like.

Thread: Servo Query
25/05/2020 16:06:10

The rubber grommets are to dampen vibration when the servo is being used in an engine powered plane or boat, the correct use of them is to push the grommet home on the servo lug, then slide the metal tube through from underneath so the flange is against whatever the servo is being mounted on. This prevents the screw from putting too much pressure on the grommet.

I doubt that the vibration resistance is needed in most scale type boats, but I still mount them that way out of habit.

Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
25/05/2020 13:50:31

Yes, I remembered that shortly after posting - and had a read through, so all is not lost. Never been a fan of reading magazines on-line, but in this case, it was very useful.

25/05/2020 12:27:27

Looks like I missed out, even though I had paid for it as part of my subscription. Can't find any available on eBay or other sites either.

Thread: Huntsman 31
25/05/2020 11:55:44

Thanks, Eddie, I'll post progress when I make a start. I've just read through the kit review and the original construction article from jan/feb 2016 and will read them until I can recite them in my sleep before I get stuck in!

25/05/2020 10:03:45

I have just ordered this kit, along with the odds and ends needed, but won't start building it straight away, I've one on the bench to finish first, which will give me time to familiarise myself with the kit. I have the review in the 2018 Winter Special, so that will help me through the build.

Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
25/05/2020 10:00:23

I'll get in touch with the magazine after the bank holiday, see if they can dig one out for me. I understood that the specials were/are part of the subscription, I had my attention elsewhere and hadn't realised I had been missed out.

Thread: D C Merlin ??
24/05/2020 22:08:45

Most of the small Davies Charlton engines shared a similar appearance, but the cylinder heads were anodised in different colours. That only applies to the air-coxed versions, though!

I used DC Dart, Merln and Spitfire engines in control line models back in the early 70s, there was also a 1.5cc engine in the same series but I can't remember it's name. They and some bigger engines (DC Rapier, 3.5cc from memory) but I never actually saw one in use.

Thread: My Time Media. Model Boats Magazine.
24/05/2020 10:23:16
Posted by ashley needham on 24/05/2020 08:10:25:

Dave, did you contact MTM, and did you get one in the end?


No, I hadn't realised there had been a Winter special until I read this thread this morning!

24/05/2020 08:07:58

Winter special? I didn't get one last year and I am a UK subscriber, so they're not singling out overseas customers for special treatment!

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