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Thread: TID Tugs
18/05/2009 11:31:42
Hello Bob
Thanks for link to Tid Site, fills in a few little holes in the old knowledge box
07/04/2009 13:06:09
Some of the last TID tugs were actually built with closed bridges, as far as I know about eight,  there were few tugs operating under under  'navy' control,  most were operated by the Ministry of Supply within UK ports and had mainly 'civilian' crews and many tugs had  mysteriously aquired closed bridges by the latter part of the war and who could blame the crews.   
20/01/2009 14:07:06
From research carried out some years ago all of the last TID's had closed bridge arrangements as standard (around 20-30 boats) and many earlier vessels were probably converted locally as the open bridge was universally disliked.   It should be noted that TID operations
came under the ministry for supply not the war office so not all were under naval control
and indeed many were operated by existing tug companies with civilian crews on behalf of the ministry in and around the dock areas where they were used. Only those actually used in the allied invasion as far as I know ever came under DIRECT naval control unlike the larger salvage type tugs
Thread: Mercantic
10/11/2008 17:26:00

commander doug

Many thanks for kind offer, did eventually find drawings good enough for restoration. Project well under way now most of repair and correction work now complete, hoping to post piccies soon of progress thus far.  I am doing some of the boring bits at the moment (bulwark supports etc.) Ah well can't always enjoy oneself,  as you may gather not one of my favourite tasks   Keep me posted we may be able to help each other


Thread: More money than sense
28/10/2008 13:13:00


Bob I am afraid that Len is right your rudder is in fact a Becker rudder,often used on tugs and fishing boats, Len's sketch is correct for a fishtail rudder 


Thread: Adhesive advice please.
28/10/2008 12:04:00

A wacky idea I know, but solvent weld adhesive as used in plumbing for plastic pipes will stick wood to plastic extremely well, used it many times,but like all adhesives that disolve plastic Use Sparingly!!!   it is quite cheap comes in a reasonable quantity and you can get it from almost any hardware/diy type store    Method of use give wood a coat let dry,that wont take long, thin coat on the plastic clamp together till dry, bond is made pretty quick so make sure all is ready,if more time required do not let wood coat dry to much.

This type of adhesive should not be confused with a styrene plastic solvent adhesive.      Cyano(superglue) will also work well but will breakdown if not totally protected (painted), if subjected to constant moisture, that said I always use it for propshafts with to date no problems   


Thread: Billings Nordkap
09/09/2008 10:41:00

Hi Paul

Once again thanks to you. further research required I think gives me a starting point at least.      For interest ' Mercantic ' is slowly nearing completion after a complete restoration job, but this thing called work keeps getting in the way, Ah well such is life!.


08/09/2008 13:30:00

 Does anybody know what the real name of the vessel or vessels  that the model Nordkap was based on.        It only states that the model was based on drawings of a typical fishing North sea Fishing boat built in an english yard in the seventies.


Thread: Ships Lighting (Help)
27/08/2008 12:14:00


Masthead light was an all round light so could signal entire convoy or battle group morse lamps diectional to ships only on that beam P or S.

Good Luck lets see her lit at night when finished        Merlin

25/08/2008 17:22:00

Hi! Kevin

Im back  ,have just tried a google  Ships Flashing Light WW2 and the predominant answer to come  back was that our flashing light is signal lamp for communication between ships also checked in two places for overtaking light, to see I was right  in Uk it was called a stern light at that time, other countries called it an overtaking light  whatever it was white could be seen from two miles astern  and over an angle of two points abeam  P/S (about 22.5 deg each side)

Hope this helps                           Merlin

25/08/2008 16:50:00


Thanks for reply about light have found it,  sits on top of foremast Hmmm! still not a clue but now need to find out for myself or RHN ' Sachtouris ' could be wrong, good job my mast isn't built yet, well done keen eyes!, when I find out and I will!,  let you know, if nobody else out there has given answer for both of us in the meantime.

Try googling Tin Can Navy  not a lot on corvettes but interesting info about USN small ships, Keep trying Bob Pearson he sometimes takes a while and I do mean a while.


24/08/2008 12:38:00


I am still very puzzled by this flashing light can you tell me where in 'Anatomy of'  ( page no.)  is the reference to light, or if not from book where you found info  the only flashing light I can think of is used on a hovercraft, not relevant I think.  By the way if I had realised you wanted peactime lighting,this would be exactly the same for any vessel Merchant or Naval , as Tom has quite rightly shown above,  I am checking that there are no significant changes since 1945+ that I am not aware of.

Hope you find site in earlier post useful


24/08/2008 12:13:00


Further to your remarks about anybody with an interest in corvettes, you might like to try this site,I have found it very useful myself.                                             


Thread: Duplex 575 yacht
20/08/2008 09:57:00


Sorry couln't help, anyway happy sailing !


Thread: Zwarte Zee
19/08/2008 00:09:00


You dont say which country you live in,  if it is UK  could be interested  Have been building ship models for about 50 years so I think I have a little experience    ( since I was about 10yrs old on my own that is, with help even longer ) in case you wondered how old I am


Thread: Duplex 575 yacht
18/08/2008 23:54:00


 Was the 575 the same as the 590 as far as rig layout,  if it was I may be able to help with some original info


Thread: Ships Lighting (Help)
18/08/2008 23:48:00


Under wartime conditions at sea, No Standard navigation lights would have been shown ( red green or white ) and all scuttles would have been shuttered  Closed Bridge and wheelhouse lighting when used was subdued blue or red, open bridges were not lit and any lit instrumentation was masked heavily, indeed in some ships even smoking on deck at night was banned

A stern showing light was sometimes allowed if the vessel was leading in a convoy, if so allowed it was blue and the total angle of view was 11degrees PtoS and 11 degrees vertically from horizontal to keep the fields narrow from subs and aircraft  some american ports allowed standard lighting in the port environs some were restricted, as far as I know all UK ports followed  strict blackout rules. I must confess I have no Idea what a flashing lamp could possibly have been used for,   Sorry if this makes for a dark model, but there was a war on you know! 

Hope this helps      Merlin

Thread: WWI
18/08/2008 22:55:00


There is a book published recently which tells the story of the Q ships in WW1 there are a few piccies, but the book is an interesting read with plenty of info about  Q operations which if you read carefully will give clues to placement and disguises for weaponry.   As far as I know there are no plans for weapon  placement info, as all such arming was top secret and usually carried out by the crew in secret locations for obvious reasons.  There is also a book about the german raiders who also used disguised merchant vessels, I have listed both below

Smoke and Mirrors - Q ships against the subs WW1   Deborah Lake   ISBN 0-7509-4605-9 Sutton Publishing Ltd

The Kaisers Pirates-German surface raiders WW1   John Walter  ISBN 1-85409-136=0 Arms & Armour Press

 Hope this is of some help          Merlin 

Thread: Ship scale?
04/07/2008 10:17:00

Well done,  looks well, sounds like you enjoyed the build even if it's a bit of a beast size wise, we all make that mistake at some point and build just a tad to BIG!   Good Luck with next project whatever it may be


Thread: Can anyone make me a model?
24/06/2008 00:11:00
Hi! Chrissi   You don't say what type of trawler, what info is available,eg. original builders, country of manufacture etc, what would be the timescale for building, does it need to be a working model or a static cased model.    All these questions and more before anybody would consider taking on a build, more info and who knows?.
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