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Thread: Vosper rttl
25/02/2020 15:37:04

Superglue certainly fogged one of my 'clearviews' and epoxy made the other one look like it had shipped some water.

Interesting effects if that's what you're after !

For the normal (cabin) acetate glazing I used Wilcos general purpose glue (which can be contact or 'contact-less' as per requirements). Probably best to go with Ray's suggestion though.


Thread: RAF Launch accessories
24/02/2020 11:28:46

Thanks all,

I have the cabin secured to the hull via a bent wire hook over a cross-beam inside the cabin sides. There are then two elastic bands going from the hook to two further hooks mounted on the hull sides. Looked at from the bows, this forms an inverted 'V' shape and is quite secure and takes just a few seconds to fit.

The (rotating) gun turret base could leak in an 'upside down' - I think I'll just seal this off with Vaseline for now and give it a go. Just need some good weather for initial trials !


23/02/2020 20:03:41

Hi All - a quick question on buoyancy:

Is it worth fitting internal buoyancy in some form to my RAF launch - Length 16", beam 6.5" (Balsa /Liteply construction) ?

As you can imagine, space inside the hull is tight - but there is the odd void here and there. The deck to superstructure has a 10mm high 'wall' and is a tight fit to help keep any water out. The area at the base of the gun turret is also a snug fit.

So I guess I'm looking at a full hull inversion situation at worst ?? If I do need to fit something what should it be - expanded polystyrene foam /blue foam or something else carved to fit into small spaces...

There is a sort of double-hull 'up front' between the bow sheeting and the step sheeting.


21/02/2020 21:51:31

Splinter mats and searchlight now made and mounted. (I can only award myself 7 out of 10 for these but they may improve with better painting).

My wife has kindly offered to print an RAF ensign for me so, more photos to follow when this is run up the mast !


Thread: wiring question for newbie
18/02/2020 22:06:05


The resistor in Harry's diagram is acting as a "current limiter". LEDs will blow (fail) at quite low current values so the resistor is there to 'protect' it.

Harry suggests 180 ohms, Dave M 390 or 430 ohms dependant on colour / type. Look up the spec' sheet for the LEDs you want to use.

If you want to experiment, (low wattage) resistors are dirt cheap. You can get a whole strip for less than £1. Start with a high value one and work down in increments until you get the brightness you want.

I've no experience of LEDs with 'built-in' resistors, but again the spec' sheet should give you all the gen' on that.

To get a particular resistor's colour code, just enter the ohms value into google and you'll get a pretty picture !


18/02/2020 15:28:20

Hi Neil

From my own experience, I would say that a simple on/off ('2-prong' switch will suffice, unless, perhaps, you may want a third "test" position for certain accessories or something.

As Dave M says, make sure the switch is rated for maximum current draw (eg mine is rated at 6 amps for use with a 2 amp fuse). This gives the switch a good safety margin.

I would bench test your twin motors running flat out (for a very short period), just to see what they are drawing. Under load (ie in the water) it could be more...Also, check that your chosen ESC has an appropriate current rating.

Good luck,


Thread: RAF Launch accessories
18/02/2020 10:50:15

Hmm, yes - might try a paper one first. If that doesn't work Colin's solution wins !


17/02/2020 16:59:13

Splinter mats (6) and a searchlight now under construction. Will post some more images when complete and fitted to the wheelhouse.

Any ideas for a RAF ensign to fly from the main mast ? I'd prefer cloth to paper....I think I've got an old light blue shirt somewhere which just leaves a scale Union Flag and a Roundel to complete.


Thread: Vosper rttl
16/02/2020 11:58:54

Hi Michael

I used Halfords grey primer for the lower superstructure and Humbrol "Mid-Grey" for the deck.

You may be able to judge for yourself from the latest "Accessories" posts of my boat.

It was quite an over-cast day, and, as Ashley says, this can have a big affect on the perceived 'hue'. If you have a selection of greys available, I would try them out on pieces of scrap wood and then offer them up in different combinations.


Thread: RAF Launch accessories
13/02/2020 15:56:25

Splinter Mats and a Search Light should complete the launch before 'sea trials' in the Spring (or, sooner if the weather gets kinder !)

This is my first boat and something of an own-design.

Please feel free to comment.../suggest improvements etc.



13/02/2020 15:49:12

Rear Gunner trying out the revised Turret

rear gunner and turret.jpg

13/02/2020 15:47:18

Latest progress : New Clearviews and Radar Reflector

clearviews and radar reflector.jpg

Thread: Antenna placement question
10/02/2020 23:22:03

RC radio waves will pass through wood ok but, the other day I was running some tests in the kitchen sink (ie stainless steel all around the Rx). It didn't like it one bit and the servos were hopping mad.... !

Best avoid any metal 'shielding' of the Rx /aerial when planning your installation. Electric motor wires probably carry the greatest currents in a boat and it's good practice to fit some RF (TV type) suppressors to the motor contacts. (sorry, getting a bit tech now !)


Thread: Newbie looking for best boat for mini steam marine engine
09/02/2020 19:40:28


There's a lot to be said for joining a model boat club (or even a full-size one as they sometimes have modelling interests).

Don't know if you've got one in your part of the world, but, as well as having a great deal of knowledge, they can be a good source of parts, kits (some semi-built) and much more...

Good luck with your first project (let us see some photos of the steamer !)


Thread: airbrush question
08/02/2020 10:34:02

I find Halfords Grey and 'Red Oxide' aerosol primers give a good base. They will also show up any areas that need further work.

On scale boats, the oxide colour often looks right below the waterline, although, I'm sure other 'reds' will also suffice.

I would echo what Ashley says about spraying conditions (ie warm and dry /dust free), I've also toyed with buying spray equipment, but I think there can be a lot of wastage. If you're planning to do a lot of spraying - boats, aircraft, trains, cars etc it could be worth the investment.


Thread: RAF Launch accessories
04/02/2020 15:23:26

Good point Ashley - I may give that a go first...

Update on the model :

'Clearviews' - starboard is rather cloudy (cyano got inside I suspect). Port looks like it has shipped a bit of water (2-pack in this one !). I may have to pop them off and do a bit of cleaning up. See what you think when I've done the photos.

Radar reflector mounted on the main mast - so, rigged for 'Range Safety' duties at present (not bad for a first attempt but, may be a little over-scale). I'm probably being fussy here as the whole boat is an 'own-design' and really what I would call "fun scale".

Further options to add : Splinter Mats and Search Light. Have a RC glider's wings to recover over the next few days so, photos end of week I should think...


01/02/2020 17:25:33

John: Thanks for the brilliant photos - just what I need. Your model looks great and, so realistic !

Colin: Thanks for the Link - think I'll try some Milliput - I can see it having all sorts of uses on other projects as well.



01/02/2020 16:32:16


I think you can see them under the wheelhouse windows and just behind the forward deck lockers in the above Airfix box art...

That reminds me, I probably need to make a search light as well !



01/02/2020 16:25:18


01/02/2020 14:19:59


The ones in my documentation are a grey rectangular sort of padding (bit like a mattress /giant pillow), with a 'hot-cross bun' pattern on the front face. Maybe they aren't A-A but some sort of flotation device ?

They look to be canvass covered and are usually arranged just under and around the wheelhouse /gunner /sickbay areas...

I'll see if I can locate a photo or two.


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