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Thread: Steel hull
25/01/2021 10:40:09

Hello David

As it's a display model will it be to 'shipyard' or, 'in-service' finish ?

If it's in-service, and to a fairly large scale, I would be inclined to put a dribble of rust from the rivets, and to fittings below the waterline and some deck fittings - winches etc. I think Humbrol and Revell do 'rust finish' paints....

Try a little here and there to begin with as these things can be over-done.

Have fun,

Dave C

Thread: KeilKraft Mermaid
22/01/2021 16:37:45

Hi Carl re: the Mermaid. I had been tempted by this one as a young lad. What put me off was the small size. I didn't have the skills to scale up but, if I had, would probably have gone to twice-size.

The one thing I would say about small boats is the way they 'shrink' out on the water (visually not physically). I think I could cope with a small tug, but not something approaching Mach 1.

My RAF launch (16" is OK on small water but I wouldn't go to a big lake with it. It has a 2mm shaft on a 380 brushed motor - that's probably pushing it, but, it will plane on about 3/4 throttle with assistance from a small step under the hull.

Does 2" make that much difference (no rude comments please) ? Try it and see...

Have fun,

Dave C

Thread: Kit or Plan ?
20/01/2021 11:01:51

Cheers Ray - I must say your magazine archives are v.good !

From Sarik's website, the plan is "RM86" and, as per your article, is near scale. I did a Google search on the Silhouette class and it certainly tallies image-wise anyway. (It's from the "X" List, so description but no picture).

Plan cost is a very reasonable £23 which includes an archive search and clean-up of the old masters so they say.

If I decide to go ahead with this one I'd certainly appreciate a copy of the article....many thanks for the offer.

Best regards,


19/01/2021 15:39:19

Hi Ray

I had a feeling you might come to my rescue !

That model sounds interesting - size is about right, cost estimates ok and I have a liking for Radio Modeller designs (in fact the vintage glider kit is based on "RM404".

I'll look up the plan from SARIK and let you know...

Best regards,


19/01/2021 10:56:44

Just pondering on the next project whilst still in Lockdown :

This will be a sailing yacht with an auxiliary motor (inboard or outboard). All previous modelling projects have either been 'own design' or, from a kit...but, not a plan (as far as I can remember).

I'm currently working on a laser-cut, wooden locomotive kit (Xmas present) and have a laser-cut vintage glider kit in the garage. It seems that small parts, joining tongues etc are prone to breakage with laser-cutting. With a plan, of course, you can select your materials carefully with end use in mind.

I don't feel I have enough experience to do a model 'own design' sailing cruiser despite some full-size knowledge.

Many of the kits seem quite pricey ? Just wondering if I can call on the experience of others as I'm all of a dither !

Thread: Tank steering
14/01/2021 21:15:16

Those pesky bleeps Joe ! Check that they're on the right version of the firmware and /or you have the matching documentation...


14/01/2021 19:27:22
Posted by Joe Beckett on 14/01/2021 12:10:21:

This boat won't be a performance boat running at higher speeds as my club lake is quite small and I am more interested in scale and accuracy. Having owned a real twin motor boat, I was interested to see if I can replicate the real thing.

Hi Joe

I'm just wondering if you could get 'differential' throttle by using both sticks with a ratchet - in the 'fore-and-aft' plane so to speak.

The Rx would then have a dedicated channel to each ESC and could be programmed as desired.

I don't know if FlySky is similar to FrSky but, if so, "Open Tx" can be used for additional programming if required. Maybe to fine tune straight running perhaps ?

Good luck with your project,

Dave C

Thread: Veron Vosper Patrol boat
13/01/2021 15:35:00


Hope you found the Album - Colin's instructions work perfectly - I'd forgotten there was no search function.

Regarding the sailors, I used 1/48 German infantry (Revell I think), with suitable 'surgery' and painting. They are approx. correct for my size of boat - 16" length overall. I think the model tank crews are available in larger scales, the other possibilities may be model railways - try the garden scales.

There may be other specialist suppliers too - I expect the others will know of these...


Dave C

13/01/2021 11:24:36

Just in case you couldn't find it :

ready for sea trials.jpg

11/01/2021 10:32:36

Hello David,

Last year I completed a fast RAF Rescue style launch. If you go to 'Albums' on this forum and search "Dave's RAF Launch" you should find a series of images which may be of some help.

It was started by my son and a friend and left for me to finish ! It's what I call fun scale though - not too serious as it's an 'own-design'. I designed the lift-off superstructure, added a rotating gun turret, mast, search light, radar reflector etc. mainly from internet images...

The hull has a step to assist planing and it uses a brushed motor with a LiPo battery pack. It planes quite nicely on about 3/4 throttle and uses an old-fashioned (I prefer "vintage" radio and speed controller.

Any questions - just ask,

Dave C

Thread: Sea rider
06/01/2021 22:27:06

Hello Rich

It may be worth checking on ebay for a boxed set of the "Model World" series. I saw one the other day but was a bit too late getting a bid in...

There is a 'sister' series as well called "Model Magic". Again by the late, great Bob Symes.

I remember the Leander class frigates from my Navy days, although I was an "Airy Fairy" (Fleet Air Arm) !

Regards and keep modelling,

Dave C

Thread: Brittle Wood Syndrome
05/01/2021 20:13:56

You could try making up some laminations. Taking the existing frames, for instance, as the centre piece of a 'ply' of 3.

Even using something like good quality 1/64" birch ply combined with a quality wood glue ( I use Titebond Original) may due the trick. Weight the 3 pieces down and leave for 24 hours to set at room temperature.

Before you throw the proverbial towel in, may be worth making up a few test pieces just to see what's salvageable...

05/01/2021 14:53:49

Hello Jeff and welcome to the forum.

What type of wood are you working with - balsa, beech, birch, ply's......?

The key may be time. If the wood is reluctant to bend you could try soaking first, then clamping one end whilst hanging small weights on the other, perhaps with some steam assistance - then let gravity do its thing !

Good luck,

Dave C

Thread: Model choice
02/01/2021 17:27:26

One piece of advice Andy is, if you are planning to use your LiPo's in both aircraft and boats, to standardize on plug-in connectors.

I use the XT60 ones in my planes and boat and have had no problems so far. (I also use them on my model railway projects as well).

In a tug, you could use other battery types eg Li-Ion or similar but still with a standardized connector to use with common charger.

When it comes to motors, ESC's, props etc I'm sure the others will be able to advise you much better than I though !

You mentioned a Futaba Tx. (I'm a Futaba user too), from memory, I think their Rx's are quite pricey ? You'll probably find for boat use there are a number of very reasonably priced alternatives though - especially if you'll want several boats in time...

Happy New Year,

Dave C

Thread: New RC modeller
31/12/2020 17:41:39

Just to add a little to the radio interference bit : my vintage RAF launch has a 380/385 motor and operates with a 'Bob's Board' (old-fashioned ESC substitute !) and 27MHz radio.

I was concerned about keeping the RF side clean so, fitted a RF choke to each motor terminal and put a capacitor across the terminals as well. I also ran a short lead from the motor canister to the prop. shaft outer. This may be overkill but it certainly works...

Values for the chokes (miniature coils) and capacitor network are not too critical but will be in the "micro-henry" and "micro-farad" range. A quick Google search of someone like RS Components should provide something suitable.

I think you'd have to be unlucky to be troubled with 2.4GHz kit, but, we have had the odd bit of interference with our electric gliders in the recent past.

Dave C

Thread: Sailing Yacht to Restore
29/12/2020 11:16:45

Hi Martin and welcome to the forum.

There are a number of model 'sailing' experts here, but, like you I only did full-size (Ospreys, Redwings and Bosuns mainly).

I think your model could be suitable for radio control and I've heard that "Nylet" do very good sails. My next project is likely to be a sailing cruiser - I'll follow the thread with interest...

I expect the others will be able to advise on rigging materials etc. There are so many dinghy classes and it's hard to say if it's a scale model or not. I rather suspect it may be semi-scale, or, perhaps a free-hand design ?

My uncle used to own and race a fixed keel boat like this: "Dragon" class if memory serves correctly.

Good luck with your project and Happy New Year,

Dave C

ps Looks like Malcolm and Ray beat me to it !

Edited By Dave Cooper 6 on 29/12/2020 11:27:12

Thread: Returning modeller
22/12/2020 16:59:21

Thanks Jim

I'm looking forward to getting the rope-worked incline working. I have a little truck and a weighbridge to add as well.

If my programming will stretch to it, I'll try to make the truck do random runs from the narrow boat up to the goods yard pausing at the weighbridge on the way. This will be under 'Arduino' control. There is also a master switch on the front panel for manual control - just in case !

Merry Christmas,


Thread: Dioramas
15/12/2020 11:39:24

Just visible at the foot of the second photo are the foundations for the Winding House (also under construction). Narrow gauge scale 1/76 (009) or, 4mm:1 foot

15/12/2020 11:29:52

1st pulley of rope-worked incline in situ (Brass - no expense spared here !)

rope worked incline 1st pulley.jpg

15/12/2020 11:26:55

Narrow Boat, canal and lock under construction

narrow boat and canal.jpg

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