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Thread: Rigging thread
29/04/2020 10:02:37

I've also used 'monofilament' fishing line before now.

It's near transparent, available in different gauges (strengths) and does have a bit of 'give' if that's what you want.

If roving through blocks /pulleys etc I put a small blob of 2-pack epoxy on the end to stop it running back through....also, you can "double-it-back" through some electrical sleeving to form a loop for securing to a bollard, cleat etc

I think it may take paint as well, but I haven't tried this. Most fishing shops will have some on a round reel for a few pounds.


Thread: Wooden model
25/04/2020 08:02:25

Hi Gerard

I would consider Ray's words very carefully - he's got a lot of practical experience to share.

A model that looks 'large' in a display cabinet at home can 'shrink' alarmingly when out on the water ! The forces of nature - wind and water - are the same for full-size boats and models....hence, working models have to cheat a little (especially sailing craft I would think) to make them work well.

I think I would treat this model as a learning exercise, and, if you want to stay with this class of ship (Clipper ?) go much bigger for a working model.

Just my thoughts but Ray, Ashley, Dave M etc will give much better advice than I

Most importantly enjoy your build !


Thread: Power and control
23/04/2020 19:05:15
Posted by Jay Harris 1 on 19/04/2020 02:05:51:

Well I am at the point where electronics need to be ordered. So, I would like recommendations on a transmitter, servo (just for the rudder), battery, motor, prop and shaft (model and makes would be appreciated) and any websites you would recommend would be super helpful...

Also, I would like to fit the captains cabin with an LED light, as well as possibly some lights on the deck. I already have the proper candle flicker style LEDs, I just need some kind of way to turn them on and off from the radio.. not really sure how that works yet...

any input would be greatly appreciated!

Open to interpretation I suppose Ray - no real mention of motor control here...


23/04/2020 13:53:47

Radio on rudder only ?

If it were me (and not wanting to risk being 'stranded' mid-lake), I would go for some form of motor control as well. Simple on/off perhaps, but definitely forward /reverse - to get out of reed banks etc.

I think Ashley carries a RC landing craft for such retrievals !!

Good luck,

Dave C

Thread: Need Advice
22/04/2020 07:55:13

I think we should continue to encourage "newcomers" to modelling, otherwise, in this age of 'instant gratification' we are all doomed to modelling extinction.

I suppose, though, being realistic, some newcomers will "sink without trace". Also, I think it's a fine line between giving them helpful, comprehensive starting advice and frightening them off !!

You can't win them all...

Dave C

21/04/2020 07:32:10

Hi Graham

If I were you I would start with a simple balsa model - either working or static. Initially, you need to build up skills...

You also need to build up a tool kit. This can be quite basic to begin with but normal 'household' tools eg screw drivers, pliers, Stanley knife, hand-drill etc will take you a long way. You will also need some glues and adhesives eg 2-pack epoxy, superglue, PVA (aliphatic if possible).

Find out first if the hobby is for you ! You will learn important lessons on your first boat. Then, if you want to continue, spend some money on specialist tools, go to a few model shows and, maybe join a club (highly recommended for the help you'll receive)...

Happy modelling,


Thread: Plans for modern yachts
09/04/2020 07:24:05

I think from a general modelling point-of-view a lot depends on the purpose of the model :

For instance, do you want an accurate scale model that will grace a display case, or, do you want something that will work well in its "natural environment"....water and air molecules being what they are won't 'scale' with our models !

Working models, therefore, are almost always a compromise between something that looks reasonable and something that performs well. You could say that this is the whole art of it and it applies to boats, cars, gliders and many other types of model.

I've found that a little thought up-front can save a lot of disappointment and wasted effort later on...

Happy modelling,


Thread: Seeking Instructions
01/04/2020 20:00:10

An unusual scale....1/72 is more normal (at least in plastic).

If the wood is good quality eg lime, it could carve ok, otherwise, there may be some *&^%$£"! about...

Could be time to sharpen and hone those chisels !

Good luck with the project.


Thread: RAF Launch accessories
27/03/2020 10:00:15

Ashley / Ray

Coming back to the 2-colour chequer on the fore deck - is it best to use a decal sheet for this ?

My masking tape always seems to leave a slightly ragged edge ? I read somewhere that if you prepare the surface first with something like banana oil /sanding sealer /dope etc. that this gives a flatter, 'anti-bleed' sort of surface for the tape to adhere to...

Thanks for any tips as usual.


Thread: RAF Fireboat Figures
18/03/2020 19:28:12

For RAF crew, I used a mid-to-dark blue (not as far as "deadly nightshade" but perhaps a shade or two lighter).

Black boots /shoes and a bit of dirt on mechanics overalls etc. If they're traditional fire crew, there are a number of different cues eg in the Fleet Arm Arm we had guys with white overalls and orange or buff jackets....have a look at some photos on the net for further ideas.


18/03/2020 11:08:46

An interesting scale issue this one: I always thought these 'fire' launches were around 60-70 feet in about the same length as the ASR launches based on British Power Boats and Vosper Thornycroft designs. (My Dad skippered one in WW2...).

My own little effort is 16" length and 1/48 Revell Airmen when held up against the wheelhouse door looked just bang on. Maybe my cabin is 'not quite right' but, as it's just fun scale, I tend to go on whether it just "looks right".

On the other hand, I know men who are 4' 8" tall and others who are nearly 7 feet ! What do we do with scale here ?


Thread: RAF Launch accessories
17/03/2020 20:43:40

I've been busy doing a trial build of my sportscar's front suspension today, including making a 'dummy' damper (shock-absorber). Also, finishing a refurb' on a RC glider (Italian aerobatic team)...

When I feel like a change, yes, some deck fittings would be nice. I've seen yellow and black chequer on the foredeck too. Also, some boats have a number there (squadron no. ?) but, not necessarily the hull number...and, some have the hull number on the stern as well ! It's difficult to know where to stop with this 'accessories' thing.

Fairleads could be fun, with some coiled rope (probably string to keep the scale). However, that rotating gun turret thing is at the back of my mind....


15/03/2020 21:18:33
Posted by redpmg on 14/03/2020 14:33:41:

Hi Dave - was not a comment on your boat - my avatar is painted +- real colour - but I would never change it . As Ashley says its your boat - arose more from Ashley's comment re the accessories .

No worries all comments and ideas welcome. Never too old to learn !!!


14/03/2020 22:44:07

PM sent Ray,


14/03/2020 21:11:23

Hi Ray - I think it'll probably be a sailing yacht like "Ardent" (from the Sarik plan), but, with vane steering, RC and 'Arduino' like we discussed on the other thread.

Problem is I've just got too many hobbies /projects ! eg Model Railways (mainly winter), Gliding (mainly summer) - full-size and RC. I'm also designing and building a Le-Mans style sports car for sprint and hill-climb events. Oh yes, did I mention art, drumming and playing guitar ? Not really any good at these but it's part of my 'recuperation' from a mental illness some years ago...

The Arduino thing is just a starter kit now. I'll try and get the gun turret rotating randomly as a 'toe-in-the-water'. Forgot to mention I'm 18 chapters into my first novel "The Adventures of a Glider Pilot" and, I need to fit in a bit of sleep here and there.....never bored though !


13/03/2020 17:12:11

Hmmm, interesting. My boat is approx. 1/48 scale (although I would only call it 'fun scale' !).

As an amateur artist, I do understand about "recession" and often use it in my paintings /model railway dioramas etc.

Am now wondering if my hull is too black /red ? I think the acid test will be what does it look like on the water....

Hopefully, we'll know the answer to that soon.


12/03/2020 20:38:41

Hi Ashley

Yes, the flag is actually 20mm long even though we specified 30mm in the printer settings - it must have been having an off-day ! I agree, it would look better on the stern jack staff with a bigger one on the main mast - either 30mm or 40mm, I'll try both.

Splinter mats - they did have roughed up edges although this doesn't seem to show up in the photos. I'll try your colour suggestions though as they do seem a bit 'drab'. I think in real life they were fabric (canvas ?) covered. So, I'll try and get a fold or two into them.

Just need some good weather now to give it a run !


12/03/2020 15:34:52

Ready for sea trials : I think the ensign is a little small and the splinter mats need a bit more work...?

ready for sea trials.jpg

29/02/2020 10:51:52

Just about to run the RAF ensign up the main mast. This is the last planned accessory for now until proper water trials begin.

Will also water test the cabin glazing for leaks in case of an 'upside down' first time out.

Photos to follow. If the water trials are OK, will next motorise the gun turret for rotation. This will need some Arduino input to generate random numbers for motor on /delay etc. (Have to get my head around programming in 'C' to do this !).


Thread: What is this boat?
26/02/2020 10:56:57

Very mysterious. Looks like a conventional Bermudan Sloop rig. Size - LoA, Beam etc ?

I think I would try Google Translate (Russian < > English) to see if any of the box art items /instructions give a clue.

Failing that, you could try it in the bath and see whether it has any potential for a pond yacht...(if it sinks it's probably a display item !).


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