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Thread: Fairly new to boats.
21/12/2019 10:36:09

Ashley - do you think a folding prop would make much difference ? Or, were you thinking of battery, motor weight etc ?

As I won't be racing mine, I think I would trade a small loss in sailing performance for 'get-back-ability' !

Merry Christmas,


Thread: Vosper rttl
20/12/2019 10:56:55


If you want to delve into the 'technicalities' of Radio Control, I can recommend :

"Theory and Practice of Model Radio Control" by Paul Newell - it's out-of-print now but I got a used copy off Amazon.

However, with modern 2.4 GHz kit, you can take the 'black box' the Transmitter (you) sends a signal to the Receiver (boat) and this, in turn will move a Servo connected to the rudder(s). To control the throttle, you use another servo if the boat is powered by an IC engine, or, an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) if powered by electric motor(s)...

Thus, it really becomes a matter of how to install and test it all in the boat. Here, I would recommend joining a model boat club as they will advise you on how best to do it on Your boat. There are many detail items to consider that probably won't be covered in any book.

Hope this helps,


Thread: Advice and idea's needed please
20/12/2019 10:28:25

Looks lovely Eddie - does it sail well ?


18/12/2019 15:31:18

Hi Roy - Oh, if only we had such sophistication back then (around 1957) !

I seem to remember that unless you set up some 'weather helm' it would luff-up and come to a complete stand still.

However, as it was only really a large public 'paddling pool' we could wade in and retrieve it quite easily.... I guess this may have been due to an unbalanced rig. (Something we had on the early full-size Ospreys).

Regards, Dave

18/12/2019 11:01:53

Hi again John

A friend of mine had a yacht like this with adjustable sails and rudder. At the pond side, after he'd assessed the prevailing wind conditions, he set the rudder and rig according to whether it was to be 'close-hauled', a 'reach' or a 'run' to the far bank.

If this is all 'jibberish' to you, contact a local sailing club and, usually, someone will take you out and explain the different 'points of sailing''s not difficult once you can relate the boat's direction to the wind. (Be careful the 'bug' might bite !).

As for Gaff /Gunter rigs I've no practical experience of these, but, I sure there are others on the forum who will have a wealth of experience to share. If you want to keep it as a static model that's fine - either make a display case for it or, decide who will have "dusting" responsibilities...

Merry Christmas


Thread: Vosper rttl
16/12/2019 12:35:33


Have now found the two images I used :

1. ("RAF Launch and Pinnace"

2. Google : "RAF Launch 2767-01" (My link for this one is incomplete unfortunately) dated 18/03/2009.

Good luck with the search - some old links get 'broken' over time !


16/12/2019 10:52:16

Mike - follow Ray's suggestion. He's got much more experience than me.

I've got some card templates for the bow which I can let you have plus some 'http: links' for a full-size boat under restoration plus one in the water. I'll need to dig them out next time I go into the workshop...

What scale are you working to ? My templates are 1/43 but if you have access to a photocopier you can scale up as required. I notice that quite a lot of the RTTL / ASR plans are around 1" to 1 foot (ie 1/12).



15/12/2019 20:16:11

Hi Mike

If you "PM" me I'll send you some photos of how I did mine.

The bow was done by carving /sanding away at solid blocks, however, this then blends into a stepped bottom which you haven't got - still it should provide some shots of the bow 'undercut' etc. for the shape up to the step. The shots are with the bows still in primer.

Shortly, I'll be posting some images of the finished boat - just got to mount the gun turret and tidy up a switch harness.



Thread: Fairly new to boats.
10/12/2019 10:36:55

Thanks Ray - PM sent this morning.


09/12/2019 19:45:21

Hi again Ashley - good to hear that my 'peepers' should last a bit longer ! Sounds like you have a very nice pond down there. I'm currently looking for somewhere in North Wilts'. It seems that Swindon and Portishead both have clubs but are over an hour's drive for me...

Hi Ray: Thanks for the new inspiration of a cabin cruiser yacht - I'll look up "Chez When" (Sarik) soon. Do you think "Wild Duck" would scale up to 33" or even 44" ? Forgot to mention that I have a fairly large estate car, so, with the back seat folded down could probably lay the model on it's side (complete with mast in situ ?).

Both: Am I worrying unnecessarily about auxiliary power ? I just have this vision of being on my own in the middle of a big lake with no wind and no ideas ! Would both designs take an electric motor /shaft /folding prop (just to give me peace of mind...)

Best regards,


07/12/2019 15:47:07

Hi Mark,

My interests are boats, cars, RC gliders and model railways. I also do full-size gliding and am currently designing and building a Le-Mans style sportscar - so, don't worry about having too many interests - keeping the 'grey matter' going (at age 72) is far more important !

Coming back to yachts, after my RAF launch which is nearing completion, I quite fancy a nice yacht....mine will probably be a cabin cruiser. I used to sail full-size and really enjoyed it, however, I quickly learned that when the wind drops it's handy to have some form of auxiliary power. For me this will probably be a small electric motor driving a folding prop.

Something that I have noticed about model boats is how they seem to 'shrink' when on the water (my slowly failing eyesight ?), so this brings me to size: The RAF launch is only 16" long which is really too small for anything with "real waves". The backseat of my car will hold a hull up to about 46", the mast to balance this will, I think, need to be taller than this, so I think will need to be folding or removable for transport. I've not properly researched any of this yet, but, I feel there will be some plans /kits of around this size....

Just like RC gliding, it's all a compromise I guess - let us know your thoughts and plans for a suitable model.



Thread: Advice and idea's needed please
03/12/2019 22:29:02

Hi John.

Looking at the photo of your hull, it looks like it has a lead-tipped keel and, so, was probably intended for use on water. I couldn't quite make out if it has a hinged rudder or not ?

If it has, adding a cabin plus some simple radio control (hidden inside) could make an interesting conversion - you could try just steering to start with and with some sails from Tim (what a generous offer !) these could be 'pre-set' at the pond side according to local conditions.

Later on, you could add radio control over sails as well (although this may mean going down below deck level). Now that you've got a nice hull (the difficult bit !) it would be a shame not to get it sailing again.....just a thought !



Thread: RAF Launch accessories
24/11/2019 16:58:09

At last the gunner (1/43) is installed in his turret. The first turret suffered severe 'shell damage' when trying the "ship-in-a-bottle" trick ! This is the second bulb in the trial...

The gun barrels are now epoxied into place (didn't trust superglue for some reason). The turret will rotate manually at present. Later, may become 'powered' when I complete my Arduino (microcontroller) course.

The superstructure is masked ready for a coat of primer grey. There is a little re-wiring to do on the LiPo / motor / controller side as I discovered a safety item was missing when testing.

Will post some pic's as soon as the paint is on...


13/09/2019 10:29:34

Sorry, image re-sizing went a bit 'wonky' this time. Will try again when work is further advanced...


13/09/2019 10:25:31

existing turret.jpg Ugh...turret as it is now. Has resisted all attempts to clean up and polish to date ! Gun barrels are re-useable I think.

gunner & new turret.jpg Gunner and his new home to be. Bulb vacuum has been released but light filaments are still intact !

12/09/2019 22:19:55

It was indeed Chris. After painting the hull white waterline today, I plucked up courage to tackle another bulb. (First one went 'ping'.

Finished painting the gunner (he needed to look more 'RAF' and less German). Much work on the bench grinder got me through the brass base, but, alas his arms are too splayed at the elbows - may need a bit of surgery there to fit him inside.

Found some documentation on the original Type 2 turrets (Armstrong-Whitworth), so, am now convinced the overall shape is right. Decided not to drill /file through for the gun barrels but cyano (industrial strength) them on from outside. The gunner will then have to 'carry' the rest of the guns with him when he finally goes inside the turret.

At 1/48th scale the turret might rotate but will not be powered....(not until I get up to speed with Arduino anyway !)

Pic's soon,


11/09/2019 09:53:40

I think I've worked out a way of doing it using another stop /tail bulb.

Need to paint up a 'gunner' to go inside first (ship-in-a-bottle tricks?).

I'll post up some pic's in due course as things proceed - assuming a degree of success !


09/09/2019 19:37:46

Hi All

Needed to complete my deck work and rigging :-

1. Gun turret for twin Bofors (I believe Frazer-Nash may have supplied the full-size originals ?).

2. Radar scanner or reflector (mast mounted). Scanner would operate via a mobile phone 'trembler' motor + gears.

I have some 1/48 German airmen figures from Revell and this scale looks about right.

Also, an old 12v car stop /tail bulb looks right, but, trying to get the gun barrels in without shattering the glass is proving problematical. Could drill out the base and fill the bulb with something clear to support the glass before drilling /filing...

Any ideas welcome


Thread: Motor /Controller /Prop upgrade
01/09/2019 21:42:37

The bright red that has been applied so far does seem to be durable and waterproof. I think I may leave this on until I get around to the prop /driveshaft upgrade.

Thanks for the painting tips all. I'll get some red oxide and lacquer and experiment with some scrap wood in the meantime - Dave yours looks very slick I must say...

Dave C

31/08/2019 17:50:43

Thanks Ashley

Some good tips as usual. Rx wire currently runs around the hull perimeter and seems to be ok.

I did do a quick bath test this morning just to check out forward /reverse etc. Did a bit of re-wiring this afternoon to make it easier to get the battery in and out.

Yes, I'll try the red oxide - Halfords /model shop ?


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