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Thread: RAF Launch accessories
13/02/2020 15:47:18

Latest progress : New Clearviews and Radar Reflector

clearviews and radar reflector.jpg

Thread: Antenna placement question
10/02/2020 23:22:03

RC radio waves will pass through wood ok but, the other day I was running some tests in the kitchen sink (ie stainless steel all around the Rx). It didn't like it one bit and the servos were hopping mad.... !

Best avoid any metal 'shielding' of the Rx /aerial when planning your installation. Electric motor wires probably carry the greatest currents in a boat and it's good practice to fit some RF (TV type) suppressors to the motor contacts. (sorry, getting a bit tech now !)


Thread: Newbie looking for best boat for mini steam marine engine
09/02/2020 19:40:28


There's a lot to be said for joining a model boat club (or even a full-size one as they sometimes have modelling interests).

Don't know if you've got one in your part of the world, but, as well as having a great deal of knowledge, they can be a good source of parts, kits (some semi-built) and much more...

Good luck with your first project (let us see some photos of the steamer !)


Thread: airbrush question
08/02/2020 10:34:02

I find Halfords Grey and 'Red Oxide' aerosol primers give a good base. They will also show up any areas that need further work.

On scale boats, the oxide colour often looks right below the waterline, although, I'm sure other 'reds' will also suffice.

I would echo what Ashley says about spraying conditions (ie warm and dry /dust free), I've also toyed with buying spray equipment, but I think there can be a lot of wastage. If you're planning to do a lot of spraying - boats, aircraft, trains, cars etc it could be worth the investment.


Thread: RAF Launch accessories
04/02/2020 15:23:26

Good point Ashley - I may give that a go first...

Update on the model :

'Clearviews' - starboard is rather cloudy (cyano got inside I suspect). Port looks like it has shipped a bit of water (2-pack in this one !). I may have to pop them off and do a bit of cleaning up. See what you think when I've done the photos.

Radar reflector mounted on the main mast - so, rigged for 'Range Safety' duties at present (not bad for a first attempt but, may be a little over-scale). I'm probably being fussy here as the whole boat is an 'own-design' and really what I would call "fun scale".

Further options to add : Splinter Mats and Search Light. Have a RC glider's wings to recover over the next few days so, photos end of week I should think...


01/02/2020 17:25:33

John: Thanks for the brilliant photos - just what I need. Your model looks great and, so realistic !

Colin: Thanks for the Link - think I'll try some Milliput - I can see it having all sorts of uses on other projects as well.



01/02/2020 16:32:16


I think you can see them under the wheelhouse windows and just behind the forward deck lockers in the above Airfix box art...

That reminds me, I probably need to make a search light as well !



01/02/2020 16:25:18


01/02/2020 14:19:59


The ones in my documentation are a grey rectangular sort of padding (bit like a mattress /giant pillow), with a 'hot-cross bun' pattern on the front face. Maybe they aren't A-A but some sort of flotation device ?

They look to be canvass covered and are usually arranged just under and around the wheelhouse /gunner /sickbay areas...

I'll see if I can locate a photo or two.


31/01/2020 15:37:05

Thanks both:

Ashley - Yes the light bulb was a fight (wrecked the first one !), had to do a bit of surgery on the gunner's right arm to get him in, then 'ship-in-a-bottle' stuff...unfortunately, got some cyano inside the glass, so when Mk 3 is made (if ever), I'll anticipate this when making the motorised version.

Thanks for the tip on the AA padding, I was going to use soft balsa and hack it about, but your idea sounds better. May use balsa first anyway just to get a feel for thicknesses etc.

Ray - Your 'clearview' looks better than mine. As above, got cyano inside one (will I ever learn !), but used epoxy on the port side. I rough-sawed a piece of 2.5 mm acrylic sheet, tidied it up on the bench grinder and then put it into the Dremel to turn down to size after drilling a 2mm hole through the centre. It's probably over-scale but seems to look ok. I used a small nail head for the centre 'pivot'.

'Sea trials' start soon. Radar reflector is setting on the bench - should be finished this week end with luck. Then we'll see if the step in the hull works. Ashley has his doubts (so do I !)...


30/01/2020 10:37:15

Just made the first "clear view" for the wheelhouse. Second one today and fitting tomorrow...

I've found a small picture of a radar reflector (MM RAF Range Safety Launch - Vic Smeed ?) which I'll use as a guide for making a mast-mounted one. I don't think they had rotating scanners on the HSL's in WW2 ?

Hopefully, photos to follow soon for your critique.


Thread: Vosper rttl
24/01/2020 21:20:44

At this time of year I find my 2-pack gets rather 'gloopy' - have to warm it up on the workshop heater first.

It must be getting old (just like the boat builder !)...

23/01/2020 16:51:56

Hi Michael

I think mine varies at about 2-3mm depending on whether it's on a 'straight run' or a 'tapered' bit. That's at 1/48 scale (ish).

Are you at 1/2" to 1 foot (1/24) ? If so, I should think 5-7mm will look about right.


Thread: Request advice for my first boat build challenge!
23/01/2020 11:04:06

Hi again Joe

Get your 'mechatronics' person to have a look at Arduino Starter Kits - I think it will have a lot of the bits you'll need for the fully automated bit : eg micro servo, stepper motor, breadboards, jumper leads etc. Mine cost around £29 - good value and much quicker than buying all the parts separately ! It comes with a tutorial on CD as well.

As you have 'wi-fi' coverage you could use a mobile phone for a GPS signal, although, a dedicated chip (eg an Arduino "Shield" would probably be lighter, more compact and easier to program.

In the Arduino IDE (development environment) he /she will find lots of pre-written code examples. You could probably pluck these out as they are and 'tailor' them for your application. I should think some of the "robotics" code (turn left /turn right etc) would give a starting point.

Good luck,


22/01/2020 19:58:00

Hi Joe

I'm intrigued by your phrase "fully autonomous boat". Presumably, this means a 'pre-programmed' motor run with rudder inputs at the predetermined turning points (approx. 90 degrees) on the lake ?

Whilst you're solving your propulsion /steering methods, it would be a good idea to get a team member up to speed on control systems eg any radio control experience would be useful....of course, you can't use radio as such but you could use Arduino (or, another microcontroller) to take the place of the radio transmitter and receiver. Arduinos can drive the rudder servo and, the motor's speed controller, and they are cheap !

You don't say if you're allowed to use GPS ? If so, this could tell the Arduino when to change course etc. You can write some simple sketches (programs) to achieve this using the 'C' programming language.

I think you'd better allow plenty of time for testing and fine tuning !!

Hope this helps,


Thread: RAF Launch accessories
21/01/2020 11:59:55

I think I've worked out how to make the Clear Views and the AA Padding (at least I think that is what it is !).

But, if anyone has an idea /drawing etc of the radar side I'd be very grateful.



16/01/2020 20:25:13

Hi All

A few final items needed to finish the RAF launch :

1. 2 x Kent "Clear View" discs for the front wheelhouse 'windows'. (7-10mm diam.)

2. The 'anti-attack' padding for the wheelhouse lower half.

3. Either a radar reflector, or, a scanner dish for the main mast.

All the above at 1/48 scale. If you have anything surplus to requirements or, know of a supplier I'd be much obliged...



Thread: Vane Steering for Model Yachts
06/01/2020 21:16:29

Hi All - latest on the yacht project :

I'm told that a cordless drill /screwdriver works on a 'planetary' gear principle. Having a defunct one of these in my garage (battery won't hold it's charge), I'm planning to strip it down and see if the gearbox may be suitable.

The motor is also 9.6v - possibly coreless, so, this may be of some use too....

I will weigh everything as I go and then try to build a test rig with a 'dummy' vane to see what the possibilities are.

Hopefully, photos to follow,


Thread: custom made nameplates
04/01/2020 16:55:27

Hi John

It may depend on the type of boat eg a millionaire's yacht would have to be quite 'posh'. Whilst, a working boat would probably be more subdued....having said that some canal barges can be very decorative....

A photo would help.

Happy new year,


Thread: Vane Steering for Model Yachts
03/01/2020 16:03:32

Thanks for that Gareth,

I think my set-up will probably need to be inboard, or, perhaps with a small overhang...the split back-stay is a useful idea though.

At the moment, it's looking like a 3-servo system :

Sail Winch, conventional RC steering and epicyclic band clutch (may need an extra one for the planet carrier). The vane pivot will sit above the 'sun' gear....the epicyclic train will reverse rudder direction and gear down the vane (something like 2:1 I should think).

Next thing will be to get a test rig working on the bench. The outer ring gear is proving difficult to source. May end up having to make one ! Currently looking at Buggy diff's and Heli' parts to see if there's anything useable there.

Happy new year,


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