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Thread: Facebook Cover
12/10/2017 17:46:09

Gosh! What happened to my contribution??

Thread: Info on Microgyros please.
17/10/2013 18:06:00

LOL! Would if I could. With our Summer coming up I'm sure you'd enjoy the sunshine


ps. Many thanks for the direct contact e-address.

Thread: multi charger
17/10/2013 17:57:28
Posted by Dave Milbourn on 15/10/2013 14:13:34:

Dreaming of this Imax X200........ **LINK** but the Turnigy Accucel 6 is a nice little job for about a quarter of the price - although you will need a 12v power supply for it.
For a mains charger the Graupner Multilader 7E takes some beating for good value and all-round usefulness **LINK**
Dave M

I second the Turnigy Dave recommends - I use mine for LiPos and NiMh packs and never had a problem. 12V power supply no problem - there are loads of details on converting a computer power supply unit via Google. I acquired one from a computer repair outfit for free and it only cost me a few cents for terminals etc and a car tail light bulb (in place of the loading resistor)!

Thread: Info on Microgyros please.
17/10/2013 17:36:43

Thank you. Mike got back to me by return and so it's now up to my son to get what I want and find someone to bring it out here - or bring it himself next year. Apologies for the tardy response but I've been away from home.



26/09/2013 10:12:13

Anybody had experience dealing with Microgyros? On the 12th Sept I e-mailed them asking for details and pricing of their ESCs, as I need something to handle 24V, but so far they have been deafeningly quiet. Are they still in business?



Thread: Scratch build Police launch
22/09/2013 17:20:59

LOL. Come to sunny South Africa!


22/09/2013 14:36:22

Dave, it's a technique I used successfully in the past on full-size surf boats and keel boats! Having masked off the appropriate surfaces I then apply a thickish coat of paint onto which I then sprinkle mounds of very finely sieved beach sand while the paint is still wet. When the paint has dried and cured I then brush off the excess sand and 'voila'! On full-size boats I used polyurethane paint and sieved quartz gravel (the sort used for auqaria!) but for my models the paint is a regular lacquer though I'm sure a turps-based paint would wotk just as well. I only hope my wife never discovers that I used her tea strainer to sieve the sand for my model!



22/09/2013 06:11:49

img_6663 small.jpgimg_4688 small.jpgThought I'd bring to general notice (actually it was suggested I do ) my latest project which is covered in more detail in my photos account. The model is roughly based on the Mitchell boats previously used by various police constabularies in and around the Solent. The hull is a constant angle deep 'V' and pushed along by a Torpedo 850 driving a X50 prop. Now all that remains are the fiddly, decorative bits!

Edited By Mzee on 22/09/2013 06:14:34

Thread: RTTL mast
31/07/2013 17:29:13

Oops, forgive all the spelling mistakes - my cold fingers ............ !

31/07/2013 17:28:04

He he Ian - I lake that excuse For as long as I can remember - and that sure goes back along way! - I have worked on the idea that artistic talent has to take it's course and that goes with anything I do that doesn't feel right - leave it for another day because if you keep on fussing over it, it will surely end up a scrambled egg!

Thank you for the compliment - that's another thing I've carried with me for the past 6+decades. If somebody has the courtesy to respond to a comment or query then the very least I can do is respond in turn with a 'thank you' or whatever. I might not always respond immediately but I try to do so eventually! Guess I'm 'old school'! JLB Smith - the coelacanth fellow - always maintained that letters are like fish ...... if you don't deral with them in a day or two they begin to stink! Think he was darn right too!



31/07/2013 06:31:35
Posted by Bob Abell on 29/07/2013 08:12:39:


Have you tried to Google it?

There will be photos of it somewhere?


I have indeed, Bob. I now have a fair collection of pics - some helpful, some confusing and a few quite useless! Procrastination days fast coming to an end. Thank you.


31/07/2013 06:29:36
Posted by Telstar on 29/07/2013 14:13:19:

Hi Robin

There are some pics. of a RTTL Hope they help



Thank you Tom. Have downloaded them and will take a closer look in due course.


31/07/2013 06:27:48
Posted by Ian Gardner on 29/07/2013 13:08:20:

Your RTTL looks really good Robin and I thought the speed in your last photo looked fine- can't help with the mast I'm afraid.


Thanks Ian. Think my problem with the mast is pure, procrastination but all the help I'm getting (and finding) is beginning to work! Re. the speed issue: again I think I have just fallen into the trap of more speed for the sake of speed while ignoring the simple rules of 'scale speed'!



29/07/2013 07:55:22

The RTTL mast looks a hugely complicated affair and I have only incomplete drawings and a few pics so until I can be sure I'm doing it right I'll leave it off! I was hoping to revisit Hendon again while over in the UK in June/July but the family had other ideas


Thread: 12V motor choice
29/07/2013 07:45:30
Posted by Dave Milbourn on 28/07/2013 17:23:41:


Believe............ MMB900 is identical in spec to Speed 900.
Dave M


27/07/2013 16:34:46

Good day all,

I have a scratch build 1:20 scale RTTL, based on Vic Smeed's drawings. She is single screw driven by a Graupner Speed 900 BB.and X50 prop (the optimal choice after trying a number of sizes and pitches). The model runs well (though the motor gets pretty hot) but does not quite look scale at full ahead. Anyone know if I could get more 'grunt' from a MFA Torpedo 850? Both on 12v and I can't feed more to the Speed 900 as the Viper ESC won't handle more than 12V

BTW, have just returned home from a glorious 4 weeks in England/Wales - thanks for the suntan!


Thread: Side trawler, rigging, gallows and gear details
18/10/2012 06:18:30

Hi Larry,

Many thanks for the interesting pics. I too am not a rivet counter - one can sometimes go too far with absoluite scale. Although I am a perfectionist in that I like to show every piece and to true scale dimensions I draw the line at trying to show plating lines, rivets and every nut and boolt.

Thanks too for your comment on my models. Yes, in my book a working boat needs to look like a working boat - not like 'Daddy's new plastic toy straight from the Southampton Boat Show'! That doesn't imply I apply sloppy paint work - I airbrush to a good finish and then 'muddy the water'.

Your mention of the Hull model group sent me searching and I found an Aberdeen group and am hoping that somebody there might have more information on Hall Russel trawlers.



17/10/2012 13:59:39

Many thanks Neil,

Quite a complex set-up. From what little I can make out from the fuzzy pic I have, it would appear that one cannot see the chain-to-bar nor bar-to-chain links as they are hidden within the trunking.which appears to be cylindrical (pipe) in section.

Much appreciated.


17/10/2012 12:16:27


Many, many thanks - again. Bingo! Now I know what to look for I have found a not too clear pic which does show the chain duct running vertically down from the wheelhouse, around a pulley and along the deckhouse running aft and, presumably, straight through to the quadrant.

Just goes to show - when in doubt ask the expert. Many thanks again,


17/10/2012 10:24:52

Me back again! All the helpful advice and pics (above) have gone a long way to educating me on what's what on old steam trawlers.

There is one thing that 'bugs' me, and being a hard nut when it comes to exact scale models, is the positioning and layout of the steering chain from wheelhouse to quadrant. I notice on other Aberdeen-built trawlers the chain goes through a trunking that runs along the deckhouse and straight through to the rudder quadrant. Sadly there are no details like this on the Hall Russell drawings



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