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Thread: Virgin Atlantic challenger 2
19/06/2018 09:34:41
Thanks everyone for your help.not been well for a while but back on vc2 now.paints dry so time to reinstall the drives an get on the water.need to make handrails an get the decals made! Have made a start on another project.a 58 inch petrol to fast electric conversion and paint.first pics in albums. Nick

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09/04/2018 10:42:10

09/04/2018 10:39:23

09/04/2018 10:38:51

23/02/2018 10:06:24

hi everyone.getting there.back on the water for another test run tommorow.time to get the detailing done and decals.anybody have any ideas for the hand rails? Was thinking about using stiff copper wire?

05/02/2018 09:43:28

Another supplier whose very helpfull and has large supply of graupner props as well,is Tony,who runs model marine supplies. He was the fellow who supplied,polished and balanced the props on mine.he also supplied me with the hydro props on the jaguar and miss bud replica.changing the subject slightly, its a shame the magazine doesn't have a page or two for fast electric. I know space is tight,maybe an idea for the future?regards Nick

04/02/2018 10:21:01

04/02/2018 10:20:35

Twin drive

04/02/2018 09:18:12

I was interested in the difference it made to your hydro pontoon,especially when you switched to lipo power.the hydro style props do seem to like lots of power.lots of prop wash,I get big rooster tails off all 3 boats. The biggest problem I had after sorting the props was getting the two drive's perfectly lined up,or else it fought it's self in a straight line and made a big difference to straight line speed.

04/02/2018 09:02:46

Morning everyone, like you say Ashley,visibly there doesn't seem to be much difference between the two,in the water it's like chalk an cheese. My vac2 runs American occurs beryllium copper x442,left and right hand,but they have been reshaped to mimic hydro style.little bit more expensive but well worth it.all part of the fun though,especially when it finally comes right. If I hadn't tried both styles of prop one after the other I wouldn't have beloved the difference. Nick

03/02/2018 19:44:39

Thanks bluebird for the feedback,I had cavitations issues to start with.found the cure was to use a hydro style prop.I ran my miss bud replica on an s and an x type prop and all it did was cav. Wouldn't even get up on plane.switched to a hydro style and it thrives on cavitations an goes like stink.when I was building the vac2 I spoke to a really helpful guy in Germany called Klaus who is the design engineer for the company that builds the full size drives,according to him you need a multi blade cleaver style prop or one that's designed for semi surface drives.a hydroplane prop. That's what mine has and you can turn as tight as you like,to the point it will spin 180 degrees if I push way too hard.

03/02/2018 11:41:54

Stern shotHope fully these are better shots

03/02/2018 11:40:54

Hope fully these are better shots

03/02/2018 11:39:25

Stern shot

03/02/2018 11:17:57

Hi Ashley,yes she steers very well with need for differential prop control,both motors run up proportional to each other, obviously they contra rotate. The more power you put on the quicker she turns,very much like the real vc2 its designed go in a straight line rather than sharp turns,but it will spin out an bite you if you get too heavy with the rudder stick. Took a bit of work to get it right,also prop choice was a big bug bear.thanks for the welcome.

02/02/2018 11:14:03

Hi everyone,hope you like my representation of vac2.couldnt find any plans to build from,so its built from an old hull(originally was a copy of the italian challenger)so not quite the right shape.ive modified the stern to make it close to real thing.couldn't find a supplier for the drives,so i made my really well as long as your not heavy handed.superstructure built from balsa scaled up from a drawing I did from a photo. Not an exact copy but close enough for me.part of the fun of our hobby with a dash of poetic license. img_20180202_102436.jpg

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