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Thread: Guardsman build (but not as you know Jim)
28/06/2022 08:24:08

Hi John

I agree with you on the hull.

I have put a straight edge onto the plan and marked out a new deck level, so as soon as I can remove the beams from the hull I will start setting out the new deck level on the hull.


27/06/2022 16:09:32

Hi Charles

As they used to say on Rowan & Martin's laugh - in " Very Interesting" I will be having a look at the photo again,

I have been thinking that the wheelhouse could do with being a bit bigger, and as I have to make a new one I now think that is the way I will go, I also like you your idea the the wheelhouse shape could be a hexagon shape.


P/S I have just had a look at the photo and I think you could be right, I say this as you can see the full front of the door.


Edited By Fred Ellis 1 on 27/06/2022 16:13:31

27/06/2022 09:17:32

Hi John

You have hit the nail on the head with what you say.

It is just that with this dip in the deck and you make all the deck housings from the plan, when you fit them it gives the impression that she had broken her back.

Having slept on it over night ( yes it was uncomfortable) I was going to put the laser onto the gunwale to see if it was level, then work from there. now that you have said the there is a dip in the deck level on the plan it looks as if I am going to have to remove the beams that I have fixed to the hull, take new fixing points from off the plan and transfer them onto the hull so that I can fix new beams to keep the deck level.


26/06/2022 14:31:15

Hi One & All

For the last few day's I have been working out the layout for the deck beams, I must have drawn out the fixing points three or four times before I was happy, I kept checking the beams were true and level with the top of the hull, but when I laid the deck onto the beams it still looked like a banana, high at the ends and low in the middle.

So next week it is off to Sussex Models to get a stock of balsa wood and start making a new hull from wood.

I will post any updates as and when I have made progress on the new Guardsman.


Edited By Fred Ellis 1 on 26/06/2022 14:31:56

19/06/2022 07:21:09

Hi Colin

Thank you for the link, I did think that some one had posted it on page one, but looking back I found that it had not, so it must have been in a P/M that was sent to me, it is a good read.


18/06/2022 09:20:47

Hi Ashley

The door was at the front of the wheel house and it was not a sliding door, we have come to the conclusion that Vic used some modeling license when he drafted the drawings.


18/06/2022 06:53:01

Hi John

I see what you are saying about the door & the small box, so I thing I may just have the door just open to give the impression of a working door.

I have now removed the deck and deck beams, and started to clean the sides for new beams to be fitted. what more do you want on a sunny afternoon


17/06/2022 08:53:04

Hi John

That's good news with regards to the photos.

As regards to the wheel house door, when I measured up all the deck furniture positions there would be no way that the door could be opened,

Like I said it's back to square one for this one, new deck & new deck housings.


16/06/2022 06:24:36

Hi John W E

With regards to the door, now I may have this all wrong but if you were to have it in the open position you would hit the hatch way, also in a heavy sea it would be a bit of a job to open, but by having it at the side all would be O.K

As for copyright on digital photos in the U.K they should ask you if it is O.K to use your photo, but that ends when you have passed away + 70 years, I have no idea how it stands in Canada.

I agree with Colin there are too many out there that are just copying old drawings with out asking or giving credit to the person that made the drawing in the first place.


14/06/2022 18:20:22

Richard just loving you article in Model Boats,

I measured down from the top of the gunwale plus the thickness of the deck to find the position for the deck beam, but when I had fixed the beams some how I had put an upward run going towards the bow, so that the deck housing looked as if it had broken its back.

John that is just what I have done with mine, I have put the grating up higher than on the drawing, the other thing I will have to remake is the wheel housing as it looks wrong with the door at the front.


14/06/2022 18:05:24

Hi Ray

My problem was that I put the deck beams all wrong, the deck was in the right place at the rear but much to high at the bow, so the main deck housing was O.K at the rear and to short at the front giving it a sloping look. if that make sense.


14/06/2022 08:42:30

Hi One & All

Well its been a long since I posted anything with regards to this build.

The fact is I made a real pig's ear of it, as they say "its back to square one"

First I removed the deck, and I will start by make new deck beams & a new deck.

See you some time in the future soon I will post the updates.


18/08/2021 13:18:40

Hi One & All

With regards to the deck, I cut the section that is over the rudder off, I will replace it with a grating later on in the build.

Some time back I found some magnetic clamps that are on Smart Models. co. uk web site, as in the past I have used right angle aluminium, the one's in the photos are the small set.


16/08/2021 17:52:29

Hi One & All

I am now back on the build.

With the beams now dry I moved onto cutting out the deck



After triming the deck to fit, I could then see if the rudder horn would fit under the deck.

As the Guardsman was first released in 1982 and the servo's were on the large side the rudder horn was placed above the deck, but using today's equipment I could now fit it all under the deck.

I must say that the rudder servo box is not my best. yes the rudder horn is a home made one from a 13 amp plug.



08/08/2021 00:13:26

Hi One & All

Just a quick update.

I have removed the waste plastic from the hull, I then set out the location of the side deck beams, for this is used 3 x 6mm strip, this was held in place by the clips from old trousers hangers,



I let the beams dry over night



Edited By Fred Ellis 1 on 08/08/2021 00:15:20

02/08/2021 13:47:38

Thank you Richard


02/08/2021 09:50:40

Hi One & All

Well the keel is now all fixed in place


Just need to cut out the rest of the shaft tunnel and flare in the keel to the hull,

Having done that it was time I moved onto the rudder, you will have seen how I went about this in my other post in soapbox.

I fixed the shaft in place to see just how much room I had when the prop is fitted.

dsc_3095.jpg 1.jpg

I was happy with how it worked out, so I fixed the shaft in place inside the hull.

dsc_3097.jpg 3.jpg

I also tried out the locations of the motor and battery



That looks O.K. to me.

It was time to put the shaft covers in place, along with the rudder





That it for now, until the nest time


27/07/2021 10:01:09

Hi One & All

After a few days looking at the drawing, it was time to order the running gear, for this I used Model Boat Bits the order was for a 385 motor - 7" shaft - 35mm four blade brass prop and a medium brass rudder, and from the Component shop a six volt battery pack, all of these items got to me in about a week.

One thing that I did was not to remove the excess plastic from the hull, my thinking behind this was that I would have a stable platform for when I was cutting out the shaft tunnel and the rudder post.

When I was working there was a company next door to us that was a signee maker and when I was on late duty some times I would have a look in his scrap bin, the keel is made from some of this scrap.


I used some nylon bolts to add some fixing points to the keel.


I also removed part of the shaft tunnel just to make it easier later on, I also cut some dragon's teeth so that the glue would have a bit more area to fix too.

26/07/2021 10:10:55

Hi One & All

This is not a step by step build, just me rambling along in my own little world.

I had just finish the Dean's Wacht am Rhein, that had taken my about eighteen months to build, so a quick build was on the cards, now I have two boat's that need renovating along with about six hulls that need building, and in the six was the Guardsman.

Now I got the Guardsman back in Feb of this year (2021) and it looked as if it would take about six months to build as I had the vacformed hull, so hull building.


Thread: Guardsman
16/07/2021 08:25:33

Hi One and All

Just to say thank you for all your comments and advice,

Keep safe


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