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Thread: MB articles
17/02/2020 23:55:12
Posted by Hal Harrison 1 on 17/02/2020 12:25:24:

As for the "free" plans, some have been so simple that a single page drawing would have been enough for any competent modeler build one from.

Well that's my honest opinion.


But maybe not all readers are competent modelers. Also agree about the Plastic kits, but Have enjoyed the Olympic Article as this is a kit ( Titanic ) I have had since the 80's unbuilt with an intention to RC it.

I do like the comment that they have had to create more space ( I assume at the expense of Articles) to increase the number of adverts" and that these ad's are the life blood of the magazine " !!, true to an extent but I would say that the Regular Subscribers and those who buy the Magazine from the Shop are the Real life blood of the magazine, with out sales then there is no magazine to advertise in.

Also now over a year Since GG has posted an article, shame really....


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Thread: Sea Breeze - Vintage Model Boat Company
16/01/2020 23:42:52
Posted by Colin Bishop on 16/01/2020 11:17:23:

Maybe, but I thought Lilies were pink...

I could do with some of the medicinal compound though....


Should I be worried that

A: I like that song

B: I have the Vinyl on 45..!!!

Thread: MB & Other Magazines
16/01/2020 21:04:36

Thanks Colin, that explains why I could not find it in the Jan 2020 Issue

Personally I found it quite interesting, and appear to have missed that one as I only ever purchased the MMI mag on the odd occasion if something took my interest, which that would have done.

As I mentioned before it is 17 years old and I doubt but a few would remember the article, however it would have been better if the writer had revisited it and possibly updated it maybe.

As I say I did find it interesting because I like quirky models and it renewed my interest to get the one I started some years ( 2009) ago finished !!,see below pictures , not sure why there is a jetex motor in the last picture !!




however I still have a few projects on the go, not least a Blue foam Model !! which I will complete this year, its not as if I really have a lot of work to do on it ..wink .

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16/01/2020 20:07:52

Ok, I must be missing something here, what page is the artical on


15/01/2020 21:12:34

In fairness to Mb if it was used in another mag in 2003, 17 years ago that is a long time ago and many things get reposted on forums only after a few months devil

I myself as a few others are more concerned that some of the old faithful's from the MB mag seemed to have become Persona no Gratis, however their loss and others gain .

It is interesting what happens, By chance I was looking at a plan from MMI last night , a sub called " Undine " in MMI Oct 2001, then again in I think a special and was now called " Undine ", I have both plans and they are the same other than different ref Numbers..

Trying to decide which to build but am probably going to build Spook, but jazzed up a bit more than the original.

Thread: todays boating
28/12/2019 17:12:09

Hope you can take a video, mine in dry dock but a New Year Contender !!

Thread: online shopping cheap,postage not
10/12/2019 18:23:52

My take on it , If they have supplied the wrong Item and you have not mis ordered then as far as I am aware they are responsible for the return of the item. They are also responsible at their cost to deliver the correct item. As far as postage goes , I assume you were aware of the postage charges before ordering so I see no issue.

I have had people complain over postage when it was a fraction of the cost and used to show postage as a separate item, so everything includes postage now.

Thread: Progress
08/12/2019 23:40:07

All very strange, only takes my PC les than a minute, was slightly longer but changed to a SSD drive, Icons stay where I put them and copying websites is right click as normal, not sure about keeping you safe online but have not come across that so assume it must just be an option at start off which you should be able to turn off on the settings or system settings menu.

Just done a bit of googling and it looks like it may be linked to the inhouse virus protection system " Windows Defender " as I use Norton I assume the defender is not on my system or is running on a low rating.


Picture shows my screen, and as you can see the web URL is clearly visible, along with all the Favourites on the tool bar.





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Edited By The Long Build on 08/12/2019 23:45:48

08/12/2019 21:54:58

Umm word 2000, currently Year 2019, not surprised really that some things do not work to be honest I always thought Word 2000 was not that great, , I have always managed to find a work around and although on W10 Pro I am still using my Software package from 2010, not sure how long it will stay working. Despite the initial " Oh my God the world will end when W10 was introduced it hasn't and I find it just as good if not better than XP , W& or W8.1, less said about W8 the better.

I realise that some do not like and have problems with W10 but my experience on the whole has been great..

Thread: Sea Breeze - Vintage Model Boat Company
30/11/2019 20:09:03

Interesting paper being used to stop the over spray !!

Thread: 41' watson for sale
20/11/2019 18:40:54

To good to have in my collection, besides I might be surprised about the offer from SWMBO if I turned up with that..kuloukuloufist

Thread: The Model Boat Convention 2019 30th Anniversary
20/11/2019 18:38:16

Well the December issue arrived today , Not a bad write up by Mike Broadbent about the 30th Model Boat Convention.

Thread: Corona Synthesized RX
15/11/2019 20:05:55

Now Discontinued apparently

Thread: Blackpool Model Show 2019
20/10/2019 20:59:23

It was a good show, just needs positive promotion, I think it is going in the right direction in opening it up to other disciplines within the Modelling fraternity, This year, Boats, Tanks, Trucks, Plastic Models and Trains all I found of interest, and as in a separate room only a few feet away kept the Boat show as the Boat show and the other exhibits as their own show, which also would have been seen by most as the Very, Very Long table of the Bring and buy was also in there, and wow was there a lot for sale, and most of it gone by Saturday afternoon.

Thread: Selling a lovely boat
13/10/2019 22:32:19

Really, this is new..

Thread: Prototype build of ELLIE
12/08/2019 20:54:43

Used to be able to get a good meal at the " ye old number 3", is it open again yet. And on the canal.

Thread: Model Boats, First Published Nearly 50 Years Ago !!!
09/04/2019 13:09:54

Well, I received my May issue Number 822 of the Model Boats magazine yesterday, this was very pleasant particularly as I managed to beat the dog in getting to it first !!.

With the magazine was a letter about prices increases etc etc, not got a problem with that as costs do go up so must the issue price and is all good. However I was very surprised with was this statement, and I quote “ As you know, first published nearly 50 years ago “ !!, now bearing in mind that the Current Models boats magazine has gone through a few name changes as I detailed on my Useless information page see link.


The 1st Issue was published in December 1950 so in fact the magazine has been running for 68 years, this itself was highly visible on the front cover with 2014 issues showing 64 years and 2015 showing 65 years. So where does the Subscriptions department get Nearly 50 Years From ?.

I think the letter needs updating ..smiley

Thread: The Model Boat Convention 2019 30th Anniversary
06/03/2019 21:02:11

A Date for your Diary  smiley 


Competition entry forms (available on our Download page) see link below

Competition Entry Forms - Click here


Please note that these need to be in the Secretary’s hands by the 8th August 2019 in order that the necessary preparation of judging forms can be done for the judges.

For Junior boat builders please note the age of the competitor on the form.

Entries will not be accepted at the event so please ensure that your members who wish to enter boats have the necessary paperwork.

Please note that all paperwork has / will be sent to your Club Secretary or person responsible for events.

convention 2019.jpg



Edited By The Long Build on 06/03/2019 21:05:54

Thread: Model Boats General
23/11/2018 18:00:34

The Dog ate mine !!!

Thread: International Model Boat Show
13/11/2018 17:43:06

Posted by David Marks 1 on 13/11/2018 07:28:35:

The tree that I took with me appeared to have enjoyed themselves

Nice to see that the show is all inclusive and do not discriminate against trees devil wink

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