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Thread: Model Boats February 2021
07/01/2021 16:13:05


Thread: Paul Freshney R.I.P
28/12/2020 19:37:17

Such awful news, I enjoyed our chats at the Conventions. My Condolences to his family and wish Rose a speedy recovery.


Thread: Sarik Styrene Hulls
21/12/2020 00:57:52

If that was the one I saw on Ebay then initially thought wow what a price that went for, but thinking about it I suppose when you look at the price of largish Airfix kits now it was not a bad price.. Hope you post your build as will be interesting to see as I have one which needs a bit of TLC..and am hoping to get it going again as it does sail well. ( Although not always a popular model !! )

Thread: Digital Archive Not Accessible
18/12/2020 18:59:17

Hi Chris

Yes on here you do, But if MB Forum site ever closed you would lose everything.

On Pocket Mags You only get access to when your Subscription Started, or at least I do. you can download them on to your pc on Pocket mags so you can view offline but you try to find the file !!.

Also if you can see back to 2004 I am Impressed as mine only goes back to 2007.




Edited By The Long Build on 18/12/2020 19:11:21

18/12/2020 17:41:08

May be wrong but I though the Digital issue really only gives you access to the issues you have received since a Dig Sub was taken out, if you view via Pocket Mags that is all you will see, The facility here will allow viewing back to Around 2007 but I thought that was more a perk than anything.

As Regards Piracy, I would have thought that the time and effort to Copy / print around 80 pages, less if you take the adds out is hardly worth it?. Especially when there over 2.5k on a well known site.

Thread: Spammers December 2020
14/12/2020 19:52:32

If You mean the youtube link that was ok but I went in via typing it myself and was a genuine video.

Thread: Model Boats December 2020/January 2021
04/12/2020 16:33:19

Fred, actually I do not believe I have ever said I do not like it my issue is mainly with the lack of communication from the Publishers.

I have always held this magazine above all others in terms of content.

I am grateful that contributors have continued their contributions despite the changes they have incurred.

Hence why I have not replied to this recently.

Thread: Panache & Starbaby by Vic Smeed
29/11/2020 17:27:02

Hi Adrian

Not a problem, PM me your email address.

Thread: Model Boats December 2020/January 2021
27/11/2020 22:07:47

Just because someone may or may not have an in depth knowledge of production and distribution does not been that they may not have an opinion. Negative or not.

27/11/2020 21:17:50

How are assumptions being made, you posted that apparently it had been delayed as the publishers delayed it so it was not sent out over LD2 when many readers would not be able to buy it,

Also see another Trader is closing down. Model Dockyard.

27/11/2020 20:39:34

I have just had Notification and can confirm that it is available now on Pocket mags to read online but not yet on here.

Also interesting to see that it now only says 1 Years of issues when you subscribe and have dropped any mention of 13 issues, although is you go via the link above it is still 13 

Edited By The Long Build on 27/11/2020 20:49:23

27/11/2020 20:03:11

Does seem strange to delay sending out to those who subscribe as how many times have we been told that it is people subscribing that they want in the first place, not casual shoppers..

But hey ho..

Thread: Outside the box thinking - 1970's Sea Commander
23/11/2020 19:03:45

I really like that, it is one great looking Super Yacht.

Thread: Model Boats December 2020/January 2021
21/11/2020 23:04:38

Hi Colin

Despite the December issue being sold as December 20 / January 21 in reality it is just the December issue and as such no real January issue is being published, you then say that the next issue will be in February and assuming that thereafter there will be a regular monthly issue it will only be 11. Even in 1998 and 1999 when J Cundell was editor and for some reason they chose to actually date issues eg 1st May to the 28th May and then 29th May to the 25th June etc there were still 12 issues in 98 and 13 ! in 99 although the December issue was never numbered.( Would be interesting to know why it was done this way at that time ).


21/11/2020 20:38:16

So potentially only 11 Magazines for 2021 ?.


And before anyone says anything, that is fine but it would be nice to be told by the Company rather than by finding things out 2nd hand on a public forum!!.

Edited By The Long Build on 21/11/2020 20:40:13

Thread: Is Model Boats Magazine Going to 12 Issues per Year?
17/11/2020 21:33:50

Yes, I have sent an actual letter , not email, about 2 months ago but not to the Editor as I did not feel it was fair to bring it up with her as she was only just started, also I doubt that Lindsey would have much control over it but direct to TM , and to date have had no response.

However considering that the Subscription is spread out over 2 full pages and has been in since the August Issue its not hard to see really it and so having to point it out that they have missed this 13 issue point which I would find hard to believe after all it has now been in 4 issues since printing restarted and the 13 issues is mentioned 4 times in the Add, 2 of which are quite prominent. Also the same with the link on this forum. I also pointed out that it still has Martyn as the editor on the link for subs on the forum.

Also to point out that my query was more will we be getting 13 issues or will the Subscription be extended as I can only see mine has been extended by 1 month and not 2 ., so if it is now the case we are not getting 13 issues will it now be extended a further month. Which is another letter as this was not really known at the time i wrote the first one.

17/11/2020 16:53:44

I agree to a point , however I do think that TM need to be a bit more forth coming with information, If they are only going to produce 12 this year then say so , but all the places they advertise, Ie The Mag, on here and face book they are clearly saying you will get 13 issues a year and that is in the latest editions. so I am sorry but that is wrong if they knowingly do to not intend to print 13. I do understand the current situation but they are not helping matters, and some people may, I hope not, but they may stop subscribing because of that.

Thread: Todays Boating
15/11/2020 18:21:10

That last picture takes me back Just a couple of years cheeky I have one of those Dinky Phantoms with the working missile's and you have 4 !!!!. Great fun as a kid.

Thread: S H G Model Supplies
14/11/2020 14:23:55

Yes Sorry, must have blocked that line out !!

14/11/2020 10:56:58

At least they are still trading.

Makes you wonder if / when shows start up again how many traders there will be to attend, unless the likes of SHG will still attend ?.

Edited By The Long Build on 14/11/2020 10:57:38

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