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Thread: Steam Engines
04/07/2021 14:23:30
Posted by ashley needham on 04/07/2021 08:57:53:

Love the imagery of the old maul song. There was a film with air boats like that in, can’t remember the one.

The Stirling engine boat is fabulous. Always fancied a lathe, but not sure I would either get the use from it or be good enough. Don’t suppose I will be making steam engines soon.


Stardust 2007 ?.


Edited By The Long Build on 04/07/2021 14:25:33

03/07/2021 22:37:52
Posted by Colin Bishop on 03/07/2021 12:58:40:

I like that sequence Larry!


There not a bad group, mainly covers but with an interesting twist in the way they perform Them, Check out there Chitty Chitty Bang bang version.

03/07/2021 22:36:26
Posted by Richard Simpson on 03/07/2021 13:04:35:
Posted by The Long Build on 03/07/2021 12:03:06:
Posted by Richard Simpson on 03/07/2021 10:22:49:

Ashley, I can just see you in a steam punk outfit operating some wonderful experimental steam plant on the pond!


Something like this !!


SHANTY : Down To Old Maui | Abney Park - YouTube

That's about the size of it Larry, can you just imagine Ashley dressed like this?




Does he not !!

Edited By The Long Build on 03/07/2021 22:38:46

Thread: Trumpeter 1:200 Titanic
03/07/2021 12:54:21

No, just watching at the moment, went up to 190, then back to 102 and now 155 so bids have been retracted. Your not going for a 5th are you !!

Thread: Steam Engines
03/07/2021 12:03:06
Posted by Richard Simpson on 03/07/2021 10:22:49:

Ashley, I can just see you in a steam punk outfit operating some wonderful experimental steam plant on the pond!

Something like this !!

SHANTY : Down To Old Maui | Abney Park - YouTube

Thread: Trumpeter 1:200 Titanic
02/07/2021 20:16:24

Wow 14 bids already !!.

Thread: Great Eastern
02/07/2021 20:14:02

Who was the guy having a laugh on the front cover?

Yes it was a good show, Component shop behind you and Steamboat Phil trying to set fire to anything nearby in the bottom Corner smile d

01/07/2021 22:33:58

Looking smart at Colwyn Bay 2012.dscf8683.jpg







Thread: Trumpeter 1:200 Titanic
30/06/2021 20:18:47

Lucky sod, being looking not found anything under 300 !!!!

20/06/2021 22:12:58

Only just over 4 Months away ..& Then Christmas !!

Thread: My Time Media
16/06/2021 22:01:16

Yes apparently we are importing some of Trumps wall to stop any transgressions into the area. Decided to go over the bridge today for a change and did not have to pay 12p, Quids in..

16/06/2021 16:31:29

Just go to cheap shop and buy a bottle.

Thread: Trumpeter 1:200 Titanic
01/06/2021 20:33:57

Just to say they both look like impressive displays..

29/05/2021 18:41:11

3 mini brushless motors in each of them, and race them down the Bridgy. devil

Thread: November 2007 Magazine on Digital
20/05/2021 13:17:58

Time yet...😎

All opened ok for me on my phone.

Thread: Celia Jane
18/05/2021 18:08:12

Hi Noel, I will send you a Message.



Thread: Challenge
05/05/2021 18:53:41

Never had a problem in the past.

Thread: May 2021 Model Boats Mag
01/05/2021 17:35:49

From Pocketmags "Unfortunately, it seems that the publisher is a little late uploading this issue to our system. I am currently awaiting a response on when they expect to correct this, so will update you as soon as I have more information."

So as Colin say there appears to be a problem which is being looked into, do not expect much until after the BH. But it is available on here. Things happen..

30/04/2021 18:46:20

Yes Pocket Mags better options as you can download it and read offline, however you only have access from when your Digi subscription started, unlike here which goes back to I think 2007

25/04/2021 17:48:47

I once said One year I would build every model from the plan for a year, giving that you had normally 2 months between plans, I am still waiting to try that challenge !!

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