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Thread: The Wooden Model Boat Company PT-109
08/08/2020 21:32:59

Phew! Will put the remainder on tomorrow. Has to be about the fastest build ever! teeth 2

08/08/2020 21:00:09

I'm declaring an interest in this one so I won't bang on about it, however I've just finished building a WMBC PT-109 for promotional purposes and thought it might be useful to put a full gallery of build photos in an album. If someone fancies nailing one together one at some point here's nothing like a photo to guide you along.

Thread: Sea Breeze - Vintage Model Boat Company
08/08/2020 20:27:54

Oh, thank you Colin, that's very kind. I could never forget you lot, I had a great time during those six or seven issues and I'll always be a model boat builder at heart, even if I am a bit slow!

08/08/2020 12:24:49

As promised.


08/08/2020 12:17:13

Hello Nick, goodness, sorry for the tardy reply. Ray's dead right, life took a different turn for me a year or so ago and the old Sea Breeze took a back seat. Post some pics of your build here and I'll keep checking back. You may even encourage me to finish the darn thing. I have actually finished building a model boat since I started the Sea Breeze and Ray will back me up. (Back me up Ray - HELP!!). It's only little but I did actually get it finished. Anyway, Ray and Ashley's advice is, of course, right from the very top.

On the glue, I used a combination of products especially where things get tricky at the front end where the skins have to bend. Let me know if you haven't already done this and want a tip or two. I might be able to help.

Post some pics Nick and I'll keep an eye out here.

With every good wish

17/01/2020 09:32:59

Ashley: Agreed!

Mr Long Build: Yes, definitely.

Hee hee.


15/01/2020 22:45:22

Well chaps, I haven't been completely idle, although I have been suffering a bit of teething trouble with the spraying of the hull that resulted in me applying the first coat of gloss, deciding it wasn't good enough, then rubbing most of it off (along with some primer) to correct a stupid mistake. Finally happy, I reapplied the primer (which then pickled), sorted that out and, eventually, added a fresh coat of gloss, which has gone on much better. Second coat soon and then I'll decide if she needs a third, but I'm thinking probably not.

Anyway, in-between making a right meal of that I had some success with a new paint that we have at work – Guild Materials Silver. As you can see it's cracking stuff (not cheap, mind) and makes a lovely job of turning the kit's white metal fittings into something that resembles polished stainless. What-do-you-reckon? A quick dip and the job's a good'un. I was quite chuffed with the stuff.

pic.68 copy.jpg

pic.69 copy.jpgpic.70 copy.jpg

Edited By Graham Ashby 1 on 15/01/2020 22:47:13

Thread: Vic Smeed's HMS Cossack MM500
14/12/2019 21:37:01

Like that Ray, although I'm still very fond of that little (Dutch-style?) yacht of yours. Can't for the life of me remember its name. Blue hull; clog shape; lovely.

teeth 2

Thread: Well done Ashley!
14/12/2019 21:13:07

I love it. Top marks Ashley.

Thread: Sea Breeze - Vintage Model Boat Company
11/12/2019 13:43:45

How true is that! It's lucky the model is built like a brick outhouse.

Nice to hear from you Ashley. Hope you're well.

Edited By Graham Ashby 1 on 11/12/2019 13:44:37

09/12/2019 22:38:35

Two steps forward, one step back...

One of 'those' evenings. I'd just finished rubbing down the P.38 in preparation for the second coat of primer and all was well. So, I brought the boat indoors and put in by my desk, (on the carpet so it couldn't fall), sat down to shuffle some paper and inadvertently knocked an old 35mm film camera onto the floor. As is only right for a project that was going too well, the nasty camera fell right on top of the boat, delaminated the deck where it hit, then bounced onto the model's nearby bench seat and broke that too. You couldn't make it up! Anyway, I tried in vain to hide the dent in the deck but failed miserably and have had to resort to letting in a new piece. Hopefully only you and I will notice when the boat's finished but it was a trying few hours. Doh.




02/12/2019 19:40:42

Looking forward to seeing it Dave, complete with ruinously expensive flashing light!

01/12/2019 20:40:31

It's looking terrific Dave. Very nice indeed and uber-neat. I can definitely see the attraction. Traditional colours?

01/12/2019 18:31:07
Posted by Dave Milbourn on 01/12/2019 18:12:48:

I'm on my second marriage, Graham......


Ah, fair cop guv teeth 2

01/12/2019 18:10:21

Aw, go on Dave, just a little one, and we promise not to look at the bodges. Besides, I bet you've never bodged anything in yer life!

teeth 2

01/12/2019 17:08:36

Dave, my guess is that it'll be fine. I like a sturdy boat. Makes a pleasant change from delicate aeroplanes.

I'm with Ray. Can we see a few pics?


01/12/2019 13:34:00

I can imagine Dave. The old Sea Breeze is pretty weighty. Is that a problem though?

01/12/2019 12:26:18

First pass of the primer. Not too shabby really. One or two minor imperfections to fill but, so far so good. Actually, I'm loving the grey against antique pine. Maybe I'll make it a gunboat! Ho ho.pic.65.jpg

01/12/2019 11:58:11


Oooh, I like the slo-mo vid'. That works very well indeed. I might steal that idea. Looks fabulous. I've got a spare VMBC Huntsman kit here which I was going to sell, but now I'm not so sure!

Sea Breeze: more soon. Top priority at the moment.


01/12/2019 09:49:29

Morning Ray!


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